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Clever Name


I don't have a name, it was lost a long time ago. The same time the Bloodbath happened. Afterwords I found two friends and we discovered a show: My Little Pony. We soon found we wouldn't survive in the darkness for long, so we built a tribe of our own. Based off the morals of My Little Pony. Not long after we've been brought to Equestria through some... unpleasant means. Now we're helping them with some mysterious disturbances and disappearances in the Everfree Forest, while at the same time I have to hide my horrible past from them. But memories keep surfacing and these ponies are determined to figure it out.


Heads up: Swearing and violence. Not for children

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Pretty good mate!

Love the long chapters, many can't do that for some reason.

good i will keep reading.

Damn Luna's gonna get brain fucked

We all have inner demons...his is just being an asshole. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

oh wow......need MOAR! :flutterrage:

aAAAAaaaaaWwwww yeeeaaah
they planned this all along:moustache: we must plan a counter attack
use the cutie mark crusaders:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry: :yay:

She's going to need SOOO much therapy!

shit is about to get serious:rainbowdetermined2:

The brewing shitstorm has arrived!

Proverbial shit just hit the proverbial fan

I know what he's feeling. It's the calm before the shitstorm...

just a teensy tiny update: My computer broke a while back and I just got it fixed. I'm sorry to have left you hanging, especially at his point, but I do plan to haul ass and finish this bad boy as soon as I can.


Well, that ended...interstingly. But yyah, that was pure awesomeness. Just saying.

I have a feeling Ben is a reference to something but I have no idea what...

wow. this was a great story. i loved how dark it was i will say that it was very unique and was truly amazing. you sir did a great job at writing a story.

cool story bro :pinkiesmile:

WHAT god damnit no epic name like SUPER MEGA AWESOME STARKILLER?

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