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The Sun of My Heart 2: Love's Flames - BlueSun52

Coming back in this comedy romance story, Soul once more joins in on his fellow friends and family on crazy adventures while having the sweet and lovable Sunset Shimmer by his side!

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Chapter 2

A Day at the Beach! Part I
This is How It Went Downhill from Here

The sky was bright blue with hardly any clouds in the way of the sun’s light. Seagulls flew through the air as they either were flying near the large open water of the sea or were landing on the sandy beach for anything to eat. Not too far from the beach was a house that was very large and seemly empty with the lack of lights and people around it.

Two cars were driving up towards the house and parked near the back of it. The cars stopped, and its passengers and drivers stepped out of it. A girl with pink fluffy hair jumped out of her seat and rushed towards the edge of a wooden fence and looked out towards the sea.

“This is so awesome!” Pinkie chimed. “I can’t believe we’re going to be at a beach for the whole weekend!”

Pinkie’s friends and boyfriend climbed out of the cars and walked over to her to see the sea and the beautiful scenery. Sunset, Soul, Swift, Rivet, Rainbow Dash Cyde, Rarity, Night, Fluttershy, Applejack and Sonata were there with Pinkie.

“Man, this place is amazing!” Swift commented. “Rarity, how did your parents get a place like this?”

“It wasn’t really that hard for them,” Rarity replied. “They were able buy the area for a cheap price, and my father and his old friends were able to put the house together themselves. I was surprised to find out that he and his friends were able to put together something so lovely.”

“Are ya sure it’s big enough to house twelve people in it?” Applejack asked. “The house looks big, but Ah’m not sure it has enough rooms for us.”

Rarity waved her hand. “Oh, don’t worry about it,” she dismissed. “There is plenty of room in the house for everyone. Of course, some of us will have to share rooms, but I guarantee that won’t be a problem for all of us.” She leaned over to Clyde as she rested against him. “Just like how Clyde and I are going to be sharing a room together.”

Clyde slightly blushed and smiled. “I really have no problem with that, beautiful,” he said, and was given a kiss on the cheek by Rarity.

“And I’m going to be sharing the same room as Swift,” Pinkie said as she jumped over to Swift and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“And I’m going to be sleeping with my guy here,” Rainbow Dash said as she wrapped her arm around Rivet. She then leaned over to his ear and whispered, “We’re going to be having some fun tonight.”

Rivet blushed as he tried to act his casual self and whistled a tune.

“I don’t really feel comfortable sharing a bed with a boy,” Fluttershy said meekly. “I really do love you, Night, but it just feels kinda early for me.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Night said. “I can just sleep in one of the other rooms, or if there aren’t any, I can just crash on the couch.”

“I don’t want you to sleep on the couch just because I’m nervous,” Fluttershy said.

“Like I said, don’t worry about it,” Night said, leaning in closer to Fluttershy. “I have no problem sleeping on a couch knowing my sweet angel is sleeping okay.” He kissed her on the cheek, and Fluttershy blushed with a smile plastered on her.

“Well, there’s no arguing that Sunny and I are sharing a bed,” Soul commented as he wrapped his arm over Sunset and pulled her in closer to him. “Right?”

Sunset giggled. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said before giving a peck on Soul’s lips.

“Okay, enough about us sleeping, we should get inside, put on our swimsuits, rub some sunscreen, and have fun on the beach like there’s no tomorrow!” Pinkie cheered.

Everyone let out a cheer and headed inside the house. After some time, they all came out with their trunks and swimsuits while carrying their towels, sunscreens and other things to use to play on the beach.

The girls wore various swimsuits. Rarity wore a two piece that was colored black with red trimmings along with a small band around her thigh with small blue dots on it.

Pinkie also wore a two piece suit that was blue with green and blue polka dots, plus two blue bands around her thighs.

Fluttershy wore a green two piece with red stripes while having a flower on the center of the top piece and another on the bottom piece. She also wore a purple flower band around her left wrist and another like it around her thigh.

Rainbow Dash wore a blue two piece with grey trimmings with two rainbow themed bands on her wrists and a cloth wrapped around her right thigh.

