• Published 23rd May 2012
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The Darkest Part of the Day - ChaoticHarmony

Twilight Sparkle loses friendship, what will happen to her?

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Epilogue: The Last Report

Dear Princesses Celestia and Luna,

Today I have a very important lesson on the Magic of Friendship. I learned this lesson personally, and at great cost to myself and my friends. The lesson I speak of is that friendship doesn’t last forever. Nothing does. You see, when somepony else says “best friends forever”, they don’t really mean it. Everypony will drift from their friends eventually. It’s only how the world works. I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner. They always hated me, it’s only natural to put on a nice face. I just wish I saw it sooner. Friendship will fade into nothingness like your day does to the night. It has to end eventually, just like the day does to make way for the darkness.

-Your faithful Student

Twilight Sparkle

Celestia stroked the purple mare curled up at her side as she read the letter. She read over the tear drop stained letter again and again, her own tears beginning to add to the paper. "Oh Twilight..." Celestia kept stroking the motionless mare at her side, feeling the softness of her coat and mane. The five ponies present in the room also wept. They sat in a semi-circle around their friend, tears dripping onto the floor beneath them.

"Princess, what.... what happened?" Rainbow Dash asked her with an unsteady voice.

"Twilight here exhausted herself coming here." Celestia replied with a soft voice. "She pushed herself too hard. She knew that she wouldn't make it here alive, being weak with her sadness, but she came never the less." The sadness in her own voice was mimicked in the other five's gasps. Sadness gripped them all.

"Why... why did she think we hated her?" Fluttershy asked with a voice barely more than a whisper.

"I think that somepony who wanted to get back at her for something must have done it. I can recognize a hate-spell. The pony's magic who cast it is unfamiliar to me though, but that is of no importance right now." Celestia made to continue, but her words were choked off with a sob. She bent her head down to the purple form and kissed it softly on the head.

"Good bye Twilight Sparkle."

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ok that was just horrid :'( :'(

you made me cry!

DESTROY THE EVIL SPELL CASTER!!!!!! >.< :twilightangry2:

*hugs chaotic*:heart: whahah :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I BET IT WAS TRIXIE!!! DAMN YOU ---> :trixieshiftleft:

Really good wrriten story, made some tears in my eyes.

Well, it didn't bring me to tears. But it was pretty sad. Why sadfic bro? Why sadfic...:fluttercry:

638554 Because Sadfics are fun! You should go read my other 3! :pinkiecrazy:

:fluttercry: Why... I'm going to go cry now... 638563

must die! :scootangel:

Ya mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns.

Having said that, very well written story.

957128 I take it you like Trixie? If so, you should read my story: Shattered Stars.

>>ChaoticHarmony -
Yes I do. How can anyone *NOT* like Trixie?
Her and Luna are the most unappreciated & under utilized ones in the bunch.

I believe I did read that one, thats where she takes over for Mare-Do-Well right:?
And punishes the ones who kill/raped M.D.W. and then ends up killing the one that kills Twilight.

Another well written story.

Would have cried, but already cried myself out from another fic...probably another one of yours. :trixieshiftright:

fucker............. ur a great writer

Read another story. Give another feedback. Come late to chemistry class. Great plan, huh?

This one is the materialization of cutting things short. You could have doubled, trippled the word count and it still would be too less. Just as I know your stories. :yay:

However, Twilight's letter was brilliant in it's shortage. Just everything inside, without getting away from her character. So good!


What a twist. I was not prepared for this. This story is short but very powerful.

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