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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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Author's Note:

Greetings! My name is Hotspot the 626th bringing another crazy story to FF community! I've recently (a little over two years now) became a fan of My Little Pony. And when I mean fan, I don't mean Brony. I'm pretty sure I don't fall under that category. Anyway, I do like MLP, its a very good show with a lot of imagination, good life lessons, good humor, and good stories. Definitely a shining cartoon jewel in an otherwise dull programming on TV, excluding anime. Which is how I started watching it in the first place.

And as such, I've read a few fanfics on this site of My Little Pony. A few are in my favorites. I think most of the good ones are on FiMFiction XD Anyway, I also looked for any good crossovers, but I have yet to find any that are (to me) interesting.

So, I had tried to write a crossover my favorite pirate crew, the Straw Hats, with my new interest. At first, I had nothing. But then, suddenly inspiration (and boredom) led to this story.

Now for some important stuff:

1. Straw Hats are part of the main cast that will feature in these chapters.

2. Not just One Piece, but a few other animes will also be featured. At current: Naruto, Fairy Tail, and maybe Sword Art Online (I've got something, trust me.) Characters from other animes will be recurring characters

3. While I will take anime suggestions, it's ultimately my decision. I'm not gonna suddenly overcrowd the MLP world with anime characters.

4. Should the the idea of pairings come up, please direct them towards the actual MLP cast. Most of the anime characters will have one should I choose to include such. Also, I don't do same-sex pairings.

5. Since I'll be using most of the episodes of MLP as a guide, I feel to change certain aspects of certain episodes beyond just including new characters. I hope you like them.

I think that's all I want to say about that. I hope that you all enjoy. And please, if there is some kind of pony grammar problem (or anything else) please tell me in your review.

And now...Read, Review, and one with the the show!




Gold Roger, the King of Equestria, had this and everything else the world had to offer. With his nieces, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, he ruled justly over the ponies of Equestria. He gave his nieces power over the Sun and Moon lowering and raising them each day. However, the young Princess Luna seeing how all ponies praised the sun yet slumbered through her beautiful night grew jealous of her older sister. In her jealousy, she became corrupted turning into Nightmare Moon. As Nightmare Moon, she sought to overthrow not only her sister, but the king as well. With a sadden heart, the older sister used the Elements of Harmony to seal her sister away into the moon. The king was saddened by this turn of events. And so, a thousand years pass by…

Canterlot, Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns:

After a year of classes, studies, and private tutoring from Princess Celestia herself, Twilight Sparkle had become quite accustom to her new life in Canterlot. She enjoyed every minute of learning, especially with the princess. Though it was not without its hardships. She missed her parents, but they would come for a ‘Family Weekend’ being is hosted every month or so. She also missed her brother Shining Armor, who had gone to Cadet School to one day be in the Royal Guard. She still had Miss. Smartypants, but she had no pony to call her friend. It is not like she did not try. Rather, the other unicorns found her a little odd. Some ponies were just plain stuck up. All she had was her teachers, Spike the baby dragon who she hatched, and Princess Celestia. Not many of them would or could play with her when she would like.

But soon, all that changed with a chance encounter.

On this day, young Twilight was heading to the school library to borrow a book for an upcoming test. While receiving the basic book on the subject, Twilight was a pony that liked to expand her knowledge showing off her skills in learning magic. She entered the library, a place she practically called her ‘second home’. She went straight to the desk librarian unicorn.

“Excuse me?” Twilight asked to the librarian. “Could you help me find ‘The Art of Teleportation’ please?”

“Yes, I can. Just let me check if we have it.” The librarian said. She turned away from Twilight for a bit as she checked through the library system for the book. Eventually she returned to the young filly, smiling. “We have one copy left.” She said before handing a card over to Twilight with magic.

“Thank you!” Twilight said happy. She took the card with her magic and then happily trotted off.

It didn’t take long for Twilight to find the section where the book was. It was practically her second home for her. As she scanned the bookshelves she eventual found the book. As she picked the book up with her magic somepony else was doing the same. Twilight gasped and looked to see who it is. The pony was a unicorn mare, much older than her, with a purple coat and black mane. She had piercing brown eyes. Her cutie mark was a book with a flower on the cover.

“Oh!” gasped Twilight as she receded her magic off the book. “I’m sorry.” The book then floated over to the older pony, who looked at the book quizzically. The pony then smiled, and floated the book back to Twilight, surprising the filly.

“I have already read this one.” The mare said wearing a friendly smile.

