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Usually i am quite a creative writer, creating whole universes, magic systems, social systems, political systems, a dozen characters and a few dozen more places for just about ten or hundred thousand word long stories.

This is something different, in this story i create nothing. My OC was done by the GW2 character generator, MLP exists and the concept of "Human in Equestria" is nothing new. I just want to see what Scorch would do. And since my works usually end up in some cheap forum being expired and deleted I want to publish it here for you to read if you wish.

Rated Teen for probably swearing and maybe violence. Charrs are Predators after all.

Don't Worry if you dont know anything about Guild Wars I will describe everything that is necessary.

This product may contain:
shipping of ponies with ponies (Tavi+Vinyl for example)
high amounts of references/Music inspired content
not undestanding ponies
clashing of different characters (to remember you: that is what my little pony is about when you take the adventures away)

Sooo, lets get this started.

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