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Stranger in the Forest - TrixterCat

When Fluttershy encounters a new creature in the Everfree forest, how will the ponies deal with its strange ways and its inability to speak?

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Interlude - R&R (April Fools)

In any other small town in Equestria, ponies would consider it abnormal to see somepony sneaking about in a trench coat, dark glasses, and a wide brimmed hat. However, Roseluck lived in Ponyville and, like most of the town’s residents, had become desensitized to such odd behaviour. Having the pink one living there would have been enough, but after Twilight Sparkle had assumed the role of librarian of Golden Oaks, things in town only got weirder. Roseluck pondered this for a brief moment and wondered if she should be worried that she was not more worried.

Rose sighed before shrugging to herself, smiling and waving at the “incognito” pony as she looked her way. Despite the occasional behemoths, power-mad unicorns, and other oddities stopping by, Ponyville wasn’t so dangerous of a town that you needed to be afraid of every single strange thing you saw. Not that Lily didn’t seem to think otherwise, with all of her conspiracy theories and what not. Some ponies really had too much time on their hooves.

The cloaked pony yelped with a start, jumping up several hoofs before turning to duck behind a bush and “sneak” behind a house, and Rose noted the rainbow tail zipping away. Of course. Rainbow Dash is just up to her old tricks again, finding somepony to prank. Usually, she was much better at hiding than this. Why she wasn’t darting about the clouds was beyond Rose.

“I suppose she has her reasons…” Roseluck resolved to stay out of it and continued watering her flowers. The annuals were smelling extra tasty this year.


Rainbow Dash was sweating bullets. She was not even halfway through town and already her cover had been blown! She had a reputation to protect and was not going to allow anypony to catch her engaging in any “fru-fru” activities. She pulled her hat back down and proceeded to stick to the alleyways, as planned. Normally she would just fly quickly from cloud to cloud to sneak up on ponies, but she didn’t want to risk anypony seeing her rainbow dashes… Heh, she snickered. No, Dash, focus! You can think about your awesome name later. Can’t let even your buds from the weather team see you going to the…

“Ugh,” Rainbow groaned. She was a loyal pony and put up with a lot for her friends. The day had finally come for her to join Rarity for the spa day Rainbow Dash had promised. Sure, it’s not like she’d never been to the spa before and maybe having a hooficure doesn’t automatically make her the most fru-fru pony that has ever fru-frued in all of Equestria. It would, however, get the rumor mill going with her co-workers, and she didn’t need another “Gabby Gums” incident on her hooves.

Still, Rarity was right. They really did need to hang out more, and Rarity really wasn’t a physical activities pony, was she? “Heh, that drama queen would ‘faint at the very idea!’ for pony’s sake,” Rainbow Dash mocked with her best Rarity impression.

“What’s that, Rainbow Dash?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“Uh, um, Rainbow Dash? I don’t see that pony anywhere!” Dash replied in a deepened voice.

“Oh, right. What was I thinking? Good day, sir,” the good doctor conceded, bowing with a flourish.

Too easy, hehe. Rainbow Dash quickly trotted off, her identity successful concealed.


A bell rang as the door to the boutique was quickly flung open and then violently slammed shut, sending a reverberating shudder through the building. Rainbow Dash had made it too her first destination, Carousel Boutique, where she would meet up with Rarity and proceed to the target.

“Excuse me, please, but would you kindly refrain from... Rainbow Dash?” Rarity looked her up and down, “By Celestia’s flowing mane, what on Equestria are you wearing? And why are you breaking my doors?”

“Oh, sorry, Rares. I was in a, uh, hurry,” Dash apologized, nervously shifting from hoof to hoof. “Um, Rarity? I don’t suppose you’d have water proof, um, ‘face stuff’ you could put on me before we go to the spa? So that… You know, everyone doesn’t think I’m a… a fru-fru mare,” Rainbow sheepishly asked.

“Rainbow, darling, I know you have reservations about going to the spa for anything else but washing up, but trust me. Nopony is going to bat an eyelash at you, and you’ll be so enamored by the expert hooves of Aloe and Lotus that you wouldn’t even care!” Rarity grinned broadly, doubtless her friend would be begging to go back to the spa before she knew it. “But for the sake of your piece of mind, not to worry. One must know a thing or two about discretion in my business, and some of the dresses I’ve made for a few ‘private affairs’ have made sure of that!” she winked.

“Ah heh,” Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but blush under Rarity’s teasing stare once the fashionista knew that Rainbow had gotten her meaning. “... So, are you ready to go?”

“As soon as you take off that ludicrous outfit,” Rarity swiftly replied with a dismissive hoof, turning to fiddle over a dressed ponnequin as she waited.

“But! You said-”

“Rainbow Dash, you’re such a dear. Do you really believe that’s fooling anypony?”