“Thank you.” Twilight said grateful, but sounding a little stunned.

The mare nodded before she trotted off pass the filly. Twilight gasped when she saw stacks of books following behind her. Twilight was incredibly amazed by the sight. Driven by her curiosity, she followed the mare placing her book in her saddlebag. Twilight watched the older pony for a distance. She watched as the purple mare seem to breeze through bookshelves taking books, looking at them, and then either putting them back or keeping them. Twilight wondered what the mare wanted with so many books. Along the way, Twilight watched as some ponies interacted with her. Most of them looked afraid of her. Even Twilight wasn’t avoided by her peers. Twilight couldn’t understand why, and it didn’t seem to bother the mare. Eventually, the mare found a secluded place and set her books around the table. As she got cozy, she began reading a book. The mare spoke up.

“Would you like to join me, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight was caught off guard and slipped from her hiding place. She quickly picked herself up, but looked at the mare surprised. ‘How does she know my name?’ Twilight thought. She then stepped forward revealing herself to the mare.

“Hello.” The mare spoke nicely.

“How did you know my name?” asked Twilight a little worried.

The mare smiled. “I have been told quite a bit about you from…”

“Hello, Robin.”

Twilight turned and gasped when she heard the new voice, who she recognized instantly. Walking out from the aisle was Princess Celestia, the regal alicorn princess. Twilight gasped again. “Princess Celestia!?” Twilight shouted loudly in surprise.

Celestia turned hearing her name, and smiled seeing who it was. “Oh, Twilight. What a surprise to see you here.” She said with a slight chuckle.

The mare, Robin, chuckled as well. “She’s practically a regular here.”

“I have you met yet?” Celestia asked to the mare.

“We just did.”

“Twilight.” Celestia called out softly. The little filly rushed to the princess’ side. She was curious as to what the princess wanted with her.

“Yes, Princess Celestia?”

“I would like to meet a special friend of mine.” Celestia said as she push the little filly forward towards Robin. “This is Nico Robin. She is a talented young mare with a talent for archeology.”

“Archeology?” Twilight said with much intrigue. “That’s the study of pony past.”

Robin nodded, “You are very knowledgeable for a filly your age.”

Twilight blushed. “Well, I wanted to know what kind of jobs I could do. Archeology was interesting.” She said bashfully. She hesitated to continue. She didn’t want to say that she didn’t have any interest in the subject.

“I understand, it wasn’t for you, was it?” Robin said insightful.

Twilight gasped as if the mare had read her mind.

The princess chuckled amused. “It’s alright, my faithful student, she seems a little distant, but she is actually very caring.” She told Twilight.

Twilight looked at her tutor surprised. “But then, why were the other ponies avoiding her?”

Celestia’s smile turned into a frown. Before she could say anything, Robin produced a chuckle that signal her amusement.

“You are very observant, Ms. Student.” Robin said teasing. “I do not have the best standing amongst my peers and those older. I am a bit of an outsider here.”

Twilight could understand the older pony. She didn’t have the best relationship with her peers, and she felt like an outsider. She felt a sense of kinship with the older pony.

“I hate to interrupt you.” Celestia spoke to Robin. “But I was hoping that you could babysit ‘those’ three again.”

Twilight looked up at her mentor. ‘Those three?’ She thought confused.

“I didn’t realize that they were visiting?” Robin said a little surprise understanding what the princess was saying.

“Well, you know him. Anything to be away from the king.” Celestia said with a giggle.

Robin smiled and nodded. “Alright, when will you need me?” She asked curiously.

“Unfortunately, immediately.” Celestia said solemnly.

“Very well.” Robin said as she closed the in front of her.

“It’ll only be for a short while.” Celestia promised sympathetically as the mare took her leave. “I’ll have the librarian keep your books here for when you return.”

Twilight watches the older mare leave. Again, she is brimming with curiosity.

Celestia walked up next to her student. She looked down at her and saw her curiosity. Celestia smiled. She then gave her a nudge. “Twilight, how about you join her.” She said with encouragement. “You can make friends with her and her charges.”

“But princess, I need to study for…”

“You will have plenty of time to study. I’m sure you will do well on the test.” Celestia stated encouragingly. “This would be a great opportunity to make friends.”


“No buts.” Celestia said cutting Twilight off. She then looked up towards Robin. She called out before the mare was out of range. “Robin! A moment.”

The mare stopped and turned. The princess walked over bringing the filly along with her. She had to use magic to drag Twilight as she tried to go against her mentor’s wish. “If it’s not too much trouble, could you take Twilight with you?”

