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hello everypony. I'm here to give to you enjoyable stories as well as take you to other very enjoyable books, you may like my stories you may hate them, I fine as long there read and enjoyed.


A Planeswalker as appeared in Equestria, with the a broken horn of a unicorn pony. In order to understand it's story Twilight and both her friends and the human Taylor must travel the multiverse of the Plans-walkers.

WARNING: This is NOT a Magic the Gathering lore friendly story. Most of the lore is going to be made up, as I'm not very proficient in MTG's history.

Chapters (6)
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Well gag me with cyanide, I haven't read a plot like this before.
Not at all.

Comment posted by treegrowth deleted Jul 15th, 2018

I really like the flow of this story and your writing style is awesome! I can't wait for more!:twilightsmile:

Thank you! :scootangel:
Hopefully I'll have the next chapter out soon.

can not waiting for more

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