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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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Lesson Zero!

The sun rose on another day in Equestria. The citizens of Ponyville were just waking up preparing for their day. However, some had already been awake before the sun rose. On the second floor of the Golden Oak Library, both Twilight Sparkle and Spike were wide awake and active. In the middle of the room was two bags, or a saddle bag and a backpack. The backpack was nearly overfilled while the saddle bag was only half-full. Spike stood nearby them holding parchment and a quill marking items off as Twilight Sparkle found them and then placed in her bag.


"Check." Spike replied checking it off the list.


"Check." Spike replied again and checking the item off again.

"Extra ink."


"Extra extra ink."

Spike looked at Twilight oddly. However, he continued his duty marking the item off and saying, "Check."

"Is that everything on the checklist?" Twilight asked.

"Yep." Spike said confidently.

"Great!" Twilight said happily. "Now that we've completed the checklist of things to pack up that we may need on our trip with Luffy and everyone, we can make my checklist of the things I have to get done by the end of the day. Ready?"

"Ready!" Spike said eagerly.

Twilight then cleared her throat. She said smiling proudly, "Item one, create checklist of the things I have to accomplish by the end of the day."

Spike wrote down what Twilight said, but then he realized what those words meant. He gave out a loud sigh and tiredly fell to the floor.

Straw Hat 7

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...

My Little Pony!

Twilight Sparkle:I used to wonder what friendship could be.

Straw Hat 7:My Little Pony!

Twilight:Until you all shared its magic with me!

Rainbow Dash:Big adventure!

Pinkie Pie:Tons of fun!

Rarity:A beautiful heart.

Applejack:Faithful and strong.

Fluttershy:Sharing kindness.

Twilight Sparkle:It's an easy feat!

Luffy:And magic makes it all complete~!

All:You have my little ponies

Twilight:Do you know you're all my very best friends~?

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

Lesson Zero!

Twilight's going back to Magic Kindergarten?!

It was now later in the morning. Twilight Sparkle and Spike were walking out of town with their bags on their backs. Also on her back, Twilight was carrying a pink box full of a baker's dozen of cupcakes. In Spike's claws was a large, rolled-up checklist. They were both heading towards the lake where the Going Merry was once again docked. As they walked up, they could see the Straw Hat crew out on shore. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper (in Brain Point) were busy building sand castles. Also on the beach was Nami and Robin, who was reading a newspaper, relaxing underneath an umbrella. Zoro and Sanji were busy loading on bags. They looked to be from the rest of the Mane Six as their cutie marks adorn each bag. As Twilight Sparkle and Spike walked into view of the group, Luffy immediately spotted them.

"Hey, Twi! Hey, Spike!" Luffy shouted and waved to his sister and friend.

Twilight smiled and greeted back, "Hello, everyone."

"Hey guys!" Spike shouted out excitedly.

Robin placed the newspaper down hearing her student. She smiled greeting her, "Good morning, Twilight. Your friends have been by. They said they needed to do some last minute tasks before they could leave."

"Oh good." Twilight said cheerfully. She and Spike then placed their bags down before Twilight spoke, "Hopefully they won't be too long and we can set sail."

Luffy ran up behind Twilight nearly tackling her with a hug. He shouted excitedly, "It's awesome that you guys are actually gonna join us."

"What made you all decide to join us?" Nami asked curiously.

"After all that's happened recently, we all agreed that going on vacation together would be a good for us. Plus, we can hang with all of you." Twilight stated happily.

Luffy laughed before shouting, "Cool."

"Hey Spike!" Usopp spoke as he and Chopper walked up next to the dragon. "Whatcha got in your claws? Toilet paper or something?"

"No, it's Twilight's checklist of things that need to be done by the end of the day." Spike stated.

"Wow! That's a big list." Chopper said amazed.

"You're telling me." Spike said deadpanned.

"How much of this is done?" Usopp asked trying to read the list.

Spike quickly looked over the list. He told them, "I think we're at 'dropping off bags with Luffy and his crew'."

"Check." Twilight said overhearing Spike as she took her saddle bag off.

Sanji quickly appeared before Twilight. He politely told the mare, "Allow me to take your bag, mademoiselle."

"Thank you, Sanji."

"Could you take mine too?" Spike asked as he handed the checklist to Usopp as he took his backpack off to give to Sanji.

"Yeah, sure." Sanji said taking Spike's backpack as well.

Usopp continued to look at the checklist. He spoke up surprised, "The next thing here says, 'Deliver cupcakes.' You brought cupcakes?"

"Yeah, I thought it would be a nice treat for everyone." Twilight said as she brought forth the box.

"Awesome!" shouted Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper shouted eagerly. Luffy grabbed the box out of Twilight's magic aura and brought forth to his friends. Each one of them was drooling in anticipation. But when then opened it up, they were shocked to see the cupcakes with only a dollop of icing on each one.

"What the heck?" Usopp asked confused.

