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Comet and his father have always had issues relating to one another, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders' discovery of a mysterious substance near their school would end up changing their relationship forever. This story takes place during season 3.

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so did he turn into a pony or did he just change back into his disguise at the end?

6040947 his true form is now that of the earth pony he seemed his whole life. He is free of any psychic connections and no longer can shapeshift or feed on love.

6039273 in short, I'm quite new the whole fanfic thing. My eyes don't work so well (macular degeneration) so I typically take in stories via audio books. I wrote this story a few years ago (which is why it's an s3 story) and figured I'd just put the completed story out there. I fully admit I'm not very knowledgeable on the conventions of the genre. Thank you for taking the time to help me along.

How about something by Jewels Barn, A Journey to the Center of Equestria.

Good one. I never get tired of good pony puns

"Alright girls," Twilight started, deciding the best way to minimize damage was to be directly involved.

Good job Twi, that's using your head.

I need you to stay here and watch the library for me while I'm away.

Never mind :facehoof:

"Oh, I think I remember Rarity mentioning something about them.

The CMC were there when it happened; they were Cadence's flower girls.

Comet found himself in a cave. A brown stallion up ahead...

...It came crashing down over him, drawing out the energy of his parents’ love.

I don't understand this scene. Is it a dream, or a memory, or does this actually happen between the other scenes?

It seems that someone who feeds on love would be more interested in pleasing his parents than a normal kid would be.

I like the way you represented Twi, Spike and the CMC in this story. Your OCs were cute too.

6444942 ag! you're right, I completely forgot. Guess I've split off the main timeline. :)

6445012 it's a dream sequence. Perhaps a bit clumsy as I don't set up much about how I see this scenario playing out and the metaphysical structure at work. Perhaps if I ever get around to writing the followup (it deals with the creature in Comet's nightmares, an ancient spirit of hunger that, well, that's spoilers...) it'll be more clear. Thanks for the comments and sorry I didn't notice them sooner.

"We couldn't put our finger on it, but we knew Comet wasn't a normal pony.

I didn't know ponies had a finger to put on things. Is it one of those giant foam ones? :pinkiesmile:

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