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Mentally insane, utterly mad, and psychotic beyond belief *leans forward, turning neck clockwise* WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT!!!


All in Equestria is not well,
Mistakes were made.
The realm is at war in itself,
Then what are we waiting for!? Lets get started! Hu hu huhu huaha ha ha ha ha haaa!
All within it are trapped,
Why? Why did you do what you did to us?
There is precious time,
Burn already! Burn away and turn to ashes!
There is little hope,
Let this realm become your grave.
The world beyond crumbles away,
No one. No one is allowed to help you. Not even the multiverse.
Where is your god now?
You brought this upon yourselves. Now remorse for what you've done

This will be a mult-crossover story. One with elements from different works of fiction. I will provide a list of such as each subject is introduced. Please share your opinions as I know I am not great at describing things well.

Cover Art: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1463691-drawfee

Current Crossovers
Demon's Souls (Starting in Chapter 1)

Chapters (1)
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