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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

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Chapter 14: FBI and Actors

The long halls of the building were uneasy for the trio. The the woman led them down the hallway, with the policemen following them. They held their weapons, but they didn't point them at the trio. But the three of them knew that one slip up or attempt to escape will cost them at least one life. The whole time, the policemen told the women about the trio's magic abilities.

"Now, we don't have any cells here," the woman said. "So we'll have to lock you in one of the rooms with some of the men keeping watch."

"Will we have beds?" Chrysalis asked.

"You'll have to sleep on the floor until we get a matress," she said. "It may not matter anyway. If you are unresponsive to the tests or studies on you, we will have no choice but to perform an autopsy."

Cozy gulped.

"E-even on me?" she asked.

"Of course! You're not from here! And you three are different creatures! We need to learn!"

"B-but-but Leo told us that there were already creatures like me out there. THEY just don't have magic like I do!" Cozy said.

"EXACTLY! Child or not, a talking horse with wings and the ability to move clouds is SOMETHING we need to STUDY!!!!"

"For what?" asked Tirek.

"For better knowledge of the world beyond ours!"

"You DO realize that if you perform an autopsy on us, you won't get the chance to study us more!" Chrysalis said.

"Perhaps..." A grin then spread on the woman's face. "But alive or not, we could find a way to where you came from."

"And how do you propose we do THAT?!?!?" Tirek said. "Our magic has been LOCKED by another pony from our world, and you can't surgically remove magic! Why can't you just go after the pony who restrained our magic or mind-controlled those policemen? Are you AWARE that that pony has HELPERS that are doing this to conquer the WORLD?!?! We weren't even aware of that until we were taken!!!!"

The woman stopped walking, so everyone else did too. She turned and faced the former villains.

"Oh, trust me. We WILL find a way. If there are more than one of you, we WILL find them. And maybe even use you as BAIT! Plus, I don't care if your magic is locked. All I need is PROOF!!! Something like lie-detector machines will do nicely!!! We will just need to set up a cozy interrogation room. The FBI force will make sure you try NO shenanigans! But where to get a lie-"

Suddenly, a POOF was heard and the woman turned around. There, she saw a very peculiar device on the floor. She walked over and picked it up.

"A lie detector machine? How..."

"Trust me!" Tirek said. "None of us did that! In fact, we should thank whoever brought that machine here! Now you have proof, and now you can let us go!"

The woman turned back around.

"Just because this appeared out of nowhere doesn't mean I'm satisfied. And if you keep acting like that, we would be happy to cattle-prod you all during interrogation! Now, we should be close to the test room. When we enter, I will contact other agents, along with some guards."

"What about us?" asked one of the policemen.

"You two did well. You can tell me the name of your police station. After that, I will call your sheriff and tell him everything."

The two policemen grinned in a VERY weird manner.

The woman turned around and resumed walking. Everyone behind her started to follow.

"Sheesh... those two must be high on something..." she muttered to herself


"Are you sure it was a good idea to teleport here?" asked Sam.

The location I chose was the roof on the community center that was located 25 minutes away from my home town. It was large, so I doubted anyone would find us here. As for Luster she would try to communicate with the three people I chose. At the same time. When she did, she would explain everything that happened and then bring the choices here.

"She should have them here any minute now..." Josh said. "I just hope she didn't forget what the community center looked like..."


Suddenly, in a flash of golden yellow, three humans suddenly appeared, facing away from us (I told Luster to have that happen. I wanted to see the reunion). Despite the fact they were facing away from us, their hair was a dead giveaway of who they were.

On my left viewpoint, was Kathleen Barr, the voice of Queen Chrysalis (and Trixie Lulamoon).

In the middle was Mark Acheson, the voice of Lord Tirek.

And on my right viewpoint, was Sunni Westbrook, the voice of Cozy Glow.

The three voice actors seemed stunned. Mark was the first to look around, before he came to a realization.

"Oh my god! Kathleen? Sunni?"

The two female voice actors shook their heads and looked in Mark's direction.

"Oh my god! It really is you two!" Sunni said.

The three voice actors went in for a hug.

I guess they bonded better onset than I thought... I said in my head.

They pulled back.

"Oh god!" Kathleen said. "It was crazy about how I got here! I got th3 weirdest glitch on my phone! It was apparently a video call from this 'Luster' pony from that show we worked on! Obviously, you two had the same issue."

"Yeah, I thought it was a prank. The teleporting convinced me!" Sunni said.

"I got it on the screen of my new car! Good thing I was quick enough to pull over on the side of the road!" Mark said.

"Yeah... I was also told there would be three kids here..." Sunni started to say.

"AHEM!!!" I finally coughed.

The three voice actors turned around.

"Hello. I am Leo. BIG fan of your work by the way. And these are my friends, who WEREN'T fans of the show, but ended up in this adventure anyway!" I said. "The blonde one is Sam, and the other one is Josh."

