• Published 8th Dec 2017
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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 1- Beneficial accident.

Author's Note:

Well, this is the start of a fanfic with the focus in the romance and adventure, I wish everyone enjoy it and mainly: Since the English is not my main language, if someone see a grammar mistake I didn't, please tell me in the comments, so I may fix it as fast as possible.

Chapter 1.

The frigid wind was blowing in the open field while a girl not much older than 7 or 8 years watches the sunset with her parents and her older brother, the picnic is already finished and the whole family breathed heavily due to the now totally full belly. The girl observed the sun with a fervent curiosity before she asked.

“Hey, mom... Why is the sunset red?” Twilight Sparkle asked excitedly and even the older brother stared at his mother waiting for an answer.

“The sunlight is fragmented as it passes through the atmosphere that acts like a prism and splits it into several different colors, and among these colors, the color that travels the furthest is the red. In compensation, the color that exists in greater quantity is the blue, and that is why the mornings are blue.” Twilight Velvet, her mom answered calmly, to a writer a knowledge like that is not unusual.

“Really?” Shining Armor asked with interest, but his sister seems simply amazed, she turned her gaze to the sun again, enjoying it’s warm.

“Any other question you want to ask?” The father, Night Light, asked with a smile.

Twilight thought really hard to find another interesting question she wants to know, but the beautiful sunlight reflecting in her lavender skin shattered her concentration with its splendor.

The family happily waited for the moon rise with a song, their voices weren’t the only thought, some other families also started singing, one of them has a girl with the same age as Twilight but she has a rainbow hair and simply can’t stop running around her family and the family of a girl with pink hair and a yellow skin and a totally introverted attitude, three other families joined the song without hesitation.

Twilight observed the others with a smile, but her gaze was attracted to a strange purple stone shining weakly at the distance. She stood up and took the strange stone, dragging the attention from her family. She lifted the stone up to eye level and watched the sunset through it. Definitely, a memory to last forever.


Twilight woke up, she looked around the room with blurred vision, a sound coming from behind her seemed like a low bark.

“Spike… ?” Twilight turned her head and saw her dog sleeping in her bed, and then looked at herself asking why she wasn’t in her bed too. “I slept in the chair again?” She wondered and received an immediate answer, a paper filled with notes fell from her face, apparently, she slept during her researches again, and looking at her clock she saw it was 21:38, not really late, but considering she didn't sleep the last night and day she actually is pretty fine.

Rising from the chair Twilight decided to go to the bathroom of her little apartment to brush her teeth, but she almost tripped over a toy dog on the way. Twilight entered the bathroom and accidentally looked in the mirror, her hair was totally disheveled and deep circles mark her eyes, but only one thought crossed her mind. “… I need coffee…” She said with a weak voice and headed to the kitchen, she put the water to a boil and prepared the rest of the coffee material with the vitality of a zombie, and waited while the water boiled.

Meanwhile, a loud sound came from her bed as spike fell from it and woke up with a drowsy bark, that image brought a smile to Twilight’s tired face. She yawned and finished the preparation of her coffee, she put the coffee in a mug and took a big sip.

A loud sigh came from her lips as the caffeine entered her system and her mind finally started working again. Twilight adjusted her glasses and stared across her apartment to the desk she was sleeping not too long ago, the table is filled with drafts, hypotheses, calculations and a lot of other kinds of stuff. At the side of the table, occupying a large part of the wall, was a large mirror with huge cables connected to a machinery attached behind the mirror and a piece of a seemingly precious purple stone that emitted strange vibrations and unusual readings.

Spike bark and Twilight saw the small dog staring at her, silently asking for its breakfast too, she filled its food bowl. Spike started eating as soon as the food hit the bottom of the bowl and Twilight sit at her dog’s side while petting behind its ears, she closed her eyes and took another gulp of coffee reflecting about her life.

She was from the very beginning a prodigious girl, she finished the college with record speed of 18 years old and soon was contracted to work as a scientist, for longer than a year now and finally she received her very deserved vacations, but despite finally reaching her dream she still felt slightly disappointed, she never discovered something amazing, never wrote her name in the history… “Yet…” She commented confidently. After almost a year of trials and errors, she finally was able to force some reaction from that strange gem, her ace in the hole to change her situation, and even during her vacations, a full night of sleep is something rare.

The answering machine shows four missing messages, probably two of them were from Flash Sentry and Timber spruce, two ex-boyfriends (they still friends after all, but the friendship never was a really important part of her life), and the other two probably is from the really small group of true friends she has, saying she should go out more or go somewhere with them.

Twilight stood up and filled her mug again, she drank her coffee and closed her eyes, she started wondering. ‘Why do I dream about that day? Was it because of the gem… Or is just some homesickness?’ Lifting her head she saw spike playing with the toy she tripped earlier, but the dog was dangerously close to the mirror and Twilight closed the distance fast and stopped her dog.

“C’mon Spike, you know you can’t play so close to it!” She said but the only answer she received was a bark. She smiled and let the dog go before she turned to the mirror and stared her own reflection, now a lot better than before. ‘Why it doesn’t answer?’ She wondered almost a month before she could swear the mirror reacted so strongly she could see a whole different land reflecting on it, a deserted, arid landscape reflected in the mirror, only some buildings that were almost destroyed gave some indication that this place was once inhabited ... Well, this, and a girl with golden skin and big red hair with yellowish streaks.

I’m almost there, be it a place in this world or not this is a whole new discovery… And the main reason of that reaction was that gem, I’m sure of it!’ Twilight looked at the gem she possesses since that day, it was a complete accident someday she simply decided to do some tests in her ’lucky charm’, But when she does she discovered that this stone is simply unique, she never saw another like this one and there’s no data about it too.

Thank goodness Rarity never saw it!’ Twilight smiled at that thought, Rarity is a great friend, but she loves a beautiful gem in her dresses and is really hard to say ‘No!’ to her. Twilight took a big gulp of her coffee and stretched saying, “Well let’s get back to work!”. She decided to ignore the messages since her mind won’t let she have some fun without a progress in her researches.

But when she lowered her arms accidentally hit her coffee that fell toward the machinery in what seems to be a slow motion to Twilight, she tried to stop the fall but it was useless. The coffee fell on the electric cables and hit the outlet causing a short circuit.

Spike uses his paw to cover his ears. And Twilight closed her eyes as the light went off… Again… Definitely, this is not the first time this happens during her experiments, but this is the first time this happens in this one. She opened her eyes expecting to see only darkness, but that wasn’t the case.

The mirror is glowing and the image from a month ago is finally reflecting in the mirror.

Twilight smiled nervously and said.

"What a beneficial accident!"