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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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The Best Night Ever!

And so, many years pass by.

The three young pony children grew up training in their own way. While Luffy and Ace trained their bodies Twilight trained her mind and magic skills. Though separate in goals, they were united by their bonds. To say that there we no more 'good days' for them is impossible. They still played in the gardens. Ace and Luffy still visited Twilight even at inappropriate times during her studies. Twilight showed them her new spells. The loss of Sabo had only solidify their bond even more. In time, their group gained a member. The young baby dragon Spike, now grown from infancy to a young child, had joined them as "Twilight's assistant". Needless to say, the colts were overly cheerful to have a dragon. So adventures for them continued.

"Good luck, Ace!"

When he became of age, Ace left to join the Equestrian Army. Twilight, Luffy, Spike, and even Makino saw the young prince-in-hiding off as his train left for Raftel, the training grounds for the army far on the other side of Equestria. He waved to his siblings from out the window.

"Take care guys!" Ace shouted back to them.

They group continued to wave Ace off along with the many other families seeing their child off to the army. And soon, the train was far from the station. Twilight as a single tear fell she hoped with all her heart that her brother will be okay.

It wasn't too long, a mere three years later, that it was time for Luffy to take his leave. In the familiar village, Windmill Village, a fair crowd had gathered at the docks. These were the villagers of Windmill Village. Among them was Makino who stood next to an elderly pony known as Woop Slap. He wore oval glasses and had a mustache and a beard. His cutie mark was a windmill. Before them was Luffy with a small boat. He looked very excited.

"I'm leaving!" Luffy shouted cheerfully to the crowd. "But I'll be back whenever."

"Have fun, Luffy!" shouted one of the villagers.

"Please be safe." Makino said with a smile.

Woop Slap grumbled. "Garp's not gonna be happy about this." He said sourly.

Makino giggled. "I'm sure it'll be fine." She said unafraid.

"Hold on!"

The crowd separated as Twilight's voice spoke up above the crowd. As they did a large overly filled bag floated thanks to Twilight and her magic. She trotted behind the floating bag with Spike right behind her.

Once they reached Twilight handed the stallion the bag. "Here you go." Twilight said with a proud smile.

Luffy took the bag onto his back, and he amazingly held it up. "Wow! Thanks, Twilight." He said with a thankful grin. "What's in it?"

"The better question is, what's not in it." Spike commented under his breath sarcastically.

"Everything you'll need for your journey." Twilight said happily. "Clothes. Food. First Aid. Extra Clothes. Extra Food. A book on how to sail. A compass. A map. A book on how to read a map and compass. Extra-extra food. Water wings. A floaty. Please try not to fall off into the water. There's also telescope, rope, oars – in case you lose yours, and…"

"She packed everything, but the kitchen sink." One villager commented shocked by the list.

Spike looked over to the villager. "Actually, it took a lot reasoning for her not to put that in." He said.

"How'd you do that?"

"Told her that it would sink the boat." He stated cleverly.

"Thanks!" Luffy said cheerfully as he threw the bag onto the small boat. Surprisingly, the boat did not sink.

"Oh! And I put some gems in your bag! A lot of countries don't have the same currency as Equestria. Gems are a universal currency."

"Got it!"

"Wait! You gave him gems!" Spike said as he began to drool. He then got an idea. "Hey, Luffy! Let me go with you!"

"Sure!" Luffy said readily agreeing.

"No!" Twilight shouted keeping Spike back. She then turned to Luffy not looking amused.

"Shishishi, sorry. No can do, Spike."

"Aww~, I really wanted those gems." Spike stated in disappointment.

Twilight rolled her eyes at her assistant's 'disappointment'. She then turned to Luffy. She rushed over to Luffy and wrapped him in a hug. "I'll miss you. Please be safe." She said through a whisper sadly.

Luffy hugged the mare back. He chuckled before he spoke, "You worry too much, Starbutt."

Twilight broke from their hug. Instead of being sad she looked at him playfully annoyed. "And you're too reckless, Gummy." Twilight retorted.

Luffy laughed and then jumped into his boat. It was surprising that the boat didn't sink that very moment. Then, Luffy set off on his journey. As his boat sailed, he waved to the crowd they back to him. Twilight had a single tear fall though she was smiling proudly. She'd hoped that she would see her brother again soon. Safe and happy.

