• Published 24th Jan 2017
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Stranger in the Forest - TrixterCat

When Fluttershy encounters a new creature in the Everfree forest, how will the ponies deal with its strange ways and its inability to speak?

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Interlude - ???


It was peaceful. Everything was peaceful. All was still, nothing moved. No...something did move. A gentle breeze blew past him, gently tussling his hair.

Then it was gone.

Everything was peaceful.


A voice. It reverberated around him, like the voice was everywhere. It felt like it began from him, and expanded to all around him.



How are you this night?

There it was a again. A soft voice, yet strong and unyielding. Inquisitive and beautiful. Full of confidence.

Why thank you. I think you have a nice voice too.

The voice tried to flatter him.

I’m serious. Your voice is very comforting. That is why others listen when you talk. That is why others like to spend time with you.

So the voice claims, but he had always thought it was his rugged good looks. A soft giggle chimed all around him.

That too is a part of your charm. That must be why your new friends like to spend so much time with you.

They are so curious, so lively. It felt good to be with them. To not be...alone.

It was nice of them to give you the amulet.

Yes. He still couldn’t believe that they had given it to him. A real, magical amulet. Made of gold too.

Really? How lovely.

Those Princesses probably did it to show off. Celestia seemed very caring when he met her, but he was sure she had a wicked sense of humor too.

I’m sure of that.

The voice was sharp, and loud. Now it felt like it pierced him and stayed inside of him, instead of going outwards. Everything around him felt colder.

You know, it makes me jealous to see you with such a beautiful amulet. Wish I had one too.

There were probably many other amulets.

Of course there are. You must have seen others before.

H...had he? The ponies don’t wear much, except for Rarity. Luna’s dress was also pretty.

Yes yes. You have seen another one, haven’t you?

He...there was...Trixie’s amulet. He recalled it.

That’s right. It was a very beautiful amulet.

Maybe… He didn’t care for it.

I would love to wear something like that.

Would you?

Yes. It would go well with my style. What happened to it?

It...but it was...it was bad...Twilight told him.

Who cares what ‘she’ thinks.

He does.

You shouldn’t. You can make your own decisions. You shouldn’t have to do what someone else thinks. If she doesn’t want it, fine. But I want it. And I want to know where it is.

No. The amulet was bad. The voice shouldn’t use it. It would just cause more trouble.

Where. Is. It?

The voice had become bombastic. It echoed around him with the force of a thunder.

Tell me.

It requested.

Tell me.


Tell me!


But he couldn’t say.

Where. Is. The. Amu-


A spear of light. Soft and glowing. A rush of wind, the coldness went away. Silence.

“Your nightmares have been banished. You are fine, my friend.”

A sweet voice.

“Rest now. Sweet dreams to you.”

And a soft touch.


Huff huff









Tartarus damn it, he didn’t know.

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