"What happened to the frosting?" Chopper asked equally confused.

"Don't ask." Spike said deadpanned.

"Twilight?" Luffy asked knowingly.

"Twilight." Spike responded.

"Hey!" Twilight shouted insulted.

"What does that mean?" Usopp asked.

Spike and Luffy just laughed in response and began eating the cupcakes. Usopp and Chopper looked at each other confused, but shrugged it off as they joined the others in eating a cupcake.

"So, what's next on that list of yours, Twilight?" Robin asked curiously.

Twilight thought for a second. She called out, "Spike, what's next on the checklist?"

"Let me check." Spike said as he took the list from Usopp. He looked it over quickly before saying, "'Double-check the list to make sure that we didn't miss anything.' Uh, check. That's it!"

"What about that last one?" Chopper asked as he pointed to the very bottom. "'Triple-check the list to make sure that we didn't miss anything when we double-checked…"

"Check!" Spike shouted quickly as cease repeating the process of checking.

"Then it looks like we're all done." Twilight said happily.

"Thank Celestia." Spike said in relief. He then dropped the roll of paper and quill. The claw that held the quill had a big, red bruise on it. Spike spoke saying, "I've been holding that quill so for long, I've got a claw cramp!"

"Oh! I can help with that. Follow me." Chopper said excitedly.

"Okay." Spike said as he followed Chopper.

"Celestia…" Twilight said as the name trigged something in her mind. Something she had forgotten. Twilight suddenly gasped and began shouting worriedly, "Oh no! Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!"

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Luffy asked.

"I haven't sent a letter to Princess Celestia this?!" Twilight stated worriedly.

"Is that bad?" Luffy asked confused.

Bad? Bad?! Of course it's bad!" Twilight shouted. "I'm supposed to send Princess Celestia a letter every week, telling her about a lesson I've learned about friendship! Not every other week, not every ten days, every... single... week!"

"Ah, I remember this." Robin said acting amused.

"Remember what?" Nami asked.

"That Twilight has a tiny issue with being tardy." Robin stated.

"You call this tiny?" Usopp asked watching Twilight panic.

"What day is it? Where's my calendar?!" Twilight shouted panicking.

"Calm down, Twi. I'm sure Tia will understand." Luffy said trying to be supportive.

"Luffy!" Twilight shouted feeling misunderstood. "This is the ruler of all of Equestria we're talking about. The pony who holds my fate in her hooves! What if she doesn't forgive me?"

"Twilight," Robin said trying to also calm down the mare. "I don't think-"

"What if instead she starts thinking I'm not taking my studies on friendship seriously?" Twilight asked panicking after interrupting her teacher.

"Whoa, Twilight." Usopp said as he tried help calm her down. "You gotta calm-"

"What if she makes me come back to Canterlot and puts me back in school and makes me prove I've been taking them seriously by giving me a test?! What if I don't pass?!"

Nami tried to speak up as well, "Um, Twilight…?"

"Do you know what teachers do to students who don't pass? They send them back a grade! But she won't just send me back a grade. She'll send me back to... magic kindergarten!"

At this point, Twilight's mostly logical brain began submitting to the panic, fear, and worry that the mare was experiencing. She began to imagine being sent back to magic kindergarten. Being stuck in a small desk in a small class. All around her, filly and colt unicorns pointed and laughed at the adult unicorn who had been sent back to for failing. Their laughter made her feel so embarrassed. As this image played through her mind, a tiny voice was speaking up over the laughter.

"Twi? Twilight! Snap out of it, Twilight!"

The image in Twilight's mind was soon broken like a glass window as Luffy Gum-Gum Pistoled through the imagery. This action snapped Twilight out of her panic. She looked at Luffy as he stood next to her looking worried. Of course, so was a lot of the crew as they stared at Twilight.

Robin then took this moment to speak her thoughts. She said to Twilight firmly, "Twilight, as one of your teachers, the notion of you being sent back to magic kindergarten is ridiculous."

"But… But…" Twilight said still distressed over her situation.

"If you are really this distressed about it." Robin said before she crossed her forelegs upwards.

After a few moments, Chopper and Spike walked out from the cabin. The both came over to the side. Chopper shouted, "What is it, Robin?"

"I wanted to borrow Spike for a moment." Robin said before uncrossing her forelegs. "Could you come here please? And please bring a paper and quill."

"Um, okay?" Spike said confused.

Once Spike, and Chopper, had gotten down to Robin with both her requested, Robin began writing. She spoke out what she write, "Dear Princess Celestia, I am writing to you as our young student, Twilight Sparkle, appears to have some misgivings over her assignment you had given her. I ask you if it is necessary for Twilight to send you a report every week on a timely basis. If so, please excuse her for the foreseeable future as she will be sailing with us. Sincerely, Nico Robin."

"You're sending the princess a letter?" Nami said surprised. "Do you really think we have time to wait?"

Robin didn't reply at first. She believed her action would speak louder as she rolled the paper and tied it off. She then offered it to Spike saying, "If you could deliver this, Spike."

