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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 4- Fairy tale.

Chapter 4.

Twilight entered her room with trembling steps once more. This time crossing the mirror was an easy feat, she didn’t even feel sick.

Looking back to the mirror she started to thought about everything that happened. That was definitely a crazy trip. And what she discovered about that weird place was certainly something. It has giant monsters, magic, strange girls that defeated giant monsters easily…

“Wait…” Her mind finally turned back to an old and unanswered question. “How come Sunset so easily defeated that monster?” That’s definitely not something a human could do, the red hair said she’s a human like Twilight… Or didn’t she? Thinking about it now, Sunset never really said she is normal human. And what if somehow, she still knows how to make magic? Is it possible or…

A loud and stuffy bark caught her attention.

“Spike? Goodness, how could I forget you?” She said and freed the dog from the locked room. Spike jumped and played around Twilight for some time, but soon the mirror caught its attention. When the dog started approaching it Twilight caught it in her arms and said. “You CAN’T go there! I need to lock it somehow…”

Easier said than done… She thought to herself. That’s the hard part of having a curious dog, it wants to sniff and explore everything.

Twilight put boxes and everything she could use and tied everything locking the mirror and lastly cover everything with a bed sheet.

“If Rarity see it in the middle of my apartment she won’t be happy.” She said with a smile and yawned sonorously. Looking at the clock she saw that it has passed the 4:35 A.M.

Her entire body feels heavy, and she decided that a nap will make miracles to her too.

Twilight threw herself into bed unceremoniously, and Spike soon followed her steps. She felt like the gravity locked her in the bed and she didn’t fight against it, but she again started to think in the strangeness of her trip, everything was crazy, but to be escorted by a gigantic monster as a bodyguard is definitely bizarre. At the beginning she thought the monster will attack her at the first opportunity, but not only that doesn’t happen, but the Tatzwurm also fought everything that approached Twilight.

“I think… I owe it one…” Twilight closed her eyes and finally let the slumber defeat her.


Ignoring the alarm clock, Twilight slept for way longer she thought she would, but after passing the 2:00 P.M. Spike finally managed to awake Twilight by pushing away her sheets.

“Huh… W-what? Where am I?” Twilight stared her own not dark room. As always, she searched for her glasses just to notice she slept with it on.

With great effort she got up from her comfortable bed and went to the kitchen searching for the only thing that could make her brain awake after a really big and full of surprises day…


“I need coffee…” Twilight said weakly and just after another bark she looked at the clock with surprise, luckily, she’s in the middle of a vacation so she didn’t need to get ready for her job.

After slowly making her coffee and drinking it with a delightful expression, she turned her gaze to the covered mirror. There’s no doubt she will enter in that world again, but there’s a lot of questions still without answer right now.

The main one is: Is it safe to tell the world about the discover of the magic? Because it didn’t work really well in Sunset’s world.

Is it safe to come and go between worlds as she please?

How much coffee does she still have in stock?

All of those questions are important and she didn’t really know if most of they will be answered soon.

Her questioning was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Twilight answered sleepy. When she opened the door, she saw a girl with pink skin and a very fluffy hair.

“HY, TWILIGHT!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in her characteristically cheerful voice.

“Hey, Pinkie…” Twilight answered and took a deep gulp of coffee.

With a confused expression Pinkie asked: “Were you sleeping? That’s not something you see every day!”

With a small and weak smile Twilight answered. “Well… It’s a long story.”

“Let me guess…” Pinkie said and took a deep breath. “A new experiment you never told anyone about, actually worked and opened a portal to a totally different world with magic and a strange and mysterious girl that never talk about herself and it seems she have a big monster pet that like you a lot and in the end of the story she actually have a deep and dark secret that she never talked, Maybe because she didn’t tell anything at all, that will bring a villainous creature of her past to this world and in the end both of you will have a hard time trying to find a babysitter to your brother and his wife!” She finished her phrase and finally breathed again.

Twilight stared her pink friend with an empty face. “I don’t know why, but that really don’t surprise me anymore… Wait, Shining Armor and Cadence don’t even have a baby! And repeat the last part, please.” She asked finally noticing what the other girl has said.

