• Published 9th Jun 2012
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Seeking Secrets - Shumiry

A human travels to Equestria to find peace, but an ancient evil has other plans for this creature...

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“What are you talking about? Just write that I found a magic fridge or something that can create snacks! How could that possibly not make the story better!?” -Pinkie Pie, breaking the fourth wall

Deep in the bowels of the mountain beneath Canterlot, the Ur-dragon stirred. An intruder had entered its abode once again. Perhaps this one it would eat... It watched with mild amusement as the white unicorn unsteadily made its way into the cavern. It smelled no fear, the creature was just incredibly uncoordinated. It gave a snort when the pony's flank came into view.

A cutie mark of a storm cloud with a clear spot in the middle framing the outline of a question mark. What the fire was that supposed to signify? It narrowed its eyes, sniffing again. Golem. When the stallion entered the colosseum, the Ur-dragon reared, intending to scare the little thing. Much to its chagrin, the tiny pony mimic merely smiled up at it, and waved a forehoof, as if in greeting.

Intrigued, the great beast leaned down, setting its eye level with the unicorn, and took its measure. Its great crescent pupil narrowed in surprise.

So, we were right again. How boring. We had thought that, perhaps, this time, our inclination had been misguided.” The pony laughed, a clear, refreshing sound.

“Afraid not, you were quite right to believe in me.”

Hmm,” the dragon chuckled, “what will you do next, then?”

“Well, I was planning on going to Ponyville. Got something of a home set up in the forest near Sweet Apple Acres, and I need to start making lots of memories if I'm going to replenish my soul.” Shifting its vision, the dragon looked into the pony, and saw that its soul was indeed stretched extremely thin. It seemed to have lost the vast majority of its essence. The stallion had paused a moment, anticipating the dragon's reaction, and now continued.

“But first, I had a bit of a favor to ask. You see, I think I might have given Mephistopheles and Carryion the means to escape Tartarus when that rune of yours punched through the gate...” A huge grin broke out on the Ur-dragon's face. This one is good. it thought, After all these centuries of peace, things might finally be getting interesting.

Noting the look on the beast's face, the pony sighed.

“Yeah... that's kind of what I was afraid you'd do.”

The End
(for now...)

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Argh! Moar! Don't leave me hanging man!

Loved the story, can't wait to see what you do next, keep up the good work!


Thanks! It means a lot to me! I'm well into the next one, so don't worry, it's definitely coming. (Probably sometime this week barring unforeseen calamity.) :twilightsmile:

764856 Great to hear it. Also, how the hell do you write so quickly?! I mean seriously, I can only make a chapter every two days at best! :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, excited for the sequel!


801487 Awesome! Always glad to get feedback!

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