“Sure, I snuck by plenty ponies on the way here! How could they possibly know it was me?” Dash protested, hovering up with a few frustrated wing flaps.”

“How many ponies do you know who’d have a bright rainbow tail sticking out behind their trench coat!?” Rarity insisted. Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened and she quickly turned to look behind her.



“Fine.” Rainbow quickly flung her outfit off and unceremoniously dumped it on the ground. “I’ll just leave everything in… somewhere?” she asked, looking to Rarity.

“Hanging up in the closet here will be safe,” Rarity rolled her eyes. She picked the clothes up, straightened them, and put them on hangers in a closet all in a swift motion of magic, sighing out, “Honestly. Do I really want to see how you treat the dresses I made you?”

“Hey! I’ll have you know I take great care of those, thank you very much,” Rainbow pouted and held her nose up.

Rarity politely feigned hiding a giggle and motioned for Dash to follow her out. “Good.”


Rainbow Dash and Rarity made it quickly to the spa, Rarity conceding to the former’s need for less chit-chat and more hop-to-it-edness. As they approached the entrance however, Rainbow finally asked, “Hey, so is Fluttershy meeting us here? I was kind of looking forward to it being the three of us.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. In the rush over here I forgot to mention it. She stopped by early this morning looking dreadful and said she wasn’t feeling well, and the poor dear clearly wasn’t. It will just be the two of us,” Rarity sadly informed. “But do not fret! I’ll make sure you’ll have a wonderful time, and Fluttershy said to enjoy her usual.”

Oh, Luna, mistress of dreams, please let me wake?

“Rainbow Dash?” Rarity tilted her head.

“Oh, nothing. Just hoping Fluttershy is feeling better. L-let’s just get in there already.” Spending time with Rarity certainly had its own perks, but typically Rainbow liked to take her in smaller doses, or with a friend or two to act as a buffer while she nodded and pretended to listen to the fru-fru talk. She didn’t like not being able to talk to her friends about their interests, but all this fru-fru stuff might be a bit too much for her.

With that, they trotted into the lobby and were greeted by a pink mare with a sky blue mane and tail seated behind a small desk.

“Ah! Miss Rarity! Welcome, welcome!” The mare proclaimed with her unique accent, getting up and trotting over to give Rarity a hug.

“Hello, Aloe. It’s nice to see you.” Rarity let their hug last for a brief moment longer. “The usual for myself and my friend here,” Rarity said as she motioned towards Rainbow.

“Ah! Welcome Miss Flu- Oh? Hello, Miss… Dash?” Aloe fumbled for words, “Um, yes! Welcome! Thank you for joining us. So full treatment for miss Dash?” she asked Rainbow while glancing questioningly to Rarity.

“Yes. Unfortunately Fluttershy is not feeling well today, but Rainbow Dash will be joining me for Fluttershy’s usual routine.” Rainbow nodded in confirmation.

“Very well, Miss Rarity,” Aloe bowed. “Lotus?” she called.

“Yes, Sister?” Lotus replied as she walked in from beyond a curtained doorway.

“The full Princess Platinum treatment for Miss Rarity and the Deluxe without seaweed for Miss Dash. I will join you after fetching Suave Moustache to attend the front desk,” Aloe bowed once more to the VIP’s and excused herself.

“Welcome Miss Rarity, Miss Dash. Please, right this way.”

“You’re going to absolutely love this, darling,” Rarity tittered to Rainbow, “and the last bit of pampering will have you positively dying of delight, I’m sure!” Rarity smiled brightly, genuinely excited.

“Sure,” Dash replied, but not without a small amount of dread. “What exactly does Fluttershy usually get anyway?”

“Oh, mostly what I get minus the full facial and seaweed leg wrap,” Rarity explained. “You may always skip anything you’re not comfortable with, but please trust me when I say you won’t regret a second. Aloe and Lotus are very professional and skilled ponies.”

“I’ll give it a go,” Rainbow smiled back.


After spending time in the sauna, in the hoof bath, and getting a hooficure (which, Rainbow had to admit, was excellent), Rainbow Dash was starting to feel “fabulous” in addition to her usual awesome. It was not a bad feeling. Maybe not the same as feeling awesome, but still, it was pretty good.

She and Rarity had spent much of their time chatting about friends or simply relaxing in silence, although Rarity had much more to talk about than her. It was kind of interesting to hear about all the stuff she has to deal with, running the boutique, even if Rainbow had much preferred to keep talking about Wonderbolts, or the crazy stuff Scruffy had. During their talk, Rainbow Dash got an extra hoof bath while Rarity got her wrap and facial, and they were just finishing up a vigorous massage.

“Ahhhh…” Rainbow sighed.

“Enjoying yourself?” Rarity proffered.

“Yeah… You were right, Rarity, this really is awesome. Aloe’s hooves here are more than magical…” Rainbow mumbled from the table, feeling like she was about to become pudding in the masseuse’s hooves.

