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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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In the headquarters of the government military organisation Guardian Unit of Nations; a woman in a dark blue business suit with a purple mohawk and a robotic prosthetic arm was in her office. She was at a table feeding her pet hedgehog Grubber when there was a call coming from her phone. “Commander Shadow speaking.” The woman GUN Commander Tempest Shadow (who had it legally changed from her old embarrassing name) said picking up the call and got an urgent call. She then left to the office of a Dr Robotnik.

She then knocked and then entered to see a rotund man in a black attire complete with a black longcoat and black squared glasses. “Dr Robotnik; the Pentagon and the Join Chief of Staff called about the blackout that wiped out power in the entire western hemisphere of the country. They ruled out an EMP device being involved as the energy surge was too powerful and the best they could gather was that it originated in Canterlot and it could be a prelude to a terrorist attack.” Tempest told him as he then faced her.

“And of course they want me to take over the investigation as to what happened; their feeble minds came to a blank and they turned to me....... the most brilliant man in the whole world.” Robotnik stated and Tempest was silent especially thinking about the reluctance in the tone of voice from the phone call in wanting to call him. Who could actually blame them?

“Canterlot my old hometown; bad memories it brings forth but I am willing to face my past and do my part for my country. I mean if I don’t then they honestly have no hope of solving it myself.” Robotnik said with a bit of disgust and self importance to his voice. He then got up and told her “get up and get ready Commander Shadow; whoever is behind this must be a dangerous one indeed....”

In her lab at her house Twilight Sparkle had the backup power to her lab turned on and was facing the unconscious small blue anthropomorphic hedgehog like creature that she had in a dog cage. Her purple dog Spike was barking at it while Twilight got an energy reading machine and used it to scan the creature. Her mouth was wide open in shock and awe as the scanner soon reached the power limit and the quills of the creature seemed to be glowing blue electricity.

She was looking at the scanner taking a minute to take it in as the creature got up and saw the lock on the cage was broken due to the blue electricity. “This is amazing Spike; if I could study and possibly learn how this creature works..... I would have a sure fire ticket to Everton! This could top whatever is happening at Canterlot High......” Twilight only to jump when she saw the creature had ran up to her and looked angry.

“Oh no! You are not taking me apart piece by piece! Not after you kidnapped me from my home, now to get my Rings........” The creature said seeing on a table a red bag and then went and get it at super speed. Twilight was still uncertain how to take it. Spike then got his teeth into the bag and the creature was angrily tugging and telling him to let it go.

“Spike; leave our guest alone........” Twilight said pulling Spike away causing the bag to drop and golden rings to fall out; Sonic was sent to her display billboard of clues of Canterlot High. “My Canterlot display......” Twilight shouted and was shocked as there was now a giant golden ring on the floor. Twilight was staring at awe as she saw there seemed to be a portal to the inside of a school in there.

The rings were sucked inside and the creature was staring open mouthed crawling at the portal as it disappeared, “My Rings.......... My most valuable possession....... Nnnnnnnooo!” The screamed and Twilight was able to tell that he was shaken about it.

She went to him comfortingly putting a hand on his shoulder with him looking at her as if ready to fight, “I won’t hurt you and sorry about taking you from your cave place, talking about turning you into a science experiment and whatever happened to your rings.” Twilight told him softly and he was calming down. “So let’s start with introductions; I’m Twilight Sparkle and this is my dog Spike. Can I please ask who you are and what was that portal?” Twilight introduced herself as the creature stood up.

“Well; I’m Sonic and you can call me the fastest thing alive, a way past cool super powerful ball of energy.” the creature said introducing himself and he then looked to the floor looking annoyed. “My Rings; they are like this super powerful source that advanced species can use to travel; you think or say where you want to go and a portal opens up. Each Ring can only be used once and because you mentioned that Canterlot School then that means that they are there!” Sonic explained annoy stamping his feet on the floor like a toddler.

“Sonic; I visit that school from time to time to give readings...... I can take you there after school and you can find your rings there. It’s the least that I can do since it’s a little bit my fault that you lost your rings and I promise that I won’t make you a science experiment....” Twilight offered and Sonic gave a grateful smile.

“For the record: entirely, it is entirely your fault.....” Sonic said as Twilight rolled her eyes. “I appreciate it just the same; looks like I am crashing here tonight. Never had a sleepover before as I never had a friend to sleepover with before....” Sonic said with a sad glint of loneliness in his eyes which made Twilight feel sorry for him.

“Well; can I ask what exactly are you? Are you some sort of escaped lab experiment? How did you get here to Canterlot in the first place?” Twilight asked as Sonic shook his head.