Applejack wore a two piece with one side of it green and the other red while having two red and green bands on her wrists and two and with the same colors around her right thigh.

Sonata wore a blue two piece with red trimmings on the top and purple on the bottom. She had a sting attach to both pieces with gold rings and had spike purple wristbands and a purple band around her left thigh.

Sunset wore a magenta two piece with yellow and orange stripes on it. She had on a band that was a mixture of both red and yellow like they were fire, having green pearls on her ears and a small blue flower in her hair.

The guys looked on in awe as they examined the girls in their amazing outfits. They took one look of themselves as they were mostly wearing bland swimming trunks and had towels over their shoulders or under their arms. The only one that had a shirt on was Rivet.

Rivet pursed his lips. “Does anyone here feel like they have a girl that’s out of their league and feel like we don’t deserve them in the slightest?” he asked the other guys.

All at once, the guys raised their hands as they continuously stared at their respective girlfriend’s beauty.

“I thought so.”

“Hey, can one of you guys give me a hand with this net?” Rainbow Dash asked as she was setting up a volleyball net.

“I’ll help,” Rivet as he walked over to Rainbow Dash.

“Clyde dear, do you mind rubbing some sunscreen on my back?” Rarity asked as she laid down on a towel on her front. “I couldn’t reach for my back and thought that you would be more than willing to help me with my little problem.” She winked at him.

Clyde blushed with a grinning smile. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be more than happy to help,” he said and walked over to her. He got on his knees and squirted some of the sunscreen in his hand.

“Babe, you got to come in, the water feels so great,” Sunset yelled as her body was halfway into the water with some of the other girls.

“I’m on it!” Soul said. He dropped his towel and ran over to the water to join Sunset. He stepped into the water and felt it was warm and very relaxing. He made his way over to Sunset and stood next to her as he felt the small waves hitting against his body.

“Wow, it really does feel good,” Soul commented.

Sunset smiled and looked out to the horizon of the sea as the birds were soaring through the skies and saw a few fish jumping out of the water and back in. “It’s so beautiful out here,” Sunset commented. “Don’t you think so?”

Soul looked out to the ocean for a moment before looking back at Sunset. He couldn’t help gaze at Sunset’s beauty as water was dripping down from her hair. She turned to look at him to see that he was staring at her happily and lightly blushed.

“I think what I’m seeing is no doubt beautiful,” Soul commented. He wrapped his arm around Sunset and pulled her in closer as he leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Just as the two were kissing, in the corner of Sunset’s eyes, she saw a large wave heading towards them. She let out a scream and Soul joined as soon as he saw it too. The wave splashed on top of them, causing them to be pushed back towards the beach. The two were on their backs against the wet sand, with seaweed in Sunset’s hair and Soul spitting out a stream of water.

Letting out a cheer, Pinkie was on a boogie board and raised her arms up high. “Whoo! That was awesome!” she chimed. “Did you guys see that? It was so big! I hope there’s some surfboards around here.”

Soul and Sunset sat up and looked at Pinkie with half-lid eyes.

“Yes Pinkie, we saw it,” Sunset replied with a low growl.

“Wow, you two looked totally wiped,” Pinkie commented.

“You could say that,” Soul said.

“Hey, who’s up for some volleyball?” Rainbow Dash asked as she held up a ball in her hand.

“Oh, oh, me! I want in!” Pinkie replied as she got off of her board and made her way over to the others. Soul and Sunset got up and were right behind her to join in with their friends.

“No thanks, I’m just going to rest here and relax,” Rarity said as she laid on her stomach and had her eyes closed while there was an umbrella over her.

“And I’ve played enough ball games for a while, I’ll just watch,” Clyde said.

“How do we play this?” Rivet asked.

“I say we play by couples,” Rainbow Dash replied. “That way, there’s an even number of people to play against.”

“Um, Sonata and Ah don’t have boyfriends,” Applejack pointed out.

“Gee, thanks for bringing that up,” Sonata commented as she glared.

Applejack rolled her eyes.

“Fine, then you two can act like a couple then,” Rainbow Dash retorted with a sly smile.

Applejack blushed and let out a groan. “Ya could’ve worded that better,” she commented.

“Okay, I’ll go along with it, but there’d better be some tongue action in the end,” Sonata said.