"No problem." Spike said readily. He breathed out his green fire burning the scroll turning it into magic smoke that ascended into the sky heading towards Canterlot.

"Wow…" Nami said surprised.

"Whoa! That's cool!" Usopp and Chopper said amazed.

"Now, we shall wait for the princess' reply." Robin stated as she sat down calmly.

"Why did you need to send a message to the princess?" Spike asked confused.

"So that Twi would chill out." Luffy stated bluntly.

"Luffy." Twilight said annoyed. She then heard Robin make a slight noise. She looked at the older mare seeing her stern glare. She took a deep breath and then breathed out calming herself. She then spoke as she sat down, "Alright, I'll chill."

"Very good." Robin said smiling.

"Don't worry, Twilight." Spike said calmly and confidently. "You'll see any minute the princess will send a reply back. She'll probably agree with Robin and then we can enjoy our vacation."

Twilight smiled thinking over the prospect of enjoying her vacation. She spoke out, "You're right, Spike. I'm just over-thinking the situation."

"How long does it take for the princess to reply?" Nami asked to Spike curiously.

"She responds pretty quickly. Like two minutes top." Spike said confidently.

"What takes two minutes?" Zoro asked confused as he and Sanji joined the group.

"Instant ramen, if you got the right stuff." Sanji commented smartly.

"We're waiting for Tia to send a letter to tell Twi to chill." Luffy stated grinning.

"Why do we need to wait for that?" Zoro asked still confused. He then looked at Twilight annoyed saying, "Just do whatever. I'm sure the ruler of a kingdom has better things to do."

"Ugh, you don't understand." Twilight stated to Zoro irritated.

"Just keep your mouth shut, Moss head. Twilight is obviously concerned about something that only the beautiful Princess Celestia can answer. A simpleton like you wouldn't understand." Sanji stated.

"She obviously just needs relax." Zoro stated irritated at the cook.

"You wanna fight, shitty swordsman?!" Sanji shouted already angry.

"Um, should we stop them?" Twilight asked to the rest of the crew.

"No, they're both idiots." Nami stated unconcerned.

Everyone watched Zoro and Sanji exchange insults for some time. Both of them looked ready to fight the other. As this occurred, Twilight had been tapping her hoof unstop. Almost like she was counting off the seconds until Celestia's letter to come. However, as the seconds passed away, Twilight soon began to worry again. Where was Celestia's letter?

"You know, it's been a while since that letter was sent. Shouldn't the princess have responded?" Usopp commented curious.

"Now that you mention it." Spike said out loud. "It is weird. Usually I'll be burping out another scroll by now."

"That's gross." Usopp commented dryly.

"Maybe she's busy." Chopper suggested.

"This can't be good for Twilight." Nami said worriedly.

Luffy immediately turned to his sister. He tried to comfort her saying, "Hey, Twi. Don't worry, she'll-Where she go?"

"What?" Spike said as he and the group turned. Even Zoro and Sanji. To their surprise, Twilight was no longer. When they all looked down the path towards town, they could just barely see the young mare heading back to town.

"I don't think she's taking this well." Usopp commented.

"Twilight!" Spike shouted as he took off running after the unicorn.

Robin spoke out loud thinking, "How odd. I wonder why the princess did not reply."

"Should we do something?" Zoro asked.

"Of course, we should do something!" Sanji immediately told the swordspony. "If my poor Twilight is in distress, than her knight in shining armor will go and rescue her from her plight."

"I'm sure she can work through this dilemma on her one. Right, Luffy?" Nami said looking to her captain to ease the crew.

"Yeah," Luffy said smiling.

"See! Let's just-"

"Unless she becomes Twilight Crazy." Luffy said offhandedly.

"What?" Nami said surprised.

"Oh." Robin said gasping lightly. "I had forgotten about that."

"T-T-Twilight Crazy?! What does that mean?" Usopp asked worriedly.

"Guys, we should probably find her. You know, before something bad happens." Luffy stated as he began trotting towards Ponyville.

"Before what?!" Usopp shouted before he rushed in front of Luffy looking unconcerned. "What do you mean, 'before something bad happens'?! What's going to happen?!"

"Not sure, but it'll probably be bad." Luffy stated.

"I agree with Luffy." Robin said as she sat up and trotted over next to the stallion. "Leaving Twilight in her current state could prove to be disastrous."

"Hold on!" Nami shouted looking confused. "How can a single pony overreacting about some assignment be 'disastrous'."

"You didn't see the results of the last time this happened." Robin stated grimly.

"Do you think the library in Canterlot still has my picture?" Luffy asked to Robin generally curious.

Robin chuckled before saying, "Probably."

"Come on, guys!" Luffy said as he and Robin trotted towards Ponyville.

"Might as well." Zoro said as he followed behind them.

"I'm coming, Twilight my sweet~!" Sanji shouted adorningly.

