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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 20: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 1

One month ago...

Grogar opened his eyes, the bright sunlight causing him to squint. Weakly, he got up on his hooves and turned his head in attempt to look around.

The light, combined with the squinting of his eyes, made it hard to see. But the ground Grogar felt was enough for the realization to set in.

He was free.

After being defeated by Gusty the Great, Grogar was sent to an area of the aether where nopony else has been. He was all alone.

He didn't know how his freedom happened. If somepony released him, he would hear them speak to him any moment now. But there were no voices that he knew of.

Perhaps it was his banishment. After all, it can be possible for banishments or imprisonments to end on their own. It made the most sense in his perspective.

Grogar decided to stick with that explanation.

Grogar stood where he was, only moving his head, until his eyes started getting used to the sunlight.

As soon as it was safe to fully open his eyes, Grogar finally got a sense of where he was.

He was on the border of a forest.

Where there WASN'T forest, there was grassland. Extending for many miles. There were no signs of life that he could see.

When Grogar took one look at the forest, he suddenly got a small surge of magic from his body.

Unfourtunatly, it wasn't a surge that gave him power, but rather, a surge that told him he was there.

This forest... was the same exact area he cursed all those centuries ago before his defeat by Gusty the Great.

What was the curse?

It was similar to the powers of an umbrum. It would give anypony who was in that forest their worst fears.

However, unlike the umbrum, the fears given to those in the forest were even worse. The fears were more heartbreaking, and those who saw the fears would suffer even worse after what they see.

Grogar smiled at the memory. But now there was no time to waste! During banishment, he couldn't do much. His magic was restrainied during banishment after all. And even though he sensed the magic in the forest, he was still too weak to do anything by himself. He would have to find out what day it is all on his own.

Grogar turned to face the fields and started making his way.

It was gonna be a long day.

Thirty minutes later

Grogar continued making his way through the unusually large field. He felt his magic returning, but he decided to wait. He figured a plan would go better if he hid in the shadows most of the time. During his walk, he felt powerful enough to dawn a disguise of sorts, since he had the power do to so. All he did was turn into a pony, but he was only powerful enough to change the cutie mark. He had to stick with his own colors. For the cutie mark, he settled with a scroll. It would be best if he seemed like a pony affiliated with law. The bigger fake loyalty the better.

Finally though, after thirty minutes, a sign of life came into view. What looked to be a pony was sitting someplace with smaller creatures seated around her.

As Grogar got closer, he started getting a more vivid view of the pony. She seemed to be a butterscotch mare, with a pink mane and butterflies for a cutie mark. She seemed to be in her 40s, and jer mane seemed to be done up in some sort of a looped ponytail. The smaller creatures were all rodents. Mice, bunnies, you name it. He also noticed that she had what looked like picnic-items in front of her.

Grogar loathed the things ponies did. But if he was gonna figure out what to do for his plan of revenge, he would have to talk to this mare.

Finally, Grogar got close enough to the point where she noticed him.

"Oh... hello..." she said.

"Could you maybe help me find directions to the nearest town?" asked Grogar. "I'm sort of... lost."

The mare pointed straight ahead.

"Perfect!" Grogar said.

Now step two.

"Oh my," Grogar said. "What a lovely picnic you set up."

"Thank you," the mare said. "Would you like to join? If... you want to that is."

Grogar despised ponies being nice. And he loathed picnics. He would rather have all his limbs severed than take PART in such a thing.

But he had to find out the news of today somehow. And besides, it wasn't like the mare would FORCE him to eat.

"Well..." Grogar began. "I don't feel all that hungry right now..."

Grogars voice started to strain as he continued.

"But... it wouldn't hurt... to sit and... chat..."

The mare gave him a 'what the hay' look before she regained composure.

"Oh. Ok."

"You see... I have a little... amnesia going on right now," Grogar lied. "So I am fuzzy on a bunch of things. Since you were the first pony I have encountered since it happened, I hoped that you would know a lot about today's era."

The mare got on her hooves and fully turned to Grogar.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your amnesia. I bet that your friends and family are worried!"

"Indeed, I don't know if they are still out there yet. But I figured it would be best to refresh a few certain subjects on the matter before I reside in town. I don't want any help refreshing my memory for the time being."