Straw Hat 7

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...

My Little Pony!

Twilight Sparkle: I used to wonder what friendship could be.

Straw Hat 7: My Little Pony!

Twilight: Until you all shared its magic with me!

Rainbow Dash: Big adventure!

Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun!

Rarity: A beautiful heart.

Applejack: Faithful and strong.

Fluttershy: Sharing kindness.

Twilight Sparkle: It's an easy feat!

Luffy: And magic makes it all complete~!

All: You have my little ponies

Twilight: Do you know you're all my very best friends~?

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

The Best Night Ever!

The Grand Galloping Gala Guests of Honor

Some months later, much had happened to Twilight Sparkle. Finding the Elements of Harmony, stopping Nightmare Moon, making new friends, moving to a new home, and being assigned a special task by Princess Celestia. To learn and then report the magic of friendship to her. An easy enough task with her assistant Spike and her new friends. Applejack, an Earth Pony mare with an honest heart. Rainbow Dash, a Pegasus mare whose bravery is only matched by her loyalty towards her friends. Rarity, a unicorn mare of generous nature and excellent taste in fashion. Fluttershy, another Pegasus mare whose kind nature can easily outshine her shyness. And Pinkie Pie, an energetic Earth pony mare that can bring laughter to any pony. These five became not only Twilight's friends, but the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, an ancient power of good. Each one bore an Element; Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, and finally Magic, the Element that Twilight represented.

Yes, and with these friends, Twilight learned much about the magic of friendship. And so, we turn to another lesson. On a night that our heroines have been waiting for, the Grand Galloping Gala. Each pony had a goal in mind for this night, Rarity to find her prince, Applejack to sell, Fluttershy to meet new animal friends, Rainbow Dash to prove she can be a Wonderbolt, Pinkie Pie to party like never before, and Twilight Sparkle to talk to her mentor once again. Poor Spike just wanted to spend time with his friends, who were far more preoccupied with their goals, and show his new friends the sights of Canterlot.

However, this night may be more special than what any of them could imagine.

We turn to Twilight as she rushes through the castle front door. She had one goal in mind and that was to converse with her mentor. As she entered the castle, she saw Princess Celestia at the top of the stairs overlooking her pony guests below. Twilight ran up the stairs to greet her teacher excitedly.

"Princess Celestia!"

Celestia smiled seeing her student. "Twilight! It is so lovely to see you again." She greeted.

"Oh, I'm so excited to be here! We have so much to catch up on." Twilight said eagerly.

"And we will have time for that." Celestia stated with a smile. "At the moment, I am waiting for the King to reveal me of greeting duty. Once after, I have many things to tell you."

"Oh!" Twilight said surprised. "Then, do you mind if I stood next to you until then?"

"Of course." Celestia said nodding pleasingly.

Twilight eagerly joined Celestia's side.

And much like Twilight, everyone was beginning to experience their greatest desire for the Grand Galloping Gala. Rarity had caught sight of her prince. Fluttershy was experiencing the Canterlot gardens. Applejack had made her first sale. Rainbow Dash had impressed the Wonderbolts, again, and was invited into their VIP section. The only one whose desire was not immediately fulfilled was Pinkie's as she found the dance floor was less than excited to go crazy and party. However, this would soon turn out the same as all the rest of the Mane Six. Except Twilight.

Twilight waited patiently next to her teacher as she greeted the ponies visiting. It took Twilight every ounce of willpower to keep from speaKing her questions and discussion topics. There would never be enough time to actual discuss them as ponies literally came to greet Celestia every five minutes. 'Will the King ever get here?' Twilight thought impatiently.

Suddenly, trumpets blew loudly gaining everyone's attention. A single fancy Earth pony stallion entered the castle, and proclaimed loudly.

"Now entering, his royal majesty, King of all Equestria, Lord over Raftel, his higness, King Gold Roger!"

The common ponies gasped in surprise.

Twilight notice this and looked around surprised by everyone's reaction. "What's with everypony?" She asked out loud.

"The King rarely attends the Grand Galloping Gala." Celestia explained. "The event is more my own planning. This year, I wanted Uncle and a few of his closest to attend."

