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Rarity has always been strong at heart, or so we are told to believe. This story explores Rarity's dream, against Rarity's tragic love life. It exploits who she is, The Element of Generosity, and how she copes with her past. In the end, its a story about life, and how through the twists and turns, we finally reach our finish line.

Story synopsis
Rarity has been offered a chance to work in Manehattan for Sapphire Shores possibly making her one of the most important fashionistas for that time. She embarks on a journey with Fluttershy by her side in order to chase her dream. However, like every silverlining has a black cloud, Rarity is confronted by her ex-lover who has also made it big in Manehattan. Whatever happens, how will Rarity react?

Thanks to bigbaddrag for drawing the concept art

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 28 )

Nice work. i usually dont like rarity fics but this was good.

dont quit or ill gut you:pinkiecrazy:

“You heard be correct, sugar and another oddly worded sentence at the end after the flash back, otherwise mistake free. As for teh fic itself, i liked it! Delving deeper into Rarity's character was interesting, and after chapter one i can't wait to read part two!:raritywink:

hnng so cuuuute.
you can really picture everything happening, and you get wrapped up in it. :raritywink:
prettyplease continue, i'm very interested in what happens next with prestige.
is there going to be something explaining his music-based cutie mark?

:raritystarry: I love it!!!! Also congrats on getting on Equestria Daily that fast... Oh yes you most continue, or I will be sad:applecry:

Nitpick; You mention Luna at the end of chapter 2, when Luna should still be on the moon at this point in the plot. Still, a good read, and I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

:applecry: "sniff" poor rarity


entitled to your own opinion

Good to see you posted it! Told you it was good!:twilightsmile:

Well I just finished reading it and I loved it! I want to read more of the story! Such an imagination you have and your style is quite professional. Also, good work with the grammar and spelling. Wonderful. Simply Wonderful! :pinkiesmile:

Good grammar and spelling, very creative way to tell the story as well! I liked it very much, although now i can't wait for part 4!


I really like it, waiting for the next chapters ;P

By 8:30 she had already finished all of her morning chores and was out to Sugar Cube Corner to get her morning breakfast, a bagel with a fresh tomato on top followed by a healthy serving of wheat-grass tea.
-There are places in Ponyville where one could get this I would think (the cafe in The Ticket Master where Twilight eats a daisy sandwich while Spike has extra-crispy hay-fries) but Sugar-cube Corner is NOT such a place in my mind.

She walked up to the banister of the bridge and looked down at the water.
-Check a dictionary for "banister" to see if you shouldn't change this to "railing".

Wow. I read fan fictions all the time, and not many are very good. I have to read and reread some parts because I find myself zoning out with other thoughts.

But when I read this one, it was so well-written that I didn't have any trouble reading it. In fact, it sort of played in my head and I could imagine the looks on everyone's faces and their voices as they spoke.

I can't wait to read the next chapter! :heart:

I really like it, but poor Rarity you make her suffer so much! :raritydespair:

i love this story! The characters are very well done ,and the character development and storyline are great!

Ah! I love it! But it's so short! :raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry:
(heh, those emoticons are really fitting for the story)
Write more I cant get enough!

Just realized that the chapter's not that short, I just love this fanfic so much.

lol, good to see that someone's really enjoying it. During xmas break i'll have more down time. Will try to punch another one out

Oh my gawd! Write more this is so damn good!

FIRST BLOCK! :moustache:

I have conflicting thoughts about this story. I'll wait for more chapters to come out before passing the judgement.:rainbowhuh:

don't worry, you're not the only one

This story just gets better and better! I'm not sure how I feel about the addition of drugs into MLP, but this is a great story nonetheless.

funny thing tho, i've never mentioned it as drugs though. its just very very obviously implied.

I hope they don't crash and burn

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