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Unchanging Love - luxuryyacht

A young colt struggles to deal with his family life, meanwhile the CMC have found evidence of changelings living in ponyville.

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Chapter 3 - It all comes together

Chapter 3

A single light clicked on in a dark room, illuminating two foals tied to a chair while leaving the surrounding area in total darkness.

"Dah, this is fun!" one of the prisoners managed groggily.

"No it isn't, Snails," his co-captive corrected.

"Oh. Then why are we doing this, Snips?" Snails asked, perplexed.

"Enough talking," a female voice snapped from the darkness. "Now, start talking," the disembodied voice added grimly.

"But you just said to stop talking," Snails stated flatly, slouching as much as his bonds would allow him.

"Who are you? Where are we? Why are we tied up?" Snips fired in rapid succession. They were answered by a single sharp stamp of a hoof.

"I'll ask the questions here. Where were you on May the 14th!?" the voice demanded.

"Uh it sounds like Scootaloo, Snips," Snails said, twisting his head to the left to look at him.

"Why would she want to tie us up?" Snips asked as his gaze shot up to meet Snails'.

"Answer the question!" Scootaloo demanded impotently.

"Maybe so she could ask us questions," Snails offered, a hopeful look in eyes.

"But she could've done that without foalnapping us," Snips pointed out as he shifted his attention back to the darkness, where the sound of hooves pacing was growing louder as well as more irritated.

"Admit it, you two have been acting strange recently. Like you're not yourselves," Scootaloo said through gritted teeth.

"But if we weren't ourselves, then who would we be?" Snails asked, innocently slack-jawed and staring into the light overhead.

"Ahg! Applebloom, you interrogate the prisoners!" Scootaloo exploded.

"Why don't I get to do the interrogating?" Sweetie Belle asked, annoyed.

"Because you're about as intimidating as Spike," Scootaloo shot back as the door to the clubhouse burst open, spilling daylight into the room, revealing the odd tableau.

"Hey!" Spike called from just outside the door, offended.

"No pony will be interrogating any pony," Twilight said sternly as she entered, steel in her eyes. "Now untie those colts and apologize."

"But!" the three fillies protested as they formed their typical phalanx.

"Guh, we're sorry, Twilight," Snails said causing everyone to cock an eyebrow in his direction.

"Not you, Snails," Twilight clarified, drawing out the 'not', then shifted her attention back to the crusaders as she continued, "Girls, no buts. You could've saved yourselves a whole lot of trouble once this is over if you did what I told you to do, and you could've been seriously hurt if you had actually found a changeling." The girls' faces sank at this.

"You're right, we should've stayed at the library like you said, but we just wanted to help," Applebloom sighed dejectedly.

"You did help, by bringing the slime to me in the first place, and you can still help by showing me where you found it. Running off, when I needed you, to seek out danger didn't help anything," Twilight explained gently.

"Yeah..." Scootaloo murmured.

"We're sorry guys," Sweetie Belle said as she untied Snips and Snails.

"Eh, the afternoon was looking pretty boring anyway," Snips suggested as he hopped down from the chair, and the two colts headed for the door.

Comet had taken his book to a spot out back, under a tree. He had started with every intention to hate this story, just out of spite. The more he read however, the more he realized that his dad had been right, and the more he liked the book, the more it hurt. Not that he was wrong about a book, he only opposed the book out of misguided emotions toward his father. The real reason he was upset with his parents, he realized, was because he knew that if they ever found out his secret, it was all over. He wasn't a real pony, he was a soul sucking monster. He was sure his unwitting family would hate him, because he hated him.

Twilight, Spike, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo arrived at the school house, having divested themselves of their former captives. "Ok, now where's the exact spot?" Twilight asked the three fillies, who then led her around back to some bushes. "Well, here goes nothing," Twilight muttered as her horn pulsed with energy. The remaining pool of snot shimmered briefly, and then glowing pinkish hoofprints appeared.

"Whoa," Spike said, "What spell is that?"

"It's a modified version of that lost puppy spell we worked on last month," Twilight answered, "Now all we have to do is follow these prints back to their owner."