"Hey! Wait up!" Nami shouted as she, Usopp, and Chopper (shifting into Walk Point) to follow the group and find Twilight.

The sun rose higher into the sky. It rose in steady beats almost like a clock ticking away the hours until dusk. The Straw Hats walked together through town. Most of them were searching for Twilight hoping to catch the mare. So far, they weren't having much luck.

"Geesh, how could we lose one pony in such a small town?" Nami complained as she looked around.

"Should we check the library?" Usopp asked.

"She's got to make a report about friendship, right? She's probably with Rainbow Dash or the others." Zoro stated.

"Then we should check with one of them!" Chopper said optimistically.

As he listened while looking around, Sanji soon spotted the Carousel Boutique. He immediately spoke up, "Hey, that's Rarity's shop over there. Let's check with her."

"Good idea, Sanji." Nami said.

"Thank you, Nami-swan~!" Sanji shouted basking in Nami's gratitude.

"Come on!" Luffy said as he led the group to the dress shop.

Everyone went inside the shop. As the door rang the bell to clue in the owner, Rarity came out from the back. She greeted her customers without realizing who they were. "Hello, and welcome to the Carousel Bou… Oh! Sanji, Nami, everyone. What a surprise. Sorry if I'm tardy for our voyage. I was just finishing some last minutes dresses."

"Don't worry, Rarity. You're not late." Nami said smiling. "We're actually here to see if you've seen Twilight?"

"She was just here a minute ago." Rarity stated. "But then she left before she could help me. How unlike her."

"We fear that she may not be of sound mind." Robin said serious.

Rarity thought back to Twilight's visit. She then spoke out her thoughts, "Now that you mention it, Ms. Robin, Twilight was acting a bit strange."

"Twilight's going crazy!" Luffy stated loud and blunt.

"Beg pardon?" Rarity asked confused.

"Don't say it like that, idiot!" Nami and Usopp shouted while also smacking the back of his head.

"What he means to say is that Twilight may need our help." Robin stated.

"If that's the case then we better find her." Rarity said as she walked over to the window of her shop. She brought forth a sign with 'Closed' written on it and placed it on the window. She then turned back to group. She said to them, "Let's make haste."

The group left the Carousel Boutique and decided to find Pinkie Pie next. Of course, she was helping out the Cakes at Sugarcube Corner. After explaining the situation, Pinkie Pie joined the group in search of Twilight Sparkle. Pinkie Pie immediately made a suggestion.

"I bet she's over at the old Apple family barn." Pinkie Pie stated cheerfully.

"What makes you think that?" Zoro asked.

Pinkie stated cheerfully, "Well, if I was Twilight and I was having trouble completing an assignment about friendship and Rarity didn't need help me…"

"Hey!" Rarity said feeling insulted.

"I would go visit Applejack! But Applejack is having Rainbow Dash help her tear down an old barn so she can put up a new one. But since Twilight wouldn't know that, she would think that Rainbow Dash was mad at Applejack for some reason. A perfect situation to solve a friendship problem."

Everyone stared at the pink mare surprised, even Rarity. That seem so on the dot correct that it was almost too farfetched to believe. At least, for most of them.

"Okay!" Luffy said smiling. "Let's do that."

"Yippee!" Pinkie Pie shouting cheerfully as she hopped to their next destination.

"I guess Applejack is as good as any pony to start with." Rarity commented as she followed behind the excited pony.

"Let's hope her hunch is right." Usopp said he and the others followed the mares' lead.

It didn't take much time to find where Applejack, and Rainbow Dash as well, was currently. Just as Pinkie Pie had stated they both were together. Both mares were cleaning up a large pile of broken wood. Like Rarity, the group explained that they were looking Twilight and that she may be in need of their help.

"Yeah, no problem. Let's do it!" Rainbow Dash stated eagerly.

Applejack spoke, "We better skedaddle then. I bet she's over at Fluttershy's place. If that little filly doesn't have enough problems as it is…"

"We better hurry!" Chopper said hurriedly.

Again, the group took off to reach Fluttershy and hopefully catch Twilight. When they reached Fluttershy's cottage they found the mare giving a bear a back message. Like before, the group told Fluttershy of Twilight's predicament. The Pegasus mare looked at the group surprised.

"Oh my. I hope Twilight will be okay." Fluttershy said worriedly.

"You mean, you haven't seen her?" Usopp asked.

"No, I've been helping my bear friend with some muscle tension in his shoulder." Fluttershy stated. Immediately, some of Fluttershy's bird friends flew over and chirped something to the Pegasus. Fluttershy understood them and gasped saying, "Oh! She was here, but she ran away for some reason."

Zoro groaned out annoyed. He stated, "We're going to be at this all day."

Nami nodded saying, "Hard to believe, but Zoro makes a good point."

"Oi!" Zoro shouted insulted.

"We should split up." Nami explained to the group. "We can cover more ground that way. One of us is likely to spot her."

