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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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Tag-Team Battle

Last time on My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic…

“The first one that I will take is…” Foxy said smiling as he pointed his finger out towards the crew member. “The dragon, Spike!”

“No! Spike!” Twilight shouted as she tried to stop them from taking her friend and assistant.

“If you’re a real dragon…” Zoro said as he looked back at Spike. His expression was serious as he stated, “Then just sit tight, and watch the game.”

Itomimizu announced, “Our Groggy Monsters chose to ball first! The ball of Team Straw Hat will now go the center of the opponent’s side. Remember, the ball seal marks the two balls in the game! If you hit the opponent’s ball into the enemy life buoy, you win!”

“Apple Crumble!” Applejack shouted as her kick connected with Big Pan’s chin.

“The whistle has been blown. They game is over! The Straw Hats win the second game of the Davy Back Fight! Now it’s time for the Straw Hats to pick their crewmate! Who will it be?”

Luffy & Twilight: We’re always shining, running, forever
Sharing the best adventures together
And as we follow our dreams however crazy they seem
We won’t stop until we reach the end so
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up heartbeat! We are the one! Go ahead!

My Little Pony
Nakama is Magic

The only rule that we obey is to run free
Mane Six plus Spike (chorus): We are best friends
Don’t ever let a compass show you the way to go
Just pick the route that looks the most exciting!

Raise the flag and sail on full speed ahead
Straw Hat 7 (chorus): Go east, go west
It doesn’t matter who or what’s standing in our way,
We’ll make it through them everyday

You won’t get anywhere if you’re waiting for the sun to rise
All (chorus): I can’t wait
So spread your wings and meet it in the sky, leave earth below
Just follow its light and get going, go!

So as we’re Shining, Running, Forever!
When all the pieces of our dreams have merged
You’ll feel a joy inside that you can’t explain
And that’s the treasure we must find!

We’re always shining, running, forever
Sharing the best adventures together
And as we follow our dreams however crazy they seem
We won’t stop until we reach the end so
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up heartbeat.
We are the one! Go ahead!

“Davy Back Fight: Tag-Team Battle”

The Foxy pirates cheered as the second game, the Groggy Ring, came to an end in favor of the Straw Hats. Despite having lost, the Foxy pirates were generally impressed with the Straw Hat team’s victory. This included Gilda, though less vocal. Foxy was hardly amused with his crew’s display. On the other hand, the Straw Hats were super excited. Sanji especially was basking in the glory as he was congratulated by all the mares in his own love blinded way. And so, the next thing to do was to pick which member of the Foxy pirates that would join their crew. This was a quick decision.

“Come on back, Spike!” shouted Luffy happily without a second thought.

“Okay!” shouted back Spike cheerfully as he ripped away his mask and rushed over to his friends.

“No, Spikey!” yelled Porche disappointedly.

Spike ran right into Luffy’s arms and hugged the stallion.“Thank you for getting me out of there!” He shouted happily.

“Hey, it was no problem. No way were we gonna loose again.” Luffy stated confidently.

“Spike!” shouted Twilight as she rushed over to Luffy and Spike.

“Twilight!” shouted Spike overjoyed before separating from Luffy. The little dragon the rushing over to Twilight and hugged her next. They were then joined by the rest of the Mane Six, including Applejack and Pinkie Pie. All of them hugged the dragon. Even Chopper and Usopp joined in.

“Congratulations, Straw Hat.” Foxy said sounding somewhat mocking while gaining everyone’s attention. “But listen well. No one can win against me in battle in round three. And with Trixie as my partner, I’m even more assured. You better make peace with your crew because one of you will surely be mine! Fuehfehfehfeh!”

“Bring it on, Split-head!” stated Luffy determinedly.

Again, Foxy’s ego was stuck hard by a harsh comment. The kitsune fell to his paws and knees depressed. “He used that name again…”

“Boss!” shouted Porche as she came to her captain’s aide.

