A Charr Astray or Scorched Equestria

by ScorchShadowclaw

Portal Operation : New Interdimensional Express Station

Scorch Shadowclaw was a Charr. A huge savage feline with horns, claws and fangs. In his world of constant battle, he was the deadliest weapon of all. He respects no authority, but the clenched fist of his Legion. With engines of destruction the Charr had killed their gods and now view all of life, from magic to combat, with a hard, cynical eye. They reclaimed the land of Ascalon that was taken away by the humans generations ago and planted victory banners on the corpses of their enemies and build the Iron Citadel as their Capitol, yet if they would waver it could slip through their claws, for the human king ruling the City of Ascalon casted a spell upon his defeat damning him and all Ascalonians to become Ghosts haunting the ruins of their fallen Kingdom in eternal seek of vengeance. The charr always aimed for victory, at any cost.

"I live and die were secrets hide. I thrive were danger dwells. I am a soldier of the Ash Legion. I am the blade in the darkness. I earned the respect of my comrades and forged alliances i can call upon in times of need. My Legion teaches Stealth, Patience, Deception. We fight where the Citadel Commands, but only to aid the Ash Legions cause. Why have I been assigned to help our allies, the Asura, with their magical Experiment? Let the Blood Legion charge blindly to their deaths. Let the Iron Legion Build their Machines of War. You will find me in the Shadow. I am a Stalker and an Assasin and what is this?"
Scorch still couldn't believe that the Imperator of the Ash Legion Malice Swordshadow herself had send this command. She was the driving force behind the piece treaty between Charr and Humans and now she submitted the freshest Legionnaire just days after his promotion to some unstable magical experiment. He sighed. Well he would probably be blown into bits, but at least his Legion would have some sort of Contract with the Asura.

"This is an Order from the very top of the chain of command, Scorch. Don't forget that you order also is to gather as much information as you can while the Asura still have no way to detect a stealthed Ash Assasin. I can't come with you, so you will have to do this alone. Don't die on me, Shadowclaw our Warband is small enough with just the two of us. You will depart to the PO:NIES as they call it in 30"
Deeva his subordinate and only Warband Member left at the time briefed him. Female Charr weren't quite as bulky and got some sort of feline grace left in them. Since they were cubs Scorch was determined that they would have their own cubs when they retired from active front line duty, he just had not told her yet. He didn't deem it necessary since he was quite sure that she felt the same and there would only be unnecessary grief if someone died before making it through their first years.

Scorch sighed again. That was right, his Warband, the Charr he knew since he was a cub and trusted with his life, was dead. No one survived the lates assault of the Ghosts, except for him and Deeva.
"Okay, okay im on my way to the Asura and their peculiar abbreviated Operation. Why would they need a new Portal Station for inter dimensional express traveling any way?" He grumbled.
"It could help us attack our opponents in the mist wars from behind. And that would mean a lot."

Scorch shook his head, grabbed is backpack and his bags that Deeva had prepared for him and stepped through the Asuran portal to the transportation hub they had installed in his beautiful home Citadel. After arriving at Lions Arch he walked over to the portal to Rata Sum - the Capitol of the Asura- without loosing any time in the City run by ex pirates.

Scorch hadn't expected much from the diminutive spellcasters. When he thought of a city the Asura would build he thought of small, frail, vain and colorful buildings filled with so much useless but pretty magic that his head would hurt. As he looked around himself he actually like Rata Sum. It was a giant rock, apparently hovering in the air and from what he could see its basic structure was that of a cube on its tip with the city carved into it. The power emanating from the structure was used to keep it floating and to power many other floating or moving things around the City. He was quickly approached by someone who was just over half as big as him in his curved standard posture and Scorch was a small Charr. Not unusual Small but compared to some of the Warriors of Blood Legion he was tiny. The approaching Asura had the typical grey skin and dark hair that made Asura nearly indistinguishable for Scorch and looked at him like he might look at an animal he was going to test on.
"Greetings, test subject. Since you are mostly magically unradiated at the moment and we haven't had the time to compensate the magical radiation everyone accumulates in Rata Sum you might as well stay over there in this confined area. Look at me talking when there is science to do. Now, sentient being, don't stand in the way while actually intelligent beings try to work. We will fetch you in half an hour for the experiment."

Scorch didn't even had a chance to speak. He growled at the back of the small prick who was disappearing into the crowd. If he weren't supposed to keep a low profile and a good relationship with the Asura going he would have quickly planted an arrow from his shortbow into the head of the Asura.
There was no way that he would stay in the small circle on the ground he had been steered to when there was research to be done, so he stealthed - making him effectively invisible - using the skill he had been told was his own kind of magic. Most cubs discovered their talents for a certain class in the farhar, the place where parents gave their cubs to as soon as they were old enough to survive. He had shown the typical signs of the thief-class and was soon taught how to use his talents in favor of the Ash Legion.

While he wandered through Rata Sum he tried to remember every detail that could come in handy. The layout of the city, Guards, he overheard a conversation about how often the Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestations had to be shut down for maintenance and how and when big events would be drawing attention in the next few weeks. He only had half an hour and so he had to return quickly before anyone noticed his absence. He came right on time, the pricky Asura was returning from the other side of the portal plaza. Scorch slouched himself agains a crate and felt himself becoming visible as someone was looking for him.
"Where did you just come from? I told you not to leave this circle, you are endangering the whole operation! How can you teleport anyway, i was told you were no higher magic user?" The suspicious little bastard asked Scorch.
"Relax a bit, egghead, I didn't teleport, I simply am not seen if i don't want to be seen."
And with these words scorch stealthed again, the duration severely limited to a few seconds as long as someone was actively looking for him, but that was nothing the Asura needed to know. He broke his stealth and pulled the corners of his mouth up a bit in a smile, revealing his sharp teeth.
"See? Nothing bad."
The Asura grumbled some unpleasantries while he dragged Scorch with him to the PO:NIES. He gave Scorch a small stone.
"The Dimension we are currently in has a special etherical field. We found one of many defining structures that can according to our calculations only exist once in a dimension. This chosen reference point in our dimension lies a bit south from here at Magus Falls, so we call this the Magus Falls World. From the bits of intel we have from the Mistwars out there are dozens of Worlds that are nearly exact copies of this. We named them after where the reference structures have to be. We will now try to send you to one of these, all of us were too long here and are magically radiated. The resulting displacement could sent use to entirely different dimensions while the bit of it you gathered in the 3 minutes of unprotected exposure should only result in a displacement of a few kilometers.. Your job will be to survive there until this stone I just gave begins to glow. That means that it has gathered enough data to open a portal back here. A portal krewe will then head back through there and will stabilize it. You know how to activate an artifact?"
"Okay, bye. Make sure to at least active the stone when you die."
And with that the Asura activated the ring Scorch was currently standing in. And the next thing he saw was some sort of forest.