• Published 8th Dec 2017
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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 10- Breakfast

Twilight was the first one to wake up in the next day, and even without opening her eyes, the weight on her legs gave her the certainty that Spike was sleeping with her. But that's not a surprise, the dog always preferred sleeping with her than sleeping in his own bed.

But just after opening her eyes she remembered that she wasn't alone even before Spike coming over. Sunset was peacefully sleeping beside her, her hair a true mess and their hands still in a tight embrace. After noting this fact, Twilight's face suddenly heated.

She carefully released Sunset's hand, Twilight slowly took Spike away from her leg and stood up as silently as possible. Her steps were calculated and makes no noise on the floor. She opened the door and leaves the room releasing the breath she did not notice she was holding.

She let the door just a bit open for Spike to leave without bothering the sleeping girl and immediately headed to the kitchen, after all, that's finally the time she will fulfill her promise and make Sunset a good coffee.

She was no surprised when she came inside and saw every material she would need for a coffee waiting for her since she had let everything prepared last day.

And with that thought, she stopped.

'Last day'.

Surely it did not seem to have passed just a few hours since she came back home after Sunset beating the other Tatzwurm. So many different things happened that is actually hard to list it. Her body instinctively started to prepare the coffee and breakfast as her brain thinks about the last 24 hours.

She has seen a battle between a human and a monster, make Sunset agreed with her coffee (probably the hardest part of the day.), then read that diary and discover that her friend is immortal, can use magic, lived for thousands of years, suffered more than she could describe, discovered that a girl with the same last name as her is evil and searching for Sunset and last but not least... Now she have a talking dog.

If she did not have seen all of that with her own eyes she certainly would not believe, but here she is, making breakfast for her immortal friend while her talking dog is still sleeping with her.

But despite how amazing is all of that, she also had a dilemma. Years ago, she began to search and research a way to make that unique gem she owns to respond and give her answers to its mystery. Hoping that someday the discovery will be worthy.

The gem certainly makes its part, she meets Sunset Shimmer, discovered the existence of magic and a whole different world. But and now?

Sunset's world discovered the magic too, and it certainly did not end well. What if this world suffers the same fate? Can her great personal satisfaction justify such a great risk?

"I guess not..." Twilight whispered alone.

It's not a really good idea to use magic, but a small part of her still did not give up on the idea. Maybe there's something else, the portal is one of the uses of that stone, but according to Sunset the gem held a great potential. Surely there's something else her geode may do besides opening the portal.

The sound of boiling water woke her from her reverie. She may think about it later, now, she has something else to do. First of all, decide which would be a good accompaniment to coffee.

"Pancakes or toast?" Twilight wondered.

"You always say that eating something with sugar makes the coffee a bit bitter, don't you?" Spike answered entering the kitchen and yawning.

Twilight did not jump or got scared, but couldn't help but be a little surprised by the sudden interruption. "I think I will need some time to get used to you talking... But that's a good point, I will make some toasts!" She said and turned to the toaster.

The breakfast did not take long to be made, and Twilight observed the table with a proud smile. She may not be the best cook like Pinkie Pie or Applejack, but she's not like Rainbow Dash either, and that's a really welcoming vision when waking, and she was certain that Sunset would love it.

"Now, all I need to do is wait a few minutes." Again she said to herself.

But a few minutes passed and Sunset did not awake. After more than an hour, Twilight decided to eat alone. She thought that maybe she could eat again when the other girl awake, but after hours she wondered if everything is okay. She checked Sunset after every few minutes, but the sleeping beauty did not show any sign of waking soon.

Twilight couldn't blame her, she saw Sunset's old bed, and she was certain that there is not even how to compare. Her old bed wasn't much different from a wooden board, and Twilight's bed was thousands of times better.

"Well, maybe she can still enjoy the lunch," Twilight said and turned away.

But Sunset did not awake for lunch or dinner. With that Twilight couldn't help but get worried. Maybe it wasn't a good idea, maybe crossing the mirror for longs periods of time could let some side effects she wasn't aware. But even worried she also did not have the courage to wake her either.

When the night comes, Twilight needed to sleep too, but laying down with an already sleeping girl is not so easy. She sat and slowly lay down, worried if this will wake Sunset up.

But she did not awake, and Twilight slept at her side, wondering if she will awake next day.


The next day was slightly different. Twilight was the first one to wake up again, and just like the last day she makes the breakfast, but this time wondering if Sunset would wake up or sleep for the next hours.