Everyone looked at Sonata with puzzled expressions.

“Um, you know that I’m kidding, right Sonata?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Sonata’s face was blank for a moment before she coughed into her hand. “S-So was I, so was I,” she said meekly.

“Oooookay,” Rainbow Dash said, awkwardly. “Let’s just get this game started. Pinkie, Swift, you two go against me and Rivet.”

“Woo hoo!” Pinkie chimed.

“Alright, I’m down with this,” Swift said. “What are the rules?”

“We play until the team that first score seven points wins. That way we can move through this game fast and everyone get a chance to play,” Rainbow Dash explained. “I’ll serve first!”

Rainbow Dash and Rivet got into their side of the sand while Pinkie and Swift did the same. Rainbow Dash held the ball in her hand until she threw it up in the air and slapped it towards Pinkie and Swift’s side.

“Here it comes!” Pinkie cried.

“I got it!” Swift said as he ran towards the ball.

Swift jumped in the air to intercept the ball and was about to hit it back, but as he swiped at it, he missed and the ball hit him in the face. He fell to the sand on his back with the ball bouncing off of his face and still in the air. Pinkie ran over to where the ball was going and hit the ball with two of her hands. The ball went flying over the net back towards Rainbow Dash and Rivet’s side.

“I got this!” Rivet shouted.

Rivet intercepted the ball and hit back in the air. The ball was still over by their side as it was near the net. Rainbow Dash jumped in the air and smack her hand on the ball. The ball rocketed towards Pinkie and Swift’s side, and Pinkie tried to stop it as she jumped in the way of it but it swept past her and she fell on top of Swift. The ball landed on the sand, and Pinkie and Swift let out a groans.

Rainbow Dash let out a victorious cheer and pumped her fist in the air. “Yeah, first score!” she chimed.

“Nice shot, Dash,” Rivet commented.

Pinkie got up and shook her head. “Come on, Swifty! We can’t let them beat us like this!” Pinkie said. “Our pride is on the line!”

Swift sat up and rubbed the side of his head. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. “They have the first point. We still have plenty of time to bea-”

-Ten Minutes Later-

Swift and Pinkie were panting heavily as Rainbow Dash and Rivet had sly smiles on their faces. The two had only one point to go before they would win the match, whereas Pinkie and Swift were only able to get a couple.

Pinkie looked over to Swift with a glare. “Oh, we still have plenty of time to beat them you said. They only have the first point you said. Rivet is barely a player you said. And the cake you made for me wasn’t too badly burnt you said,” she said in a sarcastic tone. “Well, what do you think of this now!?”

Swift let out a weary sigh. “I keep telling you, that cake wasn’t too badly burnt,” he replied. “I loved eating it. It was like I was eating edible gold.”

“Come on, I want to get this defeat over with so I can beat the next set of suckers,” Rainbow Dash commented.

“Hey, we’re next!” Soul pointed out.

“Man, it’s going to be easier than beating these two,” Rainbow Dash commented as she twirled the ball on her finger.

Sunset rolled her eyes and Soul glared at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash served the ball and it was heading over to Pinkie and Swift’s side. Pinkie intercepted and bounced the ball back over to the other side of the net. Rainbow Dash hit the ball and it went high over her head for a moment, letting Rivet jump towards it. He smacked the ball over the net, but Swift ran to intercept. Swift slid and bounced the ball off of his arms, and Pinkie quickly smacked it back. Rainbow Dash took a few steps back as the ball headed towards her and she smacked it far over the net and over both Pinkie and Swift. Swift looked at Rainbow Dash and smiled.

“HA! You hit it too hard!” Swift commented.

“Wait for it,” Rainbow Dash commented.

Swift raised a confused brow.

The ball headed straight towards Rarity’s umbrella and it bounced off of it, causing it to fall over. Rarity was in a deep sleep and didn’t notice that her umbrella had been knocked out of place. Everyone was so focused on the ball that they didn’t notice either. The ball went back towards Swift and hit him in the back of the head. His face collided with the sand and the ball landed next to him.

“SCORE!” Rainbow Dash cheered. “And all the crowd goes wild as team Dash wins the medal!” She was pumping her arms in the air as she was making fake cheers of her victory.

