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Now with a little over sixty years as an alicorn under her belt, Twilight thought that she was prepared for anything. However, when she discovers a secret long-kept by Celestia, she is torn. Forced to choose between politics and justice, Twilight will be making waves in the harmonious power structure of Equestria that she never dreamt of making. Ones that could start wars and change life as she knows it for years to come.

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Hi, and before anything let me just say I enjoy your story. And please don't try to rush anything. It's good to set up your story world with either description/ character interactions.

I do have a few questions. One of them is how did garble become dragon Lord?

I'm glad you enjoy my story! I was on the fence about publishing it, so it's nice to see that you, as well as a few others, liked it. I added a few things when I decided to release this, but apparently not enough if you found it confusing.
How did Garble become Dragon Lord? Long story short, Ember was forcibly overthrown.
Long story long, not all dragons, or even a majority of them, were big fans of being all friendly with ponies. For the most part, though, it was a political decision that didn't affect them, and they respected the dragon lord's authority enough not to do anything. A long series of decisions made these dragons increasingly anxious that their traditional way of life was threatened. Sending dragons away to Twilight's school was weird. When young dragons began coming back from it with their heads full of strange ideas, a whole lot of dragons were saying, "Ember, do something," and Ember did nothing, because she didn't see a problem with it. A few young dragons started the Civil Dragon Commune, and Ember did nothing. Traditionalists really didn't like the idea of weak dragons living a life as good or better than theirs, and, well, not all the dragons who went there were attracted to it by philosophy. There were those who just didn't fit in and weren't living well under dragon culture as well. They started seeing Twilight's school as poisoning them away from dragon culture, and Ember as a weak leader who was allowing the ideas of weaklings to thrive. This image was not aided by her small size. The kicker, though, was when she suggested beginning to trade with ponies. Dragons, even more liberal ones, do not like the idea of a gem they mined going anywhere but their mouths, and there was the added fear that she was transitioning them into the lifestyle of the civil dragons. Garble and a few other revolutionaries violently assaulted her in her sleep. Torch woke up and scared them off before she was seriously injured, but not before Garble had seized the Firestone Scepter. His first act as Dragon Lord was to banish Ember, and second was to forbid any dragon to attend the school of Friendship on the punishment of banishment. Ember went to the Civil Dragon Commune because it was either that or living alone in the wild. She probably holds a position of authority, as such things are earned by merit there, and she does have experience and leadership capabilities.

Oh thanks for clarifying that for me. And please don't be afraid of posting stories. Trust me, it's worst to self doubt your self then to be overly confident

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