“It would be no trouble.” Robin agreed willingly.

“But…But…But…” Twilight repeated in desperation. She looked between her mentor and the older hoping either one of them could change their minds, but their came none. “…Fine.” Twilight sighed.

“Excellent. Have fun.” Celestia said joyfully as he student walked away with the mare.

Robin and Twilight walked through the streets of Canterlot completely silent. Twilight was way too nervous to speak to the mare. On the other hand, Robin simply did not mind if the girl spoke to her or not. As they trotted towards their destination, Twilight notice that, much like the ponies in the library, other ponies avoided them. They even looked afraid. Again, it was all directed at Robin. While Twilight could understand that the mare had a personality that could intimidate even the Royal Guard, but it seemed that there was something more to the mare than just her personality that frightened them. Twilight wondered if maybe it had to do with the princess’ request.

“Um, Ms. Nico?” Twilight asked cautiously.

Robin did not respond. She did turn to look at Twilight, showing that she had her attention.

“Um, the princess asked you to look after some pony?”

“Yes.” Robin replied quickly and straightforward. She then got a rather devious if not playful smile. “You could say I’m watching over three little Monsters.”

Twilight stopped in shock. She gasped, “M-M-Monsters!” Her imagination began to take hold in her mind. Images of three very different monsters appeared. The sight frightened the filly.

“Yes. They are quite untamable and wild.” Robin added on.

“W-Wild? Untamable!” Twilight repeated scared. The images in her mind soon changed into something even scarier than before.

“In fact, they only ever listen to me, the king, the princess, or the old general, Monkey D. Garp.”

“You mean…the Earth pony general that could even take on a full-grown dragon!” Twilight gasped in shock.

“The very same.”

Instantly, Twilight became depressed and hopeless. ‘Why did the princess make me join her?’ Twilight thought as she silently cried her hopeless tears.

Throughout this, Robin had observed the young filly. She couldn’t help but chuckle as if it were all just a joke of some kind.

Eventually, the two ponies arrived at their destination; Canterlot Gardens. This surprised Twilight. “Here?” questioned the young filly worried.

“Yes.” Robin said before walking in. Not wanting to be left behind, Twilight followed.

‘This can’t be where they keep wild, untamable, monsters.’ Twilight thought to herself as her young mind became frantic. She was really confused.

As they walked through the gardens they passed under an archway. Suddenly, a bucket of water fell upon Twilight. “Aaah!” screamed the filly in shock

Robin looked at the filly, but she didn’t seem surprised. She then took a moment to look up to where the bucket fell. “Hmm. I thought they would try something.” Robin commented.

Now dripping wet, young Twilight was mad. “Who did this?” asked Twilight.

Then, there came the laughing. Twilight looked over to a nearby bush where the laughing was coming from. Twilight stomped her way towards the bush. She moved around the bush. Who she found was three male colts, one unicorn pony, one Pegasus pony, and one Earth pony. They all looked to be roughly the same age as her or even a little older. The unicorn pony had an orange coat with a messy black mane. He also had freckles across his face and his cutie mark was a royal crown on fire. The Pegasus pony had a royal blue coat with a yellow mane cut short. He wore a top hat, he had one missing tooth, and his cutie mark was a white bird in flight. Finally, the Earth pony had a red coat with a messy black mane. He wore a straw hat, had a stitched cut underneath his left eye, and his cutie mark was a simplistic, grinning skull-and-crossbones wearing a straw hat, much like the one the colt was wearing.

“That was hilarious!” laughed the orange coat colt.

“Yeah!” said the royal blue coat colt.

“That was fun!” shouted the red coat colt cheerfully.

Twilight blushed with embarrassment, but still seething in anger. She was about to yell at the colts.

Before she could, Robin stepped forward. She smiled towards Twilight reassuringly before addressing the three colts. “Now, boys.” She said sternly. “That was nor very nice. I can handle one of your pranks and jokes, but Ms. Twilight Sparkle cannot.”

The boys immediately stopped laughing hearing the mare. They looked as if they were caught, which they were. They quickly moved from behind the bush and stood in front of Robin. Twilight was completely surprised by their action. As if they respected the mare.

“S-Sorry, Robin.” The colt said in earnest.

Robin smiled. “Good, now apologize to her.” She said pointing to Twilight.

The colts turned and lowered their heads towards Twilight. “We’re sorry.” All three boys said two of them sounding a little forced.

