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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 6- Cursed tale.

Chapter 6.

Twilight crossed the portal with a smile in her face, and run straight to the kitchen to see if she had enough material for a coffee and some snacks.

“I’ll make sure she will love it! She will regret for not having eaten my food before!” She said to herself and finished her preparations. “Too bad it will take a lot of time to do so, I wonder why she's so stubborn about me not coming back today...”

A loud bark caught her attention.

“C’mon Spike, I already gave you your food, now just tonight!” Twilight answered the puppy and went to the stay room. Sitting on her couch, she turned on the TV and sat on the couch, but again, Spike barked loudly and she turned her head this time. “Spike, I said… What’s that?”

When she turned her gaze to the dog, she was really surprised to see it holding an old book bellow its paw, actually, old enough to have sure it’s not one of her books.

“Don’t tell me…” She started a nervous and somehow guilty giggle. “Is it one of Sunset’s books?”

Spike barked.

“Oh no,” She took the book and started walking back and forward, just like she always does when she’s nervous. “Spike, you shouldn’t have done that! I finally managed to make her trust in me just a little bit and now we ‘steal’ one of her books! What if this one is important? I need to give it back!” Twilight turned away and walked to the mirror, but again Spike barked loudly and she turned her attention to the dog.

Spike usually is not so insistent with something of no importance.

She turned her eyes to the book again. There’s no tittle or anything to identify it, the book also seems really old and handwritten.

“Could it be…”

A diary?

“This can’t be. Sunset is not the type of girl to write a diary!” She said and sit down at the table with Spike walking and playing everywhere.

Curiosity… That’s one word that could describe most of Twilight’s life. She always wanted to learn more and more, sometimes even without paying attention if this will have any kind of consequence.

Sunset Shimmer…

She’s always mysterious and never talk about herself.

Logic is another word capable to describe her. Until a few weeks ago she would never consider 'magic' as a plausible response to anything, just as an excuse for something that people can not understand. But, being chased by a gigantic monster in another world made it very easy to believe in 'magic'.

And her logic is saying that reading the diary of one of your newest, and maybe dearest friend is also a bad idea.

But in the end, her curiosity won against her logic and she opened the book in the first page, without knowing what to expect from it.

She started her reading.


I’m writing it because I’m starting to forget…

I don’t know how long I’m here all by myself. Everything I do here is to look at the window, expecting for something to happen day after day.

But it wasn’t always like that.

And that’s why I’m writing it, if someday I can’t even remember my own cursed tale, then, I can simply read it…

It all started even before I was born.

Somehow the humans discovered the magic that exist in the world.

And not long after that I was born…

A child made purely of magic.’

Twilight’s eyes widened in surprise.

"I must have read it wrong..." She read it again and again, trying to make herself calm, but not even in her wildest dreams she would expect something like that.

Sure, she can punch a giant monster without effort, so Twilight already considered the hypothesis of Sunset being able to do some kind of magic, but being 'made' of magic... That's not the same.

She resumed her reading.

‘I have no memories of having parents… I simply appeared.

Without anyone, I don’t know what happened when I was a baby, but I know that soon I grow up a little bit.

Now, as a child I lived on the streets of the city. At that time the houses and everything was made of wood or anything they could use.

But with the magic they don’t waited too long for trying to find a better way to live. The houses started to be made of stone, cut and molded by magic.

Living on the streets means I have to fight for food, but I was just a small girl without control over myself.

The people passing by don’t even dare to look at me, as if I was contagious or something like that.

But that peace didn’t last long…

Someday… A boy from a rich family of the region looked at me. When he first came to talk with me, I was so happy I don’t even asked his name.

He called a small group of friends and we played during all day. I could feel something wasn’t right, but I decided to ignore it, after all, I was having fun for the first time.

Some time later one of they asked if I ‘don’t want to see a good place’.

Naively I said: Yes.

They guided me to a place I never went before, through the territory of one of the boy’s parents.

I asked: ‘Where are you taking me?’

But the only answer I received was a collective laughter. After that I knew something was wrong, so I asked to go home.

They said: ‘We’re almost there! Wait just a little more!’

Finally, they take me to a really high place. It was like a plateau, I could see the whole city from there. The sun was melting in the horizon, and as a small girl I felt hypnotized by its beauty.

And ironically, the first time I died was at sunset.

From behind me, one of the boys pushed me toward the edge, I tried to turn my body and hold onto the edge, but my hand never reached it.

Most of the boys kept a grin in their faces, except for one of them that seems to realize what exactly they have done.

I fell toward a bunch of rocks below, and for the first time I could feel the cold arms of the death hugging me as a farewell gift.

And then… Pain.

My entire body felt the horrible pain of having lots of bones broken at once, and also, I could feel something, like some old iron stake, piercing through me.

I cried in pain and immediately I notice my legs weren’t answering to my commands, I tried again with my arms, but again the only answer I received was pain.

It didn’t take long to the boys come to see my state, and when they finally come closer their faces paled and they started yelling at each other, probably trying to decide what they will do next, but I couldn’t hear them.

They continued with that for a while, yelling and pushing each other.

But suddenly, I could move again.

My arms and legs are still numb, and with effort I tried to stood up. I felt as that 'stake' leaves my body keeping an open wound behind. And with a last grunt I stood up.

Finally I turned my gaze to the boys that pushed me off the cliff, all of them stopped their small fight and stared me with pure terror.

With the fear clear as water in their voices, they screamed and called me 'monster' over and over again just before they turned back and run away.

Looking at myself I could see that their fears were justifiable, my left arm still turned to an angle that it shouldn't be, my body was all covered by bruises and blood, mainly where that stake were just a few seconds ago.

I wasn't much older than 8 years old, and finally the the seriousness of the situation hit me harder than the fall, for the first time I experienced the death, but yet I still stood up. I didn't know what to do, so, I just cried. I cried scared of what have happened or scared of myself? Today I already can't answer.

But it didn't take long and I could see not only the boys running in my way, but they brought along a bunch of strange dressed adults, I barely recognize then as guards before one of the boys pointed at me and said something I couldn't hear at that distance.

Slowly the guards came closer, and I ran towards them crying and asking for protection, but instead, when I come closer I think I scared one of them with my state, because I stopped before I could reach them with a spear piercing my chest.

Blood fell from my mouth and wound, I looked at the spear in my chest and then at the guards, three of them stared their colleague as if he was crazy for trying to kill a small girl. I cried and he took the spear away from my body. I fell and hold my new wound with a firm hand while convulsing with pain and blood loss.

But this time the death don't even reached me before an insupportable heat covered my body, mainly my chest, and I screamed with a pain a child never should be able to endure as my open wound quickly turned into an big scar in my chest.

With my vision not much better I looked to the men staring at me, the boys not too away from them, but for a mere second I saw together with them a small girl, strangely I noticed a lot more of her features than I have done with the others, but mainly I saw a scared girl, probably with the same age as me, but her skin has a different tone of purple, her hair is violet with only a strand of hair with a different color, almost pink.

With even more effort I still stood up this time, my state even more gruesome than before, the kids stepped back and I asked for help, but the only answer I received was one that I definitely don't expected, all of the guards, as an act of despair attacked me, this time four spears reached my body.

I stared the weapons with fear and a pain that ran through all my body together with my blood and shed tears.

I passed out.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry it take so long to write it, but here it is.
This is the beginning of Sunset's story and this chapter was a lot darker than the others.
And from now on, it's important to say that this story was highly inspired by Utsuro's and Kouka's backstory from Gintama.
In the next chapter will have some references and some phrases used in the show, but I do not own anything and my story will follow a totally different way than theirs.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.