• Published 1st Aug 2015
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The Sun of My Heart 2: Love's Flames - BlueSun52

Coming back in this comedy romance story, Soul once more joins in on his fellow friends and family on crazy adventures while having the sweet and lovable Sunset Shimmer by his side!

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Chapter 1

Making the Come Back with a New Ride!

In the little town of Canterlot, the sun was high up in the air without a single cloud in the sky. The birds chirped with joy and the people were either driving their cars, riding their bikes, taking walks, or were just sitting down on the chairs outside of the restaurants as they enjoyed the fresh air and the quietness that life would provide.

However that quiet was soon gone as a motorcycle drove through the streets and was letting out a roaring sound from the engine. It was a classic Harley having white paint on it with blue flames on the side. On the motorcycle was two riders as one was holding onto the grips with his hands and steering it while the other rider held her arms around his waist.

The driver wore a grey jacket and black pants along with black boots while he was wearing a helmet that shared the same design as the bike and hiding the rider’s face. The rider on the back wore a black jacket with orange stripes on the arms while underneath it was a blue shirt and had blue jeans while having black boots. She too had on a helmet that was black and had magenta flames on it with red hair and yellow streaks were on the back of it loose.

The back rider lifted her arms up and felt the wind blow through them as she let out a screaming cheer. The driver looked back for a moment before letting out a chuckle.

“I see you’re enjoying the ride so much,” the driver said through his helmet.

“I know, it’s so awesome!” the passenger replied. “It’s a good thing I came along!”

“Only because I begged you to come along,” the driver commented.

“Shut up! You’re ruining the moment!” the passenger retorted.

The rider laughed and sped up the bike some more. The two kept on driving through town until they had left the main part of it and into a suburban area. The two drove past a trail that led towards a farm that had the sign saying, ‘Sweet Apple Acres.’ The driver slowed down the car and drove up to a house’s driveway and stopped the bike. He killed the engine and flipped the side stand down to let the bike rest.

The passenger jumped off the bike and took her helmet off. Just like before, she had long red hair with yellow streaks in it while she had cyan irises and light amber skin. It was no other than Sunset Shimmer herself.

“That was great, babe,” Sunset said. “I can’t believe you were able to get your dad’s old bike to work.”

“Hey, I didn’t go through all those mechanic classes for nothing,” the driver commented.

“Oh, and I’m sure Dash helping you had nothing to do with it too,” Sunset retorted. “Or Clyde’s brother whenever you needed it.”

The driver scratched the chin of helmet. “Okay, maybe there was a few snags on the way, but at least its working now,” the driver said before taking his helmet.

When the driver revealed his face, he had spiked white hair and pure blue eye like his mother. He had pale tan skin and had a light grey triangular beard on his chin. It was Soul Writer, the once newcomer of Canterlot High and boyfriend of Sunset Shimmer.

“I think exploding engines, explosive chemical reactions and the bike suddenly catching on fire whenever you work on it yourself does not count as ‘snags,’ Sunset pointed out as she emphasises on the word snags with her fingers.

“Hey, the important thing is that I got it to work and its going to take me to places,” Soul retorted.

“What places? You don’t even have plans to leave town,” Sunset pointed out.

“Oh, and I suppose taking you to the beach doesn't count then,” Soul said as he crossed his arms.

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Babe, Swift is taking us there,” she said. “By car. Which he offered. And it's an eight hour drive there.”

Soul pursed his lips. “Okay, I’ll give you that one,” he said. “As much as I love driving this thing, I don’t think I can stand an eight hour drive.”

“I thought so,” Sunset said before looking at the motorcycle. “I have to admit, you did a good job getting this harley back together.”

“Yep, it was almost as if I finished it yesterday,” Soul commented.

Sunset looked at Soul with half lid eyes. “You did finish it yesterday,” she pointed out.

“I know, I wanted to see how you would react,” Soul said. “Hehe, it was funny.”

-A Month Ago-

Standing in front of the garage, Soul and his friends looked at it with the door closed. Soul let out a sigh and turned to the others.

