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My immortal phoenix. - Lieral

In a world where magic "apparently" don't exist, Twilight is a young and prodigious scientist struggling to leave her mark in history, but she never expected her new experiment to lead her to a new world apparently uninhabited... Apparently...

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Chapter 5- Farewell

Chapter 5.

Sunset don’t expect that Twilight would keep coming back for real. Maybe one or two visits, but after two weeks coming to her world every day and not only that, but really spending some time with her, (She already know a lot about the small group she was part during the ‘school’, and about all the other girls too.), she decided it is a good idea to bring her ‘dog’.

“I know that word…” She kept forcing her memory. Twilight said it is the name of the specie of her ‘pet’. “I know that word too…” But doesn’t matter how hard she tried, she just can’t remember what’s the meaning of those words.

How long ago she heard a word like any of those? The only answer her brain gave was the already expected ‘Who know?’

She turned her gaze to the piles of books around the room, maybe the only distraction she has during years and years all by herself. Maybe there’s that word in one of those books. But when she decided to begin her search, a familiar presence appeared in a building not far from Sunset’s, accompanied by a second and way smaller presence.

She quickly makes her way to the window with a smile. The big Tatzwurm also felt the approaching Twilight and lift its head searching for the girl.

Every time Twilight came she brings some food to Sunset, and the red-haired girl always refuse, so Twilight just give it to the big monster, making the monster's affection even justified.

But what is really bothering Sunset is the fact she doesn’t know why her affection toward the lavender girl is getting bigger and bigger every time she comes.

Sure, after all that time alone is not a surprise to feel happy with someone else doing a visit, but that’s not the case.

Twilight Sparkle.

That last name… Is not strange to Sunset. But she can’t force herself to remember, it brings her a really bad feeling, as if that name is something she desperately wanted to forget.

The purple color always gave her a bad feeling, most of her darkest memories may have gone long ago, but that girl definitely brings back a lot of then.

But it’s not the same thing with Twilight.

Sunset’s face darkened. When she started coming, Sunset just wanted to know how long will take for her to be left behind again. But now, her day doesn’t feel complete without the visit of the other girl.

Her world’s stories are interesting.

Her stories are interesting.

But despite her curiosity and thirst for knowledge, none of those should give her this feeling of…Need.

Sunset’s stay in this world is also an unknown reason.

But one thing is for sure.

Her heart is in pain.

Pain brought by Twilight Sparkle.

And this need to stop.


Twilight walked through the desert as if she does it every day, but Spike is having a fun he doesn’t felt in a long time, running from one side to the other the feeling of freedom gave the dog a sensation of being almost unstoppable.


When Twilight came closer to the building, the giant Tatzwurm quickly turned its head toward the girl, scaring the puppy to its bones. Not only Spike tried to run away from the monster, but also tried to make Twilight run too, by biting her clothes and trying to bring the girl together.

“Calm down, Spike.” She said while keeping a laughter inside. She probably was way more desperate than the dog when she first meets the giant monster. “This one is a friend!” She said and took the dog in her arms.

Spike tried as much as possible to hide from the giant monster, without success of course. But Twilight gave a small wave to the Tatzwurm and walk straight to the building she so often comes.

Walking upstairs inside the building with Spike still trembling in her arms, Twilight smiled as the door to Sunset’s room finally came into view.

Unceremoniously Twilight entered in the room and saw Sunset observing the outside through the window as always.

Sunset turned and opened her mouth to say something, but he attention was soon dragged to something else.

“What… Is that?” She asked looking at Twilight’s arms with a really dubious expression. “Is this what you called… A dog?”

“Yes! Spike, this is Sunset Shimmer! Sunset, this is Spike!” Twilight said with a smile and put the still trembling dog on the ground.

Spike finally gathered the courage to look around and started sniffing the room without looking at the red-haired girl that looked at Twilight without knowing what to do. Her posture was that of someone prepared to attack at any suspicious movement, and noticing it, Twilight soon came closer to Sunset and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down, Sunset.” Sunset turned her head to face Twilight. “When you explained to me about this world, you talked about animals, didn’t you? Why you’re so… Tense? Spike is not like a big monster, and he definitely won’t attack you!”

Sunset’s posture relaxed after that.

“I guess you’re right, I just don’t like what I don’t know,” She said with her eyes in the purple puppy.

“You really don’t remember what is a dog?” Twilight asked kindly.

“I guess my memory isn’t what it used to be… I just... Don’t remember.” Sunset stayed in place, but Spike finally managed to localize the girl and cautiously walked toward her.

The dog barked twice and tried to jump at Sunset, the girl stood without really know what to do, she turned to Twilight again as the dog jump and barked happily.

“Here, give me your hand!” Twilight hold Sunset’s hand and guide it to pet the dog without noticing the confused stare coming from the red and gold-haired girl. “Don’t worry, Spike won’t bite you! And he like to be petted behind its ears.” She said with a big smile and mimic the action she just said.

Spike simply enjoyed the affection he was receiving, while Sunset continued to pet the small dog even after Twilight withdrew her hand and observe the scene in front of her.

"I guess... It could be worse." Sunset said and Twilight smiled.