"Good idea, Nami." Sanji said in agreement with her plan. "I'll take Rarity, Nami, Applejack, Robin, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. The rest of you will be fine."

"Doesn't that seem much for a group?" Applejack stated.

"I don't mind searching with such a refine and handsome stallion." Rarity stated swooning over Sanji.

"Thank you, Rarity-chwan~!" Sanji shouted adorningly.

"Ignore him." Nami stated. "Sanji, you can keep an eye on Zoro."

"What?!" Sanji and Zoro said shocked.

"The rest of us should split up." Nami said to the rest.

"Right!" Everyone shouted before splitting off.

"Wait, for me Sanji~!" Rarity shouted excitedly.

Applejack rolled her eyes. She grabbed Rarity's tail by her mouth and dragged her away from Sanji. She told the mare, "Come on, Rarity. We'll look for Twilight at her library."

"Sanji~!" Rarity cried out as everyone began searching for Twilight.

Everyone searched throughout Ponyville. None of them were having any luck in finding her. However, they were able to find Spike.

"Yeah, I caught up with her a few minutes ago. I told her she should go back to the Merry and relax until everyone was ready to go. And she did."

"So, she's back at the Merry." Usopp stated.

"That's good, right?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Not if we're not there." Usopp said as he began thinking. He asked out loud, "What I'm wondering is, why would she so easily go back to the Merry if she really needed a friendship problem?"

"Maybe she thought that you guys had a friendship problem." Pinkie Pie stated cheerfully.

Usopp gasped and stomped his hoof in realization. "Zoro and Sanji!" He said surely. "Those two are just about the only two in the crew who argue constantly."

"Yeah!" Pinkie Pie shouted in agreement.

"Where are they now?" Spike asked.

"They're out searching too. Let's find them quickly!" Usopp said before he led the pony and dragon in search for Zoro and Sanji.

At this moment, Zoro and Sanji were just outside the city. Sanji was shouting at the swordsman as he went in every direction except the right one. Every time the cook shouted, Zoro grunted in response and changed his course to follow.

"This way, you idiot! We're supposed to be looking for Twilight, and not looking for a place to grow." Sanji said insultingly.

"Shut up!" Zoro shouted back at Sanji.

"Can you at least try to follow? Or should I hold your hoof?" Sanji asked out though still walking.

"I'm not a child, Dartboard brow!" Zoro shouted getting angry.

As the two stallions began arguing, neither one of them noticed that they were being watched. A certain purple unicorn was spying them from a bush. She suddenly popped up from that bush revealing her twisted, smiling expression. To give a comparison, it was as if the Joker had finally triumphant over Batman. Her mane was frizzled and unkempt as was her tail. The stress had really been getting to her. Twilight grinned hysterically before eyeing the two arguing crewmates. She then used her magic to teleport.

"You wanna fight?!" Zoro and Sanji shouted as they literally butted heads. Suddenly, both of them were pushed back by a magical force. They looked between each other to see the very mare they were looking for, Twilight.

"Hello, guys…" Twilight said in a creepy and drawn out tone.

"Twilight?" Zoro asked concerned about the mare's appearance.

"Twilight-chwan~!" Sanji shouted clearly not seeing, much less hear, Twilight for she was at this moment. He quickly stood up. He had completely forgotten their mission to instead adore and fawn over Twilight. He spoke, "I'm glad I found you, my sweet!"

"No!" Twilight stated quickly with a twisted smile. "I'm glad that I found you two!"

"Um, Twilight…" Zoro said feeling nervous. "Everyone's been looking for you, how about you-"

"Help you two out with your friendship problem? Suuuure." Twilight said creepily. She then used her magic to pick up both stallions, summon a couch, and placed the two on said couch. She then got up super close to the ponies saying, "Now, let's get to the bottom of this problem between you two."

"We don't have a problem." Zoro stated nervously and stubbornly.

"Don't worry, Zoro. Denial is to be expected." Twilight retorted delusional.

"Twilight, you're-"

"He's a total idiot." Sanji stated immediately complying with Twilight's demands. "He sleeps most of the day so he's pretty much useless unless fighting."

"Oi!" Zoro shouted as he quickly became angry at the chef. He then turned back at Twilight and stated, "Well, this dumbass cook is completely useless. Too busy sucking up to every mare he sees like they're interesting in him. What mare would be interested in a stallion with weird eyebrows?"

"What was that, you shitty swordsman?"

"You heard me, dumbass cook."

"You wanna fight?!" Zoro and Sanji shouted together

"Now, now, let's be civil." Twilight said surprisingly calm. "How about we start with finding coming ground and then-"

"Bring it on! I won't even need my swords to beat you." Zoro shouted clearly not hearing Twilight and continued to argue with Sanji.

"Oh yeah?! I won't even need to lift a finger to beat you shitty senseless!"