“I want to take a moment and say thanks guys for coming to help,” he said. “It’s going to be tough and probably be the biggest challenge ever but if we can pull it off, we’ll be know as the greatest-”

“Oh my god, we’re just here to help clean your garage!” Rainbow Dash pointed out. “Don’t be dramatic about it.”

“Trust me, this particular case really does need it,” Soul countered.

“I have to agree with Dash here,” Rivet said. “It really is super annoying and unnecessary.”

“Fine,” Soul said. “We’ll just get started…. had to ruin my speech,” he mumbled the last words to himself.

“Not that I’m complaining or anything but why do you need all of us?” Swift asked. “I mean, I know garages can be big at times, but how much stuff could be in there?”

“Yeah, it’s not like it filled to very brim, right?” Night commented.

On cue, Soul opened the door to the garage and the moment everyone’s eyes laid on what was inside, all of their mouths hung out. The garage was in fact filled to the brim with various items, like old clothes, car parts, tools, boxes, an old washing machine, toys and various items of junk in it.

“Eeep,” Fluttershy squeaked.

“It really is filled to the brim!?” Night yelled.

“Eeyup,” Soul replied.

“How is there so much stuff in there?” Clyde asked.

“My parents are very picky about what to throw away,” Soul answered. “That’s why they wanted me to do it since, in their words, ‘I don’t really care about their stuff so why not send you in to clean it up?’ Those jerks.”

“No wonder ya wanted us so badly,” Applejack said. “Ah thought you were just trying to be lazy.”

“Applejack, if I wanted to, I would have hired a cleaning crew myself,” Soul commented. “Unfortunately when I described to them what was in the garage, they gave me the exact price and that was too rich for my blood so I had to go with plan B.”

“I’m guessing we’re plan B?” Sunset said as she raised a brow at her boyfriend.

“Aww, you know me so well,” Soul said as he gave a peck on Sunset's cheek; making her roll her eyes. “Anyways, let’s get to work.”

“Oh, let me get this piece out,” Pinkie said as she jumped into the mess. She swam around in the various items inside the garage and soon popped out of it and holding the washing machine in her arms. “Hey Swifty, catch!”

Pinkie threw the washing machine over to Swift. With half lid eyes, he let out a sigh as the machine was a few inches away.

“Ah, crap,” was Swift last words before being hit by the washing machine. “OW!”

The others looked with concern eyes at the washing machine where Swift was crushed underneath it.

“Um, Swift?” Clyde asked concernedly.

“Look what I found!” Pinkie chimed as she punched a hole from the inside of the washing machine and held Swift by his head. “I found a Swift.” She dropped him on the ground with half of his body still inside the machine and he was dazed. “And a bunch of doohickeys.” She dropped a few of the machine’s parts on top of Swift and poked her head. “I took them apart myself,” she said. “I’m so smart.”

“Yes, you really are Pinkie,” Rivet said sarcastically as he helped Swift back on his feet.

Rainbow Dash let out a sigh. “Let’s just get this day over with,” she said and started to help clean the garage.

Hours had past as the group slowly went through the entire garage full of junk and other items in it. During the clean up, Rainbow Dash was pulling stuff out of the way as she threw them into a nearby garbage can. When she pulled out a chunk of it in the middle, it started to collapse and fell on her in an avalanche style.

Clyde and Rarity were moving some of the stuff around until Rarity tripped over something and collided with Clyde. The two fell on an old mattress that was surprisingly still intact. After they had gazed into each others eyes and felt the mattress for a moment, the two started making out on it. Everyone in the room rolled their eyes and continued on with the clean up.

Swift was holding onto a stack of things while Pinkie was throwing them on top of it. Pinkie wanted to keep some of the things for herself and Soul said that she could keep whatever she wanted. She kept on throwing things on top of the stack until Swift couldn’t take it anymore and all collapsed on top of him.

