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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 18: Conversations and Fire

The car continued rolling on the road as the car resumed driving on the road. By then, the invisible voice actors became visible again. I didn't check though. Just a guess. As for HOW we're avoiding being caught, we try to crouch down as low as we would. Due to Tirek and Chrysalis' sizes, the tailgate wouldn't close all the way. But they were low enough to seem like large objects to people.

We were all silent as the car drove on the road. We had no idea what to do next.

It took a while for one of us to finally speak up. That person was me, of course.

"So Cozy..." I asked. "How bad did it hurt when it happened? How bad does it hurt now?"

Cozy (who was suprisingly still cradled by Sam) looked back at me.

"When it happened, it felt like I was scratched by a cat. As for right now, it's starting to calm down..."

"Well that's good to hear."

There was a minute long silence.

"Leo..." Chrysalis started. "What happens now?"

I sighed.

"Before Luster teleported us into the building to save you, we made up a backup plan just in case Luster couldn't teleport us back to our homes. We decided stop by somewhere once the driver started feeling tired."

"Not a bad idea," Tirek said.

Another minute long silence.

"We didn't get to thank you for saving us, by the way," Cozy said.

"Well why WOULDN'T I save you?" I said. "I saved you because you're villains on a show. I wanted you to reform. And you did before you got here on Earth. But that's not the biggest reason I saved you. I didn it because you're my friends."

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy looked at me.

"Friends?" Cozy said.

"Of course. I thought you caught on already when you first got here."

"I... guess it's still shocking that you would call yourself our friend. Especially since you know about what we did," Tirek said,

"Well reformed or not, I would try to reform you in the most sincere way possible. Like what Luster did. And I'm not the only one who considers myself your friend. Josh and Sam do, right?"

I looked at Josh.

"Yeah, ok. I guess you are my friends too."

I turned my gaze to Sam.

"Ok. I admit, I would call myself your friend too," he said.

I smiled and nodded.

We continued discussing as the car ride carried on.

One hour later... third person view...

The sun was finally on the verge of setting. The car continued going. The car stopped at gas stations a few times either for food or bathroom breaks. Nothing more.

In the car, the voice actors for the former villains were having conversations of their own.

"How do you think the characters we voiced in the show would react to meeting us?" asked Mark.

"You only brought that up just now?" Sunni asked.

"We were talking about other things. It didn't pop up, despite the fact that this is kind of a major situation."


"So how should WE get home?" Kathleen said. "How should we bring those KIDS home?"

"Well..." Mark began. "We don't have passports, so we will have to just drive them home and explain everything if we can. If any of your homes are on the way, we could stop there."

"Seems like a plan..." Sunni said. "And the cartoon characters?"

"It's up to the kids if they want us to keep helping them. I honestly think that no payment is worth this good deed."

"Honestly, I agree..." Kathleen said. "I felt kinda satisfied for what we did.

"Same," Sunni said.

Suddenly, they started to feel that something wasn't right.

"Hey... is this car starting to swerve?" asked Kathleen.

"It's not me... something's wrong..."

Mark heard a thump on his car. He knew what it was. He rolled down the window and looked in the side mirror, only to see the tarp slightly open.

"MARK!!!" Leo's voice called. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!"

"I DON'T KNOW!!! IT'S NOT ME!!!" Mark replied.

Suddenly, the car jerked and swerved off the road... right into the grass field they were driving next to.

Nobody was screaming, but they had small tinges of fear.

In the tailgate, everyone was trying to avoid falling out. They were all huddled together.

"HANG ON..." Leo said.

"WE'RE TRYING!!!" Chrysalis said. Her head was arched up so her horn wouldn't stab anyone.

The former villainous trio, third person...

The car continued to swerve around the field for what seemed like forever. By then, everyone knew that Mark wasn't doing this.

But finally, the car stopped.

"What the heck just happened?" Sam said.

"I don't know..." Leo said. "Maybe-"

But before anyone else could say anything, a yellow light illuminated the vehicle. When it faded, the three former villains felt that their friends weren't with them. Despite the low amount of light, the former villains could still see that their suspicions were correct.

"ACK!!!" a few voices said.

"LET US GO!!!" Sam's voice yelled out.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" an unfamiliar voice said. It sounded like the voice of an older woman. Possibly a young adult.

"Getting what I want..." a very familiar sinister voice said.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!?!" Leo's voice said.

"I am Judgement Law. And I'm here to claim what's mine!!!"

Suddenly, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow were engulfed in a yellow light, and they felt themselves being lifted out of the tailgate. As soon as they were lifted out of the tailgate, they could see the cloaked pony whom they dreaded to see: Judgement. Behind him were Leo, Sam, Josh, and three human who they assumed were their voice actors. They had clear yellow chains on their bodies, they were laying on the ground, and they appeared to be straining.

"Well, well, well... it's nice to see you again..." he said.

Suddenly, the former villains were shifted in the air to a straight line. Cozy on the right, Chrysalis on the middle, and Tirek on the left. They felt themselves levitate forward before Judgement said one more thing.

"Now let's make sure you don't escape..." the cloaked pony said.

Suddenly, the glow on his head got brighter and the former villains could suddenly see a wall of yellow fire appear behind the six trapped humans. They could see the wall extend before it curved and left their peripheral vison.

"This ring of fire will prevent any escape..." Judgement said. Finally, the trio felt themselves lower onto the ground before their hooves finally touched the ground. The yellow glow on Judgement's head faded.

"Now..." Judgement said. "You're coming with me... you and the humans..." Judgement's head suddenly glowed yellow again. "Or else one of you, human or not, would disintegrate."

The former villains each looked at each other before they looked back at Judgement.

"We have no magic..." Chrysalis said. "And if it means that you won't harm our friends, we will come with you. I just have one question..."

"Spill!" Judgement commanded.

"WHY are you doing this to us? At first, we thought you were against our reformation. But we soon learned that you even conquered Equestria. Turned Twilight to stone and everything. WHY?!?!"

Judgement chuckled.

"I guess it's time you know who I really am..." Judgement said.

Suddenly, all of Judgement's body, except for the cloak, illuminated in a bright yellow glow. A few seconds after his body started glowing, the cloak on his body disintegrated, revealing the silhouette of a pony with a short mane and tail.

But then the silhouette started to change.

Judgement's body got shorter. His chest and muzzle expanded and his unicorn horn sunk into his head and two larger horns sprouted out.

Finally, when the transformation was complete. And Judgement's true form was someone that shocked and confused everyone (except for Sam and Josh).

Cozy Glow was the one to utter his name.


Author's Note:

SUPRISE!!! Judgement has been Grogar this whole time. I've been excited for this twist for a long time. I guess you could say Grogar pulled a Discord there.

Comment your reactions on this Grogar twist, if you'd like.

But what about the other two cloaked ponies? Why would Grogar betray every other cult member but them?

HOW is Grogar back?!?!


Find out tommorow...


You can find the poll on my blog.

Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/879013/poll-should-marble-pie-get-a-future-story-role

This poll will NOT end until criteria is met.

Feel free to make theories on what will happen! And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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