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On a visit to the Everfree forest, Fluttershy encounters a creature she has never seen before. It’s tall, it wears clothes and nopony can understand it. Can the ponies of Ponyville make friends with this new creature, even when they do not understand eachother?

(28.1.2017) Did I...Did I get featured? :rainbowhuh: I think I got featured! :pinkiegasp:

Huge thanks to lordelliott for helping me proofread and edit. :twilightsmile:

Chapters (35)
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Comments ( 1807 )

interesting angle... give me more and maybe I'll fave:twilightsmile:

Not bad. U should keep this story

The direction this is going in is nice so far, though out of curiosity wouldn't Celestia be curious too by her actions? Also we cannot wait to see more. ^..^

... Magic cell phones that work with no satellites and across dimensional boundaries?!?!?

7900178 That's why they are magical, see? ;D There is a reason why it works, hopefully I remember to explain it at some point. :twilightsmile:

7899742 Curious by whos actions? :rainbowderp:

7900370 Didn't Twilight visit Canterlot's royal library to try finding books about him?

7900907 Oh you meant that. I was just a bit confused. :derpytongue2: She might be yeah, but maybe she is expecting to find the results of what ever Twilight was searching for in the archives in one of her friendship reports. Celestia doesn't have to know every little thing her most faithful student does. That would be crazy. :pinkiecrazy:

7900944 Hmmm, what about Bon Bon? she's a 'retired' agent of the crown. XD

7901161 Can't be a retired secret agent if you keep sticking your muzzle to other ponies stuff. :trixieshiftright: Besides, she is too busy making kissy faces with Lyra to notice such things. :rainbowwild:

Hmmmm, bad encounters with horned ponies? The question is how long back the 'monster' has been here would be rather interesting. ^..^

7901743 By all means. :rainbowkiss:

7901761 Who knows, maybe it'll be explained later in the story. :raritywink:

7901771 We give a like, and hope for a filling future of releases to come such as this one of good writing thus far.

I'm a little surprised at Fluttershy being so terrified by a strange creature in the Everfree Forest. From what we've seen in the past, that's one of the things she's least likely to be scared of. I mean, she's prevailed over a manticore, a cockatrice and a dragon. Why get cold hooves now?

This has been added to my list. I like it so far, even if the chapters are so tiny. Here's hoping this nice little story doesn't die like so many others!

Colour me intrigued. I quite enjoyed what you've written so far. :twilightsmile:

If Twilight wants to know more about this strange creature she should ask her old friend Lyra.

7902002 She's also the one who got scared by a dragon and a cockatrice, even if event forced her to confront her fears latter.
Plus she was startled.
Thus, I'm not against her being scared.

Huh... So for once, the human is scared of the ponies rather then the opposite. It is a very plausible reaction, if only beacause of how bizzare and otherwordly the ponies are.

The story flow could get some work, but all in all it's kinda nice so far, I'd like to give your story a chance :twilightsmile:

'bout time people remembered Fluttershy is the brave one and Rainbow Dash is actually the one easily scared. Good start to the story! :)

I'm guessing it was tough to write Zecora? :derpytongue2:

Your first story got featured? Congratulations! This is great!:pinkiehappy:


Yeah. Fluttershy has social anxiety and a thing about dragons, but she's not universally a coward.

Finally, a HIE story where, when Rainbow sees the character for the first time, she actually recognizes the obvious signs it's not an animal or monster and does not try to beat it up! Bravo for gracefully avoiding that trope!

Liking it so far! Can't wait for first (real) contact!

It makes sense. A human visitor, having seen some of the things Equestria's ponies do, could well be terrified at what they could do.
Still, fainting is a very rare reaction. Maybe this human is just very tired and hungry, perhaps on the very verge of death.

Congrats on the one hundred upvotes! :twilightsmile: Nice story so far


Not sure if that's how it's spelled, but that's my guess.

Holy pony butts, so many comments! Arrggh. :pinkiecrazy: Thank you all.

7902051 Aww, but tiny chapters allow me to post them more often. :pinkiesmile: That and I have to strike while the iron is hot, so to say.

7902385 “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature. If you have suggestions on how to make my story better, I'm always open for critique. :twilightsmile:

7902571 Writing Zecora was tough, many times I had to huff. Writing rhymes, I do not care. That is unless, someone gives me a dare.