Fluttershy had brought some of her small animals along to help pick up the smaller items in the garage. Night was still impressed at Fluttershy’s animal's skills while he opened a box. When he looked at the box, Night’s eyes widen with terror when he saw an old familiar arachnid, Greg. Greg was sweeping the ground with a little broom and looked up to see Night and shrugged. But the moment he saw Soul walking by, Greg dropped his broom, jumped pass Night and attached to himself on Soul’s face as he fell and rolled around on the ground.

Rivet was pulling on a table the best he could but it was proving difficult because of its weight. While pulling, Rivet opened one of his while pulling and stopped when he saw Applejack with the same kind of table in her arm as she carried it without effort. Rivet let out groan and let go of the table out of frustration. Unfortunately when he did, it fell on his feet and he let out a painful scream.

After many many painful experiences and hard work, the garage was almost empty as there were only a few boxes and small items left on the floor. Rainbow Dash wiped sweat off of her forehead and let out a sigh.

“Man, that was long,” she said. “Remind me never to do that again.”

“At least we found some cool things in there,” Pinkie said. “Like this lamp right here.” She lifted up a lamp that was old and had several cracks in it. “Once I decorate it, it’ll be awesome!”

“And we do have some ways to get some pay back for this,” Applejack said as she held up a book. “Good thing Aunt Dawn had some baby pictures in there of Soul.” She held up a picture of Soul as a baby with him holding a teddy bear and a blanket.

Soul blushed and grumbled to himself as the guys were laughing and the girls were awwing at the picture.

“Aww, you really were a babe, babe,” Sunset commented as she leaned over to kiss Soul on the cheek.

“Yeah, well at least I won’t be the only one with embarrassing baby photos for long,” Soul said.

“Oh, that reminds me, when are we going to know what gender the baby is going to be?” Rarity asked. “I have to know so I can make the right kind of clothing for it. Oh, I have so many ideas for them!”

“That'll be a while,” Soul replied. “My dad is going to take my mom to the hospital and the doctor is going to do a sonic scan on her in a about a month from now.”

“I can’t wait to hear what it is!” Pinkie chimed. “I hope its a girl!”

“We already have too many girls in town,” Rivet commented. “We need some guys here to even the odds.”

“Yeah, you're going to need more guys than girls if you ever wanna beat us at anything,” Rainbow Dash mocked. “We girls are awesome in every way.”

Rivet rolled his eyes.

“Well, my mom is really holding out for a girl so it might happen this time around,” Soul said.

“Hey, what’s that over there?” Pinkie asked as she pointed over a corner of the garage.

Everyone looked to see that there was something large covered in a large blue sheet. Soul raised a brow and went over to uncover it. When he removed the sheet off, dust got into the air and he coughed a few times before opening his eyes. The moment his eyes saw what was under it, his mouth hung open as he was in awe.

All the others looked on with awe and shocked expressions when they saw what it was. Rainbow Dash held her hands on each of her cheeks and pressed against them.

“So awesome!” Rainbow Dash squeaked. “It’s a Harley!”

Leaning on its side stand was a motorcycle that was old looking with small bits of rust on it and was covered in some cobwebs. The painting was worn out as it had paled black and the wheels were almost flat.

“I don’t believe it,” Soul commented. “I think this was my dad’s old bike!”

“This is so cool!” Swift said. “How come you never told us you dad had a bike?”

“I knew my dad had an old bike but I never saw it once so I thought he got rid of it at some point,” Soul explained. “I guess he more like forgot about it.”

“Maybe when the movers were moving everything, they must have found it and placed it over here,” Applejack guessed. “And I guess Aunt Dawn piled a lot of stuff on top of it before your dad got back and he never noticed.”

“Does it still work?” Night asked.

“I guess there’s only one to find out,” Soul said as he looked at the ignition. He saw that the key was still in it and he twisted it to start the engine.