"Well, if you say so..."

Grogar cleared his throat and sat down.

"Ok. First question..." he began. "WHO is the ruler of Equestria."

"Princess Twilight Sparkle," replied the mare, who sat down as well. "She ruled Equestria for around 20 years. She's even one of my best friends! In fact, she was one of the biggest reasons I overcame my shyness."

"Interesting..." Grogar tried his hardest to hide his resentment for friendship. "What caused her to take over the throne?"

"I can find a few reasons why... though I suppose the biggest reason was because she kept Equestria in perfect harmony. She wasn't alone though. Her other friends, including myself, helped her along the way. We stopped Nightmare Moon. She stopped Discord-"

"Wait!" Grogar interrupted. "Discord?"

"Yes. It started when he escaped his imprisonment in stone and started spreading chaos. He even nearly ended our friendship. But the six of us soon reconciled and defeated him by turning him back to stone. Believe it or not, we soon freed him, and I was assigned to reform him. It took a while, but it worked. In fact, I'm actually expecting him to show up for this picnic any minute now."

Grogar couldn't resist twitching his eye. Grogar was responsable for Discord's existance after all. He made Discord to be evil. But hearing that one of his own creations reformed and sided with the ponies... it was sickening.

"Are... you ok?" asked the mare.

"Oh I'm fine... I just don't see how you would give him a chance if he was sent to stone. Twice!"

"Well... he has made mistakes..." the mare began. "Two of them nearly ended Equestria. First, he joined with this centaur named Tirek. But Tirek soon betrayed him. The next one was even worse. Before Twilight's coronation, he disguised himself as this legendary ram called 'Grogar', and even grouped up some of the worst villains."

"What?!?!" Grogar exclaimed.

"It backfired though," the mare continued. "Apparently, the villains he grouped up were plotting behind his back, and even had this item called 'the Bewitching Bell'. It was a magic bell that once belonged to Grogar himself. So the villains activated it's power, and transferred the magic inside the bell to them, making them more powerful. Then, when Discord came back in his disguise, the villains drained his magic, revealing who he really was. Then things escalated. Pony groups were divided, Canterlot was in ruins, and even the windigos returned. But eventually, we all defeated the villains with the power of friendship. And for their punishment, they were turned to stone."

Grogar just stared at the mare in shock. He couldn't believe what he heard. First, Discord actually had the guts to pose as him. Then, some random villains used the Bewitching Bell to make themselves powerful and even took Discord's magic.

"Goodness..." the mare said. "I must've went off topic..."

"No, no... you're fine..." Grogar said. "In fact, I'm interested. Where is the Bewitching Bell?"

"I don't know... I think Discord has it."

"And what about the villains that used it?"

"Since they were turned to stone, they were brought to the Canterlot Garden."

Grogar nodded. He knew everything he needed to know, so he wanted to flee as soon as he could. Plus, he also wanted to leave before Discord arrived. He didn't want to face that disgrace of evil.

But then again, Discord had the bell.

Grogar decided to get it back from Discord later.

"Well, I think I know everything I need to know," Grogar said. "In fact, I feel my memories coming back already."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" the mare said. Grogar wasn't sure if her voice had uneasiness or not.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go into town. Need to find a place, you know?"

"Would you like me to help? I'm sure Discord wouldn't mind..."

"No. You go have your picnic. I wouldn't want to cause trouble."

"Oh..." the mare turned back to face the picnic equipment. "Well, if you insist."

"I do..." Grogar said. He got up and turned to face the direction that led to town.

"Farewell," Grogar said, before galloping off to town.

He didn't look back to see the mare again. He didn't look back to see if Discord showed up. All he cared about was planning.

First, he would see if the villains that used his bell were worthy of helping him.

Next, he would see if there were any more villains worthy of assisting him.

Soon, he would attempt to get his bell back.

Finally, all he would have to do is bend into the crowd in some way, before finally spreading anarchy and take back what was his.

He vowed to himself that he wouldn't fail.

He vowed that Equestria will be his again.

Author's Note:

A chapter in the view of the bad guy. Don't see those often, huh?

Honestly, I should make Grogar even worse than what Discord potrayed him to be. Who knows? It may work.


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Feel free to make theories on what will happen. And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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