7902648 It does seem like she is often portrayed to be rather aggressive, doesn't she? :rainbowderp: My Rainbow, luckily, likes to think, but is still ready to defend her friends. :rainbowdetermined2:

7902822 I might have let out the most unmanliest giggle snort ever. :pinkiehappy: Fixed now.
Edit: Ah dangit, I was thinking batter was written with a p, not a b. :rainbowlaugh:

It was something large and green as it slowly seemed to stood up. It was very tall, easily towering over Fluttershy. Even in her fright Fluttershy quickly took notice that the creature itself wasn’t green, but it was wearing green clothes and a hat.


It could be no other!

It made her slightly calm down for a second, before she noticed that the clothes were green because they had a camouflage pattern in them.

...oh. So close.

Lucky that it's not an iPhone, otherwise they would have thought it belonged to someone of the Apple Family. :applejackconfused:

7903105 :rainbowlaugh: But then the mystery what it was would have been solved too easily. :raritywink:

is he calling his cell phone with another cell phone? why does he have two of those? xD

7903350 Maybe the other one is his old one? Or maybe he loaned it from someone else. :pinkiesmile:

A good start. Watch your perspectives and tenses though.

I'm interested to see where this goes.

7903358 Thanks, I'll try my best to write the best story ever. :pinkiehappy: Hopefully I'll get someone to proofread my stories at some point, currently I'm just doing it myself.

This has captured my interests. Not very often I see find a story that has humans and ponies not able to talk right off the bat, so kudos to you. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Hmm, this is a pretty interesting start. I wonder if our local human has encountered Ponies before (which ended poorly), or it's him being scared out of his mind in general that caused him to faint when more of these mythical creatures showed up.

I am going to guess the later, actually - for one, being scared out of your mind is perfectly understandable if you have been dropped in to the Everfree of all places and have seen a couple of its inhabitants, which seem to come mostly from Greek mythology and other fiction. Meeting a couple of clearly sapient creatures - which also means you are likely screwed if they want your blood, and Everfree will swiftly teach you that everything in there is out to get you - might well be a nightmare scenario if you are wary and scared of everything. Outsmarting and hiding from beasts is one thing after all, but a trio of sapients? Poor guy probably thinks he got lured in a trap and is about to be cooked for dinner or something, heh.

I am also going to guess that he hasn't been in Equestria for too long. For one, his phone still has power - and those really don't last long, a week or so tops if you are being conservative. And given how bewitched and amazed he seemed at seeing Fluttershy, I'm going to assume he actually hasn't met ponies before either - which, again, is unlikely if you have been stumbling around the Everfree for any length of time - sooner or later you will either stumble out or come upon one of the tracks (which you will inevitably try to follow). And a human isn't very likely to survive in the Everfree for extended periods of time anyway - way too many predators with unconventional means of making you their snack.

So ... all in all, I'm going to assume this may well be his first encounter with ponies and that he hasn't been there for too long. Will be interesting to see where things go from here - though I am going to assume this will have a fairly comedic bend to it, seeing the silly ways the ponies behaved up to meeting out human.

7903442 Oh my, so many words. :pinkiehappy: Lots of interesting thinking you have done there, glad to see someone is pondering what's actually going on. I do try to leave little clues to give some insight to things. And you would be right on the last bit. The story doesn't have a comedy tag because I'm not focusing on it, but rather on the interactions between two different species. Comedy is bound to happen, but how the ponies will react to the humans human's antics will vary. :twilightsmile:


The reason I suspected comedy was because of how Twilight went all "but ...but ...research!" the phone and their general huddling in the bush and arguing what to do, when normally the ponies are neither this cautious nor paranoid (Remembers Zecora ... hmm, alright, at least Twilight isn't :P ) and ... basically the whole lead-up to how they ended up in the bush and the human discovering them - it was all very light-hearted and a mix of silly and adorable.

Hmm, which reminds me of something I wanted to ask, but forgot to - is there a specific storytelling reason you chose to set this story sometime before the end of season 3 ?

a story with 100% perspective of the pony side? looks interesting...
keep going, you're doing a great job

In answer to your last author question the one i've seen most frequently (and it "feels" right so my opinion means it's absolutely correct) is pegasai, mostly because i at least read pegasi as pegus-e, just a heads up. Great work so far can't wait for how it goes

7903699 Hehehee, silly ponies are the best ponies. :pinkiesmile: There wasn't any major reasons, just thought it would be fun to have the unicorn Twilight back, with the possible chaos that ensues when the human finds out that she sprouted wings. :twilightoops:

Also, I love your profile pic. :rainbowkiss:

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