A Charr Astray or Scorched Equestria

by ScorchShadowclaw

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Scorch wandered through the forest until suddenly he heard a distant rustling. Out of reflex he stealthed and moved towards it, he hadn't encountered anyone yet, no Charr, Norn, Asura, Human and not even one of those Sylvari, but he guessed that it would be kind of hard to find those plant beings inside a forest. As he approached the rustling he saw wolves with bright yellow eyes in the dark of the night that had fallen a few minutes ago. He saw a good chance to keep his provisions in reserve for a night and so he readied his sword and dagger, then pulled his bow and fired a flaming arrow to put the first beast in to much pain to become a hassle to him. While he dealt with the others. Once the arrow hit the wolf it started burning like a torch and the others ran away in panic. He slowly approached the still burning, collapsed wolf. Fortunately the forest was not very dense here and the Wolf collapsed in the middle of a clearing. Scorch was in for a surprise as he found the reason the wolf wouldn't stop burning. It was made of wood.
Scorch grilled some meat he had with him as fresh provisions for the first days. and then put out the fire, walked a bit away from where it could have drawn attention and climbed a tree. After he ate he tied himself to the branch he was sitting on so that he wouldn't fall off while sleeping.

He awoke in the late morning and untied himself. Today he had to make progress for the Ash Legion. A pact with the Charr from this side of the Mist Wars could surely grant the Ash Legion total domination of the Citadel. Malice would become Ur'Khan, the leader of all 3 Legions and he himself wouldn't be treated so bad either. He climbed higher up his tree to get an idea about his surroundings. Luckily his tree was one of the bigger ones. It seemed that near the horizon the Forest cut off and he could see the top of what seemed to be a windmill. far in the distance there was a mountain with some sort of castle on, but it was probably a day travel from that village before him. The only race he knew that used windmills made of wood where humans so he would have to ask them for the nearest Charr settlement. Something nearly had escaped his experienced eyes. It was a small blot in front of the cloudy sky that came from the direction of the castle and were headed to the village. Scorch couldn't make out anything with such a tiny object over that long distance so he figured he might as well get going.

He quickly fell into the mile burning trot he was used to when traveling distances on foot and before the sun reached its zenith he arrived at the edge of the forest. He looked up into the sky and saw something light blue dash from cloud to cloud and destroying them. Since he didn't know what to make out of the situation he stealthed and walked towards the village. When he heard birds singing in an unnatural way he immediately hid in a bush, although being stealthed. He heard that some people in the continent of Elona were able to use bird singing to communicate with each other over distances. As he located the source of the noise he nearly smiled. Someone had trained a pony to make birds sing. And that Pony had wings! Combined with the flash he saw earlier that would mean that there were Asura in the Village too. Scorch let out a low growl but quickly silenced himself as to not draw attention. Instead he watched the dun Pony with the pinkish mane and tail and listened to the singing of the birds while searching in head for a recipe for pony. The music distracted him. He actually liked it quite a bit, usually he was more one for the powerful and harsh sounds of some sort of stringed instrument a Warband of the Iron Legion had modified and called a steam powered lute. From time to time one of the birds would make a mistake and the pony would go to them, nuzzle them and make quiet noises. Then the singing would continue even more beautiful.
So lost in the music he at first didn't notice another pony approaching. The birds flew away and as Scorch saw the reason he nearly let out an audible growl again. On the Back of the purple, horned newcomer was one of the most foul beasts in existence. A Dragon. Dragons were corrupters of entire lands, and had killed more Charr than even the Ascalonian ghosts. He immediately readied his bow and applied the strongest poison he had to an arrow. He would should down the dragon and then search for the inhabitants of this village and if they were harboring this pest he would have to kill them too. Luckily the ponies wouldn't be able to warn their masters as they couldn't talk, ha that would be silly. At the moment the dragon was behind a bush, so Scorch bided his time...


Scorch nearly fired his arrow out of shock. Did that horned one just talk?

"Oh my, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you birds. I'm just here to check on the music and its sounding beautiful."

Yes that Pony just talked. And now it was smiling. And the dun Pony obviously didn't reply except for what Scorch figured were normal Pony noises."I am Twilight Sparkle." No Answer. At least the yellow one seemed normal.

Twilight Sparkle was still trying to talk to that Pony and it was cowering and squealing in fright. Scorch was to bewildered to do anything except watching until he could get his aim onto the small dragon. When Twilight finally gave up the dragon came out from his cover and she talked to him. Scorch pulled the string back all the way, aimed for the middle of the Chest and was about to release his poisoned arrow when the dun Pony rushed over, yelled "A BABY DRAGON" in a despite yelling quite voice, knocked the twilight aside and stood unknowingly just between Scorch and his pray.
Scorch put his arrow away, then he planted his claw over his face and sighed. Whatever it was that made him stop killing a dragon, he couldn't use it. He could have tried a trick shot to bounce the Arrow of one of the ponys or trees and still hit him, but the ponies would surely die of the poison and the trees did not seem like hardwood that would steadily reflect an arrow with the right spin in the right direction.

Over all his pondering the ponies and the dragon had escaped happily chatting as from what Scorch could tell. He had picked up the name of the bird coordinating Pony, which was Fluttershy. Such a mushy name, at least Twilight Sparkle would sound like something an Asura would use for a servant. One way or another would it be evening soon. He had other things to worry about than some strange animal servants. This time he wanted a better resting place than a tree and would try to hide deep in the Forest as not to attract actual people gathering supplies like mushrooms or firewood.

After a good hour of him in the speed of a traveling Charr, that was a leisurely canter that the other major races of Tyria could only keep up for a short amount of time, brought him over some earthen cliffs that were only held together by the roots of the lowest level of vegetation and over a leisurely river - more a creek than a river - and through the for this forest not anomaly dark and eerie parts to a canyon with an old, abandoned, wooden rope bridge. It looked sturdy, but he doubted if it would support his weight. He got out his bow, put on a normal arrow and focused his mind on it. All assassins would learn to shadowstep to their target sooner or later, but this technique was discovered by Malice Swordshadow herself, or so the tale told, and only passed on to worthy members of the Ash Legion. He fired the arrow over the canyon and kept his focus strong. When he felt that the arrow hat landed he vanished in shadows, using this target as a beacon to aim for as he quickly moved through the ever warping and twisting world the shadowstep required him to go through. When he left it, the arrow right next to him and still quivering. Sure that he could make it across he picked it up and cut the ropes on the bridge so that no one could follow him.

Only a few hundred meters down the path he found an old abandoned castle the bridge probably once belonged too. He searched it far and wide for a room that he was able to close off and seal from the inside and found some stone statues, some of them rather impressing but not usable to lock the giant gates of the giant halls. Most of them were pony or horse themed, with some representing gryphons and other beasts but none actually showed who build this place. Finally he found a small corridor in the basement. The door was made from stone and iron and though it could not be sealed the creaking would wake him if anything tried to enter. So he prepared his bed while chewing on some raw flesh - he really liked the taste, it would be hard to find a beast in this forest that tasted better and so he savored it - and settled in for the night.