“NNNOOOOOOOO!” Pinkie cried as she got on her knees and looked to the heavens. “WHY GOD!? WWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!?”

“Don’t count your chickens just yet, Dash,” Applejack said. “Ya still need to beat the rest of us to win that medal.”

“Oh yeah? Then bring it on,” Rainbow Dash said.

“So, you wanna go next then?” Soul asked.

“With pleasure,” Applejack replied, cracking her knuckles. “Come on, Sonata. We got some ass to kick.”

“Sweet and then we make out afterwards, right?” Sonata asked.

Applejack looked at Sonata with half-lid eyes and a raised brow.

“Right, sorry.”

Time passed as everyone played the game. Applejack was true to her word and had beaten Rainbow Dash and Rivet at the game. At the end, Sonata had almost kissed Applejack, but Applejack was able to stop her and the two had a talk about Rainbow Dash’s comment. All the couples, except for Clyde and Rarity, had played with one another as they would either win or lose. But everyone was having fun and making memories together at the beach. Eventually the sun was setting over the ocean’s horizon and was getting dark.

Everyone was getting their things together to head back inside. Clyde went over to where Rarity was and as he was about to wake her up, he winced and had a scared expression on him. With a gulp, he gently shook Rarity to wake her up.

“Um, Rarity are you okay?” he asked concernedly.

Rarity slowly opened her eyes and let out a yawn. “Yes dear, I’m fine,” she replied. “Oh my, how long was I awake? The sun is already going down.” She sat up and just as she was stretching her arms, she felt a burning pain in them and winced. “OW!”

“Rarity, I think you might want to go slow with the stretches,” Clyde said. “In fact, you might want to take it easy right now.”

Rarity looked over to see that her umbrella was tipped over and her eyes widened with horror. “Clyde…. How long was my umbrella been tipped over?” she asked in a calm tone with a hint of worry.

“I don’t know,” Clyde replied. “But I think it might have been like that for a few hours.”

“Clyde, take a picture of my back quick!” Rarity said in a panicked tone.

Clyde reached down into his bag and pulled out his phone. With one quick snap of Rarity’s back, he gave her the phone and she looked over it. With one glance, Rarity gasped and let out a bloody shriek which tore Clyde’s ears apart. The picture showed Rarity’s back having a deep red sunburn.


“You still got me,” Clyde commented.

“THIS IS NO TIME FOR JOKES, CLYDE!” Rarity shouted. She got up on her feet and glared at everyone that was either looking at her with worried looks or was holding in their laughs. “WHO DID THIS!? WHO KNOCKED OVER MY UMBRELLA!?”

“I don’t know, but that is just so hilarious!” Rainbow Dash said as she started to laugh. “It’s like someone burnt a marshmallow too much.”

Rarity let out a groan. “Now what am I going to do?” she asked herself. “My skin is ruined, and I’ll never be the same again!”

Applejack rolled her eyes and walked over to Rarity.

“Oh don’t fret, sugarcube,” Applejack said. “Ah’ve brought some medicine in case something like this happens. And if ya really want to get rid of it fast, Ah suggest taking a cold bath for a bit. But not ice cold, ya don’t want to get sick or something.” She then unintentionally patted Rarity on the back hard and Rarity winced with pain. Rarity shot an angry glare at Applejack while she had a sheepish smile. “Hehe, sorry.”

“Fine Applejack, I’ll see what assistance you can offer,” Rarity said. “But please make it quick, I don’t want to be like this forever!”

“Oh, quit being a baby,” Rainbow Dash commented. “It’s just sunburn.”

“It’s very painful to have, Rainbow Dash!” Rarity yelled. “Do you see how red it is!? My skin is going to be winkly for a while and it’ll be like peeling off some of my beauty!”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get going,” Applejack said as she grabbed Rarity’s hand. “Let’s get ya all fixed up.”

“Hey wait, whose car is that?” Night asked as he pointed towards another car that was parked up near the house.

Everyone looked over to see the car parked, and Soul’s eyes widened when he recognized who it belonged to.


