• Published 11th May 2016
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Ink Quill goes shopping - Hoofed_Writing

The OC of hoofed writing has a problem and must go shopping to fix it.

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A not so peachy day

Ink Quill was standing in his kitchen sorting out various can goods fruits veggies aka groceries he just picked up from the local super market. As he shifted all the items from the little brown paper bags to the table using the power of levitation, he found something was very amiss. He looked at the good but couldn't shake the really bad feeling he had. It took him a well endowed hour for him to find out he had forgoten one thing.

This thing was the most important thing mind you, with out it there would be no more writing. Yep that's right Foal Fable would have to end before it really began. With out this he has no power to write... anything.
Ink Quill forgot the peaches .

The peaches, oh the peaches. Ink's life practically revolved around peaches, he was addicted I will tell you that but It was still his life line. Ever sense he was a foal he had peaches, neither his da nor ma could change the fact that he loved peaches so.

With a flash of his horn and a distinct popping noise, Ink teleported right outside his shabby house. With a huge war cry of desperation that could flatten Celestia herself he galloped as fast as Twilight could recite the history of the wonderbolts he sped to the super market.

Making it to his destination within record time Ink wound his way to the fruit stand. It took a mighty 10 minutes to surf the sea of stalls and ponies to reach the juicy fruit section. As he arrived there he released a scream that could only compare to the shrill screams of an apple pied Prince BlueBlood. Ink Quill groveled at the foot of the fruit stand where a sign on the basket where the peaches should be saying "sold out"".

Ink had no idea how long he sat in absolute depression before the idea crossed his mind, Buy peaches from other towns. Now when Ink gets an idea thats when things get scary and I'm just the narrator and I'm scared silly. I would watch out. So Ink Quill pulled out some of his shiny bits and boarded the train to the one place he knew had peaches: Canterlot.

After the 6 hour boring train ride Ink Quill sped to the super super market as it was way bigger than Ponyvilles super market. The only reason he survived the train ride was because he was on FIMFiction the entire time. Searching along the different types of tropical fruits he found the golden treasure: peaches. But, to his horror there was only one and a young mare was reaching for it. Content that he wasn't losing his peach Ink stepped up to the mare.

"Excuse me miss but I believe that peach is mine," he stood tall and proud looking down on the mare.

The young mare looked him up and down and glared, this glared burned a thousand and one holes in him "Buzz off."

That enraged him, letting loose a huge gasp like he was some nobility "Do you know who I am?" why he was one of the premiere artist and writers in Equestria, he was far more....

That mare waved her hoof happily at the merchant as she walked off thith the peach right after paying for it. Seeing this Ink Quill deflated filling to the brim with sorrow. He looked and looked but found no more peaches, showing his defeat he trudged back to the train to return home. His luck didn't hold out. Ink was knocked into ran over and also missed the train. It was hours upon hours before Ink Quill made it back to ponyville. And his phone was dead, sad day for him this is why you have a charger.

Shuffling along the cobble path Ink moped knowing that some of his groceries would have gone bad and that he was peachless. Upon arriving to his shabby home there was a big rectangular box waiting on his door step with a note. Ok big was an understatement this thing was huge like godzilla huge.

The box had a note that read, "I hope your day is just peachy." Growling and rolling his eyes he opened the box, a huge wave a smells and golden light hit him square in the muzzle causing him to fall back onto his arse. Ink Quill was knocked out cold due to sensory over load. But lucky for him the box was filled to the brim with some of the best peaches Ink has ever seen, and he rested for the rest of the night with a smug little grin on his face dreaming his peachy peach dreams. He did get his peaches in the end and he loved every single on of them.

Lets just say the next day Ink Quill did not leave his house. He bathed in peach juice. He ate and drank peaches. He wore peaches. Anything and everything you can possible do with peaches he somehow did. He even wrote a clopfic about a sexy peach who had sexual desires for pony parts. Which is a bit odd but hey to each their own.

The strange part he did not get sick. After all his years of peachness he built an immunity to peaches. He could as many as he wanted and not get sick, that took some very special talent. I mean that's a belly of steal and magic right there.

By the end of the day the single problem had festered into two: he was now out of peaches after eating them all day and he was to fat to get any more.

The End

The lesson learned today is always practice safe sex... what that wasn't it, oh my bad. Well eat my horn, the lesson to be learned is always plan before hand, and be like Twilight "Triple check the check list to make sure you double checked the check list."

Author's Note:

That was my first one shot, Took me about an hour but I think it was a nice little story.

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Comments ( 12 )

*Sets to read later*

Hmmm... This guy sounds relatable! And familiar! :trixieshiftright:

7205753 Yea I saw that earlyer :rainbowlaugh:


:moustache: Who is this Quillian? As it turns out, I was Ink Quill all along!

Wait, wait... I got this...

7206186 :pinkiegasp: you! you ate all the peaches! NOOOOOOOOOOO!


Search my stomach. You know it to be true.

Wait... What were we talking about again?

:rainbowlaugh: I really look forward to reading this. Just the irony of your OC's name will make it well worth every second.

7206196 heh awesome! I'm glad you will enjoy it. I look forward to working with you more in the future. :pinkiehappy:

he galloped as fast as Twilight could re sight the history of the wonderbolts


dang spell check...

Well this odd:derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

7206893 *points to his OC's name* :derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy:

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