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Based on the upcoming comic series:

A physically and mentally scarred Twilight Sparkle seeks out help from an old enemy in desperation, and perhaps, an old friend along the way. And while nothing makes sense anymore, it does, at the same time. Because, of course, together, good always prevails.
It all seems like the average save-the-day story to them all, until the face of a rising threat revels itself after centuries of hiding in the shadows.

ETQ has an Amino (finally) where I post the chapters before they’re out, and WIPs of the comic :yay:

Sih eeys fo ghsto, a wlac-ptdeip dnah

Eh eimlss dna wasti orf hte ady eh ahd nnaldpe

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 5 )

I’d like too see this in comic format!

???? Can’t really catch much but. . . Spongebob was there?

For a moment there I read the description as "Danny DeVito comic series".

This story looks interesting have to my favorite shows I'm sold

I see we have a similar taste in cartoons :yay:

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