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Like Pet Play and Dog themes? Suggestive or even Mature? Then these stories should be a delightful treat!

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If fimfiction has a Futa tag, please use it.

I did give that warning/notice in the description, that was only because I couldn’t find a way to use a futa tag saying this story contained Futa. Though I believe that’s because there is no Futa tag. Sorry about that Fetch! :(

Wait! As a matter of fact there is! The ‘Fetish’ tag! Forgive me, this must’ve slipped passed me when I was adding the tags and descriptions for the story! There! That’s one problem fixed :3

It is ok. It's just that is one thing that always makes me go 'why?' when it happens, but especially when it is seemingly just there as a way for two females to have hetero sex.

That's an error on my part. I had a plan to say why Dash was like that in the second part at best, given the title of said part. I thought of it as an interesting and lewd surprise at first and then it would be explained, especially with the description of why and how Dash got into this situation in the first part.

If you have any hint or suggestions to fix or re-write this error, feel free to let me know and thanks for your feedback :3

Well I was on board with when I was reading the description. I was literally seconds away from reading it when I saw 'Futa' then I was like nope im outta here. XD

Aww I apologize for that, not everyone has the same kinks. If it makes you feel any better the next story will be Female on Female. For now though this will be what I'll work on for a least one more chapter after part 2. So at least stick around until then ^^

Spoiler for future story:
How does some Rarijack sound?

Oof, sorry about that bud :(

Though don’t worry, I plan on making some stories from scratch without the need of images I have commissioned. I had planned a fun au-like setting of Anthro Equestria with plenty of ‘pets’ with these stories. Perhaps a RariDash story will be my first when I have the time for it ^^

Doggo? Why use that word? Why not just use dog?

Oof, could’ve swore I typed in ‘dog’ instead of ‘doggo’ in the description. There, fixed!

Roleplay fics are fun.

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