Much like Foxy, Trixie too approached her rival, Twilight Sparkle. She wore an arrogant smirk as she talked to the purple unicorn. “You may be the best with magic in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle. But let’s see how well you use it in battle.”

Twilight stared at Trixie with a serious glare. While she couldn’t help but be egged on by Trixie’s boastful nature, she still had this feeling of sorrowful towards the blue unicorn. However, for the moment, she needed to prepare for a fight.

The Davy Back Fight entered its third and final game, the Tag-Team Battle. The participants were for Team Foxy, Foxy and Trixie, and for Team Straw Hat, Luffy and Twilight Sparkle. The Foxy Pirates were completely excited for this round. Before starting, both captains spun a portable cannon to decide where the battlefield will be. Though, it was all pointless. The cannon was rigged pointing exactly where it “needed” to be; Foxy’s ship, the Sexy Foxy. The rules were simple: knock out the opponent out of the 100 meter radius ring and win. Anything on the ship can be used as a weapon. All forms of magic were allowed though teleportation will be monitored. The contestants were then lead to the changing room with a coach. Usopp volunteered to be Luffy and Twilight’s coach. As everyone waited, the Foxy pirates entertained everyone threw skits and cheers. Chopper took time to fix up the Groggy Ring team up. And so, after some time…

“The preparations are complete!” announced Itomimizu from a top the Sexy Foxy figurehead. “It’s time for the most exciting event of the Davy Back Fight will be starting! It’s time for the tag-team battle round!”

As everyone gathered to their seats in the stands, provided by the Foxy pirates, cans suddenly fired black smoke into the air darkening the air around the area. It was a bit strange at first, but the smokes purpose was soon revealed. Soon, two projectors shot forth images onto the black smoke. They projected the wanted posters of the two main combatants; “Straw Hat” Monkey D. Luffy: wanted for 100 million beli, and Foxy ‘the Silver Fox’: wanted for 24 million belis. Itomimizu then continued to announce to the crowd.

“It’s time! On the left, he’s the returning champion with a record of 920 straight wins and captain of the Foxy Pirates! His partner is considered the greatest and most powerful unicorn in the Foxy Pirates.”

The Foxy pirates cheered as two combatants walked out of one the ears, as they were exits from the changing room, fully dressed for combat. Both figures were cloaked until the entered the spotlight revealing them to be Foxy and Trixie. Foxy had simply removed his purple coat and put on blue boxing gloves. On the other hand, Trixie was now back in her old outfit now including the Foxy mask. Behind them, a group of Foxy’s men were cheering them on.

“It’s our boss, Foxy ‘the Silver Fox’, and the great and powerful Trixie!”

There was a moment of pause for Itominizu allowing the Foxy pirates to cheer for their obvious favorites. Foxy and Trixie waved to the crowd basking in the admiration and support given to them by their crew. Of course, the Straw Hats and Twilight’s friends remained quiet. Eventually, the crowd went quiet and Itominizu spoke again.

“Now! For our challengers…”

Inside the fox head, Luffy, Twilight and Usopp were proceeding to go outside. Much like how Foxy and Trixie were cloaked, Luffy and Twilight were also cloaked. As they made their way towards outside, they were having a conversation.

“Come on, Twilight. It looks cool on you.” Luffy said optimistically.

“Luffy, this makes me look ridiculous,” said Twilight sounding embarrassed, “and so does that thing you're wearing.”

“No, Twilight.” Usopp said with a tough Brooklyn-like accent (Or is that Manehatten-like accent now?). “These items will give you a mighty boost! You just gotta believe in them.”

“Yeah, Twilight.” Luffy said copying Usopp’s accent.

“Whatever.” Twilight said resigning herself to the stallion’s fantasy. They all then exited out of the fox ear opposite of the one Foxy and Trixie’s left.

“He is the stallion with a whopping bounty of 100 million, and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates! She is his sister whose magic prowess are comparable to that of our own Trixie! Here they are! Monkey D. Luffy and Twilight Sparkle!”