Soul ran over to the house past the others. Everyone raised a brow except for Applejack for Soul’s sudden behavior. Soul kept on running until he ran to the back porch and opened the back door. When he got inside, he saw a man with white hair like his who wore only short pants and an open shirt with floral designs on it. And from where Soul was standing, he saw a very familiar woman in the kitchen as she was cooking something on the stove.

The man looked at Soul and smiled. “Hey bud, you guys coming back in?” Comet asked.

“Dad? Mom? What are you two doing here?” Soul asked with confusion in his voice.

“Well, when you told us that you and your friends were coming here to the beach and went off, we talked with the other parents and Clyde’s brother, and we all decided that we would keep an eye on you all,” Dawn explained. “What? Did you think we would just let a bunch of teens be up here by themselves without any supervision whatsoever?”

“But don’t you guys trust us?” Soul asked.

“Your dad does, but for me?” Dawn replied. “Hell no. So we’re here for the whole weekend.”

Soul’s eyes twitched and he let out a deep breath. “Would you give me a moment?” he asked as he closed the door behind him and walked back towards the beach. As soon as he stepped on the sand, he fell to his knees and held out his hand towards the heavens.


Everyone ran over to Soul with urgency, except for Rarity as she was having trouble keeping up.

“Soul, what’s wrong!?” Sunset asked worriedly.

“My parents are here!” Soul replied. “And they’re going to watch over us for the entire weekend!”

“.... So? It can't be that bad,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You don’t understand! My mom has a very strong value in our moral beliefs, so she’ll make sure we can no longer share the same bed with each other,” Soul said. “We’ll start to share the same bed with just guys or girls!”

Rainbow Dash eyes widened with horror and she dropped her ball. “You mean Rivet and I can’t have our fun time!?” she asked, frantically.

“Yes, that’s what I’m telling you!” Soul said. “That means no Rarity or Clyde!”

Rarity and Clyde gasped.

“No Pinkie and Swift!”

Pinkie had a panicked look on her, and Swift fainted.

“No Night and…. Actually you guys weren’t going to do anything, so you two are good,” Soul said in a calm tone. “But no me or Sunny!”

Sonata let out a gasp. “And that means no Applejack and me time!” she said.

Applejack placed her head on her forehead and let out an irritated sigh. “For the last time, we’re not a real couple!” she pointed out. “Rainbow Dash was making a joke! And we’re both girls! We don’t have to worry about that!”

“Oh yeah? If we’re not a couple, then how come we’re sharing the same bed then?” Sonata retorted.

Applejack let out groan.

“Guys, I think maybe we’re letting this get out of hand,” Sunset said. “So what if we’re not going to get some time with each other at night? We mostly came here to have fun together as friends, right?”

Everyone thought for a moment and started to nod and agree with Sunset’s words. Soul then grabbed Sunset by the shoulder and pulled her in closer to her.

“It’s not just that!” Soul said.

Sunset raised a brow. “Then what is the problem?” she asked.

“It’s my mom’s mood swings!” Soul said. “Ever since she’s been having my future sibling, she’s been letting her emotions go wild. Even more so than usual. Just like Rarity.”


“It can’t be that bad,” Sunset commented.

All of a sudden, everyone jumped back as they heard yelling coming from the house.


“Um.... Did you look in the drawers?” Comet meekly asked.

“.... Oh, here they are,” Dawn said. “Thanks, sweetie.”

“N-No problem, honey,” Comet said with a weak laugh.

Swift gulped. “We are doomed,” he said.

Sonata turned her head for a moment to see that another car was coming in the driveway. The car parked, and two girls came out of it. One girl had crimson irises and big puffy hair that was colored orange with yellow streaks in it. The other was a lavender-skinned girl with violet irises and dark purple hair with aqua streaks in it.

Sonata beamed a smile and was jumping up and down. “ARIA! D’AGI! YOU GIRLS CAME!” she exclaimed as she ran over to give Aria a hug.

Aria let out an irritated groan. “Sonata, what have we talked about personal space?” she asked angrily.

Adagio looked over to the rest of the group with shocked expressions. “I’m guessing Sonata didn’t tell you guys we were coming, huh?” she asked.

“Okay, now we’re just screwed,” Rivet commented.

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