Twilight wasn’t sure what to say. As little experience she had in making friends she had even less with boys. She wasn’t sure if she should accept their apology or continue to be mad at them.

“I wouldn’t expect much.” Robin said speaking to Twilight. She spoke with an amused smile. “They will most likely end up doing this again at another point.”

“Hey!” shouted the orange and red colts.

The blue colt just nervously chuckled to himself knowing that it was all too true.

“Now then,” Robin said as she seated herself under a tree. “I’m sure you know why I’m here, so please do not do anything you might regret.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The three colts said with bored tones.

“And also, Ms. Twilight will be joining you.” The colts looked at Robin with surprise. The mare continued, “So play nice.” She then pulled out a book and began to read it.

The colts sighed with relief.

“I’m going to read too.” Twilight proclaimed as she trotted off in a huff.

As Twilight walked away, she did not notice her book suddenly floated out her bag by magic. Twilight noticed this and gasped, “Hey!”

“What’s this book?” asked the orange colt looking at the book curiously.

“Give that back!” shouted Twilight as she used her own magic to take the book back.

“Ooh, gimme!” The red colt jumped and took the book.

“Hey!” shouted Twilight.

The red colt looked in the book. He frowned, “Aww, there’s no pictures in this book.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Of course! It’s a serious book for learning the basics of…”

“Boring!” shouted the red colt. He then tossed the book.


“Keep-away!” shouted the orange colt excitingly. He then took the book with his magic and hightailed it away.

“Wait up!” shouted royal blue colt as he hovered behind the other colt.

“Yeah!” cheered the red colt taking the rear.

“Get back here!” shouted Twilight as she gave chase.

Robin took a momentarily took a glance at the young ponies as they ran through the garden. She stifled a chuckle. “Have fun.” She said to no one. She then continued to read.

Twilight chased the colts throughout the section of the garden they were in. She was getting pretty angry with the immaturity of the colts. She eventually got an idea. When the Pegasus colt tossed the book, Twilight used her magic to grab the royal blue colt’s hat.

“Hey!” shouted the colt in surprise.

“Ha! Now I have your hat.” Twilight said smugly.

The royal blue colt’s jaw dropped in shock. The other two colts laughed. “Awesome! Keep-away from Sabo!” shouted the orange and red colts joyfully.

Twilight was surprised by the colts.

“Ah, come on guys.” Sabo whined.

“Nightlight! Toss it over here!” shouted the red colt waving his hoof.

“My name is Twilight!” shouted Twilight irked. She then unintentionally threw the hat with her magic towards the colt.

“Got it!” The red colt laughed as he caught the hat.

“Nice toss!” said the orange colt.

“Oh, um, thanks.” Twilight said embarrassed by the compliment.

“Luffy! Give me back my hat!” Twilight looked back as she saw that royal blue colt chase after the red colt. The red colt just laughed as he ran.

“Come on!” Twilight watched as the orange colt ran passed her inviting her to come along with a smile.

Twilight was overcome with a weird sense. She had thought that they were monsters (not her fault), then just bullies, but now she felt that they were just being playful. Even with her body still wet from their earlier prank, she felt a strange sense of acceptance. Forgetting her book and even her test, Twilight galloped along with the colts laughing along with them.

This game lasted for an hour. Constantly the target of the keep away shifted between the four of the young ponies. Eventually, the young ponies tired themselves out. They all laid beneath the tree that Robin was sitting under. They were breathing heavily, but they each had a smile or grin plastered across their faces.

“That…” Twilight said between huffs. “Was fun!”

“Shishishi! Yeah!” agreed the red colt with a laugh.

“It was especially fun with you joining us…” The orange colt said before he paused. He then tiredly snickered before speaking again. “Um, I forgot your name.”

“Ace…” The royal blue colt said deadpanned.

“It’s okay.” Twilight giggled. “My name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“I’m Ace.” The orange colt said.

“Sabo.” The royal blue colt spoke.

“And I’m Luffy!” The last colt said still bounding with energy.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Twilight smiled. “And thank you for letting me join you.”

“Well, we weren’t just gonna to ignore you.” Sabo said with a grin.

Ace laughed out loud. “And if you tried, we’d bug you.”

Twilight deadpanned. “Gee, thanks.”

As the young ponies rested, none of them noticed a figure walking over to them. It wasn’t until the figure’s shadow was on them that they noticed. The first to notice was Twilight, who gasped. “Princess Celestia!”

“Hello, my faithful student.” Celestia spoke with a smile.

