• Published 24th Jan 2020
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Mind Over Matter - Boopy Doopy

I got one wish. So what did my drugged mind come up with? To be a pony in Equestria.

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More Notes From Doctor Spark

Patient: Leo (M)

Characteristics: Green eyes, medium blue coat, blue/black mane, five years old, parents Lucky Day and Blue Mist

Report: Began visit with a sleeping Leo, who, when woken, was once again wary of my presence. During a brief breakfast, he claimed he hadn’t gone to school in “a while” and got upset when asked if he ever had fun, and wanted to know when he could see Herbal Essence and Thundertail.

Shortly thereafter, he had an extreme reaction to seeing his parents, in particular, his mother. He began to hyperventilate and bit himself, likely in an attempt to ground himself. He claimed that he “couldn’t help it” and that it was “just going to keep getting worse”.

Several minutes later, he asked for medicine for his itching, and immediately afterward, subsequently claimed that it was going to hurt him, revealing that he used medicine he didn’t need and claiming that he took it himself on purpose. He was then interrupted by yelling from Lucky Day and Thundertail outside of his room, which he apologized for, and claimed was “because of him”, saying that all he does is “mess things up”.

Leo then claimed that he “doesn’t care about himself” and revealed that as the reason why he uses medicine he doesn’t need. He denied suicidal thoughts and claimed he doesn’t think about hurting himself, stating that he “just doesn’t care and he doesn’t know why”. When asked about the ponies in his life, he claimed that he cared for “just his dad sometimes”, and refused to answer a follow-up question about his mother.

Albeit brief, he did appear happy and excited to talk about seeing other places and famous ponies, though quickly became upset again when presented with the idea of finding other ponies to be friends with, giving the impression that he didn’t believe he could. After this, Leo worked on his magic, ate lunch, and used the restroom. He seemed much less reluctant to receive help at this point, although this might have had to do with his tiredness from using his magic.

After this, when asked if his parents could visit him, despite his previous reaction, he agreed to see them, despite appearing to want to say no. After several minutes, Leo became distressed again, in particular by Blue Mist, and gasped and flexed away from her at the end of the visit. He then tried to apologize for his reaction, and claimed he was “just tired”. Herbal Essence, who was in the room at the time, claimed that she saw Blue Mist rubbing her hoof against his leg, and saw her reach to touch his inner thigh just before he flinched away from her. She said that it looked like he was afraid of her, and that he looked upset by her touching him.

Leo then went to sleep directly after this, and appeared distressed while he slept. He was then awoken a few hours later by nurses Blaze and Rose Petal. They claimed they offered him dinner, as well as multiple activities to do, before he settled for practicing his magic. After this, they checked on his wounds, noting that he was “very itchy” and believed him to be frustrated by it. They offered him ice cream, which they laced with promethazine in an attempt to help his itching. However, this was quickly noticed by Leo, and he became enraged by this, I, myself, calming him down. He claimed that Rose Petal was trying to hurt him, and later stated privately that he used to take medicine the same way, claiming he took it “on his own”. He agreed to let the pair back into the room, and they claim he quickly fell asleep after an attempt to apologize to him.

In an interview with Blue Mist, she stated that she couldn’t ever remember Leo being upset, always seeming happy, if a bit alone. She denied him having nightmares or ever acting unusually, and said she couldn’t think of a reason he would be afraid of anypony. She claimed she didn’t think her son would hurt himself, and said she didn’t know why Leo reacted the way he did upon seeing her. She said she didn’t know anypony who might try and hurt him, although she briefly brought up the idea of her husband abusing him. In general, she appeared concerned for Leo, gave typical answers, and cooperated fully with my interview.

Lucky Day also cooperated fully in an interview with him immediately after, and, despite his apparent frustration to begin with, his answers seemed to paint a much clearer picture of his son’s situation at home than Blue Mist’s. He claimed Leo spent most of his time at home with his mother while he worked, and that he was homeschooled, despite claims of the opposite from his mother. He claimed his son is generally anxious and gets startled easily, and has frequent nightmares, which his mother usually calms him down from, as she “usually hears him first”. He also claimed that Leo acts nervous when he leaves for work.

He admitted that he didn’t know what Leo and his mother did all day while he was working, and claimed he didn’t leave the house that often. He also claimed that he received help from his mother with eating and using the toilet, and when asked about sexual abuse, claimed that his mother “bathes him every day”. When asked if Leo took medicine, he claimed there wasn't any medicine that he knew of in his home other than over the counter medications, and that Leo never acted like he was on any medication. However, he admitted he might not know since he was gone much of the day and didn’t see him often.

Diagnosis: Leo has admitted to being drugged, and based on available evidence and statements, has been sexually abused. However, despite this, outside of Blue Mist, he shows no general discontent and gives no complaints to being touched. He can generally be described as apathetic, if a bit depressed, but can quickly become angry and hostile at the idea of receiving medication. He seems generally observant, and once again presents himself as older than he actually is, perhaps twice his age. He continues to appear conflicted, and seems to be struggling against himself. As well, he continues to suffer from anxiety-related itching, and still presents self-confidence issues. He seems to believe that things are his fault, and continues to assert that things will "just keep getting worse". He continues to self-harm in an attempt to ground himself, and asserts that he doesn't care about himself. Despite these things, he has shown noticeable improvement with asking for help despite his initial resistance. However, this improvement might have been short-lived due to today's events, particularly his experience with nurses Blaze and Rose Petal.

Treatment: Leo will be staying in North Star Hospital at least another day. After that, he’ll either be transferred to East Baltimare Regional to officially be under my care, or to be immediately placed in a foster home, the latter being more likely. Regardless, he needs interaction with foals his age, and reassurance to boost his confidence.

Other notes: There are other couples willing to foster Leo, however, Herbal Essence and Thundetail still seem like the best candidates, due to his quick attachment to them. However, it needs to be explained to them, in particular Thundertail, how they can and cannot interact with and around Leo, and how their actions might be portrayed by him.

In regards to Leo’s parents, in particular Blue Mist, his case has been referred to police, who will begin a formal investigation shortly.

-Dr. Ivory Spark