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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders hear a ruckus coming from their club house, their investigation turns up three suspicious young colts. They claim to have no home, and to be on the run from a crime they didn't commit. Though the prospect of three more blank flanks to crusade with is appealing, something seems a little... off, about their new companions. Will Ponyville, the cradle of the Elements of Harmony, be the end of their journey? Or have their trials jaded them beyond the point of acceptance?

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Written as an entry for Kits' Unusual Pairings Shipfic Contest Extraordinaire Extravaganza LLC. After Granny Smith suddenly passes away, Applejack is crushed by remorse and guilt. Her grief-ridden wanderings land her at Fluttershy's cottage, where she struggles to come to terms with her loss, and to learn a valuable lesson, not just about friendship, but life in general. If anyone enjoys this besides me and is interested in crafting some cover art I'd be much obliged, as I can't seem to come up with a good premise for an easy photoshop cover.

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Something terrible is coming to Equestria, to bring a little balance to all this peace and harmony. Mephistopheles and Carryion have escaped Tartarus, seeking vengeance on the alicorns who bound them. With Discord still maddened by the demon's curse, will our heroes be able to repel this ancient evil, about whom so little is known? (This is a direct sequel to Seeking Secrets. Strongly recommended you read that first, though I think this one is written better. Or don't. I'm a description, not a cop.)

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In the near future, a man finishes constructing a device that will allow him to travel across dimensions. He achieves his goal of landing in Equestria, but will have a hard time fitting in as a one-of-a-kind oddity. Now he must attempt to remain hidden while trying to learn magic to craft a new body. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the transition between worlds, and his quest for knowledge will lead him to an ancient evil long sealed by the Princesses. Will he be able to resist the pull of the Black Book? What effects will his presence have on the world of Equestria? Will he find the peace he so desires? Or will he cause the ruin of everything he loves?

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