"Really?" Twilight said surprised. "Whoa, this night really will be special. I don't think I've ever seen the King or Garp out in public light before."

"As you know, my faithful student, their job is very important and requires much secrecy. The public has yet to recover from the event from many years ago."

Twilight frowned. She knew what Celestia was talking about. The day that the ponies of Equestria learned that there was more out their beyond common Equestrian knowledge. But for her, it was the day she had lost her brother. But dashing those negative thoughts from her head, Twilight looked out as stallions entered the castle.

The shouter stallion from before than shouted again, "And with his majesty is General Garp of the Equestrian Army and Fleet Admiral Sengoku of the Marines."

At the head was Gold Roger, still the same as ever. Though, touched up to look a little fancier. Next to him was General Garp, wearing his white suit decorated with a few medals and a white coat on his back. Next to the king was a stallion had only told of a few times by Garp or Celestia, Fleet Admiral Sengoku. He was an Earth stallion of same height has Garp. He too wore a white suit decorated with lots of medals with a white coat on his back. He also wore a white hat with a seagull on top which seem to keep down his black afro mane. He also wore glasses. His body's coat was white, and he had a black mustache and long, braided beard. Unlike Roger and Garp, who wore a cheerful expression, Sengoku was very stern. All the ponies watching were whispering to each other. Mostly over how impressive these three stallions were.

"Ah! Uncle, General Garp, Fleet Admiral Sengoku," Celestia said as she walked down the stairs towards the group. She meet them at the bottom of the stairs, and then gave them a small bow. She said, "It is an honor to have you here at the Grand Galloping Gala this year."

"Thank you for this honor, Princess." Sengoku said bowing back Celestia.

Roger grinned. "I haven't been to one of these in a few years. Seemed like a good enough time" He declared optimistically.

"Where's the food?" Garp asked ignorantly.

"Garp! Show some respect." Sengoku shouted in frustration.

"Princess…" Twilight said as she joined her mentor down the stairs.

Both Roger and Garp immediately took notice of Twilight. Roger was the first to speak out. "Well, I'll be damned. If it isn't little Twilight Sparkle." He said familiarly.

"King Roger, it is an honor seeing you again." Twilight said before immediately bowing to the king. She then raised her head up and looked over to Garp. "It's also good to see you again as well, Garp." She said happily.

"Oh! See this Sengoku!" Garp said to the stallion. He then grabbed Twilight giving her a tight hug. He spoke affectionately, "This is my cute granddaughter. She's so much better-behaved than my idiot grandson."

"Garp~!" Twilight said embarrassed.

"Garp. I'll have you know, I know you don't have a granddaughter." Sengoku stated harshly.

Eventually, Twilight was free from Garp's bone-crushing hug. After fixing her dress, thanks to magic, she then turned to address Sengoku. "It is an honor to meet you too, Fleet Admiral Sengoku 'the Strategist'. And while I may not be genetically, Garp is like a grandfather to me. Even if he is kinda a jerk." She said respectfully.

"Hey!" Garp shouted.

"It is an honor to meet one of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony as well as Princess Celestia's student." Sengoku replied politely with a smile.

"Is this all to your group, Uncle?" Celestia curiously asked.

"Oh no, we got Whitebeard to come too!" Roger said grinning happily.

Celestia, and Twilight, nearly choked hearing the king. Celestia shouted, "What?! You invited him! He'll scare the guests."

"Don't worry, your highness." Garp said trying to calm the princess down. "He's not here yet."

Suddenly, the whole castle shook violently. All the pony guests were completely caught off guard by the sudden quake.

With her stand nearly destroyed by the quake, Applejack was beside herself. "What in tarnation?" She shouted confused.

At the VIP section, the Wonderbolts were keeping the crowd calm. "What in Equestria was that?" Rainbow Dash shouted concerned.

At the ballroom, everyone and everything was tossed onto the floor. Did this stop Pinkie from having fun?

"Food fight!" Pinkie shouted excitedly as she threw globs of food at other ponies.

Does that answer your question?

