• Published 10th Nov 2019
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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But a single spell from a vile cult will change everything.

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Chapter 9: Disguises and Discoveries

It only took a minute for the green glow to fade.

Cautiously, I opened the shed door, and was relieved to see that the villains were okay. Chrysalis DID look a bit tired, though.

"How do you three feel?" I asked.

Cozy and Tirek said they felt a little funny. As I expected, Chrysalis admitted that she felt tired.

I turned my head to my friends.

"They're ok!" I said.

Sam and Josh waled over and stood next to me.

"Tirek? Cozy? Are you able to disguise?" I asked.

"Let's check," Cozy said. "We'll try to disguise as you and see how that works."

"Ok," said Tirek. "Let's attempt a disguise in 3... 2... 1..."

Suddenly, green light enveloped Cozy and Tirek for a brief moment before it faded. When it DID fade, however, Tirek and Cozy were no longer there. Instead, two duplicates of.... ME... stood in their place.

"Wow!" Chrysalis said. "It WORKED!!!"

The two me's looked at each other before they looked at themselves and smiled.

"Really? As if ONE Leo wasn't enough..." Sam said. I playfully punched his arm. Of course, he punched me back.

The two me's glowed green, before the light faded and they were themselves again.

"Well, NOW you three can go out in town... as LONG as you all avoid detection," Josh said.

"What do you have in mind for disguises?" asked Sam.

The trio looked at each other before they all glowed green again. When it faded, three people I have never seen before stood in place. We all knew that it was their disguises. The trio examined their new physiques.

Chrysalis' disguise was a tall, thin woman, with a face so pretty, not even male INFANTS would deny it. Her hair color remained the same, and the irises in her eyes were blue. She also sported red lipstick. For clothes, she wore a purple short-sleeve shirt, with a long peach skirt covering her legs. Her shoes were peach colored high heels. And despite the fact it was summer, she wore a fuzzy orange scarf, giving her that 'rich lady' vibe.

Tirek was about a foot taller than Chrysalis, and he appeared as a bodybuilder (obviously). His facial features looked so macho, I don't think women could resist him either. He had black hair on the top of his head, along with a short white beard under his chin. As for his eyes, they had black irises. For clothes, he wore a black tanktop, black sweatpants and grey sneakers. As soon as he saw his arms, he lifted one up and kissed it.

Cozy had the physique of a thin nine-year old girl with a VERY adorable face. Her hair was still a shade of sky blue and in curls. She still had the red irises, and she still had the freckles. As for her clothes, she wore a light-pink shirt and light blue jeans. Her shoes looked like one of those 'Twinkle Toes' sneakers.

"Wow..." I said, everyone looking at me as I broke the silence. "You all look like a VERY happy family, with an odd choice of hair and eye colors.

"Oh... should we change then?" asked Cozy.

"No. You don't have to. But don't be suprised when men stare at Chrysalis, when women stare at Tirek, or people start complimenting your cuteness," I said.

"We can take our chances," Tirek said. "As you said, we look like a family anyway. Maybe that could be how we disguise our everyday lives."

"Ok then. I guess the last things we need to choose for you are your names," I said.

"Why?" asked Tirek.

"In case you haven't taken the hint, there are NO humans that have names like yours," Josh said.

"Any ideas?" asked Chrysalis.

"Hmmmmm..." I pondered. "I GOT IT! Chrysalis, you can be Christine! Tirek, you can be Drake! Cozy, you can be Angel!"

The trio looked at each other again before they responded.

"I like it!" Chrysalis said.

"Seems suitable," Tirek said.

"I can accept a name like that," Cozy said.

"Perfect! We still have one more thing to do before we go out in town..." I said.

"What?" asked Cozy.

"Teaching you how to act in public. First things first: how you walk."

Back in Equestria

Judgement was enjoying being the new king. He hasn't even ruled Equestria for 24 hours. The thought of those petrified fools is like music to his... eyes?

Judgement sat in the throne, with two smaller thrones between them. In both thrones were the two hooded ponies that still worked for him.

Despite conquest, nopony decided to remove the cloaks.

Not yet.

"You know..." the pony on Judgement's left said. "I wonder how the villains are doing."

"Me as well..." the one on Judgement's right said. "Could we check on them?"

"Very well," Judgement said.

He lit up his horn and a large yellow rectangle appeared in the cloaked ponies. Slowly, a projection started to form until...

"What are those creatures?" asked the left cloaked pony.

"Those must be the creatures that inhabit the world. But why do three of them look..." Judgement paused. "Wait. THOSE ARE THE VILLAINS!!! AAARRRRGH!!!"

Judgement slammed his left forehoof down. Nopony even flinched. They just continued watching Judgement.

"This is JUST great! We banished the villains to Earth, and they get helped by those who are WILLING TO HELP THEM!?!?! That WASN'T WHAT I WANTED!!!"

"Isn't it possible that those three creatures DON'T know who they are?" asked the right cloaked pony.

Judgement put his hoof on his chin before he shook his head.

"No. Something tells me those three other creatures know EXACTLY who they are!"

"What do we do? Should we leave them alone?!?!" the left cloaked pony asked.

"No," Judgement said. "Think about it: eventually the creatures will HELP the villains get back here! They will USE friendship to defeat us, and are plans will be DEMOLISHED!! Well, here's what I suggest: We OPEN a window to their world so we can come and go as we please! We LEARN about WHY the creatures are helping the villains! We LEARN about Earth more! And MAYBE even have TWO worlds to conquer if EVERYTHING goes right!!!"

"Sounds like a plan," the right cloaked pony said. "But what should we do first."

Judgement chuckled and rubbed his forehooves together.

"First things first: we activate the portal to Earth. THEN, we EXPOSE the villains to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE CREATURES!!! Sure, it may result in the humans getting more allies! But it could result in EVEN more!"

Author's Note:

Judgement's plan is increasing ten-fold...

Will the trio's disguises work, or will Judgement destroy everything?

Will it be possible for the trio to meet ANY members of the show?

What will happen next.


Here is the link to the poll:


The poll WILL NOT END until either the criteria is met, or until next Sunday hits.

Feel free to make theories on what will happen. And always let the brony or pegasister conquer the creativity within.

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