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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 14- Family.

"That wasn't cool..." Shining Armor said to himself and opened his eyes slowly. Whatever had just happened he feels really bad. He tried to put everything he remembers together. First, he touched that mirror, and then all he could remember was a ridiculously strong suction effect that he could not avoid, and then he remembers to spin... A lot. It wasn't a surprise that he seems to be holding back a vomit. "How do I end up like that?"

He raised his head and began to analyze his surroundings, and everything was exactly what he had seen in the apartment, an entirely ruined floor, overlooking a vast desert that could be seen through an unglazed window.

With difficulty, he tried to stand up, but he was too dizzy to do so by himself. He turned his head, only to be received by the surprising sight of his younger sister, looking calm and unimpressed.

"How many times do I have to say, don't touch my experiments without my permission! You have no idea what could have happened!" Twilight said and held out her hand to him. Her voice wasn't angry like when she punched his arm but instead was just the sound of someone worried about him.

Shining took her hand and stood still a little dizzy. "I wouldn't have to worry about it if your experiments weren't so unpredictable." He said and tried to wipe away the dirt that had been trapped when he fell. "So, where are we?" He asked.

"It's kinda a long story..." Twilight sighed.

"Does this 'long story' have anything to do with your new mute friend?" He asked observing the surroundings, but his gaze stopped when he saw the magic mirror.

"Sunset is not mute, she just is not used to see other people besides me... And now that we talked about this is better for us to go back." She said.

"What do you mean with 'not used with other people?' And mainly, what in the world is this place?" He asked.

"Well... What would you do if I say that we are not exactly... In our world?" She asked with a small blush.

"Not exactly in our world..." Shining said extremely calm. He turned his face to her sister and asked. "Twilight Sparkle what have you done this time?"

"Why do I have the impression that this is not the first time someone says it today?" She wondered, but before she could answer a loud roar shook the whole building.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Shining Armor asked and turned his gaze to the window. His eyes widened with pure terror. Three giant monsters were just outside the building fighting fiercely, one of them was a bizarre giant worm-like creature with tripartite jaw and a maw containing black tentacles. The other was a giant crocodile but its hide is covered in rocks and the last one seems to be a bizarre flying mix between a giant bear with a... Bee?

Both the crocodile and the bear seems to be fighting alongside each other against the worm-like creature.

Shining tried to get his gun, but he had left it at home for his day off. But unlike him Twilight seems to be very calm, she walked toward the window just in time to see the biggest creature throwing the crocodile away.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He yelled but Twilight remains impassive, actually, she was even smiling. She turned to face her brother.

"THIS, Shining Armor, is the reason I punched you before!" She said as the worm-monster finally defeats the giant bear-thing.

"What?" He asked truly confused.

"This creature is a Tatzwurm! Actually, he is the one that commands this desert now!" She said with a small grin.

"Why I'm not surprised? There's nothing in the world that can beat something like that!" He exclaimed, he was actually getting a little worried about his sister's sanity.

"Maybe not now, but he never manages to beat the last master of this territory." She said almost nostalgically as the monster dig the sand and disappeared through the desert. "I heard that all of their battles ended within a minute!"

"WHAT?" Shining Armor's eyes widened again. "What kind of monster was it?"

"This 'monster' is the girl you just tried to start a fight with just a while ago!" She answered confidently.


'Now, what should I do?' Sunset wondered as all the remaining members of Twilight's family stared her or the mirror with a face that even someone as Sunset could say that they want an explanation about the situation they're in.

But what could she do? Speak to them? Maybe, but that's an option she was not sure she was ready yet. Spike also doesn't seem very comfortable, but at least he does not have a traumatic experience with humans.

Luckily, it didn't take a long time until Twilight crossed the portal back, quickly followed by her brother.

When he crossed the mirror he almost fell toward the floor, but Twilight held him in place. The woman with hair with mixed colors of pink was the first one to close the remaining distance between the rest of the family and the two siblings.

"SHINING! WHAT HAPPENED? Are you alright?" The woman asked observing all his body searching for any sign of a problem. He seems to be a little confused or disoriented, but his eyes seem to be full of energy at the same time, almost as if during his small trip on the other side of the portal he had seen something to make his adrenaline went into astronomical levels.

'This is actually a possibility...' She thought to herself. Everyone started to talk at the same time, the pink-haired woman kept asking about his state, the other woman was asking what exactly is that mirror and why Twilight did not call her sooner to show this, and the other man was also worried about her brother.