Everyone began cheering as the cloaks fell off the two combatants revealing their new looks. Luffy was now donning a huge afro along with red boxing hoof-gloves and sporting a rub-off tattoo on his chest of a flame-skull jolly roger. Luffy roared out towards the crowd determinedly. Despite her lack of interest in dressing up, Twilight had resigned herself to at least one item that her brother and Usopp wanted. Twilight now wore a pair of sharp-looking purple sunglasses and wore her hair in a ponytail (the glasses are like the ones on Gurren Lagann). She remained composed, but even that just stirred the crowd even more. Usopp stood right next to them cheering along with the crowd.

“I have to admit,” stated Gilda as she sat next to Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Straw Hat group, “they look cool.”

“Cool? They look awesome!” shouted Rainbow Dash excited.

“I’ll say! Woo-hoo!” shouted Applejack cheering on her friends.

“Yeah.” Fluttershy said cheering softly.

“Luffy! Twilight! You look so awesome!” shouted Sanji, Chopper, Spike and Pinkie Pie completely amazed.

“Oh, I wish I could’ve gone with them. I would have given Twilight something more a little more ‘battle-worthy’ fashionable than just sunglasses.” Rarity said while pouting.

“Can’t he take this a bit serious?” said Nami sounding a bit worried for her captain. Interestingly, Nami was wearing Luffy’s straw hat.

Robin chuckled. “I believe Luffy will be fine.”

“What are they supposed to be?” Zoro said completely missing the hype.

“Let’s get ready to rumble!” announced Itomimizu excited as he hopped back on to his bird. “If all second-parties would return to the stands we will soon begin!”

“Give them hell, guys.” Usopp said as he walked off with Foxy’s group.

The combatants then turned to each other as they waited for the bell to win. While the waited, Foxy commented on the group. “I have to admit, Straw Hat, you look pretty good. But don’t think that you’ll be able to beat us.”

“Just ring the bell.” Luffy said determinedly as he shot a few punches out to warm up.

Trixie laughed out arrogantly. “Oh, Twilight Sparkle. The Great and Powerful Trixie didn’t realize that she was such a shining star that you needed to wear sunglasses.”

Twilight rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Don’t worry, Trixie. This will all be over soon.”

“Alright! You all know the rules, so I don’t need to explain them! Trixie, set light to the Lacrima!” stated Itomimizu from high above on his big sparrow.

“Lacrima?” Twilight asked confused.

Trixie smirked before lighting her horn with magic. The magic formed into a ball at the tip of her horn. It then shot forth and hit the fox’s eyes in the figurehead. They began glowing and then projecting out two squares of light. The crowd, including the Straw Hats, Mane Six, and Spike, were in awe of the sight. Then suddenly, the two squares began showing a picture of the fighters. The crowd then went into a cheer.

“How are they doing that?” Pinkie Pie shouted amazed.

“They said something about ‘Lacrima’?” Robin questioned curious. “I wonder what that is?”

“Now, we can see everything our combatants do, outside and inside! Thank you, Trixie!” said Itomimizu in gratitude.

Trixie smirked. “It was nothing for the great and powerful Trixie.”

“With all preparations complete, there’s no turning back now! It’s finally time! Davy Back Fight! Final Round! Foxy ‘the Silver Fox’ and Trixie versus ‘Straw Hat’ Luffy and Twilight Sparkle! A clash between captains and unicorns! The fate of their crews is in their hooves-slash-paws! Let the match…BEGIN!”

The crowd cheered as the bell ring.

“Come on!” shouted Foxy to Luffy egging him on.

Luffy instantly fell for it. He charged at the kitsune throwing his hoof back. “Gum-Gum…”

“Wait! Luffy!” shouted Twilight concerned.

“Pistol!” shouted Luffy ignoring Twilight’s call. His hoof was sent straight at Foxy, who was standing still smirking arrogantly. Luffy’s hoof reached Foxy, but it went completely through him as if Foxy were a ghost. “What?!”