The door to Inkwell's office was slightly ajar, as was his custom. He always welcomed interruption, even though it meant he had written far less than he probably should have. Wishing Well nudged the door open soundlessly. Inkwell was sat at a desk on the far wall in front of a window that let plenty.of natural light in. He wore a pair of horn-rimmed reading glasses, and in his mouth he held a quill that twitched and danced across the paper on the cluttered writing desk. She waited for her husband to dip the quill into his namesake to enter and make her presence known. A ritual the two of them had performed countless times before.
"I'm not complaining, but this is certainly sooner than I expected. Is everything alright?" Inkwell asked as he swiveled his head around to his wife behind him. A faint smile crossing his face. Wishing Well bit her lip slightly, hesitating as she tried to form her thoughts.
"Ink, I’m worried about Comet,” she said, walking closer.

“Why’s that?” Inkwell asked, spinning his chair to face her.

“I’m not sure, but something just doesn’t seem right with him lately. He tries to open up to me occasionally, but I think what he needs right now is you,” Wishing Well said softly but firmly as she closed the last few feet between them.

“His attitude has changed recently,” Inkwell sighed as he removed his glasses and pursed his lips as he looked away, “but I’m not sure what I can do. I’m not as good as you are at this parenting stuff,” He added, eyes downcast, absently tapping his specs on the arm of his chair. Wishing Well gently brought her hoof to her mate’s chin and slowly lifted his face until their eyes met once more.

“I would be frightened if you were as good a mother as I am, but right now, he needs a father, and you are far better at that than you realize,” she said, smiling.

“You’re right,” Inkwell said softly, returning the smile, then louder, with a smirk touching the corners of his eyes, “and thankfully, you’re best wife in Equestria.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere mister,” Wish said, dropping her hoof back to the floor and striking a dignified pose. “Well, not exactly nowhere…” she flirted.

Comet found himself in a cave. A brown stallion up ahead waved a hoof back at him and called out, “Do keep up, Master Comet.” Comet scurried after him, but he tripped on a stone, and the ground landed a right hook on his jaw.

“Sweet Celestia, dear uncle, what is that creature!?” A colt exclaimed, staring right at him.

“No,” Comet mumbled, “No, please, not again.” He lifted a hoof to his eyes and confirmed the worst of his fears. Chiton covered the swiss-cheese like flesh of his true form. He began to rise as he called out to the expedition, “You need to run, right now, fast as you can!” The cavern began to tremble and the light became dim. “GO!” he shouted, but the group of adventurers just cast their gaze about the cave in a feeble panic as it came crashing through the tunnel wall. As the creatures that stalk the nightmares of little ponies so often are, it full form was never really ascertainable. Occasionally Comet could see a limb or mouth in perfect detail, but those pieces never made a whole. He was sure of only three things. 1, it was big. 2, it was shadow. 3, it was hungry, and it gobbled the trio of ponies before they even began to register what was happening. “No!” Comet shouted, “NOT AGAIN!” he charged the beast, planted his front hooves and spun with the momentum and bucked the thing as hard as he could, hooves thundering into what he thought was a leg. White hot pain shot down the colts legs with the jar of impact.
“My childer so rarely try to play with me these days,” the headless, roiling mass of claws and teeth spoke, in a voice more felt than heard.
“I’m not playing…” Comet growled, “I’m going to end you.” he lowered his head and scraped at the rock floor, wings spread. It laughed, a sick, greasy laugh. The kind that slithers in through your ears and coats your brain with sick.
“You are mine, spawn. A courier, a vessel and nothing more, or have you forgot our previous encounters?” Comet’s eyes went wide at this.
“Mom… Dad… oh Celestia, no,” he muttered in remembrance. It laughed again.
“I do so enjoy playing this game you, little vessel,” the beast said as Comet bolted. It tore after him, overcoming its inertia effortlessly. “The others have all accepted their place and merely pour their bounty into me, but you, you entertain me.” It sent a pseudopod at Comet like a bolt of shadowy lightning, but he had taken to the air and flown up a chute overhead and the strike crashed harmlessly into the cavern wall. It just became a massive worm and gave chase. As Comet was starting to think he had lost the beast its voice echoed up the chimney. “You were made to deceive, to steal.”
“Oh, come on!” Comet shouted, “Right, shapeshifting, two can play at that game.” Comet spun as he burst into a cavern. It came up after him and when it did the claws of a manticore drove into the hide of the mighty worm.
“but you have allowed your own lie to burrow its way deep into your false heart.” It didn’t even notice as it continued its soliloquy. Comet became a cockatrice and poured every bit of venom and will into a deathgaze. “Hmm, our time is at an end. Until next time, youngling.” It came crashing down over him, drawing out the energy of his parents’ love.