“Thank you, Miss Dash. We aim to please.” Aloe chirped happily, then leaned in closer. “Miss Fluttershy usually has me move to the more… sensitive areas at this point. Would you like to continue?” she whispered in Rainbow’s ear, the suddenness of her hot breath tickling her earlobe and sending a shiver down her spine.

“S...sensitive areas?” Rainbow carefully asked back, feeling tense as the mood shifted. Well, if Fluttershy’s okay with it, it can’t be that bad… “Um, okay,” she finally answered.

“Excellent.” Aloe gently unfolded Rainbow’s left wing and began with soft circular motions at the joints, working her way slowly to the tips. She repeated this three times before moving on to the right wing.

“Mmmmmh,” Rainbow Dash groaned. On any other day, she’d never let anypony touch her precious wings, but right now, she felt too much like puddy to care.

Ah!” Rainbow heard Rarity letting out a soft squeak. She tried to lift her head to look over, but Aloe’s continuous massage kept her from being able to turn enough.

“Rares… What’s going on?” Rainbow asked, letting out a pleasured gasp as Aloe hit a really sensitive part.

Yes, that’s the spot- Umh!” was the only response Dash got.

“Relax, Miss Dash. Miss Rarity is merely...” Aloe leaned down to whisper again, “...enjoying herself.”

Rainbow Dash was getting unsure what to think of the situation, but that’s when Aloe bit down, and all thoughts escaped her in that moment.

Rainbow Dash jolted, flicking her free wing open as Aloe started carefully preening the other in the most old fashioned and intimate way. Rainbow had never allowed anyone since her mom to do… that! Still, somewhere in the back of her head, she remember how good it felt to have somepony gently preen your wings to be perfect, and could only muster a few silent moans as a response Aloe was so good with her hooves and mouth that Rainbow suspected her to be better than most pegasi were. Must be- Ah!... Must be because she does this all the time...

Aloe slowly caressed and arranged each feather and moved on to the next wing. Rainbow could only imagine what Lotus was doing to Rarity, as Aloe insisted she keep still with her muzzle down so as to not ruffle her wing as Aloe preened. But, all the gasps and moans seemed to hint that Rarity was getting exactly what she wanted.

Having finished one wing, Aloe closed and opened it a few times before folding it against Rainbow’s side, and moved on to the other wing. Once she was done, Rainbow let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding, and buried her face in her forelegs to hide her blush. Sure, so far this had been the best thing in a long time, but it was really getting her heart thumping.

“I shall now move on to the glutes,” Aloe easily announced.

“The wha-AHh-Ah-t?!” Rainbow yelped loudly and whipped her head around, barely holding back the reflex to buck the very fortunate masseuse. “Woah, Aloe, let’s uh, skip that part,” Rainbow asked, heavily blushing. Aloe immediately released the most awesome flanks in town and bowed.

“As you wish, Miss Dash. My apologies.” Rainbow Dash breathed sharply and rubbed her own neck with a forehoof. “You seem to have twisted your neck,” Aloe continued. “Allow me?” she proposed, once again asking for permission.

“Y-yeah, go ahead…” Rainbow gulped, and allowed the mare with the magic touch to fix her neck while she breathed deeply and let her heart rate go back down. Once the ache went away and she had centered herself once again, Dash’s thoughts went back to Rarity, hearing her sigh contentedly.

“Hey, Rarity, how you doing over there?” Rainbow inquired.

“Simply divine, darling. My ears detected that Aloe is treating you well? I hope you’ll want to do this again,” Rarity probed.

“Y-Yeah, all good here, Dash turned to Rarity and nodded. With the massages done, Aloe and Lotus helped the mares up and led them to one of their more secluded baths. They had their manes wrapped in towels and eased down in to the tub of just bearably steaming water to sit next to each other.

“So, Rarity, you and… and Fluttershy? This is what you do here every week? You didn’t pull any strings to make it uh… ‘extra’ special for me, right?” Rainbow prodded verbally and physically as she poked Rarity’s shoulder.

Rarity pretended to be aghast and looked back at her multicolour friend with obviously false shock, saying, “Whatever do you mean, Rainbow dearest?”

“You know what I mean! What was with that last part?!” Rainbow retorted, impatiently crossing her forelegs.

Rarity simply laughed lightly, “I’m sorry, darling. I was only teasing. Yes, Fluttershy loves it when Aloe gets to end and says she knows just how to treat a pegasus.”

“Seriously? Fluttershy?” Rainbow Dash stressed, certain that Rarity was trying to pull her leg.

“Yes?” Rarity offered with a confused smile. “Personally, I prefer the bath after.” She smiled as she explained, “The way they get your blood pumping really let’s the heat and minerals of the bath seep into you all the better; do you not agree?” To emphasize her point, Rarity wiggled for a moment to get to a more comfortable position and leaned back contentedly.