With Rarity and her prince, Prince Blueblood, they had both been shaken by the quake. While Rarity was about to fall, she half-hoped that Blueblood would catch her finally realizing the prince within. Unfortunately, that remained a fantasy as Blueblood let Rarity fall to instead support himself. Rarity, now on the ground, growled as she began losing her patience with the prince.

Outside, Fluttershy was completely shocked out of her downward spiral into animal-affection madness. She then immediately took to hide along with the other animals into the closest tree.

Outside the castle and in town, Spike had felt the quake as well. He and everypony else in Canterlot. He immediately got off his seat at Joe's Donut Shop and rushed outside.

"Spike!" The owner, Joe, shouted to the baby dragon. "Where are you going?"

"To the Gala!" Spike shouted back to Pony Joe. "That's were that quake came from." He then left immediately.

"Spike!" Joe shouted one last time.

We return back to the castle entranceway. Twilight was still standing up though she was very shocked. The same could be said for Celestia. On the other hand, Roger and his group stood still almost stubbornly.

"Well…" Garp said almost as if the quake had not affected him. "At least we know he's here."

"Dear me…" Celestia said as she placed her hoof on her face from frustration.

"Everything will be alright." Roger stated with a grin. "I'm sure no one will even notice him."

"Princess!" From down a hallway came the captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor. He was in full armor as he ran to the princess. He looked panicked.

Celestia looked at her uncle mad. "No one will notice, huh?" She said disbelieving her uncle.

Roger chuckled

"Shining!" Twilight shouted out in surprise.

Shining Armor immediately stopped. He looked to see his sister standing with the royalty and high officials. "Twilight?" He said surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Sorry," Twilight said apologizing embarrassingly. "I meant to send you a letter."

"Captain Shining Armor…" Celestia spoke as she stepped forward.

"Your highness," Shining said before bowing to the princess. "I have a report on the sudden quake."

"Do not worry, Captain of the Canterlot Guard." Roger stated as he walked forward. "That's would be one of the guests for the Gala."

Shining Armor looked dumbfounded at the king. "R…Really?" He gasped out in disbelief.

"It be best to announce that to our guest…" Roger hinted to the young captain. "You know, before everypony freaks out."

"Um…yes, sir." Shining Armor said before saluting to the king. He then took off to relay the message for everypony at the Gala.

"There, problem solved." Roger said cleverly.

"Very well." Celestia said accepting her uncle's solution. However, she was far from done with her uncle. She gestured to the top of the stares. "Then you, as you promised, can greet the guests." She said with a clever smile.

"Wait, what?" Roger said confused.

Garp grinned. "Get to it, King!" He said as he walked pass the stallion Alicorn. He then turned to Sengoku. He shouted, "Hey, let's go get some food."

"Right." Sengoku said in a rare show of agreement. He then followed the general further into the castle.

Roger looked completely distraught. He turned to his niece, who was already on the move with Twilight. "Wait! Celestia!" Roger whined out loud.

"Have fun, Uncle." Celestia said smiling innocently before leaving.

Roger stood with his mouth agape. Immediately, the guests began crowding around him. Asking many questions and greeting him respectfully. Roger did his best to be on his best behavior as he meet his subjects.

Spike ran as fast as he little dragon feet could take him. Despite his own dislike of the gala, if his friends were in trouble he would be there to help anyway possible. He used a back way through the gardens, one used many times in his childhood, to reach Canterlot Castle. He looked incredibly worried as he spoke to himself.

"Ooh, I hope Twilight and everyone are okay." Spike said worriedly.

As he turned a corner, he found himself immediately running into wall of some kind. "Ow!" Spike yelled out in pain. After rubbing his head, he looked up to see what hit him. He said, "I don't remember a wall being here?"

What Spike failed to notice was that what he had run into was not so much a wall, but a large body of white scales. And that body soon began moving. Spike watched in awe as the body of scales moved and shifted around revealing legs, claws, a tail, spikes, and even a long neck and head. It was the body of a large white dragon, land-based much like Spike. The dragon shifted his head to look over and see who had bumped into him. The dragon had a unique crescent mustache and wore a black bandana. The dragon peered down at the littler dragon before him. He looked a little surprised to see the baby dragon.

On the other hand, Spike was completely shocked at the sight. "D-D-D-Dragon!" He shouted scared.

