• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 3: Animal Caretaker

Sunlight shined down on the white armor Strider was wearing, reflecting it into his helmets visor. He cracked open his eyes, which identified a small yellow bird that was currently looking at him through the visor. The bird quickly flew away once Strider began moving.

With a grunt, Strider got up from where he had been resting and looked around. Instead of the moon, the sun was now in the sky, lighting up the area much better. He saw the cottage he had spotted before, but it looked, strange.

The building had bushes and grass covering the top of the roof, making it look like a tree. The bottom was of wood with a few windows spread around. A small stream flowed under a bridge leading up to the front door. The strangest part was the fact that it looked smaller than a normal cottage. Not in structure, but in size.

Strider's leg felt much better than last night, resulting in his limp being nearly gone when he started walking over towards the cottage. The trooper crossed the bridge over the little stream, and walked along a path which led right towards the front door. He reached the red door which was smaller than he was standing up. Still, whoever lived here must know the name of the planet he crashed on.

He knocked on the door a few times and waited. He heard the sound of movement from inside approaching the door and got ready to talk. The door opened up, revealing the creature who had answered. However, it was no creature he had ever encountered or even heard of before. It had the shape of a pony with yellow fur covering its body. It had a pink mane which slightly covered one of it's cyan eyes. Four hooves froze up as it looked up at his helmet.

"Hello, I was wondering---" Strider couldn't finish as the pony let out a slight squeak, before shutting the door at lightning speed.

"--if you knew what planet i'm on..." He finished, before sighing. The only creature he had encountered that didn't want him as a snack was terrified of him, great...

Strider looked down at his armor, and then the blaster he was gripping in his left hand. The armor did make him look intimidating at first glance.

He knocked on the door again, not expecting the pony creature to come back, before speaking through it. "I'm sorry if I startled you, I just want to know what planet i'm on. My ship crashed in the forest behind your house and I had an adventure in a half making my way out." Strider explained.

He waited for a response, but none came. "I promise i'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk."

The sound of movement that he now knew were hooves slowly approached the door again. Then, the wooden door squeaked open a crack, only wide enough for him to see an eye from inside.

"promise? The pony mumbled.

"Sorry, couldn't hear you. Could you say that louder?" Strider asked.

"Promise?" The pony repeated. At lease it spoke Galactic Basic.

"I promise." Strider claimed, setting down the DC-15A in front of the door to show he was being honest.

The door creaked open a little more, revealing more of the pony again. Strider noticed something that he didn't before about the pony. It had wings on its back, like a pegasus from old folk lore he read in the Republic archive while he was stationed there. It also had a mark on its flanks of three pink butterflies.

"Wh-who are you?" The pony asked, it's tone sounding female and shaky.

"My number's 5162, but I go by Strider. I'm a clone trooper of the Republic army." Strider explained.

"A-Army?" The pony stuttered, her eyes widening.

"Wait, you don't know about the clone wars?" Strider asked.

The pony shook her head. How did she not know about the war right above her planet? Speaking of planets, Striker reminded himself to focus on the current problem.

"What's the name of this planet?" He asked.

"E-Equis. The land you crashed in is Equestria." She exclaimed.

"Equis? Equestria? Never in my days have I heard those names before." Strider said out loud, more to himself than the pony. "I'll have to check later. What's your name?"

The Pony opened the door a little more, letting more of her face come into view. "Fluttershy." She said, her voice a little less shaky. "W-would you like to come inside?"

"If it's fine with you, but i'm not sure if it's exactly my height." Strider pointed out, putting a finger over the top of the doorway which was easily at eye level.

"Oh, don't worry, it looks smaller on the outside." Fluttershy claimed, before opening the door the rest of the way and entering. Strider picked up the DC-15A, before ducking under the door frame and following Fluttershy inside.

To say the least, Strider wasn't exactly expecting the house to be built similar to human architecture. So when he looked around the main room, he was not expecting to see two couches in the back with bookshelves behind them. Or a stone furnace that was to the right of the door. Or the mini animal houses and platforms that were scattered across the room.

"Wow, that's not what I was expecting." Strider said, standing back up fully. The ceiling wasn't as low as he thought but it was still low enough that if he jumped, he would likely break into the upper floor.

"I wanted a nice area for all of my animal friends to be able to explore and play in." Fluttershy explained.

"You an Animal Caretaker, or just like animals a lot?" Strider asked.

"Both. Animals have always helped me out through rough times and I want to help any animals who need it."

"That's really kind of you." Strider pointed out.

"A little kindness never hurts," Fluttershy claimed. "Do you want some tea?"

"Sure, it's been a long time since i've had something like tea." Strider stated, eyeing a green chair.

"Um, do you have a preference for what kind of tea?" Fluttershy asked, stopping herself right before going through an empty door frame that most likely led to a kitchen.

"That would be a no, just pick one your comfortable with." Strider said, walking over to the green chair.

Fluttershy walked through the doorway and into the kitchen, vanishing from sight. Therefore, leaving Strider to sit down on a green chair and look over what had happened after the crash. How did the ship even crash? The last thing he remembered was flying with a squad of troopers towards a planets moon when they, along with the other Gunships, were ambushed by a Separatist command ship. How the Gunship didn't just explode from being struck by a blast was unknown to Strider. Did the ship even get hit? He couldn't tell due to the state the ship was left in after the crash. Yet again, it was still mostly in tact, maybe an E.M.P. went off or something and---

Strider halted his trail of thought when he spotted a snow white bunny watching him from a basket he hadn't noticed before. The bunny was watching him intently, a look of uncertainty across its face.


The bunny didn't react. Instead, its eyes locked with the DC-15A that was currently lying against the chair Strider was sitting in.

Realizing this, Strider quickly picked the blaster up and switched its safety on, before setting it on the top shelf of a bookshelf behind him. The last thing he needed was a bunny playing with a Republic Blaster in a house likely full of other animals, not to mention vases and picture frames.

The bunny frowned, before hopping away into another room. Right as the bunny left Striders sight, Fluttershy returned to the room, a trey with tea cups resting on her back. She set the trey down on a table between the chair Strider was sitting on and a couch which she sat down on.

"So, w-what happened to have you end up at my doorstep?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, if I am to answer that question," Strider reached up to his helmet and took it off, exposing his face to the pony. "Then I think you should know about the Clone Wars."

Author's Note:

Wow, I wasn't expecting this story to show up under the popular list on the second day I published it. Thanks!

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