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So you wanna know more about me eh'? Well strap in, it's gonna be a wild ride. After all, I'm a Unicorn with no magic, who made a wish to the full moon. What could possibly go wrong?

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After re-reading what you have up, I have to admit, my curiosity is itching to know more about Spectral and the Dark magic's that is flowing through him now. I mean, Is Nightmare Moon inhabiting him in some way shape or form?
Will having dark magics drive him to do evil deeds?

What will happen in the next chapter, cause it seems your leading up to either A. a confrontation with the main 6(Really doubting that outcome), B. a meeting between Spectral and the Main 6(Seems a bit more likely in my opinion, but maybe not.) or C. Spectral hiding from the main 6.(don't really see this happening, but, well, I don't know.).

You've done an excellent job so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter you'll put up. Hopefully soon, but, I'm patient, I can wait, I've waited years for things to happen. But hey, if it comes sooner rather than later, all the better.

6429971 Thanks for the feedback! I'll try and do better with updating with a faster succession.

And remember, if you have any suggestions I'll always take them into consideration.:twilightsmile:

very nice, curious if that is the royal canterlot voice being used at the end of the chapter?

Going to be an interesting read come the next chapter, seeing which princess it is, if it is a princess, and how Spectral will deal with that meeting.

If it's Luna, then he may have a chance, she literally was Nightmare Moon, if anyone can have any sway with Spectral it's her, then again, it could throw him into a rage cause, Nightmare murdered his parents while in his body, Seeing Luna could cause that to happen, possibly.

If it's Celestia, which, at this current moment in time, I don't have the foggiest as to why she would use the royal canterlot voice at this point in time, which could be explained in the next chapter possibly, and With how Spectral sees Princess Celestia, I don't think he's going to be in a good mood if it's her. That and I think he may still have like a warrant or something out for his arrest cause of his murdered parents or something right? Celestia may have some things to talk to Spectral about that particular night.

If it's Cadenza, well, hmm, I don't know about her, I mean, maybe Twilight forgot something and She had to get Twilight's attention or something? It's a possibility. Something may have been going on in the Crystal Kingdom that maybe Cadenza needs her help with and it's something to do with Dark Magic, something that Spectral has said that he studied, so, maybe, might be a thing.

But, I'm just attempting to pluck a few ideas out of thin air here, I honestly don't know what will happen next, but, that's the best part, not knowing till it gets written and we get to find out.

6466533 While those are some good ideas, and you are right in the aspect that it's the Royal Canterlot Voice:twilightsmile:, but the situations you thought up were wrong as to what I have planned.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well that was certainly worth the wait, prepare to be popular.

ooohhh interesting

So I guess you could say I'm to much of a pussy to kill myself on top of everything else.

Takes more courage to live than to suicide.

True, but his mindset is that he is useless and cant do anything worth while. That he is a runt of ponykind as a whole

Well, fuck. Half way through i thought to drop it because of too many abrupt and strange story turns. But decided to finish it anyway to see to what it all leads.

Well, I'm glad i decided to read it when i saw in in updated section - your last chapter and lead up to it intrigued me.
Have a like and a track. Any thoughts about update schedule?

I don't know if I will be able to have consistent updates, I'll try and get a chapter out every month.

As for the rushed beginning, I appreciate you pushing through it :twilightsheepish:, I'm not good at beginnings. But now that I'm through most of the main exposition I should be able to take things slower and explain more.

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