“Fox Illusion.” Foxy said as he reappeared from out of nowhere near Luffy’s stretched out foreleg. He then pointed his glow at it. “Slow-Slow Beam!” Foxy shot Luffy’s stretched foreleg and hoof. The results were that now part of Luffy’s leg was stuck in slow motion and could not move.

“What the…” Luffy said confused as he tried to pull his arm back. Unfortunately, he could not move as his leg moved slowly.

“I’m coming!” said Twilight as she hurried to Luffy.

“Not so fast, Twilight.” Trixie spoke up quickly.

Though Twilight heard the unicorn, she paid no mind as she readied a spell against Foxy. She did not see a rope snake its way around Twilight’s legs. It tripped her and caused her to land on her chin and skid over to Luffy.

“Twilight!” shouted Luffy .

“Don’t worry about her, she’s in the same situation as you! Slow-Slow Beam!” shouted Foxy as he hit both of ponies with his slow beam. Both ponies we’re trying to yell out, but they were doing so slowly. Foxy chuckled before addressing Trixie nearby. “Did you tie her rope to Straw Hat, Trixie?”

“Yes, Boss.” Trixie said proudly.

“Good, I hate having to attack a females.” Foxy said before walking over to Luffy. “But you, Straw Hat, I have no problem hitting. Nine-Tailed Rush!” Foxy then proceed to quickly punch Luffy over and over. When he was finished, Luffy looked to be slowly getting hit. He then walked away with Trixie at his side. He spoke out saying, “Those punches will add up and become effective soon.”

“You’ll be done for unless you act quickly.” Trixie added mockingly before following Foxy off the figurehead.

As Luffy slowly began moving from the force of Foxy’s punches, Twilight slowly began activating her magic. Eventually, they’re thirty-seconds were up. Luffy was suddenly hit with a barrage of punches. The force of those punches sent Luffy, and Twilight since she was tied to his leg, off the fox figurehead. The crew watching gasped in horror. However, Twilight quickly used her magic to teleport both her and Luffy back onto the figurehead. The Straw Hats and Foxy pirates cheered out.

“Damn! That was stronger than I thought.” Luffy said as he recovered quickly. He then spoke to Twilight, “Thanks for the save, Twi.”

“We’re a team, Luffy. And we’re not going out that soon yet.” Twilight said smiling determinedly. “We gotta be careful. That ‘slow beam’ will be tricky to predict, and with Trixie aiding him it’ll be even trickier. We need to be cautious.”

“Right! Let’s kick Split-head’s ass!” Luffy shouted determinedly. He then yelled as he charged recklessly onto the ship.

“I said to be cautious, Luffy!” Twilight screamed out angrily.

Luffy jumped down onto the deck of the Sexy Foxy. Immediately waiting for him was a bunch of arrows aimed right where Luffy landed moving slowly. The stallion was surprised to see the arrows. The arrows then regained their speed and shot at Luffy. Instantly, the stallion ducked, but at the same time he was teleported as well. He then reappeared next to Twilight, who did not look happy.

“Luffy! What did I just say?”

“I’ll be fine. You should focus on Blueberry.” Luffy said.

“It’s Trixie!” shouted Trixie's voice angrily. “The Great and Powerful Trixie!”

Luffy and Twilight looked across the deck. While Trixie was on the other side of the ship from them, Foxy was halfway between them standing on a slow-moving cannonball. In fact, he was surrounded by slow moving cannonballs.

Luffy immediately rushed at Foxy. “There you are!”

“Luffy! Don’t jump on the cannonballs!” shouted Twilight cautiously.

“Okay!” shouted Luffy as he stopped just at the railing. He then threw a punch towards Foxy. “Gum-Gum Pistol!”

“Fuehfehfehfeh!” laughed Foxy as Luffy’s hoof went right through him. It was another illusion.

“What the…” Luffy said confused. Waiting to long, the cannonballs regained their velocity. They began blowing up different parts of that section of the ship. One of them nearly hit Luffy. Luckily, the stallion jumped back standing next to Twilight. “That was close.”

“Over here, Straw Hat!”

