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Based on my upcoming DeviantArt comic series, Entiquest. Multiple crossovers, but based on Danny Phantom and My Little Pony. Lots of fourth wall shatters and self awareness.

Long Summary: After Darkness rises, having disappeared a millennia ago, soon-to-be Princess Flurry heart is killed, and Twilight is left both mentally and physically scarred. With Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and about every royal disappeared, Equestria falls into chaos, while Danny Fenton, in Amity park, is left behind, as all loved ones are arrested to elimination. The two team up, and with help on their side. But... something just isn't right....

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I’d like too see this in comic format!

???? Can’t really catch much but. . . Spongebob was there?

For a moment there I read the description as "Danny DeVito comic series".

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