Twilight started to get really worried. Having a good night of sleep is one thing, but sleeping for so long is definitely a different story.

After the clock hit 9:00 she decided to eat by herself again.

"Aren't you waiting for Sunset?" Spike asked.

"Well, I was, but we don't know if she will come for breakfast," Twilight answered. "So, I think I will have to 'sacrifice myself' and eat all by myself again."

"I would hate doing that with you!" Sunset said walking toward the table with very interested eyes. "What are those scents?"

"Oh, I didn't know you're awake! Anyway, sit down while I will take your cup back." Twilight said and Sunset sat down observing everything wondering about its flavors. "I was getting kinda worried about you."

"What for?" Sunset asked forcing herself into taking her eyes away from the table.

"Well, you slept for 36 hours!"

"WHAT?" Sunset asked truly surprised.

"At first I thought you were just a little tired, but after the firsts 24 hours I thought about waking you up, but then I noticed that you probably didn't have a good night of sleep in a long time, did you?" Twilight said sitting down and filling Sunset's cup with coffee.

"I... Actually, do not remember!" Sunset answered without taking her eyes from the black substance with the strong scent in front of her.

"It's hot so take care!" Twilight said offering her some toasts too.

Sunset inspected the breakfast with caution, the scents aren't bad and the appearance was a whole new experience as well. But her old instincts talked louder after her belly snore. "Humm... Twilight, I do not want to be impolite, but is this all we have for today?"

Twilight choked with coffee surprised and turned her gaze to the girl observing her innocently. "What do you mean?" She asked confused.

"Well, I do not know if just that few will give me energy for the rest of the day. I mean, if that's enough for you I can get used to it, but..."

Twilight giggled a little before answering with a smile. "Don't worry, there's a lot from where it came! Besides, this is just the breakfast, and I will make a great lunch for us!"

"Breakfast? Lunch? Wait, do you eat more than once per day?" Sunset asked genuinely surprised.

Twilight almost split her coffee out in surprise. "Wait, don't you?"

"Well, no. Where I lived I used to eat once per day, that way I can eat again next day without anything going to waste." Sunset answered with a light blush making its way to her checks.

Twilight sighed. "You don't have to worry about this here," She said with a smile. "I have enough food for us, and I will order some really big burgers for our lunch! I thought about cooking myself, but let's eat something more commemorative!"

"Really?" Sunset asked. "I do not know what 'burgers' are, but I can get used to eating twice per day!" She said with a smile.

Twilight smiled too. "Sunset, at least three meals per day."

"Three? Seriously? If you are playing with me I swear I will jump through that portal and you will never see me again!" Sunset said completely stunned.

'Goodness, why she's so cute?' Twilight hid her face in her hands. "I... Think I will need to teach you a lot about this world yet!" She said and lowered her hands. "And relaxing won't be a bad idea either!"

A second snore caught their attention. Sunset blushed while Twilight smiled. "Well, one step at a time, first of all, let's eat our breakfast!" Sunset cautiously drank a small gulp of coffee and opened her eyes wide open. "What? Too hot?" Twilight asked.

But instead of answering Sunset drank all the cup at once. This time Twilight's eyes were the wide open ones.

"Can I have more one?" Sunset asked with her eyes shining like a puppy's.

*Meanwhile, inside Twilight's brain.*

Cuteness definitions have been updated!

*Back to the outside world.*

"Sure, eat a few toasts too!" She answered with a goofy smile.

Sunset eats everything was given her just like a small child. There were not many traces of good manners, but rather an insatiable and almost savage hunger. If Rarity sees a 'lady' eating like that she would be simply horrified. Twilight actually thought about telling her about it but decided that this is not a priority considering how Sunset lived for so long.

And thinking about Rarity, Twilight couldn't help but stare at Sunset's actual appearance. She is pretty, but her hair is a mess, her clothes were white some day long gone but now it's dirty and with a lot of holes and scratches, probably from some battles it endured. Her skin is also dirty and dry, showing a disregard for her beauty that no normal girl would show.

"Hey, Sunset." Twilight began to say.

"Huh? What?" Sunset asked with her mouth yet full.

"After eating, what about a shower?" She asked without any trace of malice, instead, she was only thinking about how beautiful Sunset would be under perfect conditions.

"Shower?" Sunset asked back after finally swallowing her breakfast.

"Yeah, just a bath. That way you will feel way more relaxed, and I can give you one of my clothes to dress for a while." Twilight said getting up from her chair.

