• Published 8th Dec 2017
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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 9- Sleep.

Spike was the first one to step inside Twilight's apartment, followed by the owner of the place.

Twilight stepped away from the mirror and stood there, waiting nervously for Sunset to arrive. It is not the first time Twilight used the mirror, and she knew as better as anyone how hard may be to keep your balance after traveling through it the first time.

It didn't take long for Sunset to pass through the mirror, and just like Twilight has predicted the girl almost fell to the ground after doing so. Twilight held Sunset before she hit the floor and helped her to stand up again.

Sunset stood up without effort, but just after a few seconds, she turned her gaze to the room she is now standing. Sure, she has seen it once before when she gave Twilight her "farewell", but that time she was not really there. Now, every place she looked at she could see something she never saw before, between then a lot of "machines", such as a "computer" and a "Television".

Obviously, she was not sure those ones are the one Twilight talked about, but they certainly matched the description Twilight gave. There is only one kind of items there that Sunset would say it is familiar, and those are the books.

"So, what did you think?" Twilight asked changing her weight from one leg to the other.

"I... Do not know yet, I mean, I can not recognize almost anything here!" Sunset answered giving some small steps around the apartment.

"One step at a time, you're not in this world for a minute now!" Twilight said and Spike nodded.

"Yeah, give yourself some time! Why won't you sit on the couch? That way you may at least be a little more comfortable!" Spike continued and started walking around too. "And if you want something a little more 'magical' than 'technological' why don't you look at Twilight's stone?"

"Stone?" Sunset asked and Twilight promptly showed the device connected to the mirror.

"I found this stone years ago. But I always knew she wasn't a common gem, I mean, it emits some waves I never could understand before. That's why I started to make a device to read it, and after a LOT of work and some years I finally managed to make it react to something, and a few months later I make it work with that mirror through this machine here!" Twilight said proudly.

Sunset took the stone from its device without even caring if something would happen and started to analyze it. The magic mirror suddenly stopped working.

It didn't took more than a few seconds for Twilight to process what has happened, and soon after that, she began to panic.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What if this doesn't work anymore? You would be trapped here forever! I never took it away because I didn't know what could have happened!" Twilight said but Sunset did not seem worried.

"Do not worry Twilight, it will work again!"

"How can you be so sure? You're not the one that builds it!" Twilight said trying to take the stone away from her friend.

"I am sure because I am the one here that can understand magic," Sunset answered and Twilight instantly froze.

"So it IS magic that this stone uses to make the portal works, I mean, of course it was, but I wasn't sure if this small stone would have the power to do so alone!" She said and walked toward Sunset.

"And here is the complicated part..." Sunset said narrowing her eyes to have a better look at it.

"What?" Twilight couldn't help but ask.

"That stone DO have enough magic to make the portal work, but that is not the case," Sunset said and put the gem inside it's opening in the device that instantly makes the portal open again.

"Wait, what? But how? That was the only explanation!" Twilight complained.

"Do not understand me wrongly Twilight. This stone IS the reason why the portal exists, but it is not using its own magic, instead, it is using the magic present in the world itself, acting as some kind of catalyst." Sunset said confidently.

"Okay, we really need to talk... Let's start with... I don't know, maybe EVERYTHING!" Twilight demanded with her curiosity clear in her voice.

"Calm down! I think I can explain, but where exactly did you want to start?" Sunset asked.

"Okay, what about how can you say all of that?" Twilight asked.

"How? Well, first I used a spell to analyze that stone," Sunset began but suddenly was interrupted by Twilight.

"Wait, I need to write this down!" She said searching for her notepad and pen. "Okay, I'm ready!"

"If you say so. First of all, I need to say I can FEEL the magic, not just of that stone, but the magic that is rooted in the world itself. And I can say it is TOTALLY different from my world."

"Wait, REALLY? Do you think this makes any sense? I mean, I'm not specialist in magic like you, so I have no idea.!" Twilight asked without taking her eyes away from her notes.

"In a way, in my world, the magic may be a little different depending on where you are, and we are in another world, so it actually is not a surprise," Sunset answered.

"And about your magic?"

"My magic is MY magic. I did not use the magic of the world to use it."

"Good! Please continue."