“Oh no; I a simple humble hedgehog from the planet Mobius.” Sonic explained and Twilight had her mouth wide open once she realised that she had just met an actual alien life form. Sonic then continued on “Well; my tale starts about 10 years ago......”

Where I came from was this planet called Mobius; it was a great place filled with talking animals just like me. I was raised on this Island and I had my powers ever since I was born; there was a lot of place to run and arches to go loop de loop on my runnings and no school it was paradise. I was raised by this wise owl named Longclaw; she was always telling me to stay hidden and not draw attention to myself but honestly what 4 year old does what their parent says?

Young 4 year old Sonic was happily rushing through the hills and green of the Green Hill Island before coming back to the treehouse where he stayed with Longclaw; who was much larger than Sonic and was brown and grey furred. Sonic gave her a yellow sunflower and she took it and lightly chided him saying “this is absolutely lovely Sonic but remember what I Have told you about going out running during the day. Someone could have seen you!”

“No one saw me; I am too fast to be seen!” Sonic said cockily but then climbed into the treehouse were red Echidnas with brown warrior masks with different colored feathers on them. They had spears, bows and arrows.

Longclaw always told me that there would be people after me and my powers and the Echidna Tribe were the among the worst. They preach about being honourable warriors but in actuality; they are bloodthirsty and always seek to conquer whatever they could find and would demand obedience in exchange for what they called ‘protection’. They are basically more like the Mob than actual honourable warriors....

Longclaw quickly took Sonic using her claws and fellow off but was hit by an arrow coming from one of the Echidnas. Longclaw went down and Sonic worriedly asking if she was alright. “Sonic; it’s not safe here. You have to go and remember to never stop running; you will only be safe if you stay hidden.” Longclaw told him giving him a bag of rings and then throwing one to reveal a portal to Earth. “You will be safe on this planet Earth; if you are found then use the Rings to make your escape. I will miss you..” Longclaw told him with a tear in her eye as Sonic protested that he didn’t want to go without her.

The Echidnas were coming and so Longclaw pushed Sonic through the portal; he was about to go back through but it disappeared as Longclaw fought back the Echidnas.

Anyway I found my home here in Canterlot in that cave that you found me in. I had been sneaking around and seeing everyone come and go. I kept to Longclaw’s request that I stayed hidden but some girls caught glimpses of me; this animal girl with pink hair but she never got a good look at me and I doubt anyone believes her. I have been at your house time to time and saw you watching TV. I love the science fiction movies you see.

You have been spying on me?

Never thought of it like that so........ Sorry....... anyway, I have been hiding in the bleachers watching your school’s baseball team play and tonight I wanted a piece of that action! I played against myself and I scored a home run against the team consisting of me playing all the positions. I saw I had no one to celebrate with and realised just how alone that I was........ How I was supposed to be alone forever.... I blew off some steam running across the fields and I got a bit carried away........

“I am pretty sure the whole town lost its power..........”

I got to my cave and you followed me there.......

I can explain, I had been doing an after school extra credit project and I was leaving when the power surged hit, I saw the blue blur around the baseball pitch and I managed to follow you there, sorry for what happened next...

Twilight had followed Sonic to the cave filled with the old stuff he had with him holding his bag of Rings and getting essentials to bring with him before he left. Sonic noticed Twilight and they both screamed and Twilight got a golf club and instinctively knocked him out. She then picked him and the bag of rings to bring back.

“Then you brought me here to the cage and you know the rest; you know since you were there and the rest just happened now.......” Sonic finished as Twilight was silent. Hearing Sonic’s story of being alone his whole life made Twilight remind her of her own loneliness except worse. She was lonely because she was an outcast but Sonic was lonely because he had no one...

“Wow, sorry about Longclaw......” Twilight told him apologetically and Sonic just half-heartedly shrugged. “Well I can take you to my room....” Twilight said telling him to be quiet as she walked up to the direction of her bedroom. She was annoyed when she saw Sonic rush through the door and then Twilight quickly made a makeshift bed out of a spare pillow and blankets.

“Twiley; is anything alright? I think that I heard someone there from your lab......” Twilight heard the voice of Cadance; her old babysitter and wife of her older brother Shining Armor and Twilight panicked. She then just shouted that she was just talking to Spike and was just making sure nothing was broken during the blackout. “Okay; if you are sure......... Shining called and said he will probably be out all night as the CPD is swamped with calls.” Cadance called and Twilight knew of course Shining would be dealing with the blackout as he was a police officer.

Twilight then went to her bed saying goodnight to Spike and Sonic as they went to sleep.

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