Luffy and Twilight turned to see Foxy just a few feet away from him. Luffy quickly punched him, but it turned out to be another illusion. Luffy was starting to get really confused. “What’s going on?”

“How is he doing this?” asked Twilight to herself. She then looked over at Trixie wondering out loud, “Is she doing this?”

“You wish.” Trixie said cunningly.

“Fuehfehfehfeh! You fools! Do you know nothing of kitsunes?” said Foxy among his many Foxy illusions. “We kitsunes are renowned for our illusions and tricks. Good luck finding me! Fuehfehfehfeh!”

Soon, many more illusions began surrounding Luffy. They began laughing. “Fuehfehfehfeh!”




Twilight began to sweat nervously as she tried to pick out which Foxy is which. “They all look the same. Where could he be?”

“Hey! Where are you, Split-head?!” shouted Luffy.

Immediately, one of the Foxy closest to Luffy dropped to his gloves and knees. He was instantly depressed. “Stop using that name…”

“There you are!” shouted Luffy as he swung his leg. “Gum-Gum Whip!” Luffy instantly hit Foxy along with some his illusions

“Alright, Luffy!” said Twilight cheering her brother.

“Don’t think anyone has forgotten you, Twilight Sparkle!” Twilight turned around as she saw Trixie now on her side just opposite of her. She immediately noticed the unicorn’s horn glow and produce a small flame at the tip of her horn. Twilight was instantly cautious. Trixie chuckled. “You have every right to worry. Have taste of my… Fire Trick!” Trixie shot forth a stream of fire spiraling towards Twilight.

“An attack spell?!” said Twilight surprised by the spell Trixie used. She quickly put up a shield bubble around just as the spiraling flame hit her. Though she was protected, the spell itself was strong enough to push Twilight off the boat.

“Twilight!” shouted Luffy .

In the stands, the Straw Hats and Twilight’s friends gasped in shock. “Twilight!” shouted the group.

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” Foxy said as he stood up among the wreckage he crashed into. He made a quick look around to see what was going on. Seeing his opponents incapacitated and distracted, he spoke out quickly. “Come on, Trixie.”

“Right.” Trixie said as she followed her captain to the deck below.

“Twilight?! Twilight?!” shouted Luffy as he ran over to the edge of the ship. He looked for her, but could not see her. He then heard a zap followed by a thud. He turned around to find Twilight safe though mildly shocked. He smiled relieved. “Twilight! You okay?”

“Yeah.” Twilight said sounding a bit disorientated. “That fire attack surprised me.”

Luffy then blew steam showing his angry. “Alright. Let’s go kick their ass! Where’d they go?”

“Good question.” Twilight said similarly curious as to the location of their opponents.

Luffy and Twilight then immediately heard creaking. They looked down from the upper deck to see on the lower deck a door open into the cabin. They both knew their opponents had gone inside, and so they went inside fully aware of the potential danger.

“Looks like the fight has gone inside! Don’t worry folks! Thanks to our Surveillance Larcima, we’ll be able to see every gritty detail!” announced Itomimizu excited.

Though the Foxy pirates cheered excitedly, the Straw Hats and their friends were very concerned. They already knew that, like every other game, this combat was rigged to be in Foxy and Trixie’s favor. Twilight could be counted on to make smart moves and be cautious, but Luffy was reckless and likely trip any and every trap. For now, they watched the screens seeing Luffy and Twilight running around inside the Sexy Foxy.

Attack magic. Being Princess Celestia’s student, as well as Robin’s, she knew much about it. More so than the average unicorn. It was a form of magic rarely used in Equestria, but nearly every unicorn knew at least one spell. Civilian unicorns tended to learn a spell that was something relative to their special talent. Usually nothing life-threatening. Most never even have to use it in their lifetime. Those that joined the Royal Guard could learn more aggressive forms, but more often they learned high-level protective spells. And the Equestrian Army, it was required to know and learn nearly every kind of attack spell. Being Princess Celestia’s student, she too had to know these spells and required to learn one. Though, the princess often stressed that a sharp mind was far better than an arsenal of spells. Twilight wondered if that would be enough for this challenge.