The engine was making gurgling noises and a loud screeching sound. Everyone covered their ears to block out the sound. The exhaust on the back of the bike was blowing out black smoke and was surrounding the air as it made everyone coughed. Soul quit turning the key and waved the smoke away from his face. The smoke covered the entire garage and everyone came running out as they hacking and gagging from the smoke.

“*Cough!* I think *Cough!* that’s a *Cough!* no,” Soul said in between his coughs. “I think it needs some work.”

“Some!? That thing needs a lot of it!” Applejack complained. “How old is that thing anyway?”

“Maybe about twenty years old give or take.”

Everyone looked to see Comet walking towards them and saw his old bike pass the smoke that was clearing up.

Comet let out a whistle. “Dang, I’m surprised that it's still holding together,” he said. “Seeing this bike again brings back memories.”

“So, what are we going to do it with it?” Soul asked.

“Well if you want, you can have it,” Comet offered.

Soul’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Really!?” he asked. “You want me to have it?”

“Yup,” Comet replied.

“Woo ho- Wait a minute,” Soul said as he was about to pump his arm into the air but froze. “What’s the point of having a motorcycle if doesn't work?”

“The point is, is that you’re the one that going to fix it,” Comet answered.


“Since you already have your driver's license, all you have to do is take a motorcycle safety course and your mom and I will be happy to send you to a mechanics class,” Comet explained. “I believe your school is going to be having one so for a month.”

“Wait, so I have to go back to school after finally getting out it?” Soul asked before letting a sigh. “I knew it was too good to be true.”

“Don’t get so down about it,” Rainbow Dash said. “The course is easy and it’ll won’t take you long to get your license for it. But I would recommend that you stay away from heavy traffic until you get used to driving one. You’re basically on a bike surrounded by cars so it can be pretty dangerous.”

“Well, I’ve have been needing something to drive around in,” Soul said before turning around and glaring at his dad. “But some people are very picky about giving me a car.”

“Look, if it was me, you would had one right now but your mom is picky about the money we have,” Comet explained. “Especially since we’re having another baby on the way and they’re pretty expensive to have.”

“At least you’re getting an old bike now,” Sunset said.

“Got a good point, beautiful,” Soul said. “Alright, if I have to sacrifice half of my vacation to get me a cool ride, then so be it.”

“I’ll go and make some calls, bud,” Comet said. He turned back towards the house and walked inside leaving the Soul and the others near the garage.

“Can we leave now?” Rivet asked. “The garage is clean and I’m getting tired of standing around here.”

“That’s true. Thanks guys for helping me with this,” Soul said.

“No problem, Soul. It’s what friends do!” Pinkie chimed. “Oh, let’s all go down to the cafe and get something sweet to have.”

Everyone nodded and sounded their approval over Pinkie’s idea as they headed off. Just as they were leaving, Soul took one last at the harvey with an excited expression on him before closing the garage door. Soul quickly rejoined with the rest of his friends while he wrapped his arm around his favorite girl in the world.

A few days had past and Soul was at the training course with Sunset and Comet. They had just arrived there by car and got out of it. The three looked out at the course and saw the riders driving through set up cones and tracks for them to use and learn how to ride their bikes. Teachers and trainers were either watching from a distance or were giving demonstrations with their bikes.

Comet let out a whistle. “Wow, this place really has changed,” he commented.

“You’ve been here before?” Sunset asked.

“Well yeah, where did you think I got my license from?” Comet retorted.

“Point taken,” Sunset said.

“I’m going to talk with one of the instructors here, you two wait here a moment,” Comet said before he walked off.

Soul looked over to Sunset. “Sunny, there may be a chance of me dying here today so I have to say something,” he said. Sunset looked to him with a raised brow. “I want you to know that I love you and I always will…. Also, I think we should make love in case this is my last moments on Earth.”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Babe, I don’t believe you’re going to die here,” she said. “They’ll more than likely show you how a bike works and slowly teach you how to drive one. And they more than likely have trained professionals be ready with medkits and can get you to a hospital quickly in case you do get hurt.”

“But what if I bleed out or die from my spine being broken in half?” Soul said with a nervous tone.