"I would like to be relaxed," Sunset answered also getting up.

"Then, it's decided. You will take a shower and after that, I can begin to teach you about this world." Twilight said taking Sunset to her bathroom.

"How? You said children spend years going to school to just begun to learn." Sunset asked.

"Well, that's true. The fastest way I can think right now is one of my favorites!" Twilight said excitedly.

"Really? And what is it?"

"Documentaries!" Twilight answered proudly.

"That sounds... Fun? I actually have no idea what is that 'documentaries' you talked about." Sunset answered entering the bathroom. Twilight also entered and started to show her shampoos, conditioners and the rest of the materials, but Sunset simply showed a confused face.

"What's up?" Twilight asked.

Sunset pointing at everything Twilight has shown. "Humm, Twilight... I have no idea what are those things," she said. "Let alone how to use it. You will at least teach me, right?" She asked with an innocent expression.

Twilight's face instantly turned into a deep crimson.


"I can't believe I just taught my friend how to use a soap!" Twilight complained and sat down on the sofa with a heavy sigh.

"You're a good friend Twilight!" Spike followed his owner and sat down at her side. "And you already have a funny story to tell the others!"

"Now that you talked about it... I don't know how Sunset will react to them, and I have no guarantee that they will not exaggerate." Twilight wondered.

"What do you mean by 'exaggerate'?" Spike asked back.

"Well, I don't think is a good idea to make Sunset meet a lot of new people right now. She needs some time to get used to this world first." She answered staring the ceiling.

"Don't you think a 'Pinkie welcome to this world party' is a good idea?" Spike asked ironically.

"That's exactly what I was talking about after everything she had been through I want to give her some time before she meets any real human besides me." She said and turned her gaze to her dog.

"And what exactly she had been through?" Spike asked. "You always want to avoid that, and unlike you, I didn't read another girl's diary."

"You make it sound like I did something bad," She said a bit depressed. "Besides, you're the one that brought her diary to our world for me to read."

"Hey, I brought you to the volcano, I did not make you jump,"Spike answered with a grin and turned the TV on with the remote control.

"Since when you use analogies, and since when you can use the remote control?" Twilight asked while Spike constantly changes the channel.

"C'mon Twilight, you spend most of the day working in the city's lab, of course, I learned a few tricks." The dog answered carefreely.

"Then why you never do it for me to see?"

"Maybe because you would want me to learn a lot of different tricks. Do you remember when you tried to teach me how to solve equations?" Spike answered staring Twilight with a very convincing face.

"That was an isolated case!" Twilight defended herself.

"Sure, and what about that time you tried to make me do my needs in the toilet?"

"That was..." Twilight's voice was cut off by a third and feminine voice.

"How do I look?" Sunset Shimmer entered the room with an embarrassed face. After the shower, her hair almost shines when compared with an hour ago but it was not combed, giving an appearance rather wild. She was using one of the only clothes Twilight thought it would serve, a purple uniform, but she was a little embarrassed by the result. The uniform she used during her time in the Crystal Prep. was kinda short in Sunset's body, and despite the really pleasant view, Twilight couldn't help but mentally schedule that she needs to buy some new clothes for Sunset.

"Well, its pretty good, but I think I should buy you some new clothes as soon as possible," Twilight answered and gave Sunset a signal for her to sit beside her.

Sunset walked toward the couch and sat down. She always felt reinvigorated after a small diving in the fountain of youth, but that was probably a result of its magic. But here in this world, there's not that magic, and yet she felt just like she was some good years younger.

"How it was your first bath?" Twilight asked with a grin.

Sunset smiled and breathed deeply before she answers. "Yeah, I could get used to that!"

"Glad to hear it!" Spike said and changed the channel once more. That caught Sunset's attention.

"So that is what you called a television? I thought it was because of your highly detailed description of it, but this is the first time I can see it working!" She said watching the TV as if it was an alien instrument, and in a way it was. "How do that even works?"

Twilight grinned a lot. "So, if you really wanna know I can give you a really long explanation!" She said leaning a little closer to Sunset.

"And here we go again," Spike sighed and jump away from his nerd owner. He learned a long time ago to don't be too close to her when she's in her 'scientist mode ON', and he's not gonna listen to that huge lesson again. "If you need me, I'm going to play a little, y'know, far away from you two!"

Neither of them actually even listened to the dog and just continued with the beginning of a really long talk.