“Hey. Let’s look in here.” Luffy said to Twilight before opening the door. Both ponies entered to find many cannons and cannonballs. Luffy commented, “This must be the cannon room.”

Suddenly, both ponies heard the door across the room close. Twilight gasped. “They must have gone into the next room.”

“Alright! Here I come, Split-head!” shouted Luffy as stomped his hoof determinedly. He was about to charge in recklessly.

Luckily, he had Twilight. “Wait, Luffy!” shouted Twilight stopping Luffy by using her magic to pull his tail. “This could be a trap. We need a plan.”

“A plan...” Luffy repeated as he looked around the room. He soon spotted something within the cannon room which gave him a great idea. He then spoke to Twilight smiling ingeniously. “I got an idea.”

“Really?” said Twilight surprised. She definitely felt worried if Luffy had come up with an idea.

On the other side of the wall, Foxy was snickering as he waited for his clueless opponents to fall into his trap. The room he, and he alone, was in had a floor completely covered in spikes. The only section that wasn’t covered in spikes was the small section of raised floor around the door. If one were to be rushing into this room they would soon regret their recklessness.

““Fuehfehfehfeh! Yes, Straw Hat. Foolishly come to get me. But mind the spikes.” Foxy said quietly to himself in maniacal manner.

Unfortunately, he did not count on Luffy coming up with an idea.

The wall Foxy stood up against suddenly blew up. “What?!” The kitsune shouted in shock and surprise. Foxy was launched out into the room and landed on the spikes. Amazingly, the spikes didn’t pierce through his body. It was more like an acupuncture with big needles.

In the cannon room, Luffy had aimed a cannon out the wall to the room full of spikes. The stallion chuckled believing himself clever. “Found him!”

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight concerned. “You skewered him!”

“You bastard!” Foxy shouted angrily as he somehow got out of the spikes. He was bleeding from the many puncture wounds he received, but he looked none the worse. “Are you trying to kill me?!”

“See! He’s fine.” Luffy stated.

“Bastard!” shouted Foxy as he gave Luffy a good punch with his new spiked gloves.

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight worried. She was about to rush over to help Luffy, but suddenly the floor beneath began to shift and mover her backwards. “What’s happening?”

“Sorry, filly.” Foxy said smiling cunningly. “But I’ll let you two unicorns fight it out among yourselves for a while.”

“Hey!” shouted Luffy as he quickly recovered. He was definitely mad, by both the attack earlier and sending Twilight away.

“Ah, Straw Hat.” Foxy said with a sly grin.

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight before leaving the room. She immediately cut-off from the room and the floor kept moving. Twilight wondered where this conveyor belt would take her. It eventually took her what appeared to the storage room. There she saw Trixie waiting for her.

“Hello, Twilight Sparkle.” Trixie said standing next to the conveyor floor with a smug smile.

“Trixie.” Twilight said as she readied herself for whatever Trixie had planned.

“This time…” Trixie said but stopped as Twilight sped pass thanks to the conveyor belt. This surprised both unicorns as both expected the conveyor belt to stop so the two could face each other. Because of this unexpected event, Trixie quickly became flustered. “Ah, shoot. Trixie thought they had fixed that. One moment.”

“Where’s this going to take me?” asked Twilight .

“Out the side of the ship.” Trixie stated nonchalantly.

“What?!” shouted Twilight in shock. She turned around to see that the conveyor belt lead outside. Before she could be dropped out, Twilight quickly jumped off.

“Okay, with that settled...” Trixie said as she readied to fight. “This time, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie will be the one to come up on top.”

“Why are you doing this, Trixie?” asked Twilight concerned. “I don’t understand. I know you were a show-off, but I didn’t think you were bad.”

Trixie scoffed. “Figures you would say that.”

“What?” said Twilight surprised.

“Luffy, your brother, he’s a pirate as well.” Trixie stated stern.

“Well, kinda.” Twilight said.