The Well’s made their way down the stairs, through the kitchen, and out the back door to the yard, where, sure enough, Comet lay with a book in front of him under the old ash tree. His face was flush, the hair on his cheeks matted. He was staring, shocked, off down a hoof path where Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and the trio of fillies from earlier were coming to a halt. The Well’s looked confused as well.
"Stay back Mr and Mrs Well. That's not your son, he's a changeling!" Twilight commanded as she planted her hooves and brought up a surge of will that caused a sunburst of energy to explode from her horn, washing over the whole area with a pale magenta light. When the dazzling display was finished, a small insectoid creature sat in the place the colt had been, looking panicked. Inkwell’s jaw set, his face hardening, and he moved to stand before the little changeling.
“Inkwell, let me handle this. You’re blocking my line of sight,” Twilight pleaded.
“Yes, I am,” he said as he turned to face Twilight Sparkle as Wishing Well joined him. "and you’re wrong Twilight, he may be a changeling, but he is our son," he said gravely.

"What?" Twilight blurted, her eyes going wide, trying to make sense of the scene.

"Inkwell and I had tried for a long time to have children, but couldn't. I had wished for it so hard for so long, but... nothing. Until one night there was a shooting star and I wished on that for a foal of our own. The next morning we found Comet on our doorstep," Wishing Well explained.

"We couldn't put our finger on it, but we knew Comet wasn't a normal pony. We didn't care though, and we don't care now. He is our son, and we love him," Inkwell said firmly as he turned back to the terrified little thing, his face softening. "Comet," he said in a steady quiet voice, "you don't have to be afraid. Your mother and I will always be here for you, and we love you. No matter what." Wishing Well laid down and put a foreleg over Comet, tears rolling down her face and into his buggy mane. Inkwell joined in and the family hugged each other. It was an odd sight to see, two ponies and a changeling in it's natural form in that heartfelt embrace. But then Comet began to glow, subtly at first and then growing in intensity until it was blinding. When the light died, Comet looked like he had this morning at the library. He seemed just as surprised as everypony else.

"Did he just change back?" Spike asked.

"No Spike," Twilight started hesitantly, "My spell is still in effect, I can feel it. That's really him!"

"I love you Mom and Dad!" Comet exclaimed after he was done staring at himself, throwing himself back into the embrace with his parents.

Twilight came out of her crouch with a relaxed smile, taking in the sight. Then turned around and lowered her head as she whispered, “Come on, let’s leave them to it.” Her coterie nodded and they all went to slip off back to town.

“Wait!” Comet cried as he burst from his parents embrace and ran up to Twilight. They turned to the little colt. “Miss Sparkle, I’d like to write the Princess, if that’s alright.” Twilight gave him a warm smile and glanced sidelong at Spike.

“I don’t know. Spike, do you have any letter writing material?” she smiled as she asked the question even though she knew the answer.

"Sure do!" he responded, producing a scroll and quill with a flourish, flashed a wicked grin, then assumed his writing stance. Comet gathered his thoughts briefly, then poured out his heart.

"Dear Princess Celestia, Today, I learned that no matter what you may think of yourself, your true family and friends will always love you, no matter what. If you let go of fear, and let them love you, it can transform you into who you really are. Your faithful subject, Comet."

"Got it," Spike said, rolling the scroll up and then bathed it in green spellfire. The Well’s came up on either side of their son, and the trio waved as the group trotted off down the path.

They soon came to a fork and Applebloom said excitedly, "I can't wait to get back to the farm and tell everypony about this!"

"Yeah, Rarity is gonna love this story!" Sweetie Belle agreed. The two of them half bolted in different directions towards their respective families.

"What are you going to do Scootaloo?" Twilight asked carefully. Scootaloo's head sunk a little and she kicked up a small dust devil with her hoof. "Uh, you could come back to the library if you want. I have some things to do still today, but I could probably reschedule them to next Tuesday." Twilight tried to flash a big grin to show that everything was fine, but it wasn’t working. Scootaloo turned to respond, but then a boisterous voice called out. "Hiya Squirt!"

"Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo exclaimed, her head shooting straight up and a huge grin spreading across her face.