“If I told you it won’t have any fun!” Pinkie said with a bright smile and gave Twilight an invitation. “I’m doing a party to a friend of mine in a few days, if you and your new friend don’t have any plan!” Pinkie waved a good bye and walk away sliding the handrail downstairs with a signature “UIEEEEEE!”

Twilight took the card and waved a goodbye to her friend before she closes the door. “… I… Need more coffee!” Filling the cup with coffee and drinking it with a happy smile, the caffeine entered her body and finally her brain started to think in what Pinkie has said just a while ago.

Despite the total nonsense of the ‘Pinkie sense’, the girl’s prediction almost never failed before, actually Twilight can’t even remember once, that means that keeping a friendship with Sunset may really bring some kind of disaster to this world, but what kind of disaster?

Pinkie said it will be some kind of ‘creature’, but what exactly do that means? There is some kind of ‘Godzilla’ in that world? If it actually exists, then how such a thing would be able to cross the portal? And mainly, what kind of monster could be considered dangerous when compared to Sunset? That girl has defeated a giant monster without even sweating.

Thinking logically, Twilight’s brain already has an answer: The safest thing to do would be never visiting Sunset again.

But her curiosity was way stronger than any kind of fear.

Finishing her coffee Twilight started with the preparations to return to that world.


“Look at that, I can’t believe there’s actually someone that decided to come back here even after all that happened!” Sunset’s voice carried a sincere tone of surprise as Twilight entered her room with way more confidence than she has done last day.

“You said it’s okay for me to come back here, didn’t you?” Twilight answered honestly.

“Yes… I’m just surprised you actually came back!” Sunset answered and turned her gaze to the sky again.

Twilight stared the redhaired girl.

“If it is a surprise so big to you, why do you stay here?” She asked sitting at the bed with a food bowl in her lap.

"No child hates the cradle in which he was born, and it is no different to me, I guess." Sunset answered and finally noticed that her visit is holding something. “What is this?” She asked.

“Oh, this is something I’ve made! I thought I could at least bring a present to you. So, I made something for you to eat! I thought I could bring something different every time I come here”” Twilight offered her ‘little gift’ to the other girl, but instead of accepting the present Sunset denied.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” That was the only words she spoke.

“Huh? Why not?” Twilight asked really surprised, she never expected for her gift to be denied so easily.

Sunset sighed, her face showing sickness for the first time since their first meeting. “It’s clearly our worlds are really different, Sparkle…”

“Are you afraid my world’s food are like poison for you?” Twilight asked, she’s not hurt, just curious.

With another sigh, Sunset said. “Come here, please.”

Twilight lift up from the bed and walk tremulously to the window, she’s actually afraid she has made something wrong and Sunset decide it is a good idea to throw the girl away. But instead Sunset made a simple question.

“What do you see?”

Twilight turned her gaze to the window, searching for something ‘unusual’. But instead she couldn’t see anything different from the last day, except for the fact she couldn’t see the Tatzwurm.

“Hum… I can’t see the Tatzwurm, but beside it I can see… Sand, some wrecked buildings… And I guess that’s it.” She answered honestly, but she doesn’t know if that’s the right answer.

“Exactly!” Sunset said walking toward her own bed.

“I think I don’t get it!” Twilight said.

“This… Is where I live, you can’t see any kind of good food here, I survive in this place since I was born, I can’t afford to eat your food, because, some day you won’t be able to bring food anymore, and I will need to eat what I eat now.” Sunset answered with a last sigh.

This is the first time Twilight saw a reflection of all those years alone in this place in Sunset’s face.

“So, doesn’t have anywhere else in this world you think you could live better?” She asked.

“There’s always somewhere better…” With a sad smile Sunset answered.

“Don’t you want to search for it?” Twilight asked.

“Like I said, no child hates the cradle in which he was born…” She said and lay in the bed.

“Well… Don’t you want to search for a new one?” Twilight asked and as soon as those words leave her mouth she notice what she said with surprise.

“A… New one?” Sunset turned her gaze to Twilight without really understand.

