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With all the recent disasters in ponyville, Celestia believes some fun can be had.

The Grand Muffin War is on as all of ponyville takes it on.

Derpy Hooves is more than happy to be apart of this. Soon everypony will learn that she is not as cautious as all thinks. She may in fact surprise the most pristine fighters in all of Equestria. Will she triumph over the competition? Will Rainbow Dash have someone who can actually beat her in a race? WHAT OF CELESTIA'S TROLL SIDE?!

All those and more, as long as Derpy can have a muffin in-between

Chapters (6)
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Okay...you had my attention, like Derpy, at the word muffin. The concept of a Grand Muffin War...it causes much happiness. An upvote, and a favorite to you good sir/madam. Out of five Moustaches for potential as a story, as well as laughter to be found, you have earned... *drumroll* :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: (That's five for ya) Keep up the good work, and also, :derpyderp2: approves of this.

1061665 thank you for the kind complement. I am still a bit nervous, but I'm glad I'm getting some likes. :raritywink:

Wait. Muffins+ Derpy+War including muffins= OH MY GOD THE AWESOMENESS


Watch out Muffin Mare! :pinkiegasp:

Muffin rain.
Derpy, open thine mouth and grin, for thy heaven is at hand!

Holy crap, this is gonna be the best fanfiction ever:derpyderp2:
>> dbanksischillin that is the most accurate equation i have ever seen

This is intense.
I think
Not really sure what's goin on.
but then again, i'm not paying attention
i love this story though, in all seriousness

Okay some recent things that are delaying the next two chapters (and writing):

.Caught a cold...pretty nasty. I am woozy:pinkiesick:
.Anime con coming up...can't miss that:rainbowkiss:

But I will soon have them rolled out by...well I know I don't want to set any dates so


Just thought a little update was in order :D

awwww derpy with muffins- teehee!!!!:derpyderp2: umm.... i really love this story AWESOME oh i'm such a loud mouth:fluttershysad:

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