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I have lots of ideas, but couldn't write a story if my life depended on it.


Because of a debt, Scootaloo and her friends has arranged a bet with a strange guy. What exactly does he want from them and is it worth it?
(Editing done by grammarly)

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A couple of minor spelling mistakes, (happens to the best of us) so I suggest re-reading stuff like a gajillion times before sending it out if you keep this up.

On that note, please keep it up. It was enjoyably twisted, and I see great potential here.

ยจ~ TDG

P. S. : Well, crap, I better dust off my Supernatural DVDs now.

I'm with TheDanishGuy on the spelling and grammar errors, but overall it is one of the best stories I've ever read. :twilightsmile:

Hey way to go. See you published this. Hope it goes over well. I'm in your corner.

6443425 I never stated I was perfect. On the contrary.

6443951 Then you really need to read more stories. This is garbage.

6446182 I don't think I said that, did I? (On another note, yeah, it's not a heavy hitter, but I'd accept the praise. It's good fun, and a lot of us don't give praise without reason.)



This is a good story, it really is

but I just wanna give out some advice, that I was a little confused on the whole "i want you naked" thing. . .because ponies don't really have clothes. . .?

And it was a bit confusing who was talking! I think all you need to add is just "sweetie Belle said" or something like that! Overall I loved it, though! Keep up the great work!:scootangel:

7883781 You do realize this is tagged 'human', right?

7884018 uh yeah I realized that right after I posted the comment XD

and I posted a fimfic! :3

Nice story... I guess

I saw this story in derpibooru

Well, you be wrong then. This is trash.

Aww, don't say that. Maybe you'll write a good one next time

*chuckles* Trust me, I can't write. This is a one-off. (You should see my list of ideas I'll never get started on.)

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