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Saxy Tone is a saxophone player from Ponyville who -- like any other musician -- wants his name to stand out in the world of entertainment as a famous musician. Even though he wants to reach stardom as quickly as possible, he certainly has to start from the bottom of the barrel and crawl up into the ranks of better musicians. How far will he go and what risks he will take to achieve his goal?

Author's Note: All copyrights belong to their respective owners. I do not own the MLP:FiM or the songs that are presented within the story.

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The song that inspired this chapter was Walk in the Night - Kobayashi Kaori. If you like smooth jazz -- so smooth you slip off your chair, then you might want to take a gander to the song while reading the story.

I love it! I can relate to this, because often times music is what calms me down. I haven't gotten thrown out yet. But anyway, keep up the fine work good sir:moustache:


Why, thank you good sir! I shall continue to do my best. :moustache:

An excellent specimen, keep up the good work!:twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

As before, good chapter! Also, I have a song that you might like for jazz, http://open.spotify.com/track/4jwB4Q1p6Pu3NkpxPKC4xR
It's a more club jazz cover of All the Things You Are by Dizzy Gilespie


Thank you, my good man. :moustache:

Did you listen to the song? It's pretty good, but it's jazz, so what can be bad about it? :moustache:


I did, it's pretty good. I bobbed my head to it. :moustache:

But then, I headbanged to this. I'm pretty much interested any instrumental that grab my attention longer than 1 minute. :moustache:

Have you considered listening to concert Cello?

Give it a try sometime. Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 4!:twilightsmile:


I'll give it a gander or two later on. :moustache:

Well, I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike me in the ol' noggin.

Allow me *smacks over the head with the back of my hand* anything?:trollestia:

Sorry :fluttercry: I...I just wanted to help....I just don't know what went wrong....:fluttercry:


:pinkiesad2: Don't hit too hard next time.


Forgiven. :pinkiesmile:

Well, I guess it is time for me to roam youtube for some inspiration. See you around, lad. :moustache:

Fondest of partings :moustache::moustache::moustache: and one more for good measure:moustache:

This chapter was entire inspired by a single song called (Hello/How are you) - Piano Arrange

Excellent chapter comrade enjoy your vodka


Thank you, my good man. Have a moustache. :moustache:

There seems to be a recurring pattern of awesome, keep it up! :moustache:


Thank you for those kind words, lad. :moustache:

I updated a chapter of my fic if you wanna check that out, also, enjoy this

~'*$$~~~~$$$~~$$~~ $$$


I already did. It's a cute chapter. :raritywink:

I have chapter five out, if you haven't read it, and thank you! Little things like that encourage me to keep writing :pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::yay:


I know what you mean. :twilightsmile:

So mosy on over to my story if you wanna read chapter 5 ok? And also, is it okay if I use a few characters from your story in mine? Like they would get a mention, but nothing huge.


You mean Saxy Tone and Cotton? Sure. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, Thank you! :twilightsmile: I'll be sure to link your story in my author's notes as to where I got the characters!


You don't have to, it's fine. :pinkiesmile:

:moustache:Oh ho ho! But I wish to make your story more popular good sir! :moustache:


Very well, do as you wish, my good chap. :moustache:

Maybe you could help a fellow writer out and share mine a few places as well? I do not require it, but it would be much appreciated. Twilight will love you forever if you do. :twilightsmile::heart::twilightsmile::heart:


I see what I can manage. :raritywink:

It would be nice if we could actually listen to the music while reading.


I agree. :twilightsheepish:

To be fair, in this chapter -chapter 4- These were the songs that I listened to while writing it:

-Candy Dulfer - Wish You Were Here

I was referring to this song: Octavia and Lyra - Tugging at the Heartstrings at the part where Saxy Tones heard Lyra's performance.

Maybe u can put songs in future chapters, n put lyras song in this one when u edit the chapter.

While I was writing this chapter, I was listening to this version of Got To Be Real. Also, the bedroom scene was inspired by Everything's Alright.

You have real talent for writing. Keep up the great work. Also, how do you manage to write 4000+ word chapters? The most I manage is 1000+


I don't have a talent in writing. :twilightblush: It's just one of my favorite hobbies while I had nothing else to do. So, I often write a lot. :moustache:

Well, to write 4000+ I had to put as much detail I could into a scene but not too much to a point it will drag the story into unnecessary length.

Stop being bashful, you have talent in this. Your writing is so captivating, I suggest submitting this to EqD:twilightsmile::moustache:


Thank you for those kind words. :pinkiesmile:

I don't think mine is 'EqD material', trust me.on that one. Fim Fiction is already a nice enough home for this story. :twilightsmile:

I don't mean to pry, but do you do anything with music yourself? Or are you just an avid listener?:moustache::pinkiesmile:


I can't play an instrument to save my life. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm just an avid listener, not a musician. But I mostly listen to instrumentals. :moustache:

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