A powerful roar caught the attention of all those inside the room and even the Tatzwurm outside. Sunset quickly make her way to the window and stared the outside with ferocity.

“W-What was that?” Twilight asked while spike hides bellow the bed and the Tatzwurm turned to the origin of the roar and opened its mouth with a roar exactly like the one before, making the tentacles in its mouth fly freely. “Is it another Tatzwurm?”

“Yes, it came for the same reason as this guy here when it first came…” Sunset said and gave a clear order, Twilight just don’t know if that order was directed to her, or to the friendly Tatzwurm. “YOU STAY HERE!” Sunset shout.

“And why did he come for?” Twilight asked with a familiar chill in her spine.

“It wants to challenge the master of this territory…” She answered with cold eyes.

“Do you think our Tatzwurm can handle it?” Twilight asked worried it her friend.

“The Tatzwurn is not the master of this territory.” Sunset said just before she jumps away from both Twilight and the friendly Tatzwurm.

Landing on the sand, she started the short search for her challenger.

From behind a building a different Tatzwurm appeared, the only difference from the other one is its mane, in a deep tone of purple, even darker than Twilight’s.

Sunset’s face darkened, a strange feeling in her brain was trying to take control... That color… Is bad thing. She stretched her fingers while she waits for the monster to take the initiative.

And it won’t take long.

The big worn tried to finish the combat with a single bite, but Sunset jumped away from it.

The monster attached again, this time with its tail, aiming to hit Sunset in the middle of the air, but the girl used her hand to not only hold the monster, but she also used that chance to climb on the giant monster’s body.

She began a run toward the monster’s head, but the monster opened its bizarre mouth and used its tentacles to try to hit Sunset, without success. When she finally reached a good distance away from the monster’s head she gave another jump, this time reaching heights far superior to those of the surrounding buildings.

She used the impulse from her descend to aim straight to the top of the monster’s head, and with a devastating punch the battle was over, the Tatzwurm body craved on the sand bellow as its body caused a heavy sandstorm.

Without any difficulties, Sunset landed on the sand, away from the defeated monster.

Twilight observed the small battle from the window in awe, it almost wasn’t a battle, the red-haired girl defeated the colossal monster with a single and common punch.

Cleaning her hair, Sunset turned her gaze to the window and make a clear signal to Twilight.

“Come here.”

“Spike, come with me!” Without wasting any time, she started her descend without noticing the small puppy carrying a strange book in its mouth.


Curiously, Sunset guided Twilight to the magic mirror.

“Hum… What’s wrong?” Twilight couldn’t help but ask. Was she being expelled? Sunset never came here before, she always chooses to see Twilight leaving from distance, but now she just came here without any apparent reason.

Sunset stopped in front of the mirror and inspected it with curiosity.

“Is this… Your room? I can’t recognize anything there.” She said staring the mirror with what seems to be interest, but her eyes also seems… Cold and empty, completely different from a few minutes ago.

“Oh, I can show you!” Twilight said fast, but Spike jumped inside the mirror even faster.

“Maybe next time…” Sunset answered with a really sad smile.

Twilight noticed it, she knew the other girl long enough to understand when something is wrong, actually, she may not be an old friend of Sunset, but she cared about her as much as her other friends… Maybe, even more, but that’s not the time to think about it.

“Sunset, tell me… What’s wrong?” She asked with a worried tone.

“…” Sunset doesn’t answer immediately, she just turned her gaze to Twilight and approached the lavender girl with the same cold eyes she has during their first meet.

“Sunset… You’re scaring me!”

“I… think I wasted more energy than I thought, I’m feeling dizzy…” Sunset used her hand to hold Twilight’s. “Do you think you can bring me that ‘coffee’ you talked so well tomorrow?”

Twilight’s eyes widened with joy. “Right now, trust me: You will love it!”

“No,” Sunset said in the middle of a giggle. “Bring it tomorrow, now I just want to have a good night of sleep!” She said, but she tightened the grip in Twilight’s hand.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Twilight interlaced her fingers with Sunset’s. The red-haired girl looked at Twilight surprised with this act, and for some reason she also could feel a not really familiar heat in her checks. “Give me a chance, I may be able to help!”

Sunset smiled and took her hand away. “You will help me! You will bring me that coffee, won’t you?”

“Sure!” Twilight said and turned to the mirror. “Good bye, I’ll see you tomorrow!” She said with a bright smile.

“Farewell.” Sunset smiled back and said a single word.

Twilight entered in the mirror, and Sunset’s smile faded. She turned her back and walk away from the building, fighting internally to not look back

‘Where are you going?’ A voice she started to get used to hear inside her brain asked.

She turned to the Tatzwurm and asked: “Why do you want to know?”

‘Are you running away?’ The monster asked back.

“That’s the best for her…” Sunset said with resignation.

‘What do you remember?’ The Tatzwurm asked and assume a really hostile posture.

“I remember… Why I’m the master of this place, and not you!” Sunset answered with a fiery tone. “I will not stay close to her anymore! If she will hurt someone, I won’t let that person be Twilight!”


“…” Sunset gave her last answer. “I know it will.” The Monster attached, even if it already know the result from the very beginning.