"Oh no. No. No. No. No. No. Why aren't they talking things over? Why are they still arguing? Why aren't they listening to me? If I can't fix their problem, then what do I do?" Twilight said worriedly and mildly panicking. She had never meet two ponies that could argue this much. Rainbow Dash and Applejack rarely fought like this. Even Rarity and Applejack didn't argue this much anymore. How was she going to solve this friendship problem for her report?

Then, she had a thought. She began grinning crazily as she thought of a solution to fix her friends. She spoke out, "Aha! I know a solution." Immediately, Twilight's horn began glowing.

Though still fighting with Sanji, Zoro caught sight of Twilight's magic activating. He immediately stopped arguing. He asked, "Twilight? What are you…?"

"Don't worry!" Twilight shouted crazily. "This won't hurt!" She then shot her spell forth at the two stallions.

"Hey! Wait?" Zoro shouted quickly.

Zoro and Sanji were both hit by the spell. At the same time, Usopp and his group had found them. Before any of them could shout to stop Twilight, they were blinded by the bright light produced by the magic spell. When the light dimmed down everyone looked to see what had happened. Immediately, everyone gasped at what they saw. It was at Zoro and Sanji, but at the same time not them.

(Discord: Let's call it 'Bishojo vision'. Ha!)

"Zoro…" Sanji spoke in a gentle voice and warm smile. "I'm sorry that I insulted you. You are a valuable member of the crew, and someone I hold tremendous respect."

"I apologize as well." Zoro stated as well in the same soft tone and warmness. "You are equally valued, and your cooking skills are second to none."

"Ah! What happened to them?!" Usopp shouted shocked.

"Whoa!" Pinkie Pie said surprised. "What did she do?"

"Do you like?" Twilight asked grinning creepily and arching her neck to look at the group.

"What did you do to them, Twilight?!" Usopp asked completely freaked.

"That was the reforming spell. It supposed to 'reform' the intended to fit the caster's desire." Spike explained.

"What?!" Usopp shouted shocked.

"Ah! Spike!" Twilight shouted as she saw her number one assistant nearby. "I'm glad you're here! Take a note…"

"No way!" Spike shouted defiantly.

"What?" Twilight said surprised her eye twitching crazily.

"Twilight! This serious! You're not helping them!" Spike stated desperately.

"Trust me on this, they are way better the other way." Usopp stated concerned.

"This is bad, Twilight." Spike stated out worriedly.

"No. No. Don't you see, Spike." Twilight stated with a crazy smile. "I've fixed their friendship! That's the point of the assignment! Now, I just have to write the letter explaining what I've learned."

"But what have you learned from this, Twilight?" Pinkie Pie asked concerned.

"What?" Twilight replied surprised. At the same time, the question seem to snap Twilight back to normal. She looked back at the two stallions whose personalities she changed. Despite seeing them smiling and getting along, in her heart she could feel that this was not right. She gasped softly as she realized, "Oh my stars, you're right. I didn't fix anything. I just covered it up at the expense of my friends. I'm…horrible."

"No you're not, Twilight." Pinkie said as she walked up next to Twilight smiling. "You just got way too worked up, but now you calmed down. Right?"

"Yeah…" Twilight said smiling.

"Thank goodness." Spike said as he joined next to the mares.

"Can you change them back?" Usopp asked as he joined the group as well.

"Yeah, no problem." Twilight said readily as she turned to the two 'bishojo' stallions. Her horn began glowing and she shot another spell blast at Zoro and Sanji.

Before so, Zoro and Sanji had been having a calm conversation with each other. Most of it being compliments towards each other in the sense of strength and ingenuity. Neither one of them noticed Twilight's magic spell even when it hit them. They both began glowing. "You are…" They both said respectably and calm. When the glowing ceased the calm expressions on the two stallions became angry. The both then completed their sentence shouting, "a Dumbass!"

"Yeah. That's about right." Usopp said nodding and smiling that his two crewmates were now returned to normal.

"Yippee!" Pinkie Pie cheered.

Zoro and Sanji looked over at the group. Both stallions looked confused at the group. They both asked out, "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Spike sighed out in relief. "Phew. Good thing that didn't go any further."

"Yeah, like what if Twilight used some spell that made the whole town go nuts." Pinkie Pie stated cheerful and jokingly.

Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes. "That definitely would be embarrassing."

"Indeed, my faithful student."

Twilight and everyone turned around as they heard a familiar voice speak up. They all were surprised to find Princess Celestia and everyone that had went out to search for Twilight standing behind them. All of them were smiling looking relieved and happy.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight shouted surprised. "Everyone?"

"Twilight!" Luffy shouted cheerfully before running up to his sister. "You're not acting crazy."

"Yeah." Twilight said blushing slightly embarrassed by her brother's comment.

"Thank goodness." Robin commented amusedly.

"What are you all doing here?" Twilight asked curiously.

"We've been looking for you, Twilight. We heard you were in some distress and we wanted to help you out, but we couldn't find you." Applejack stated.

"Oh." Twilight said surprised. "I didn't mean to worry everyone."