Meanwhile, Twilight seemed to be trying to explain the situation, but all the mixed voices make it something harder than it should.

"Why do not they wait for her to finish explaining before they ask other things?" She asked to the only being close to her right now.

"All I can say is: welcome to the family," Spike answered with humor. But unlike Sunset's, his voice did not go unnoticed, and Twilight's brother turned his face toward the two awaiting far from the main part of the family that suddenly become quiet as the dog went silent again.

"Twilight... Did Spike just talked, or I hit my head harder than I thought?" The blue-haired one asked while staring Spike intensely.

"Well," Twilight sighed again. "This is another long story." She answered as her brother's eyes suddenly changed its target and he stared Sunset as if he was trying to read what exactly is she thinking, but instead of approaching he decided to talk without leaving the pink-haired woman's side.

"Twilight said your name is Sunset... Isn't it?" He asked. She nodded, her expression already a little softer than a few minutes ago. He stared the girl from top to bottom with doubt, almost as if he was judging her by her appearance, and this was not a good sign according to her memories.

Seeing the situation her friend was in now, Twilight walked toward Sunset and stopped by her side. And that didn't go unnoticed by those around, both Shining Armor and Twilight usually has a good character judgment, and for some reason, they seem to disagree with each other in this case.

"Twily," He began to say after a deep breath. "What EXACTLY do you wanted to say when you said that the other side of the mirror wasn't in this world of ours?" That simple phrase was said as if he just want to be certain of something, but that was enough to take the attention of all those who weren't on the other world, and Twilight actually was waiting for that question.

"Twily... What is he talking about?" Night Light asked, his face showed a surprised expression that was the complete opposite from the two women at his side, both Twilight Velvet and Cadence seems amazed and the only thing that prevented them from jumping right in the mirror were their respective husbands, who did not seem to share their sense of adventure.

Twilight Sparkle sighed heavily and Sunset stayed a little behind her.

"Look, this is actually a long story, and I will try to resume it as better as I can," She said and turned her gaze to the machinery moored to the mirror. "A long time ago I found a strange gem that emits signs that not a single one of our technological equipment could read, then I created a device just to read those signs. I attached it with that mirror (which by the way, was extremely expensive) and it created a portal to another world."

Night Light used his fingers to press the top of his nose as if he wanted to hold back a headache and again turned his face to the mirror.

"Twilight," He began to say with a sigh. "Do you have a small idea of how fantastic this is? How come you never told any of us before? Or even make it a true governmental research? This is amazing beyond belief!" He said with a smile, as a Professor he shares the same passion for science as his daughter and wife.

"Well, there is a thing or two about that place that I wanted to research by myself before doing anything else," Twilight answered with a confident voice.

"And where did your new friend enters in this story?" Cadence asked with curiosity.

"Well," Twilight turned her face toward Sunset as if she wanted permission to talk about her, and a quick exchanged look between the duo gave her the permission to move forward. "Before she moved to live with me she used to live there..."

That answer made almost all of the people present to show some kind of surprised expression, from a simple open mouth from Twilight Velvet to eyes extremely wide open from Night Light, the only exception was Shining Armor that already expected for that.

"Wait a minute," Cadence said shaking her head a little, almost as if she was still trying to process something. "Then basically you are living with an alien and didn't tell me?"

Twilight frowned a little. "Calling her an alien like that seems a little rude don't you think?" She said in a protective manner.

"Okay, okay, let's put things straight here!" Twilight Velvet began to say. "You created a portal to another world with a 'magical' gem you found years ago, then entered there, found and befriended with that girl that lives there, make your dog start talking and your friend actually moved to live with you! Am I right?"

"Well, yes! I just don't remember to say that the gem was magical, and I am sure I still didn't talk about Spike yet."

"That's was an obvious conclusion! But there's still a single and probably most important question of all," Velvet took a deep breath as Twilight awaited for her so important question. "WHY DIDN'T YOU CALLED ME FROM THE START?"

Everyone but Velvet startled at the sudden scream that was given, sometimes Twilight Velvet seems a little like Pinkie Pie, and Twilight almost couldn't keep her mind focused with one of them, let alone two.

"Dear, I know you probably want to put a similar story in one of your books, but you overreacted a little right now." Night Light said and turned his face to his daughter. "But your mother have a point here, how long do you have all that information?"