"Nice to meet you two. However, I didn't expect to meet fans on the roof of a community center," Kathleen said.

"So you were the three kids who looked after the villains we voiced in My Little Pony. Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, right?" said Mark.

"Yep," I said.

"And they were reformed, correct?" asked Kathleen.

"Yes. Long story. I didn't take part in it, but Luster did," I said. "Now I have some questions. Just nod your heads for 'yes', or shake them for 'no'. Keep in mind, the questions WILL be shuffled a little bit."

The voice actors nodded their heads.

I cleared my throat.

"Ok then. Did Luster tell you that the spells she performed were only POWERFUL CREATURE worthy, and that unicorns like her were suppossed to be unable to use them?"

The voice actors nodded.

"Did Luster tell you what happened to the trio with the police?"


"Did she tell you a specific plan for AFTER we go to the FBI station?"


"Do you know WHERE we're gonna go?"


"Did Luster tell you she was gonna try to find the FBI station?"


"Did she tell you who sent the trio here in the FIRST place?"


"Were you told that I only chose to bring the three of you here because of irony?"


"Did she tell you that you three would reunite? Or that you would meet us?"


"Did you believe her?"


"Did you think it was a prank or some sort of hack?"


I turned my head to my friends.

"Wow, great minds think alike," I said.

I faced the voice actors once more.

"Ok. Last question. Do any of you know whose car we will use?"

"Well..." Mark began. "I was told that we would be teleported to the station, so I assumed we wouldn't need a car."

"We may need one," I said. "Since Luster is a unicorn, and the spells she's performing are more powerful than anything, it may take time for her to help us. So we may need a car for our getaway."

"Yeah. And since there will be a lot of us if the plan works, we'll need a big car," Josh said. "So who has a car with a BIG tailgate that could fit a changeling queen, a centaur, and a human? Because only Cozy and five of us could fit in the car."

The voice actors hesitated before Mark raised his hand.

"Cool. We will teleport to the FBI center with Mark's car. That IS if he has a picture of it," Sam said.

"Well... I don't want it to get damaged," Mark said.

"Yeah! And what happens if we disagree to do this?" asked Sunni.

"Listen," I said. "None of us can do this alone! And I know there are lives at risk. But these villains, from what I know, have only been reformed for TWO days! And I could tell that they wanted to LIVE their reformed lives ever since they changed! If none of us help, they have a greater chance of NEVER getting to experience the life they would get a chance at experiencing."

There were no responses.

"Please," I said.

The voice actors walked close to each other to discuss what they were gonna do. A minute later, they walked back out into their line.

"Ok..." Kathleen said. "We'll help. But if you are able to, at least try to get us some of their currency."

"Deal," I said. "So could we teleport with your car now, Mark?"

Everyone turned to Mark.

"Well..." he began. "I spent a lot of money on it and want to keep it in good shape..."

"Tell you what. If something happens to it, we will get you extra currency," Sam said.

"Deal," Mark said.

"Great." I took out my phone. "Luster, can you hear me?"

The phone suddenly started blurring with static. Everyone came closer to see.

Thirty seconds later, the static was replaced by Luster's face.

"We're ready," I said.

"Perfect!" Luster said. "All I need is a picture of Mark's car and we are good to go."

"You have a picture, right?" asked Sam.

"Of course!"

Mark took out his own phone and started tapping and swiping. It didn't take long for him to turn his phone and show Luster the picture.

"Lucky for us, this picture is of the car at my home!" said Mark.

"Perfect! I just need to track it down! I can teleport it there after I bring you guys there!" Luster said.

"Cool! We didn't ask, but does this mean you know where the trio is?" asked Josh.

"Yep! So it looks like we're all set! Now all I need you to do is to hold hands in a circle and put the phone down in the middle."

We did as we were told. Kathleen held Mark's hand. Mark held Sunni's hand. Sunni held Sam's hand. I put my phone down in the middle of the forming circle before grabbing Sam and Josh's hands. Finally, Josh grabbed Kathleen's hand, completing the circle.

"Ready?" Luster asked through the phone.

I nodded.

"As we'll ever be!"

And with that, the phone started glowing a yellow-gold color. It only took a minute for a blinding light to envelop us all.

My only hope is that we're not too late...

Author's Note:

THE TRIO'S VOICE ACTORS HAVE JOINED THE BATTLE!!!! It may or may not be the best potrayal of them, but at least be happy we have some irony here.

Despite the growing plot, believe it or not, it STILL hasn't hit it's highest peak! The chapter that DOES reach the highest peak is one of the ones I'm the MOST excited for. It will be after the next two to four chapters. Just a guess.


You can find the poll on my blog.

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Feel free to make theories on what will happen! And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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