• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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They looked and saw several of the drones fly out to the window with them being armed; shrieked they all quickly ran to the downstairs but then Robotnik then busted open the door. “Hello Dr Robotnik; I want to let you know the laws that you are breaking here by doing this including the fact that I doubt that you have a warrant for this.” Shining commented as Robotnik laughed him off.

The Sparkle family motioned for Sonic to try and find a way out of there; Sonic then saw all the exits were blocked and he tried running up a bookcase to hide up there. The Sparkle family looked worried as Robotnik faced Twilight and said “I have footage of you aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice; this creature but it can all be forgotten if you cooperate. I read your file Ms Twilight Sparkle; a student at Crystal Prep who is the top student despite your low social skills and how you interact with your peers. Quite an impressive record if I do say so myself; the 2nd highest grades and IQ of any of Crystal Prep’s previous students only to me.”

Twilight paused and remembered what Shining had called this man, “Ivo Robotnik?” Twilight asked her eyes widening never thought she would ever get to see in person the top student Crystal Prep ever had. Apparently he was a poor orphan whose gifted intelligence and hard work earned him a scholarship for Crystal Prep and even then made technology above his time. It was studying his work at Crystal Prep along with studying the work of Rosette Nebula; that helped her create her machine designs. However seeing him in person and seeing as how he was sending robots after her new friend made her think this was a broken pedestal.

“Good to know my reputation precedes me Ms Sparkle; though not as brilliant as me I do think you remember me somewhat of a younger me. Too brilliant for you’re so called peers and pressured by that stupid Cinch. I can help you realise what I realised long time ago; you and I exist on a different wavelength than the other stupid spoilt brats who mostly got in due to bribes from their rich parents. Once you accept that you are beyond the normal humans and you surrender yourself to your work will you achieve your true potential. Give over the specimen and I can help you reach your potential.” Robotnik offered and Twilight shook her head.

“Sonic just wants to be saved and he is my friend, I won’t betray the trust he has in me. I may feel alienated at school but I don’t want to be; sorry Doctor but I must turn down your offer.” Twilight replied with Robotnik shaking his head in disappointment but Sonic looked touched by her comments.

“Have it your way but I must say that I am disappointed; such potential wasted......” Robotnik said as he had the drones arm themselves at Twilight’s direction, Shining and Cadance hugged Twilight protectively.

“NO!!! You don’t get to hurt my friends!!!!” Sonic screamed as if by instinct he jumped down his fur producing blue electricity and becoming a ball he went and destroyed the drones. Robotnik was taken aback but Shining took the distraction by kicking him in the unmentionables allowing Sonic and the Sparkles to all go through the door. Spike went and bit Robotnik on the ankle before Twilight picked him up. They were going into the car with Robotnik getting up.

“You just made me relive very traumatic childhood memories and you have now made this very personal!!!!” Robotnik snapped as he then went to his van and then quickly got changed into a red flight suit and had the blue quill powering something inside his van.

After ten minutes of driving in a random direction they all had a chance to calm down; “Did you see me becoming a Sonic boom ball right there? I never knew that I could do that!!!” Sonic shouted excitedly in his seat with them becoming amused. Then they looked through the car mirror and saw Robotnik’s van chasing after them. “Just keep driving and leave this to me!” Sonic told them confidently and they had no time to argue as he climbed out of the window and onto the hood of the car.

Using a running start he jumped off the car and curled up into a ball he them striked at the hood of the van causing it to crash and land on its side. Sonic then began doing a victory dance but then the Sparkles began shouting at him to look out.

From the rubble of the van out came Robotnik piloting a craft with himself being shown through a window. With a smirk he then began firing missiles that were headed towards Sonic. Panicked he had then began dodging and getting bystanders on the sidewalk out of the way so they wouldn’t get hit.

The Sparkles were looking concerned but Sonic shouted at them to just keep going and he will catch up, Shining pretty much floored the car with Sonic running and soon catching up. Through a microphone in the machine Robotnik shouted “how do you like the power of my Robotnik Mobile; powered by one of your quills creature! Once I dissected you and the source of your powers; I can finally power my machines to their true potential! They will rise up and take down the governments of the world and create a new world order enforced by my machines and led by me!”

“Just last night I discovered alien life and right now my family, my new friend and I are running from a former inspiration of mine who has now officially become a cartoon villain.....” muttered twilight with Spike on their lap but they looked and saw out from underneath the Robotnik Mobile was a large red and black checked ball connected by what looked like a chain. “WHAT? Oh come on!!!! How does he even fit that in there!!!!!” Twilight snapped as the chase went on with Sonic doing his best to get bystanders out of the way using his super speed. No one really noticed the camera phones being used to get the footage.

“Dr Robotnik; what is going on there? I am getting reports of a rampage and you are clearly being seen on videos that are now going viral in such a short time.........” demanded a voice to Robotnik through his ear piece. He then just switched it off thinking his time taking orders was at an end.

Sonic then got from his sock one of the Rings he had placed there when he and Twilight were explaining things to Shining and Cadance. He then threw it thinking quickly of the first place he could think off and unfortunately it was Canterlot High from earlier.

Sonic and the Sparkle family car smashed through the entrance of the school and Robotnik went through the portal but unfortunately for him; the halls made it virtually impossible to navigate with the giant ball weapon so he was forced to disconnect it with his Robotnik Mobile to keep going on.

The six of them kept together by the horse statue waiting for Princess Twilight and keeping the bag of Rings hidden from the GUN soldiers who seemed to be trying to find it. Soon enough Twilight walked through and they embraced her. “I got your message Sunset but I must say I want to see this creature for myself. I tried to look it up but I haven’t found anything yet. Do you know where he is or what he was after.” Twilight asked them but then they saw that Tempest was getting a call and was calling over the other GUN Soldiers.

“Well he seemed to be after this, I don’t know what they could be.” Rarity told her taking out the bag letting Twilight take a close look. “But as to where the creature is; we haven’t have the foggiest idea.....” Rarity said but as of the moment people were getting out of the way of the entrance doors. Bursting through was the car along with Sonic closely followed by the Robotnik mobile.

Sonic noticed the bag of Rings and used super speed to take it from them with them just thinking that it suddenly vanished. Everyone was staring as Tempest was ordering all the GUN soldiers to have them followed. Twilight along with the six had their mouths wide open before they went to follow.

“Does anyone else think that we are just the background cast in this story due to how out of the loop we are in this story?” Pinkie had asked.

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