“Wow… I never knew Fluttershy of all ponies would be so ready to do something like that. I guess you can never tell.” Rainbow Dash looked forward, losing herself mulling over her newfound perspective of her foalhood friend.

“Rainbow Dash, I may have been a teensy bit too caught up in my own pampering to notice, but did something happen?” Rarity questioned, concerned.

“I- … Um, Aloe just kind of, uh… Let’s just say that I think Aloe was getting a little carried away,” Dash relented.

Rarity looked downcast, “I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll have a talk with Aloe to get this straightened out.”

“Don’t get me wrong! It was so much better than I expected, but I just wasn’t prepared!”

“Prepared for what, exactly?” Rarity asked, arching a well groomed eyebrow.

“For the uh… What’s the word? Flank massage?” Dash tried to explain.



Rarity held back a snicker, “Dash, darling, I never took you for such a prude. You didn’t even get to the best part!”

“... What?”

“Here, let me help you,” Rarity said as she leaned closer with a seductive stare.

“Rarity? W-what are you doing!?” Rainbow Dash asked, eyes opening wide as she scampered backwards.

“We have to workout that tongue of yours, of course,” Rarity exclaimed, nimbly pinning Rainbow against the edge and puckering her lips.

“Eww! Rarity! Stop that!”

Much flailing and splashing of water followed.


“WHAT?! Where’s the rest! Discord, you promised that we’d see a good time!” Twilight yelled as she rebuked the draconequus with an outstretched hoof pointed squarely up at his nose.

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily.

“I didn’t think it was so bad…” Fluttershy softly mumbled.

“I told ya’ll. Never trust a snake to deliver in the end,” Applejack remarked.

“Girls, girls,” Discord chuckled, motioning down with his hands to literally lower the volume, “One cannot simply bend the whims of chaos magic. Besides…” Discord’s Cheeky Grin™ was on full display and his voice became more giddy, “it got pretty steamy before the end, right?”

Twilight sighed. “I suppose,” she stated, still disgruntled.

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily.

Applejack hemmed and hawed before admitting, “Rarity’s horn definitely has never been cleaner. I’ll give ya that much.” Discord laughed and clapped approvingly before hoof/claw bumping the farmer.

“The preening was nice,” Fluttershy pointed out, “Um, no offense AJ.”

“None taken,” the cowpony quickly dismissed.

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily.

“Are you just going to keep saying that?” Discord asked.

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily.

“Just ignore Pinkie. Everypony else does.” Twilight cut in.

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily?

“On to more important matters. Discord, you promised me some hot action tonight-”

“Twilight, you flatter me! I’d be more than willing to-”

Twilight growled, shutting Discord up for the moment, “and if you don’t keep your promises, we may have to put you in timeout again. Stone cold timeout, savvy?”

Discord assumed the Thinking Man pose as rusted gears slowly began to creak and turn above his head. He suddenly mentioned towards Applejack, who had been slowly scooting her way closer to Fluttershy on the couch, “You can always get these two to snog.”

“Pfft! They’re always doing that,” Twilight bemoaned. “It’s starting to get kind of annoying really. I need some variety!”

“It’s true,” Fluttershy conceded before locking lips with her marefriend.

“Well, if that’s not good enough, how about this!” Discord shouted as he threw his hands up in frustration and turned to Pinkie Pie. “Pinkie, my dear… Wanna makeout?”

“Yeah!” Pinkie piped up happily!

As Pinkie and Discord added to the foray of kissing ponies, Twilight clapped her forehooves together. Smiling wickedly she added, “Excellent. Finally, I’ll be able to get full marks on that stupid sex ed test from last year! You hear me Celestia? Nothing can stop me this time, muahahahahaa!”

“Enough of this! Twilight Sparkle, all the rest of you, out this instant! Out!” Trixie berated.

“Aww! But it was just getting good!” Twilight cursed this interruption!

“No, Twilight, this is far too silly. Quite too silly,” Trixie rebutted. “Now, off you go. Get on with it.” Trixie turns to face you, “GET ON WITH IT!


Rainbow Dash awoke in a sweaty bed and was breathing heavily. Once her breathing was back to normal, she threw the bed sheets in to the air and lazily flew to the shower. As the clean water cascaded over her with an initial chill, she thought about the dream she just had and could come to only one conclusion. She couldn’t wait to go to the spa tomorrow.

Author's Note:

This chapter was written by me, lordelliott, with TrixterCat editing, and was brought to you by the letter "R" for Rustled Jimmies.  I hope you've enjoyed this jaunt into joviality and questionable business practices.

Please watch this video, as I feel it perfectly encapsulates my feelings writing this: Video Link

Happy April 1st/Easter!

Have a good week everypony. :twilightsmile:

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