"Kinda weren't giving us much of a choice." Rainbow Dash pointed out bluntly.

"Sorry." Twilight said looking a little embarrassed. She then looked over at her mentor asking, "But, why are you here, Princess Celestia?"

"For a number of reasons, Twilight Sparkle." Celestia said as she approached her student. Her horn then began glowing as she brought forth Robin's letter from earlier. She told Twilight, "But the most important reason regards the content of this letter Robin sent me."

"What?" Twilight said surprised.

"Twilight, if you were having such concerns over your assignment, you should've just sent me a letter telling me them."

Twilight looked away from the princess blushing embarrassed that she hadn't thought of that solution sooner. She replied apologetically, "Sorry."

"Everypony makes mistakes, my faithful student." Celestia stated understandingly.

"Then, what is your answer?" Twilight asked feeling nervous.

"Oh, Twilight." Celestia said chuckling softly. "You never needed a report every week. Just when you discovered another lesson in friendship is fine."

"And I think I have one for you now." Twilight said smiling proudly. She then looked over at her number one assistant and asked, "Spike, could you write it down?"

"No problem!" Spike said happily as he pulled out a quill and paper out ready to write.

"Mind if we join you in writing this letter, Twilight." Rarity spoke out on behalf of most of the Mane Six.

"I think we learned something important as well." Fluttershy stated smiling.

"Okay." Twilight said smiling in agreement. She then began the letter. "Dear Princess Celestia…"

"We're writin' to you because today we all learned a little somethin' about friendship…" Applejack said continuing off from Twilight.

Fluttershy then continued. "We learned that you should take your friends' worries seriously."

"Even if you don't think that she has anything to worry about." Rainbow Dash stated sounding a bit embarrassed.

"And that you shouldn't let your worries turn a small problem..." Rarity added.

"…into a nearly huge problem where you start trying to fix your friends faults through a spell." Pinkie Pie stated cheerfully.

"Signed, your loyal subjects." Applejack said finishing for the group.

Celestia smiled and nodded. "Very good, eveypony." She said as she then took the letter from Spike. She spelled the scroll away most likely to her study. She then commented before giving wink towards Twilight, "And on time too. Imagine that."

Twilight blushed embarrassed. Nearly everyone went up in laughter.

"Aw, that was nice." Nami said fondly. However, the expression of awe soon turned into a frown as she looks over at Zoro and Sanji still butting heads. She sighed commenting wearily, "Why can't those two act all buddy-buddy instead of annoying me."

"Trust me, Nami. You wouldn't." Usopp replied knowingly to Nami.

As the laughter went down, a thought crossed Twilight's mind. She looked back at her mentor asking, "Wait? Princess Celestia, why didn't you send a letter back to me to explain my assignment."

"Ah. That would be another reason why I'm here." Celestia said smiling. She then looked over at Spike asking, "Could you come here, Spike?"

"Uh, sure." Spike said confused as he walked over to the princess.

Once Spike was nest to her, Celestia set the letter down and began using her magic on Spike. The little dragon began glowing. On his stomach a circle with her cutie mark in the middle and the female symbol with horns in the middle of that. Everyone, even Spike, was amazed at the sight of circle.

"What is that?" Twilight said legitimately confused.

"This is a special seal of my own design. It combines a special form of science known as alchemy with magic to allow for easy and quick transportation of letters between you and me."

"Whoa…" Spike said as she looked at his stomach.

"Alchemy?" Twilight said surprised.

Celestia looked down at the circle and looked it over quickly. "I see, so it is broken." Celestia commented knowingly.

"Broken? What does that mean?" Spike asked confused.

"I believe I may have overloaded the seal when I sent all those letters to you a while back. I'll just retouch it a bit." Celestia said as she began fixing the seal.

"I don't believe it." Twilight said amazed as she watched her teacher work. "I've known Spike for so long, but I've never seen this before."

Celestia commented, "I used a special technique called Fūinjutsu to make it semi-permanent and won't show unless I need it to. Something I learned from a friend."

"Fu-what?" Twilight questioned confused.

Celestia chuckled as she finished fixing the seal on Spike. She then raised her head up and looking over at Twilight to say, "There's still so much for you to discover, my faithful student."

"What?" Twilight said surprised.

"Is the seal fixed then?" Robin asked curiously as she came up and examined the baby dragon's stomach.

"Yes, I should be able to send letters back to Twilight." Celestia said proudly. "Which is good as now we can keep in communications while you are on your journey."

"Really?" Twilight said surprised.

"And that would the third reason why I'm here." Celestia stated to Twilight. "I wanted to see you all off on your journey."

"Oh yeah!" Pinkie Pie shouted excitedly. "We've got a super-pirate-vacation-journey to go on!"

"Hey, since everything is settled now, we should get going!" Usopp stated excitedly.

"We better inform our families that we're leaving." Applejack said to the Mane Six.

"Not just that!" Rainbow Dash stated energetically. "We gotta tell everyone!"