"The one and only," Rainbow Dash said, chin held high with one hoof placed proudly on her chest. Then shifting forward she cocked her head and asked "Hey, you wanna catch the Wonderbolts? They're performing in Baltimare and if we leave now I should be able to get us there in time for the first fly over."

"Do I!?” Scootaloo exclaimed as she shot up into the air, eyes wide. Then, first her face and then the rest of her, sinking slowly back to the ground as her undersized wings buzzed, she added, “But Baltimare is like, forever away. How can we possibly get there in time?" Rainbow sat back and arched an eyebrow.

"Kid, try to remember who you're talking to," and with that Dash grabbed Scoots and flew off, while the little filly squealed with delight.

"Well Spike, all in all, everything turned out fine,” Twilight said, looking up into the sky as the two pegasi slowly disappeared into the distance.
Spike padded up beside her, gazing similarly. "Yup, no fallout from that adventure whatsoever," he added.

When they arrived back at the library there was a huge crowd gathered at the door. When they saw her one of them cried out, "There she is!" The whole lot of angry ponies were all shouting things about what they needed from the library and how long they had been waiting.
Mayor Mare saw the scene and came walking up to her and said, "Twilight, you really must maintain regular hours. Ponies need to know that when they visit a public institution in Ponyville that it will be open to serve them."

"Yes Mayor," Twilight replied with a sigh.

High up within her fortress, far to the east of Ponyville, the changeling queen laid on a bed mewling cat like creatures. She was deeply annoyed as she watched her witless brood try to re-establish the magical link to her sleeper agents. They had minimal success over the last few days with the new scrying eyes she had created. Then, one by one the eyes began to reveal images from all over the world. Equestria, Saddle Arabia, and even the Zebra tribal regions began to flit across the crystalline spheres. Chrysalis rose majestically and stalked over to get a closer look, and as she did a few of the little cat things scurried off to play with a dust bunny.

"Excellent work Commander, I knew you were not entirely incompetent." The Commander inclined his head to her at this near-compliment.

"Thank you, my Queen," and added as he ended the bow. "Will my Lady like any of the sleepers to awaken?"

"No, not yet." Chrysalis looked over the spheres, each depicting what each of her unwitting progeny were seeing in real time. "Needs must that I locate that insolent little-" she trailed off as an image of Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders came into view on one of the spheres. "Well, that was quick..." she watched as the scene played out, and then suddenly, the sphere lost connection. The Commander immediately struck the technician shouting, "Get it working again!"

"It does not matter," the queen of the with the pain changelings said, turning away from the wall of scrying eyes. "I now know that Twilight Sparkle is in Ponyville, and that she has some connection to those three little fillies." She walked out onto the balcony and gazed to the west over her new kingdom. It was charred, and green mucus coated much of the buildings that made up the once peaceful town. "Now," she intoned gravely, "I can plan my revenge."

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so did he turn into a pony or did he just change back into his disguise at the end?

6040947 his true form is now that of the earth pony he seemed his whole life. He is free of any psychic connections and no longer can shapeshift or feed on love.

6039273 in short, I'm quite new the whole fanfic thing. My eyes don't work so well (macular degeneration) so I typically take in stories via audio books. I wrote this story a few years ago (which is why it's an s3 story) and figured I'd just put the completed story out there. I fully admit I'm not very knowledgeable on the conventions of the genre. Thank you for taking the time to help me along.

Comet found himself in a cave. A brown stallion up ahead...

...It came crashing down over him, drawing out the energy of his parents’ love.

I don't understand this scene. Is it a dream, or a memory, or does this actually happen between the other scenes?

It seems that someone who feeds on love would be more interested in pleasing his parents than a normal kid would be.

I like the way you represented Twi, Spike and the CMC in this story. Your OCs were cute too.

6444942 ag! you're right, I completely forgot. Guess I've split off the main timeline. :)

6445012 it's a dream sequence. Perhaps a bit clumsy as I don't set up much about how I see this scenario playing out and the metaphysical structure at work. Perhaps if I ever get around to writing the followup (it deals with the creature in Comet's nightmares, an ancient spirit of hunger that, well, that's spoilers...) it'll be more clear. Thanks for the comments and sorry I didn't notice them sooner.

"We couldn't put our finger on it, but we knew Comet wasn't a normal pony.

I didn't know ponies had a finger to put on things. Is it one of those giant foam ones? :pinkiesmile:

6797945 haha, you got me. :D

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