"Hmm, I didn't think I'd see another dragon here." The large white dragon said looking interested in Spike.

"B-B-B-Big dragon…" Spike said dumbly and scared.

"This must be your first time seeing another dragon…" The white dragon said curious.

Spike nodded his head dumbly and silent.

The dragon sighed. "Am I blocking your path?" He asked politely. Spike nodded. The large dragon then moved his body out of Spike's path. Once positioned better, he spoke again, "Is that better?"

"Oh, um, thank you." Spike said a little confused by the politeness of the large dragon. He began to walk. All the while walking, Spike kept his eyes on the dragon. Somewhat scared and a little in awe. Even when he reached the other side, he continued to have his eyes on the dragon.

"Brat, is there something else I can help you with?" The dragon said becoming increasingly annoyed.

"Ah! No! Yes? I mean… Oh, man." Spike said nervously.

"Hello, General Whitebeard."

Both dragons turned as a new voice spoke to them. Walking up to the dragon from the balcony of the castle, Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle were out to greet the dragon. Twilight was rather stunned by the sight of the large dragon. On the other hand, Celestia looked very calm about the situation.

"Thank you for joining us." Celestia continued greeting pleasantly.

Whitebeard raised his head to see the princess. "Roger pretty much forced me to come. I do have better things to do, Princess." He stated.

Celestia nodded. "I understand. I am still grateful you could spare us your time." She said humbly.

Whitebeard nodded. He then eyed the pony next to Celestia. He leaned his head closer to examine Twilight. "And who is this?" He asked.

Twilight looked a little nervous, but she calmed her nerves quickly. "I am Twilight Sparkle, General Whitebeard." She greeted calmly.

"Hmm, one of the bearers of the Harmony Elements." Whitebeard said familiarly.

"As well as my star pupil." Celestia added proudly. "She and the other bearers are attending the Gala as well."

"I see…" Whitebeard said looking distracted by his thoughts. He then moved his head so his snout was close to Twilight. He took a quick whiff, something that surprised Twilight, and hummed in thought. He then turned and scooped up the baby dragon. He then lifted his hand up to the balcony. "I believe he is yours." Whitebeard stated to Twilight.

"Spike!" Twilight said both happy and surprised.

"Twilight!" Spike said surprised. He then ran off Whitebeard's claw to Twilight. He spoke excited, "Are you seeing this?!"

"I am." Twilight said calmly. "Spike, this is one of the generals of the Equestrian Army, Whitebeard."

"A general!" Spike shouted shocked. "He's a general of Equestria's army. A dragon!"

"He and the king are very old friends, Spike." Celestia stated to the little dragon. "He's been my uncle's greatest rival as well as closest ally. He was made part of the army after a certain competition."

"Whoa! That's awesome!" Spike said awestruck.

"It's been hundreds of years, and he still holds that over my head." Whitebeard said reminiscing. Despite him sounding annoyed, he was actually smiling as if it were a fond memory. He continued to speak, "He also likes to hold my many draws with Garp and Sengoku."

"What?! But Garp is just an Earth pony." Spike stated in disbelief.

"Garp is very strong." Twilight stated proudly. "I've seen that strength."

"Your average dragon is very arrogant." Whitebeard stated sagely. "They fail to understand that even we can be bested by other species. Those young dragon-brats are far too focus on their gold and treasure. They grow unnaturally large at young ages due to greed."

"Really?" Spike said surprised.

"Twilight," Celestia spoke up to her student. "I would like to speak to you now about some things that have been brought to my attention."

Twilight perked. "Oh, yes. I would love to…"

Suddenly, interrupting Twilight, Twilight's friends came bursting out of the castle. Each one had their dress ripped and disorganized. Behind them, the sound of the crowd panicking and screaming could be heard. All of them looked panicked. They all shouted, "Twilight!" They then rushed over to Twilight.

Twilight, and Spike, were caught completely by surprise. "Guys? What's going on?" She asked confused.

"No time to explain!" Rainbow Dash shouted hurriedly. "We need to go! Now!"

"Wait!" Twilight said stopping her friends. She then turned to Celestia. She apologetically spoke, "Princess, I…"

"Run." Celestia said to Twilight with a smile and a wink. "I'll find you later."

