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Imagination writes the stories behind the windows to the soul. Music fuels that. I am no different, and I can't wait for others to discover the same.


WARNING: This story contains a little bloodshed and violence, as indicated by '***' If you do not wish to view this, please skip. Now onward to the story my noble steeds!

Everyone has a back-story, including our worst enemies. But what is their back story? What causes them to act this way and why?

Lily Sapphire Rose Rich was next in line to the key to unlock her wildest dreams. But that key was stolen by someone who would later become everything she wanted to be. Disappointed and blinded by jealousy, Lily takes her anger to the next level and decides to avenge her rightful position. A decision that would leave Equestria in shreds and scars that would never heal.

Twilight Sparkle, the now-announced personal protoege of Princess Celestia, had more than her fair share of dreams coming true. But with these dreams came a terrible price she would have to pay, and a person she would come to fear for the rest of her life.

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