"There is not too much to say about it like I said, that stone has some kind of magic, but it's not using it to keep the portal opened. Maybe is some kind of self-preservation instinct. We do not know if the magic has some kind of limit." Sunset answered and yawned.

That yawn seems to make Twilight felt a bit guilty, she is the host right now, and just after a clear sign she finally notices that this wasn't a really easy day, and both her and Sunset should need a bit of rest.

"I'm sorry for making you explain all of that," Twilight said and put both notepad and pen aside. "Come with me, I will take you to my bed!" She said and took Sunset's hand just before she started guiding the girl to her room.

Sunset followed without a problem, but she could not help but wonder why she was being guided by her hand, she could walk just fine.

Twilight's house is not so big, just enough to be comfortable and welcoming. So it's not a surprise that her room wasn't so big either. Most of it is colored with different tones of purple, a window in the middle of the wall was leaving a good amount of moonlight enter through. There's a big table full of drafts, scriptures and lot others papers with a big amount of calculations and theories.

But of all these only two things caught her attention, one of them is a large mirror on the wall filled with what Sunset can presume were 'photos', pictures, of Twilight's friends. Sunset took one of the pictures and turned to Twilight.

"Are those the friends you talked about?" Sunset asked.

"Huh?" Twilight approached and gave the picture a good look and soon an honest smile appeared on her lips. Sunset already saw that smile before, and it only appeared when Twilight talks about her friends. She felt a strange squeeze in her heart that was becoming really hard to ignore, mainly because she did not understand the reason. "I talked to you about them, didn't I? Those are Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash!" She said pointing at one of the girls with each name.

"And That one?" Sunset asked pointing to a blue-haired boy.

"Ah, that one is Flash Sentry. That picture was taken during our high school. he was my..." For some reason, her smile decreased. "My... Well, this is not important!" Twilight evaded. She couldn't help but wonder why she did not say he was her boyfriend? They broke up, sure, but they are still close friends even now is not uncommon for them to hang out.

Sunset instantly understood that there's something wrong, and looking back at the picture she stared the blue-haired guy, he had an arm on Twilight's shoulder. And more importantly, there was something in that boy that makes him look strangely familiar.

Again Twilight hold Sunset's hand and dragged her now to her bed.

"And here's where you will sleep!" Twilight said with her smile back. For a room not so large, the double cam occupied a good part of it. "Lie down, I'll get the pillows and blankets."

Sunset does what was told, and was really surprised with what she felt, she expected that the bed would be like her old one, but larger. But she was definitely wrong, there is no way her old bed would be so good! For the first time in hundreds of years, her muscles felt what is the meaning of relaxing, and a loud moan left her lips without she noticing it.

Twilight blushed midway to the bed, her arms holding pillows and blankets just like she said, but she definitely did not expect to hear that sound coming from Sunset. She approached and put the pillow bellow Sunset's head and covered her with the blanket.

"Comfortable?" Twilight asked.

"More than in my entire life..." Sunset answered in bliss.

"Good to hear that!" Twilight giggled and turned away.

"WAIT, why are you leaving?" Sunset instantly sat up making the blanket slide away from her.

"I'm gonna sleep on the couch, that way you can enjoy the entire bed," Twilight answered and turned back, but she never thought someday she would see what she saw. Sunset was trembling.

"DO... Do you have to?" Sunset asked without looking into her eyes. Twilight approached and gently pulled her friend to lay down.

"You have nothing to worry..." Twilight began to say.

"Can..." Sunset interrupted. "Can you... Sleep with me?"

Twilight's heart definitely skipped a beat, her brain finally accepted the truth it didn't want to. Sunset's afraid. She almost could not believe that there's something in any world that could make that girl tremble, but here she is, trembling and giving Twilight a teary stare. In a world she never stepped before, filled with humans, the same species that make her suffer for so long... Actually that's not a surprise.

"Of course I can," Twilight answered her face definitely blushing. She held one of Sunset's hands and lay down just a few inches away from Sunset that was now smiling. The duo stood that way until both of them sleep, yet holding each other's hand.

Spike observed the duo and asked to himself.

"Who's going to give me my food now?"

Author's Note:

I'm planning to do some "slice-of-life" chapters about Sunset adjusting to the everyday in this new world, and I do have some ideas, but I want to know if someone has any suggestion, please comment and I will be happy to add to the story.