At that moment, the colts took notice of the princess’ presence. Ace spoke, “Oh, hey Tia.”

“Tia?” Twilight questioned.

“Hello, little brother.” Celestia greeted affectionately.

“Little brother!” Twilight gasped in surprise.

Robin chuckled softly listening in. Celestia couldn’t help, but giggle as well. “My faithful student Twilight, Ace is my cousin.” Twilight’s eyes widen with interest. Celestia continued, “But I have had the pleasure of helping to raise him.”

“You’re related?” Twilight asked speaking to Ace in surprise.

Ace shrugged. “It doesn’t matter to me, I just want have fun.” He said causally.

“Did you know this?” Twilight asked to the two colts and Robin curiously.

“Yeah.” Sabo said nodding.

“Yep!” said Luffy smiling.

“Of course.” Robin said firmly.

“Do not be too disheartened, Twilight Sparkle.” Celestia said to the filly. “This information has been secret since his birth. Not many know that the king has a son.”

“Why though?” asked Twilight Sparkle.

“My uncle wished for Ace to be born a prince due to lineage, but to earn it in his own way. He actually lives with Luffy’s family.”


“Yeah!” Luffy shouted cheerfully.

“My Old man can be really stubborn about this kind of stuff.” Ace said with disdain. “I don’t mind, it’s better than living in that stuffy castle of his.”

“Is that anyway to talk about your pops?”

Twilight turned and gasped. Flying down from the sky was a male Alicorn with a coat and feathers of majestic red and a thick black mane. He had a distinguishing curved black mustache and his cutie mark was a jeweled royal crown. His presence was commanding and his grin was fierce and joyful. He stood even taller than Celestia. This was the King of Equestria, Gold Roger.

“The K-K-King!” Twilight gasped in shock. This was her first time seeing the male Alicorn.

“You ungrateful brat.” Gold Roger laughed before bonking the colt on the head with his hoof. “You should be happy that I let you do almost anything you want.”

Ace yelped in pain before rubbing his head grumbling. Both Sabo and Luffy then laughed.

“Uncle! Please try to be a little gentler in your treatment of Ace.” Celestia said in distress.

“Oh, my sweet niece,” Gold Roger said before laughing. “If my own flesh and blood couldn’t handle a hit like that, I’d be disappointed.”

“Crazy, Old man.” Ace grumbled.


“And who is this?” Gold Roger said as he drew his attention to Twilight.

The little filly squeaked in surprise. She then tried to speak, but was very nervous. “H-H-Hello, s-s-sir. I-I-I I’m T-T-Twi…Twilight Spark-Sparkle.”

“Oh, your Little Celestia’s student.” The Alicorn king said with intrigue. “I’ve heard quite a bit from her about you. You have a lot of potential.”

Twilight blushed being complimented by the king. “Th-Th-Thank you, s-s-sir.”

“They didn’t cause ya any trouble, Robin?” The king asked looking at the mare.

Robin placed her book down. “No, King Gold Roger, they had a wonderful time playing with Twilight Sparkle. Probably the most fun they’ve had in a while.”

“Great!” Gold Roger laughed with joy.

“Hey, Old King!” Luffy shouted indignantly, but well-meaning. “Where’s Gramps? He comin’ or what?”

“Eh? Garp?” Gold Roger spoke questioningly. “He’ll probably be coming around soon.”


A new voice entered the garden. Everyone turned to see a charging tan coat stallion Earth pony. He had a gray mane and a scruffy short beard. He had a stitched crescent-shaped scar around his left eye. When the old stallion stopped, Twilight could see that he was a big pony. As tall as the king, from head to hoof, and large bodied. His cutie mark looked to be a black ball in flying motion and on fire.

“You…” The moment before the old Earth pony could finish his sentence, Celestia summoned some ear plugs in the young ponies’ ears. The young ponies were confused. Garp continued unwittingly, “Bastard! I’d told you know flying! What’s the point of a race if you fly?”

Roger laughed. “I never said I’d play by that rule.”

“You bastard!” shouted Garp looking ready for a fight.

“General Garp!” The young princess chastised the old general. She definitely did not look happy. “I would appreciate if you did not use such foul language around the children.”

Garp laughed, “Bwahahaha! Calm down, your highness. It’s nothing these brats haven’t heard before.”

“And I still find it horrid.” Celestia said stopping her hoof in dissatisfaction. “Honestly, I would take them away from you in a heartbeat if I were not busy with my duties.”

