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The muffin incident - SaltWriter the leviapony

A short story taking place before project friendship. learn how Derpy found herself involved with the Tinkers plan.

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A strange encounter

The Tinkerer was laying down on the couch in his living room. The morning rays of light came through the large glass door that led out to the balcony. Looking at the rising sun, he sighed and opened the newspaper to look at what was happening in Ponyville. He was wanting to have a simple day today, without the antiques of his usual large experiments. As he was reading over the paper, his com starting vibrating, and sadly, he pulled the headset on and prepared for what was to come.

“This is the Tinkerer, what is it?” his voice went through the speakers with a hint of sadness. Whatever it was, he hoped to finalize a solution quickly to get back to relaxing.

“Morning Doc, I thought I should inform you about something.” Otaku’s voice came through the headset, a little unclear from where he was in the base, but still legible. “I was looking through some of our old logs, and I found some potions from our DNA tests dealing with cross pony creation.”

“Well, that is a problem. We were supposed to have removed them awhile ago. How many potions are there?” the line went static, and a few mute sounds of movement were heard on the other end, before his voice came back through the speaker.

“Not too many, about a dozen or so.”

“I see, give me a moment to think.” The Tinkerer looked out at the rising sun, trying to get inspired. Then, he turned to look into the kitchen, and found something he could use on the counter.

“I have something we can do with the potions. Bring them here and we can discuss what we can do with them when you arrive.” a smile began to grow across his as he got off the couch and grabbed a small gift basket.

Otaku made his way through Ponyville, an uncomfortable look on his face as he walked to where he was supposed to go. He had flown down from the outskirts of Canterlot to the edge of Ponyville, walking the rest of the way to the Everfree forest. The gift basket of contaminated desserts was in his mouth, the potions had been mixed into the desserts to make sure they weren’t obvious.

As he walked through town, a grey pegasus was walking down the street as well, carrying a basket of muffins in her mouth. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going, humming a cheery tune as she walked, and ran into Otaku because of this. With a thump, the two fell to the ground, spilling the contents in their baskets.

“Ohh, i’m SO sorry mister.” Derpy said, quickly scooping up her basket and grabbing the spilled muffins on the ground.

“Well, it’s fine dearie.” Otaku replied, grabbing his own basket and placing the assorted desserts back inside. “I should have been paying attention myself.”

“Still, i’m sorry about that, I was just so happy about this new batch of muffins that I wasn't paying attention.”

“Sorry, can’t stay and chat, I have to get these desserts to the edge of town. Bye.” with that, Otaku took off, carrying his assortment of desserts with him. He was unaware however, that a muffin from his basket had ended up in Derpy’s basket, and he was carrying a simple blueberry muffin instead.

Otaku made it to the swamp on the outskirts of town, and quickly dumped the contents of the basket, including the basket itself, into the mud of the swamp. He watched the sweet treats sink into the liquid, and with a nod, made his way back to the lab. At the same time, Derpy was enjoying a late dinner of muffins with Dinkey, with the young unicorn eating a special muffin.

It was late in the night, and the Tinkerer was relaxing in his bed, having a dreamless sleep. As he slept, his maid companion, Buttercup, tapped him awake, handing him his headset as he struggled out of his stupor.

“Hello, what could you need me for at THIS hour?” the Tinkerers voice was groggy from a lack of sleep, but he quickly snapped out of it when he heard what the pony on the other end said.

“We have a special case sir, a mutant has been spotted on the edge of Ponyville.” at this, the Tinkerer shit out of bed, no longer feeling sleepy. He quickly grabbed his gear which was beside the bed and ran out with Buttercup to see what it was. Using the remote for the tv, he quickly set it to the camera feeds around the Ponyville area.

He cycled through the cameras to see what this thing was, and soon enough, he found it on the feed near the forest. A grey object was seen on screen. It seemed to have a horn, with matted strands of yellow hair visible in the light. It had both fur and scales, and it's eyes seemed to be a reddish-gold. It looked at the camera, before jumping at it with claws that seem to jut out from hoofs.

“Buttercup, go get Otaku for me.” The Tinkerers voice was cold, and the maid quickly made her way out of the room to get the pegasus. He came in soon after, followed by the maid pony. He was nervous, as seen by his left wing twitching and sideways glances.

“I thought you said you were going to DISPOSE of ALL the potions.” Otaku gave him a confused look, curious as to what he was talking about. The Tinkerer quickly rewound the film, back to the point where the creature was first seen. Otaku had to squint to see what he was talking about, but then his eyes widened at the sight of the weird thing.

“Ohh, I guess I didn’t then, huh?” Otaku squeaked out nervously, but knowing that would get him nowhere, he quickly shook his head and began to rack his brain at what he had missed. Before long, his face lit up and he snapped a hoof.

“That muffin pegasus, she had bumped into me when I was walking through Ponyville. She must have grabbed the muffin from the gift basket I had when we knocked into each other.”

“Well that explains why we have THAT thing.” the Tinkerer motioned to the TV, before turning back to his friend “So, what potion was IN that muffin?”

“That one was the dragon potion.” Otakus eyes lit up, and he looked at the Tinkerer with a shocked express. He simply nodded, and the two went back to their rooms, with the Tinkerer making a call to his colleagues down in the lab.