“You’re just nervous,” Sunset replied. She went over to him and held him in a comforting hug as she laid her head on his shoulder. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

Soul smiled as he felt relaxed by Sunset’s words and hugged her back. “Yeah, you’re right,” he said. “I have ever tell you how lucky I am to have you?”

“You do a lot of times,” Sunset replied.

“A lot, huh? Looks like I have to do more than that,” Soul joked and kissed Sunset on the lips. The two shared a passionate moment with one another before Comet came back.

“Alright, they’ll be happy to take you, bud,” Comet said. “You better get going, one of their lessons are about to start.”

“Sure thing, dad,” Soul said and gazed back into Sunset’s eyes. “Will I be seeing you later?”

“You know it, babe,” Sunset said as she placed a peck on Soul’s lips and letting go of him. She said her goodbye to him as she waved her hand and walked back towards the car.

Soul smiled and waved back at her. Comet placed a hand on his son’s shoulders to get his attention.

“That is one sweet girl, bud,” Comet commented. “I hope you’ve been cherishing every moment with her.”

Soul nodded. “I have,” he said. “And will continue to do so.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Comet said. “I’ll take her back home and pick you up in a few hours.”

Soul nodded and watched as his dad and Sunset drive off into the streets and disappearing around a corner. He let out a sigh and walked over to where a few students were gathered up and joined them. He looked around as he observed the tracks and courses seeing many motorcycle riders driving them. He looked to his left to see a girl with spiky cerulean hair with white highlights and pale lavender skin.

“So, you’re here to get your license too?” Soul asked the girl.

The girl nodded. “Yeah, pretty much,” she replied. “My dad said he would get me my own bike if I make all A’s here. But it looks like it’s pretty easy to get one here.”

“Yeah, found my dad’s old Harley in the garage and he said I could have it,” Soul said. “Of course the catch to it is that I have to get a license and I have to take a mechanics class to fix it.”

The girl laughed lightly. “Sounds like you parents love to bring you down,” she commented.

“Oh, you have no idea,” Soul said. “Name’s Soul by the way.”

“Mine’s Cloudchaser,” she said. “Do you live around here?”

“Yup, live over by the edge of town,” Soul replied. “I go over to Canterlot High.”

“Cool, I go over to-”

“Alright you maggots, listen up!” a demanding voice called out.

Everyone was startled by the sudden shout and looked over to a woman with fiery spiky hair and yellow skin. She looked through her sunglasses at all the students and held a swagger stick. She whipped the stick around until she swiped it against her hands and clutched on it making some of the students gulp.

“My name is Spitfire and I’m going to be your instructor for the entire time you're here!” she said. “And if you think that this is going to be easy, THINK AGAIN!”

Some of the students winced back at her sudden shouting and beads of sweat were pouring down from their foreheads.

“I will make sure that the entire time you’re here, that you know when, where and how to handle any situation on your bikes as we go over safety procedures. Make no mistake, I will push you all over to your very limited and cram down so much knowledge into your brain, that it will explode! So get ready, because today on forward it’s going to be hell.”

Soul gulped as the fear tingled its way back into his spine. “I’m so dead,” he whispered to himself.

The next day after Soul’s first day of intense learning, he was walking down the familiar trail towards the building of Canterlot High. He let out a disappointed sigh as he had wished he didn’t have to come back here so soon after summer vacation had started. But he envisioned himself on his new motorcycle and how it was going to look after he was done with it.

Soul imagined himself riding the Harley with Sunset who sat on the back of the seat with her arms wrapped around him. He saw himself wearing a black leather jacket with a full grown white beard on his face. He looked into Sunset’s gazed before he leaned over to her as he made out with her and riding towards the setting sun. Outside of his mind, he slowly left his thoughts and had a sly smile on him.

“Oh yeah, that's the life,” Soul said to himself.

“What’s the life?”

Soul furrowed his brow and turned to see only a pair of pale blue eyes looking at him. He yelped and stepped back to see that it was Pinkie standing there with her usual toothy smile. Soul let out a sigh.