"A little less than two months," Twilight answered blushing a little. Sure, she wanted to keep it a secret until she knows exactly what to do, but she felt just like a small child that was caught lying to her parents.

"Wait a minute," Cadence said and pointed a finger toward Sunset. "You're saying you meet that one less than two months ago and you two are already living together? Shining Armor, you should have some lessons with your sister!"

This time Twilight's blush became a deep crimson, and she could see the same tone of red finding its way to her brother's checks.

"H-Hey, I didn't take that long!" Shining Armor complained.

"Are you kidding me? If that was a game she would have beat you 'like a boss' style!" She answered with a playful tone.

"She is right." Night Light said simply.

"DAD!" Both Shining Armor and Twilight yelled at the same time.

"What? You made her wait for years until one beautiful day you called her out! Oh, wait, if I remember SHE invited you out because she was getting tired of all that waiting. Seriously, it was almost annoying to see you two flirting without taking a step forward!" Twilight Velvet answered with a tone of debauchery.

"It was... I just... Ah, forget it, I can't take it anymore! Can we please come back to talk about Twilight's new friend and talking dog?" Shining decided it was a lost cause to keep on that subject, so he changed it.

"Did you really have to throw that ball at me?" Twilight complained.

"Hey, it was you or me!" Shining armor answered.

"Oh, I almost forgot it!" Velvet said out loud enough to all the presents hear. "What was your name again dear?" She asked and Twilight had just opened her mouth to answer when her mother interrupted. "Please Twilight, we didn't hear her voice since we arrived!"

"But-" She started to complain but Sunset put a hand on her shoulder and gave a courageous step forward.

"It is alright Twilight," She said with a smile just before she took a deep breath. "My name... Is Sunset Shimmer."

"See, was it that hard?" Night Light asked with a smile. 'More than you can imagine.' Sunset thought to herself, her right fist was closed and strained, ready to go into action at any moment. "Now, do you mind if I make some questions?"

"Dad, I don't know if this is a good idea..."

"Sure, go ahead!" Sunset said confidently as if accepting some kind of challenge.

"Well, first of all, why are using one of Twilight's clothes? Don't you have a clothe of your own? And where are your parents? they don't mind you living in another world? " Cadence asked before Night Light could any important question.

"I do not have clothes of my own right now, Twilight said the one I used was rustic, but I think she wanted to soften things, that thing was in pieces," Sunset begun.

"They definitely were," Twilight commented.

"And I can not remember meeting my parents." If someday I had one! She thought to herself.

"Wait, wait, wait," Velvet said making everyone went silent. "Are you saying you're a poor homeless orphan that never had any comfort in life until my daughter found you?" She asked dramatically and walked toward her until they were face-to-face.

"Humm..." Sunset seems to be a little nervous with the sudden proximity. "I-I think?" She said almost automatically, she actually just didn't know how to act in a situation like that.

But she was even more surprised when Twilight velvet took her hand and started running out of the apartment dragging her along and yelling. "LET'S GO SHOPPING!"

"Wait, WHAT?" Sunset yelled as she was being dragged. "TWILIGHT HELP ME!" She screamed one last time.

A heavy silence filled Twilight's apartment as everyone else was still trying to process what had just happened, but again, Cadence seems to be the first one to break the silence.

"I think your unpredictable mother just stole your girlfriend and transformed her into your sister!" She said pointing to the door with a blank face as Twilight still with a shocked expression staring the door with her mouth wide open.

"Aren't you going to do something about this?" Shining Armor asked his father.

"With your mother? I gave up long ago! She may be a brilliant writer and deep inside as smart as me or Twilight, but she's totally crazy and when she wants to do something, NOTHING can stop her!" Night Light answered walking calmly toward the elevator as Sunset's screams echoed through the corridors.

Both Cadence and Shining Armor turned their gaze back to the shocked girl.

"COME BACK HERE MOM!" Twilight yelled and started to run as fast as her legs could muster.

"And I thought today was our day?" Shining Armor said playfully.

"Me too!" Cadence answered and turned to her husband. "But since when your family follows the script?" She started laughing and also went toward the elevator.

"I would love to have a good answer to that question ..." Shining Armor sighed and walked toward the corridor like the rest of the family, he closed and locked the door with his spare key and followed his way with a smile on his face.

There's only one being left in that apartment. Spike stared the closed door with a blank expression.

"And again the dog is left behind all the fun isn't it?" He asked to the nothingness with a bored face. "I'm going to watch some TV."