That morning the residents of ponyville were met with a strange sight. A large dragon was going around the city, destroying buildings and eating muffins. It had a small horn on its semi-pony face. It had grey scales, with a long yellow mane and spikes. The residents were in a panic, running through the streets as the beast began raiding buildings for food.

As this was happening, a second dragon appeared, prying the beast away from a building and throwing it to the edge of town. This one had a darker hue of grey, but the biggest difference was its stone armor and large broadsword strapped to its back. It stared down the opposing dragon, he was bigger than the other one, but Fangorn didn't think on that front. As the two stared each other down, Twilight flew in overhead, looking at the scene with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Her thoughts were broken when the armored one called her out from the ground, and she made her way to him quickly.

“Are you somehow responsible for this?” Twilight spoke out, having to shout slightly over the destruction and roars of the other dragon.

“No, but if you don't lend me a hoof, you’re not going to find out who did.” Fangorn spoke out, his voice getting the other dragons attention as it stopped its random destruction of the city and making it look at them. Fangorn roared at his opponent, and rushed toward the fake dragon, grabbing it in a headlock and pinning it to the ground as it thrashed its tail trying to free itself from Fangorn’s grip.

“How’s about..instead of just flying there...you use that magic you’re so famous for...and help me pull this kid out of town and to somewhere more...secluded.” As he said this, he began to drag the dragon out of the city, it's tail still hitting ponies and buildings as it passed by. Twilight, seeing what he was planning to do, used her magic to hold the tail down, and lifting its legs off the ground to help drag it out of the city.

As the two began to drag the creature out of the city, a grey pegasus was looking around for her daughter, calling out in vain for her location. Derpy had been scared when a crash could be heard in Dinky’s room, and something large going down from her room. She had been searching all around the city, doing her best to try and avoid the large dragon that was, ironically, her actual daughter.

“Dinkey, Dinkey??” Derpy called out, hoping to find her daughter in the chaos of the situation. She was taken back by a pegasus crashing into her.

“Ahh, i’ve been looking for you all day miss Derpy.” Otaku spoke out, brushing himself off from the initial impact. He grabbed Derpy’s hoof and began to drag her along, despite her resistance to it.

“Forgive my brashness, but I need to bring you to somewhere safer. For both you and your daughters sake.”

“Wait, you know where dinkey is?” Derpy began to flap her wings so she was eye level with otaku. He released her hoof and nodded, pointing to the edge of town.

“Yes, I know where she is, but I'll need you to follow me to a meeting point. My boss will bring your daughter home safe, but he has to meet you first.” With that, the two began to fly out to ponyville, heading to the tinkerers home.

Twilight and Fangorn had wresled the riley dragon to the ground. With Fangorn holding down the arms and twilight making sure the tail doesn't hit the dragon.

“Do you know any signal spells twilight? Fireworks, flares, something?” The princess was taken aback by the sudden question, but nodded. She charged a spell, and let loose a small ball of light into the air, which hovered for a few seconds with a bright light.

Twilight soon saw a pony fly in to there location. She thought it was rainbow dash at first from the speed which the newcomer flew in. But as the pony flew in, she saw it was a stallion, carrying a syringe in one hoof and a bottle of some kind in the other.

He wasted no time, and landed just out of the dragons reach. He went to the dragons head, and shot the liquid in the syringe into the mouth of it. The beast stopped, went rigid, and fell asleep. Twilight landed near the two and took a closer look at the new comer.

“With that, the mare will return to her normal self in a few hours.” Twilight looked over the pony, wearing a grey flying suit with gold lightning bolts on it. His eyes were obscured by his flight goggles, but they seemed to glow underneath them. Before she could examine him further, the pony struck her in the head with the bottle.

“That should make sure she forgets this encounter.” The tinkerer popped the bottles cork and took a swig from it's content. Fangorn had picked up the now smaller body of dinky and began to bring her out of ponyville.

“We'll need to make a good cover up for this, let's go with 'sibling rivalry descends into ponyville.’ the recepiant on the other end agreed, and then hung up.

“We assure you, miss ditzy, your daughter will be alright.” The tinkerer spoke softly to the mare in front of him. He wasn't use to ponies outside his own circle being in his own home, but seeing as this was the fillies mother, it made sense to keep her in.

“Thanks doctor.” derpy replied, giving the ponies in front of her a soft smile “I hope whatever she went through isn't going to be a bother to heal.”

“No worries, the only thing we need to discuss is payment.” Derpy frowned, then began to look through her bag for her bits. Before she could take them out though, the tinkerer placed his hoof on her shoulder, causing derpy to stop and look.

“Bits aren't going to work in this case. Instead, we just need you to do us a favor. Not now, of course, but in the future.” Derpy looked at the tinkerer, then nodded with a smile on her face. As they talked, dinky appeared in the door behind them, jumping into derpys arms when she saw her.

With that, the pair made there way to the balcony, and flew off back to ponyville, happy as can be. As they flew off, the tinkerer watched, with a eye of curiosity on what they were doing. He wondered what they would think, if they knew the plans he had in store for the simple muffin mare?

Author's Note:

Man, it's been a pain trying to get this up. But it's done. Hope to get more chapters out for my main story soon.

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