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Alexander, a human with a unhappy history on Earth, is given a mysterious golden scale by a mysterious entity. After passing out at home, she is born as a Golden dragon serpent with the powers over time in the world of Equestria. However, she is two thousand years in the past, and her powers are uncontrollable, nor does she know the land she is in. Will she bend to dark, or to light, or will she be the order that Equestria honesly needs?

[Do to being in other fandoms, I have decided to put this on Hiatus in hopes I will return to this story eventually.

EDIT: Might not continue, will think about in the future. Added custom Cover Art, please do not reuse without permission.]

Note: Anyone who wishes to do a crossover with this story (as in Displaced wise) must wait. 1. Fucanglong hasn't made a token and 2. I have no plans to do a crossover so soon. Thank you very much.

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I can only hope this story will continue this a concept I have never seen before

I hope you show us her limits rather than just telling us about it in the author’s note.

Other than that concern, I look forward to where you will take this story, as you have a pretty unique concept here.

Not sure what you mean by "concept never seen before" I mean, it's kinda of the same pattern as any other Displace story I've seen so far, although I start in the past than starting at the same point as everyone else (I believe Season 2? Shrug). But thanks for hoping (Although its going to be admittingly hard because I'm kinda all over the place rn XD)

That's what I'm planning on doin', but I thought that explaining would help a bit for what I plan on doing. And I have admittingly no idea where I am going with this idea. I was mostly inspired by every other Displace story and I have a love of dragons... so this came up. But thanks for the concern and looking forward to this story! :)

Think anyone can figure out where she is right now and why I keep making her talk in gold?

She's in the Everfree Forest and she talks in gold because she's a golden dragon.

I've always wanted to see an Asian Dragon in MLP FIM Show. And there haven't been a lot of Fimfics that features any Asian elements, especially Asian Dragons, so I'm really happy to see this!

Fucanglong? Really?

Just sound that out in your head. Sounds rather... inappropriate perhaps?

A quick Chinese education:

Fucanglong or Fu-ts'ang-Lung - Chinese underground dragons that guarded treasures, both magical and man-made. Legend has it that volcanoes are formed when they burst from underground to report to the heaven.

Wrong, its the name of a Chinese Serpent. See Phantom-Dragon for more. And you have to be really immature to think of such things. Get cultured.

Haha, I knew that, but maybe that'll give people more information when they read this chapter, yeah? While Alexander/Fucang element isn't exactly a Fire-Earth dragon, I chose that name because of her scale coloration. Course I couldve gone for the one related to Emperors, however they are resembled with five clawed serpents, not four clawed (and 3 back clawed) serpent.

Kinda wrong, truth is that she wasn't "speaking" the pony language. I wonder if there is feral dragons in MLP? If so, I have a head canon they use growls and stuff to talk instead of well.. talking universally. Kinda like animals y'know? Also I've noticed that too! Well, I love dragons and I would love some recommendations from you, if you may.

Ah, no wonder why you didn't name her like Shenlong or Shen Lung, however you want to pronounce it.

Still, a good story by the way. I'm looking forward to reading more.

The correct one I'm thinking of is Hulaung? Hulong? Something of that. He represented the emperors, I believe.

Also thank you, I'll gladly produce more. I have time, after all!


Kinda wrong, truth is that she wasn't "speaking" the pony language. I wonder if there is feral dragons in MLP? If so, I have a head canon they use growls and stuff to talk instead of well.. talking universally. Kinda like animals y'know?

I see. I understand now.

Well, I love dragons and I would love some recommendations from you, if you may.

My only recommendation for you is just keep going. And if you have some questions, feel free to write me a note/message/mail on this site.

"Fucan, I brought Book and Wind. They both wanted to ask questions and stuff about you... sorry. Heh heh." he chuckled nervously, crossing his front legs. Fucanglong looked to him after peeling the rest of the golden stuff of her, which she crunched up into a ball and threw it behind her, nearly hitting Wind Snapper in the process. "Yeah, no problem. At least I'll be able to fly after this." she grumbled, lowering herself to sit down, tail curling around her claws.

It seemed like days for her, but she finally managed to float and fly thanks to the work of Book Worm and Wind Snapper. As day became night, the two adults toke off back to the village, taking Summer with them after hearing Everpine calling for him. Fucanglong waved goodbye, her body suspended in air as her lower body curled and uncurled, before she frowned.

Next time, can you please add a line in between some events. That way, a lot of readers can tell it's going to be a transition between one scene to another.

Also, I get that Futs-Lung is the type of Asian Dragon that guards treasure, but I don't think they would hoard them. It's not exactly in character to the Asian Dragons.

Not sure how to do that, and I sorta did a comparement of the terms guarding and hoarding and then sorta went "blep" and did hoard, since she is typically a dragon of the serpent descent. I guess. Would a Serpent be considered a subspecies of Dragon????


Not sure how to do that,


Would a Serpent be considered a subspecies of Dragon????

I don't think so. I kinda thought Western European Dragons and Eastern Asian Dragons are separate species. Think of it like how dogs and wolves are a part of the canine family, but are considered closely-related species.

Hey, you might want to include a status in your story's description on if or if not you plan to cross-over with other displaced, that way by including said status, people won't bother you about wanting to do a cross-over if you're not readdy or you don't plan to do one.

i think, my studious friend that the eastern dragons of Asia are keepers of wealth and knowledge in temples. they are also known to carry a mystical stone orb either in their claw, or their mouth.

I'm not making her live in a temple because 1. Even if she's a serpent, I doubt that ponies would build her a temple, since well... they don't really know what a "Serpent" is. They see a dragon, and the only reason four ponies know about it because Alexander/Fucanglong told her.

Treasure and Knowledge? Fucanglong will be collecting however seeing how she kinda has to be on the move for some time, I doubt she will have a proper treasure hoard.

As for the pearl/stone? She'll make one eventually to help with her powers, but that won't happen for five hundred years when she starts noticing her "powers"

But uh.. thanks for the comment?

you are welcome. i absolutely love talking about these types of things. i am a seeker of knowledge myself and i am always willing to share it.

Probably should put this here for people to read...


Anyways, I wanted to remind people that Fucanglong was formally a human. Just because she's a human doesn't mean she lost human emotions, and I bring this up because if anything "Fucanglong" is not a 'true' Serpent- meaning she has emotions common dragons have- greed, pride, lust, etc. These emotions can, of course, be tamed over time which will and can happen, however right now Fucanglong is pretty much a "baby" or "hatchling". And the reason I didn't give her a different name is because she has four claws on her front leg, five claws are for emperors, so Fucanglong is considered a "Princess" if anything. Also her name has no meaning. Fucanglong is only her name as a referance for her golden scales, emerald eyes, and lets mention the pearl-like talons.

Thank you for reading, swear I'll make more chapters but I'm kinda stuck for the moment... kinda gotta do a bit of Discordin'

very challenge as far as as powers is concerned i myself have tried to develop a time based character it is extremely hard to not go op with all of the possible powers one as access to i am looking forward to this story u dont really see a lot of pre-discrod based stories around and they're even rare in the displaced community i an personally very excited to see how for this story progresses before the token is made good luck with it

When I wish to return to the fandom. However I am focused on other fandoms at the moment.

I hope you enjoy the other fandoms out there!

I am thinking about rewriting this story, however I need some help! If anyone can be a editor and help me, that would be awesome! If all goes well, I will continue the story and give it a story unlike any other. I hope, at least. I am sorry I let this go on Hiatus for so long everyone... : (

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