Soon, everyone minus the Straw Hats and Celestia were off to inform every one of their departure. From their families (that being the Apple family and Rarity's family) to close friends such as Scootaloo, Zecora, and the Cakes. Many of the townspony began coming along as well as news of the princess' arrival spread fast. This soon mixed with the news of their local heroes leaving and that the princess was seeing them off. It made the whole town come out.

Suddenly, a train whistle blew. Celestia heard the whistle and the screeching of the train coming to a stop. She smiled and turned to her student as she and her friends were about to board the Going Merry. She called out, "Twilight Sparkle! I have some important guests to see you off as well."

Twilight looked back surprised. She asked, "Who?"



Twilight looked out into the crowd of ponies. Running through the crowd was Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard Shining Armor and his and Twilight's parents. Twilight gasped surprised. "Mom? Dad? Shining Armor! What are you doing here?"

"Princess Celestia informed us that you were leaving Equestria with Luffy. We wanted to see you off too, sweetie." Twilight's mother, Twilight Velvet, stated cheerfully.

"Really!" Twilight said happily surprised.

"Luffy, my boy." Nightlight shouted up to the boat.

Luffy turned hearing his name. Seeing Twilight's father, Luffy grinned and waved to the older stallion. "Hey, Pops!"

"You be sure to take care of your sister and friends. Okay?"

"Yeah! No problem." Luffy replied back grinning.

"Dad!" Twilight shouted embarrassed.

"Twily!" Shining Armor spoke next as he walked up to the ship. "You be careful out there. Your big brother won't be there to help you."

"I'll be fine, Shining." Twilight said confidently. "I've got all my friends plus Luffy and his crew."

Shining Armor smiled. "Well, just in case, I've got some important news that absolutely requires you and your friends. I'm getting married!"

All the Mane Six gasped in surprise. Of course, Twilight was the most surprise and overjoyed. She shouted, "Oh my stars! That's great!"

"Yeah! Me and Cadence are expecting you all there to help and take part in the wedding." Shining Armor stated happily. He then looked over at Luffy. His expression became increasingly sterner as he shouted to the captain. "Luffy! You better take care of Twilight and her friends! Don't forget!"

"Yeah, yeah." Luffy stated sounding bored.

"Luffy!" Shining Armor shouted frustrated.

"Set sail!" Luffy shouted quickly to his crew. "We're heading to Water 7!"

"Yosh!" shouted the Straw Hat crew as they moved the ship to sail.

"See ya, everyone!" Applejack shouted towards the crowd waving. "Take care y'all!"

"Don't get into too much trouble, ya here!" Granny Smith shouted playfully.

"Take care, Applejack!" Big Macintosh shouted proudly.

"Bring back a 'hole heap of souvenirs!" Apple Bloom shouted excitedly.

"Take care of Opal for me, Sweetie Belle." Rarity said waving to her family happily.

"I will, Rarity!" Sweetie Belle shouted excitedly with the cat Opalescence on her back sleeping.

Scootaloo shouted, "Come back soon, Rainbow Dash!"

Rainbow Dash chuckled. "When I get back, I'll have a whole book full of awesomeness to tell you about, Scootaloo."

"Awesome!" Scootaloo shouted jumping up and down excitedly.

"Take care of the skies, Derpy!" Rainbow Dash called out to the grey Pegasus.

"No problem, Rainbow Dash." Derpy said waving to her friend.

"Be safe, Angel!" Fluttershy said waving softly to all her animal friends. Just like the ponies, all of Fluttershy's animal friends, led by Angel the bunny, came to see her and everyone off. Among them was Owlowiscious. As the animals waved, Fluttershy also spoke out, "And be sure to take care of Owlowiscious."

"Have fun, Pinkie Pie!" Mrs. Cake waved along with her husband. The mare looked very plump.

"See you all soon!" Pinkie Pie shouted and waved to the Cakes and the crowd.

"Bye!" Spike waved to the crowd with Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy.

"Fair winds and following seas everyone." Celestia called out optimistically before unfurling her wings. At the same time, her horn began glowing.

As the Going Merry neared the river, a magic portal appeared before the ship. The crew and everyone on board were amazed at the sight. It appeared to be the ocean. The Merry traveled through the portal unharmed. Once fully through, the portal closed. Everyone took this chance to look around. It looked like the portal had taken them to the eastern coast of Equestria. Exactly where the river emptied into the ocean. Now, with Equestria behind and the open sea before them, the Going Merry carried her crew and guests towards the horizon. Towards a new adventure!

"Let's go! Full Speed Ahead for Adventure!"


Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed!

Introduced some new concepts to the expanding world that is MLP: NiM, and also got the Mane Six and Spike out of Equestria! What lies ahead for everyone? Well, if you've been keeping track of where I am in the One Piece timeline, you'll know. The next arc is gonna be fun, and the one after will be dramatic!

Until next time! Ja Ne!

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