Roger frowned. “Want me to take over the moon, Sunshine?” Roger suggested calmly. “It wouldn’t be any trouble…”

“No.” Celestia said adamantly. “I will raise the moon, like always. That’s my burden.”

“Princess…” Garp said calming his boisterous nature.

“Besides,” Celestia said showing a small smile. Before continuing she removed the ear plugs from the young ponies’ ears. “The last time I left you with the moon, you left it up for an entire day. It’s still recorded as ‘The Day of Black Sun’.”

Roger laughed finding his own mistakes hilarious. Garp couldn’t help but laugh along with them Celestia shook her head disapprovingly.

Twilight looked between the adults confused. “What happened?” She then realized who was here. She gasped, “Wait! You’re General Garp!”

Garp stopped laughing hearing Twilight. He grinned in response. “Yeah, that’s right. Who are you?”

“She’s our new friend, Gramps!” Luffy said excited.

“Twilight Sparkle.” Sabo added.

“Twilight Sparkle, huh?” Garp grinned with interest.

“Yes, she is my student.” Celestia said proudly.

Twilight blushed from the compliment. She then realized, “Wait?” She looked over to Luffy. “You called him ‘gramps’.”

“Yeah, he’s Luffy’s grandfather.” Sabo said.

“Really?” Twilight gasped.

“She’s your student, huh?” Garp said questioningly. He looked to be ready to say something, but glancing at Celestia, who was silently pleading towards him, Garp decided against it.

Roger looked just as sullen.

“Anyway,” Garp said out of the blue. “The meetings done. Time to head back home!”

“Aw.” The pony children whined in unison.

Celestia stifled a giggle. “I’m sorry, my little ponies, but it is getting late in the day.” She said. She then used her magic to bring forth Twilight’s book. “And I know one filly who would like to learn teleportation.”

Twilight got excited. “Really?” She asked.

“Of course, my faithful student.”

“Yes!” Twilight shouted loudly.

“Yahoo!” cheered Luffy gaining everyone’s attention. “What are we cheering about?”

“You’re the only one cheering, dummy.” Ace said deadpanned.

“Let’s go, boys!” Garp shouted as stomped his hoof. He then began to leave.

“Fine, you grouchy gramps.” Ace shouted with disdain. He soon followed.

“It’s been fun, Twilight.” Sabo said with a grin. “Let’s play again soon.” Sabo then followed after Ace.

“See ya!” Luffy said smiling and waving. “Oh, and by Robin!” Luffy added before joining his grandfather.

Robin looked up from her book. She smiled and waved to the young colt.

“Well, I better be returning to Raftel.” The king said with a grin. He then turned to Robin. “Thanks for watching them. You’ll get your payment delivered.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” Robin said as she stood up then bowed.

Roger laughed. “I hope you enjoy it!” He then turned to Celestia and Twilight. He walked over to Twilight. “Study well, young Sparkle. I’m expecting hear great things about you.”

“Um, thank you, your majesty.” Twilight said calmly and bowing respectfully.

Roger nodded. He then walked over to Celestia. “Take care, Celestia.”

“I will, Uncle.” Celestia replied. They then shared an affectionate hug.

“It’s almost time…” Roger whispered into Celestia’s ear. “Only a few more, a decade at most.”

“I will handle it.” Celestia whispered back serious.

“Even without the Elements?”

“I have a few ideas…”

Roger nodded, trusting in Celestia’s conviction. They finally break from their hug and Roger took his leave. “So long!” He shouted before talking flight.

Seeing her uncle away, Celestia turned to Twilight with a smile. “Did you have a wonderful day, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight nodded her head happily. “Yes! I can’t believe they actually let me play with them.”

“I’m glad that you’ve made some friends.”

“Friends?” Twilight questioned. “Do you really think they will let me be their friend?”

“Of course.” Celestia said confirming. “They would love to be your friend.”

“What about Ms. Nico?” Twilight asked as she looked around to see Robin.

Hearing Twilight, Robin smiled. “We will see, Ms. Faithful Student.” She said rather coyly.

Twilight smiled. She then waved as the mare took her leave. Twilight turned and joined Celestia as they both left the gardens. “We’ll I see Ace, Sabo, and Luffy again, Princess?” Twilight asked curiously.

Celestia smiled down on Twilight. “Of course, my faithful student.” She said as they left the gardens.

Only time will tell what this chance encounter will lead to.
Big adventure?
Tons of fun?
A beautiful heart?
Strength and faith?
Kindness to share?
The magic has just begun with…

My Little Pony
Nakama is Magic

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