• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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Meeting Tails

On the mushroom planet; Robotnik had continued his trek and just knew his persistence and patience would pay off in the end. So it did as he had found a long abandoned camp of some sort so that there were life that had come to this wretched planet at some point. It was in strong decay but he had scavenged the area to find anything of use.

He saw a faint golden glow and had buried deep within the debris and grinned when he had found one of the golden portal Rings that had been used to force him to this plant in the first place. He then grinned triumphantly and got the still functional music player in his leftover machine parts to play a victory song for him to dance to:

“I have found my way from this wretched planet to my own wretched planet; I will have my vengeance of that blasted hedgehog, the Sparkle family and anyone else who dared cross me! I will take the planet for myself and rule as a being beyond the gods! I will damn them all the Tartarus....” Robotnik shouted being too excited so he ended up dropping the ring and it created a portal underneath him that he felt into screaming.

He then saw that he had landed into a place of fire and brimstone and beings in cages; once he had a few minutes to scream like a little girl he made a note saying “I am not the first human being to discover that apparently Tartarus is a very real place after all. This is a massive achievement when compared to my already impressive and great achievements that no other human being have managed to top! I shall wonder about topping myself too by seeing if Asgard is a real place too.......”

He was then drawn to a cage which housed what looked like both a minotaur and a centaur all in one....

Sonic had started walking around Manehattan more openly with Twilight; albeit with the disguise of a jacket and a hat as that seemed to hide his identity as a disguised alien hedgehog. Right now they had gone out to the cinema to see the new movie Chao in Space; Sonic had a laugh at the groan Twilight gave during the movie trailers. In particular the one for the movie based on the Tomatopotamus video games; due to the out of place rap song that played and how the movie seemed to be prominently featuring a new human character that wasn’t from the games and would be going through the drama of trying to get through her new job when an ex-boyfriend as a co-worker.

Even though they enjoyed the movie themselves; Twilight couldn’t help but still bring up that particular trailer as they exited the movie theatre. “I mean seriously; what fan would want to see a version of their favourite properties based in the real world? I mean it seems like a cheap and lazy way to adapt a story....” Twilight muttered but then saw someone walk up to them.

They saw it was Fluttershy and Sonic whispered to Twilight that it was the girl who kept trying to catch him before. “Okay come on...... Cousin Nicky Needlemouse.....” Twilight shouted nervously coming up with the first fake name she could think of taking Sonic’s arm and pulling him along with him protesting about how hard she was being. Fluttershy started to follow but Twilight quickly got them into the nearest bus as it took off.

“Okay I am grateful that you took me from the pink haired girl before she could try to take me to put into some zoo or something but seriously...... Nicky Needlemouse? You could have come up with something cooler than that!!!” Sonic ranted quietly and Twilight just sighed as they got off.

They went back to the Sparkle family home and got to the door where they heard Spike barking; Shining and Cadance were there to greet them along with Tempest making them concerned. “My GUN soldiers found him at Canterlot High scanning for your energy and I brought him here because he said that he urgently needs to see you.” Tempest told them making them pause as they got in.

They got to the living room and saw the yellow fox there who excitedly went up to Sonic; “Sonic; at last! I knew that by studying Longclaw’s notes that I could find you here! I’m Miles Prowler but they call me Tails! Princess Blaze will be so glad to find that you are safe.” The yellow fox greeted with Sonic stunned as he just stared at Tails.

“So are you from Mobius as well and you know about Longclaw?” Sonic asked stunned and Tails nodded eagerly. “So who is this Princess Blaze?” Sonic asked and Tails cleared his breath.

“She is the Princess of the Sol Kingdom where I am from and she is your chosen betrothed.” Tails replied and this left everyone else stunned but Sonic confused.

Sonic then scratched his head and asked “that is great and all but what is a chosen bethrothed?”

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