“Pinkie you scared me,” he said. “You really need to stop standing so close to people like that.”

“But I like to be close to my friends,” Pinkie said before she was hugging Soul. “So I can give them hugs!”

“Too tight! Too tight!” Soul pleaded as Pinkie was squeezing him.

“I really love being close to my Swifty Wifty,” Pinkie added. “Especially when we’re having fun~” she sung the last part.

Pinkie let go of Soul and he was panting heavily for air. After recollecting some air, he looked back at her.

“Boy, I wonder what kind of fun you guys do,” Soul asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh, well we go find a bed and we-”

“Pinkie, stop!” Soul pleaded as he raised his hands. “You don’t have to tell me, I think I-”

“-And we jump on the bed like a lot of times!” Pinkie finished. “I mean, when you jump on the bed by yourself it gets old real fast. But when you have someone special with you, it’s twice as fun!”

Soul blunk a few times before rolling his eyes. “I keep on forgetting who I’m talking to,” he said to himself. He raised a brow and looked at Pinkie. “Say, what are you doing here anyway?”

“Duh, I’m the president of the Party Planning Committee,” Pinkie replied. “I still have to come here every now and again to help Mr. Cheese with some of club’s activities and keep track of all the events that’ll come up when everyone comes back to school. But you already know that since you’re a member of our committee.”

“Well, I just thought that since school was over most of the clubs wouldn’t be active for a while,” Soul explained. “So what exactly are you doing for the committee?”

“Right now I’m going to help change and suggest some events for Mr. Cheese,” Pinkie replied. “I’m hoping that I can bring back one of my favorite things back!”

“What’s that?”

“Balloon popping!”

“Balloon popping?”

“The first time I did it, it was a charity event where I had like a thousand balloons and hid some names in there,” Pinkie started to explain. “Anyone who paid between a dollar or a hundred would pop the balloons until they reached their limit or found a name in one of them so that lucky person would go on a date with them! I um, used the girls to get them involved because it was a last minute thing and I didn’t have the time to find some volunteers.”

“So wait, Sunset has been on a date with some random guy?” Soul asked as he felt some concern in him.

“Oh no, she wasn’t part of it at the time,” Pinkie replied. “She was still new to being friends with us and I didn’t want to make her upset or anything…. Wait, you aren't jealous were you?”

Soul blushed. “What? No, I was just concerned was all,” he replied. “I know she went out with Flash before and I was okay with that but knowing that she went out with someone else without telling me would have made me a bit upset.”

“Well you got nothing to worry about,” Pinkie said as she wrapped her arms around Soul. “She loves you like crazy and I know she would never keep secrets from you.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Soul said. “I guess I was overreacting for a moment.”

“That’s okay, it shows that you care of her,” Pinkie said. “But I do know that the balloon event was a big success!”

“Because of the money that all of those poor lonely saps that were desperate for love gave you?” Soul guessed.

“That, and it’s how Rarity and Clyde started dating,” Pinkie added. "Even though he did get my name, but that's a whole different story!"

Soul gulped. “I’m so glad Clyde wasn’t here to hear that,” he said nervously. He raised a brow for a moment and looked to Pinkie. “Wait, what do you mean he-”

“Anyways, I should get going and you need to get to your mechanics class so you can get that Harley back up so you can ride into the sunset with Sunset on you lap,” Pinkie said before she hopped away as she left Soul with a dumbfounded expression. “By the way, I think you should go with having a triangular beard on your chin. You looked ridiculous with a long beard like that.”

Soul shook his head at Pinkie’s commented and looked at her with a confused look. He watched her bounce along the trail and into the school. After a moment of silence, Soul spoke out.

“How the hell did she know what I was thinking!?” Soul yelled into the heavens.