"If I may, ladies…" Whitebeard said as he extended a claw out offering them a lift down.

The group of mares gasped as they saw the white dragon before them. "Oh my…" Rarity said in shock.

"Oooh! A dragon!" Pinkie Pie said excited.

"D-D-D-Dragon!" Fluttershy shouted in fear. She then froze and fainted while frozen.

Applejack broke from here stare hearing Fluttershy faint. She groaned, "Aw, shoot." She then walked over to pick Fluttershy up. She shouted, "Rainbow Dash, help me out here."

"Ah-huh." Rainbow Dash said absentmindedly. She flew backwards while still staring at the large dragon. She grabbed onto frozen Fluttershy and helped carry her onto Whitebeard's claw.

"Yeah! A ride! This is awesome!" Pinkie said as she hoped her way onto Whitebeard's claw.

Rarity looked back at the party. "Surely, Blueblood wouldn't dare try to fight a dragon." She reasoned surely. She too then joined her friends.

"Come on, Spike." Twilight said to her assistant as she rushed into the large dragon's claw.

"Right! I've got the perfect place in mind." Spike stated eagerly. He then joined his friends on the claw.

Once they were all on, Whitebeard lowered his claw down. Once they reached the ground, the ponies and baby dragon immediately took off to escape the party. Whitebeard watched the group leave with a cautious eye. He then turned to Celestia. "I wonder how Roger is handling this." He stated semi-curious.

"Ahahaha!" Celestia and Whitebeard looked into the castle where they could see Roger laughing. Around him, the common ponies ran about frantically with animals that had made it inside. Roger then shouted out, "Now this is a party! Where'd that pink mare go?"

"Oh, Uncle." Celestia said shaking her head, but smiling. She then took flight leaving the party.

Whitebeard watched her leave, and then turned to the party. He rested his head on the balcony as he watched the little ponies run about, Roger enjoying the chaos, and now watching Sengoku try to calm the crowd and Garp laughing it up. "And here I thought I'd be the one to make the party interesting. I must be losing my touch." Whitebeard said to himself slightly amused.

"Whitebeard!" The dragon eyed to the side as he heard his name be spoken. It was a brown coat Earth pony stallion with a spiky red mane. His cutie mark was a star with bright lines coming off it. He looked serious. He shouted again, "I am Rockstar! I'm sure you have heard of me…"

"No." Whitebeard stated quickly and unimpressed.

Rockstar reacted hurt, at least his pride was, but continued. "I have an important message from my captain, Shanks." He stated as he pulled out a letter.

Whitebeard raised his scaly brow. "What does that brat want?" He asked annoyed.

Spike took the group to Joe's Donut Shop after leaving the Gala. Joe was completely ecstatic to see one of his regulars back along with her friends. There they all shared their storied of how the greatest night ever became the worst night ever. But not surprisingly, they all were sharing a good laugh about it.

Though laughing, Twilight couldn't help but feel a little bad about how tonight turned out for the Gala. She spoke her worry to the group, "I just hope Princess Celestia isn't upset with us for ruining the Gala."

"That was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever!"

Everyone perked up as a familiar voice exclaimed out in joy. Princess Celestia stood at the entrance of the donut shop looking happy. The whole group exclaimed, "Princess Celestia!"

"Pardon me, Princess," Twilight said worried as her mentor approached her. "But tonight was just awful."

"Oh, Twilight." Celestia said cheerfully. "The Grand Galloping Gala is always awful."

"It is?" Twilight said confused.

"Why do you think my uncle doesn't come to Gala often?" Celestia stated. "But that is why I was thrilled you were all attending. I was hoping you could liven things up a bit. And while the evening may not have gone as you planned, I'm sure you'll agree that in the end it didn't turn out so bad for this group of friends."

Twilight giggled. "You're right, Princess. Friends have a way of making even the worst of times into something pretty great." She stated joyfully.

"Yeah!" shouted Rainbow Dash also cheerful. "Hanging out with friends!"

"Talking!" Fluttershy added with a smile.

"Laughing!" Pinkie Pie added throwing her hooves in the air.

"You mean doing exactly what I wanted to do the whole time?" Spike stated rather proudly.

"Yes, Spike." Twilight agreed. "You were right."