“I mean… Don’t you want to see new places? I can literally show an entirely new world if you want!” Twilight answered surprised with herself. She’s not like Fluttershy when the matter is self-confidence, but she’s not so full of herself either. ‘Show you a new world’? She’s not rich or something like that. She can’t travel the world so why she offered what she can’t do?

But to her surprise Sunset smiled.

“Meet a new world?” Her eyes were filled with a feeling Twilight knew very well, a thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to search for new worlds, alone if necessary, but in the end her eye turned to the old and bored self. “I don’t think this will happen…”

“And why not? If I can come here, then there’s no reason for you to not be able to cross the mirror too!” Twilight insisted.

Sunset closed her eyes.

“I… Have my reasons,” Twilight stared her friend with sad eyes, all she wanted is to give Sunset somewhere better to live, somewhere she won’t need to fight for her next meal with monsters and other strange creatures.

‘Maybe I took a step forward to fast…’ She thought. Sunset never said she doesn’t like the life she lives, maybe now the red-haired girl decides she don’t need someone from other world to talk about a wonderful life she didn’t have.

But instead of being angry or anything like that, Sunset sat in the bed and opened her eyes just to make a small request.

“You ... Can you tell me?” Sunset asked, just like a small kid asking to her parents to tell a fairy tale. Her eyes were filled with intelligence and a strong will to learn.

Twilight stared Sunset with a small amount of surprise. She definitely doesn’t expect for such direct request.

Opening her mouth, she started to tell about her own world.

Sunset listened every word with genuine interest.


Twilight returned to her own world with a feeling of satisfaction pulsing in the chest.

For the first time she wasn’t a burden to Sunset, instead she talked about her world, a place so different that she almost didn’t know how to talk and make Sunset understand at the same time.

According to what she has observed during her talk, Sunset never has heard about airplane, that means if their world were mirrored someday, then she lived before the first world war, and she also didn’t know what is a picture, and the revealed pictures only exist after 1889.

Definitely her new friend is not from same time period as her, just using her new data’s she could proof it, between 1889 and the actual year there’s a difference of 128 years, and no human can live that long.

Twilight turned to the mirror. Again, Sunset refused to come with Twilight to make sure she’s safe. She just observed from her window again, but this time her eyes weren’t empty anymore, she truly liked to hear Twilight’s stories.

The doorbell rang, taking Twilight out of her reverie.

Opening the door, she was really surprised to see her brother and his wife waiting at the door.

“Shining Armor? Cadence? What are you doing here?” Twilight smiled with happiness and hugged the couple before she offered to let them enter in her apartment.

“We wanted to make a small visit to my first and only sister!” Shining armor said, but he didn’t enter.

“Is there something wrong?” Twilight asked.

“Huh? Why you would think something like that?” Cadence asked back.

“Shining usually come inside as soon as possible!” She answered with concerned eyes.

“Well, this time we thought we could take you to a special dinner!” Shining Armor answered with a smile. A smile shared with Cadence.

“Sure, what's the occasion?” She asked. “Oh, just give me a second, I will take my jacket.” She said and entered her apartment, luckily neither of them wanted to enter, she completely forgot about a glowing mirror that actually is a portal to another world in the middle of her apartment.

With the jacket now in her hands, she closed the door behind her. She followed the pair to the car and she took a big surprise when she saw both of her parents waiting inside.

“Okay… You don’t tell me what’s the occasion!” She said and entered the car, complimenting her parents.

“We will tell you all soon!” Cadence said with an enormous grin.

Twilight turned to her mother that shared her confusion.

Soon, they reached a restaurant and entered it.

Twilight, Night Light and Twilight Velvet sat at one side of the big table as Shining Armor and Cadence sat at the other.

“Okay, what’s the big news?” Night Light asked what both his wife and daughter were thinking.

“Well…” Cadence blushed a little before she takes a deep breath and looked at her husband. Both of them talked at the same time.

“WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” Both of them said not screaming, but loud enough to the closer tables to listen it too.

Night Light and Twilight Velvet soon started to congratulate the young couple, the happiness of the group was contagious.

Twilight also feel very happy, but her mind was divided.

Pinkie Pie’s sense were right again.

It’s always right.

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Well, I'm sorry for taking some time to post it, but here it is.