After trying to figure how Pinkie knew and giving up on it quickly, Soul went into the school and was able to find his class as he was familiar with the layout of the school. He was surprised to see that some of his friends and many others were in the class as well as they sat around and chatting with one another. He saw Swift’s little sister, Scootaloo was there, Tyrone was there as well, Vinyl was reading a magazine in her hands as she had her headphones on, Thunderlane was trying to hit on a girl that was next to him and a girl he had met once who had aqua hair with white streaks in it and teal skin. He believed that her name was Lyra.

Soul took a seat next to Vinyl as he knew her pretty well and the seat next to her was available while the others were already taken. Vinyl took notice of Soul taken the seat, smiled and removed her headphones down around her neck.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” she asked.

“Doing good, how are you?” Soul asked.

“Been great, I just got my old part time job again over at the music department over by the mall,” Vinyl replied. “So what are you doing here? Never thought you would be interested in doing mechanic work.”

“Well, I just found my dad’s old Harley and apparently it’s busted right now,” Soul started to explain. “Now I got to take this class if I ever hope to be able to to fix it. Plus, I have to take a driving course to get my license to ride one.”

“Wow, that sounds kinda wicked,” Vinyl commented. “I bet the course is easy.”

“I thought so too until we met the instructor,” Soul said. “Her name is Spitfire and she intends to make lesson there painful.”

“Wait, Spitfire works there?” Vinyl asked as she was surprised.

“You know her?”

“Not personally, but she used to be the team captain on the Wonder Colts before she graduated,” Vinyl said. “When she was in her last of year on the team, she was looking for someone to take over after her before she was gone and that’s when Rainbow Dash showed up. As usual, Rainbow Dash was able to impress her and from that day Spitfire made her the team captain after she left. She always said that she wanted to join the Air Force. I wonder why she isn’t in it?”

“Maybe there was complications or something,” Soul guessed. “Anyways, all I know is that it’s going to be hell up there.”

“I agree with you on that,” Vinyl said. “She has a reputation of pushing people over their limits.”

“I’m just hoping that this class wouldn’t be-”


“All eyes on Iron Will!”

“Ah crap.”

Everyone in the room looked over to the door entrance and saw the infamous couch kicking the door open. Iron Will walked over to his desk and dropped a load of papers on it with a loud thump sound and glared at all the students in the room.

“Now listen here, punks!” Iron Will said. “Iron Will will be the one to teach you all that you need to know about how fix everything in life! Even fix your marriages!”

“Um, we’re still in high school,” Thunderlane pointed out.

“Doesn't matter!” Iron Will said. “The point is, you're here to learn how to fix and Iron Will will teach you how to! So get ready because Iron Will will make this learning experience as painful as possible.”

“My life just flashed before my eyes and I haven’t even been here that long,” Scootaloo commented.

Soul placed his hand on his face as he rubbed his eyes. “This is going to be one hell of a month,” he commented and sighed out his frustration.


“At least you pass all the courses at the tracks and made it though Iron Will’s lessons,” Sunset commented.

The two walked over towards Soul’s house and opened the front door as they headed inside. Soul let out an irritated sigh before rubbing the back of his head.

“I know, but it was still the most hellish month ever,” Soul said. “And during all that time of fixing the bike, Dash kept asking as soon as I finished it and rode it a bit, that she wanted to give it a drive.”

“Are you going to let her?”

“No. I appreciate her help and everything, but she already has her own bike,” Soul explained. “I’m not trying to be mean or anything but it is my only ride I have and I don’t want anything bad happening to it. Especially when Dash is a speed demon.”

Sunset giggled. “She does really like to go fast,” she said. “I’m sure that she wouldn’t go crazy with it anyway. She probably wants to know what it’s like to ride in those.”

“I guess but still it makes me nervous to think that she’s driving it,” Soul said. “I’ll think about it some more. If she still wants to ride it, then I guess I’ll let her ride with me. That’s as far as she going to get.”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that,” Sunset said.

The two kept on walking until they entered into the kitchen. In there were two other people. One of them was Dawn as she had a tray of cookies in her hand as she laid them down on the table. Dawn was her usual self but for the distinct difference of her belly being large because of the baby she was carrying inside. And sitting at the table was Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash grabbed the first one and took a bite of it before looking at Sunset and Soul.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” she asked with her mouth full.