Applejack spoke, "As horrible as our night was…"

"…being together here had made it better." Rarity said finishing for her friend.

"In fact, it's made it…" Pinkie Pie said as she led the group into cheering.

"…the best night ever!" They all, except Celestia, said together before getting into a fit of laughter.

Celestia watched on looking happy for this group of friends she was getting to know so well. But she did have something to tell. As the Mane Six broke from laughter to start ordering donuts, she took the time to speak to her pupil. "Twilight, if I could speak to you in private?" Celestia asked.

"Oh, sure." Twilight said before turning to her friends. "You guys don't mind if I step out for a bit?"

"Take your time!" Rainbow Dash said easy-going. "We'll be here all-night if we have to."

"Yes, enjoy your talk with the Princess, dear." Rarity said agreeing with her Pegasus friend.

Spike stood up in his seat. "I'll order your favorite!" He said readily.

"Thank you." Twilight said to her friends before she and Celestia walked out of the donut shop.

The two ponies didn't walk too far from the shop when Celestia began to speak. "You seem to be doing well with your new friends, my star pupil." She said optimistically.

"Oh yes," Twilight agreed happily. "It was nice to make new friends after Luffy left."

"Speaking of…" Celestia said being playfully cryptic. Twilight looked up at her teacher wondering what she was going to say. Celestia continued seeing Twilight's anticipation, "I've been receiving reports of Luffy's…actions beyond Equestria."

Twilight looked surprised at Celestia. "R-Really?" Twilight said nervously.

"He is doing very well." Celestia stated optimistically. "He done quite a few things in helping others."

"What has he done?" Twilight asked getting eager.

Celestia explained, "He's stopped quite a few nasty figures out at sea. He even help save a kingdom that know wishes to form an alliance with us."

"He did!" Twilight said shocked, but also amazed. Her brother was doing so much good for the world.

"He's gained a few comrades too." Celestia added intrigued. "He seems to be mirroring you quite a bit. But then again, 'siblings' tend to be similar."

Twilight blushed with embarrassment, but smiled. To think that her goofy, simple brother was helping so many ponies beyond Equestria. It was much like how she had helped Eqeustria. 'What a strange family…' Twilight thought to herself with a sense of warmth.

Then, a thought came across Twilight's mind. "Speaking of siblings, how is Princess Luna doing?" Twilight asked curious.

Celestia smiled and looked up into the night sky. "She is doing well. She hasn't yet recovered her full strength, but she is working on it. Thanks to a group of her own friends that she has gathered" She stated optimistically.

"That's wonderful to hear!" Twilight said sounding happy and eager. "Will we get to see them soon?"

Celestia hummed in thought. "Maybe…" She said to her student with a smile. "If the fates allow."

"Twilight!" Spike's voice shouted from the donut shop. "You better hurry before Pinkie eats all the donuts! She's on a sugar binge!"

"Woo-hoo!" shouted Pinke's voice sounding overly excited.

"I'll leave to your friends, Twilight." Celestia said as she began walking away. "I still have a Gala to host."

"Wait! Princess!" Twilight shouted before Celestia could take off. "Do you know if Luffy will be visiting soon?"

Unfortunately, Celestia shook her head. "All our information stops at an island called Jaya. But I'm sure you'll get to see him soon. Never fear, my faithful student." She said encouragingly before taking off in flight.

Twilight didn't say anything as he teacher left. She was a little worried knowing that there wasn't any more information on Luffy's journey. However, she knew there was nothing she could do, but hope that she had supplied him well. Twilight then turned and walked into the donut shop to enjoy the rest of her night with her friends.


Author's Note:

Hey! Were you expecting the Straw Hats to be the guests of honor? Ha! I thought so too, but then there was all the above. And also, Dragon!Whitebeard is awesome! I thought it would be cool to mix in a few more species into the story. Ponies are fine, but there is a very diverse list of species in MLP to use. So, I'll throw a curve ball and see how people like it.

So, I'll be updating the next few days in honor of Season 5 beginning this Saturday. Be sure to tune in!

Anyway, an important note. What is your opinion on 'songs' in this fic. There's only one, 'cause I avoided the other one, but I hope you enjoyed it. But please tell me for future chapters.

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