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Keep creating, I love you bronies.


In the near future, a man finishes constructing a device that will allow him to travel across dimensions. He achieves his goal of landing in Equestria, but will have a hard time fitting in as a one-of-a-kind oddity. Now he must attempt to remain hidden while trying to learn magic to craft a new body. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the transition between worlds, and his quest for knowledge will lead him to an ancient evil long sealed by the Princesses. Will he be able to resist the pull of the Black Book? What effects will his presence have on the world of Equestria? Will he find the peace he so desires? Or will he cause the ruin of everything he loves?

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Argh! Moar! Don't leave me hanging man!

Loved the story, can't wait to see what you do next, keep up the good work!


Thanks! It means a lot to me! I'm well into the next one, so don't worry, it's definitely coming. (Probably sometime this week barring unforeseen calamity.) :twilightsmile:

764856 Great to hear it. Also, how the hell do you write so quickly?! I mean seriously, I can only make a chapter every two days at best! :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, excited for the sequel!


:raritystarry: I don't know why but I digged the prolague

801487 Awesome! Always glad to get feedback!

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