“Dash, what are you doing here?” Soul asked.

“I wants to see if you were willing to let me drive the bike now,” Rainbow Dash replied.

“No! Quite asking that!” Soul said. “And stop texting me about it too, you’re filling my phone up with them.”

“Fine, I was just asking,” Rainbow Dash said.

“But I gave it some thought and I’m willing to let you ride with me if that’s okay,” Soul offered.

Rainbow Dash let out a sigh. “Fine, at least I’ll see what it’s like to be passenger on a bike for a change,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll take you for a ride right now if you want,” Soul said.

“Sweet!” Rainbow Dash said as she got up and walked over to Soul as she was carrying a juice box in her hand. Just as she was passing by him, she accidentally bumped into Soul and spilled the juice on him. “Dang, my bad.”

Soul looked down at his jacket to see the juice sliding down on it. “That’s okay,” he said. “let me get it cleaned up and will head out.”


Soul walked away as he took off his jacket and headed towards the laundry room. Rainbow Dash snickered deviously as she pulled out a keychain with Soul’s key still on it.

“Wait, is that-”

“Eeyup,” Rainbow Dash answered for Sunset.

“Girl, you are one tricky mistress,” Dawn commented. “And I like that.”

“You don’t mind if I take Soul’s bike for a ride, do ya?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“If you didn’t help my son with his bike, the garage would have been burnt down to the ground,” Dawn said. “You have my blessing.”

“Sweet, I’ll see you guys in a bit,” Rainbow Dash said as she quickly ran out the door and closed it behind her. Soul was walking back to the kitchen with just his shirt on that had a back comet design flying upwards and a small black dot on it.

“Hey, I’m ready when…. Where’s Dash?”


Soul’s eyes widened with fear and he quickly looked into his pockets to see that his keys was gone. He quickly bolted over to the living room window to see Rainbow Dash driving off with the Harley with a helmet on and laughing away. Soul bursted through the front and gave chase after Rainbow Dash.


“I’LL BE BACK IN AN HOUR OR SO!” Rainbow Dash yelled back as she disappeared with Soul’s bike as she turned a corner.

Soul panted for a moment before he raised his hands towards the heavens.


Sunset walked outside and saw how distraught Soul was. She couldn’t help but laugh and walked over to him before she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t feel to bad, Rainbow Dash always does get her way when she really works at it,” she said. “Besides, you weren’t going to do anything with it were you?”

Soul let out a sigh. “No, I guess not,” he said. “Fine, I’ll let her off this time since she technically helped with the bike.”


“Fine, she helped a lot!” Soul said as he crossed his arm.

Sunset giggled and wrapped her arms around him. Soul smiled and wrapped his arms around her too as he leaned down towards her kissing her on the lips.

As the two shared their moment together, running straight towards them was a girl with a long aqua ponytail with blue streaks. She came to a stop as soon as she was close to them and panted heavily. Soul and Sunset stopped kissing and looked at the girl with confused expressions.

“Sonata, what are you doing here?” Sunset asked.

Sonata took a moment to catch her breath before she answered. “I came to help out with Soul’s garage clean up.”

Both Soul and Sunset raised a brow at one another before looking back at Sonata.

“Sonata, that was a month ago,” Soul said.

“.... What?”

“Yeah, we all did that a month ago,” Sunset repeated. “I thought you knew that already?”

“But it can’t be!” Sonata said. “My calendar says it was today on my phone.” She held out her phone and Sunset took a look at it. Sunset carefully looked at the date and time Sonata set it. Sunset’s eyes went half lid when she looked back up at Sonata.

“Sonata, you had your calendar a month later from when we planned it,” Sunset pointed out.

Sonata’s face was blank when she looked back between her phone and Sunset. She then raised up her hands towards the heavens and shouted.

“SON OF A *************************!”