“Nevertheless, he is one in the eyes of a particular government. Why is he good and Foxy is bad.”

“Well, Luffy… Hold on! I didn’t mean you were specifically bad”

“What makes Foxy pirates any different from the Straw Hat pirates? They are both pirates that sail the seas freely. You may know the Straw Hats better than Foxy and his crew, but Trixie knows them better than the Straw Hats. Life on the seas may be hard, but Trixie choose this with Gilda. And Trixie will proudly fight for the Foxy Pirates.”

Twilight was surprised. She didn’t expect such a fervent answer. She had expected Trixie to be miserable with these pirates. As a showpony, she expected that she missed the captive audience. But she thought about what had occurred throughout the day. Trixie had been worked hard by the pirates, but the Foxy pirates always appreciated it. They marveled at her talents and respected them. She even fought with the captain, who relied on her fully as her partner. Maybe I just felt sorry for her that I didn’t see that she was actually happy…

“So, come on, Twilight Sparkle.” Trixie said growing confident and her horn glowing before the tip lit on fire. “Let’s see who truly is the most magical.”

Twilight heard her rival and smiled. If Trixie could be serious in this battle, then so can she. Twilight lit her horn with magic that began generating electricity. “Alright, Trixie. I won’t hold back.”

“Fire Trick!”

“Magic Lightning!”

The two unicorns fired their spells at each other. The two attacks collided in the middle causing an explosion blowing up even the upper deck. Though being able to watch, the crowd was amazed by the sight and the following explosion. Despite this being their ship, the Foxy pirates cheered.

“Whoa. I didn’t think she would use that one.” Spike said surprised.

“I didn’t think there were spells for attacking.” Applejack stated also surprised by the display.

“Outside Equestria, there are quite a number of unicorns that use attack-based spells. In Equestria, these spells are kept under lock and key for safety reasons.” Robin explained to her crew and friends.

“Believe or not, even I know an attack spell.” Rarity stated.

“You do?” Fluttershy said surprised.

“It’s a requirement in school for unicorns. However, I’ve never had to use it outside of practice.”

“You guys are lucky.” Usopp stated frowning slightly. “I didn’t have a school to teach me that kind of stuff.”

“I didn’t care. All I needed is telekinesis to hold my swords.” Zoro stated.

“I’m plenty dangerous without a spell.” Robin said smiling despite her dark comment.

All of the Mane Six, now including Spike why Twilight fought, stared at Robin scared. Fluttershy was especially frightened by the mare.

Usopp shrugged. “Yeah. You get used to it.”

Soon, there came more explosions. The crowd immediately went silent. It wasn’t just one explosion either. They appeared to be happening on the other side of the ship as well. Whatever Luffy and Foxy were doing, they were causing just as big a ruckus as the two unicorns were using their magic. Truly, something epic was happening between the two captains. Eventually, two figures appeared within the smoke. As the smoke cleared it revealed the two figures to be Twilight and Trixie. Both of them looked exhausted and bruised. Their costumes has taken some damage as well. Trixie’s cape was burnt at the ends. Twilight sunglasses were cracked.

Itomimizu began announcing quickly. “Whoa! These two girls can really bring on the destruction! The shipwrights are gonna have a lot of work ahead of them!”

“Come on…” Trixie said as breathed heavily in exhaustion. “I thought Princess Celestia’s prized student could do more than just that?”

“You…” Twilight said also breathing out and in from exhaustion. “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Immediately, Twilight and Trixie fired another of their signature shots. And again, the two spell collided in the middle before exploding. The explosion didn’t do much to damage the ship, but it picked up much dust to throw at the two unicorns. Both blocked it from their eyes. Once the dust settled, the unicorns charged at each other. Before they could even hit each other there came another explosion not caused by either unicorn. It knocked both back.

“What’s this?” announced Itomimizu surprised. “A new explosion? Is it from our captain and Straw Hat? Wait! I can see a figure in the smoke.”

“Luffy?” spoke Twilight as she tried to peer into the smoke. The smoke soon began settling. The figure in the smoke became clearer. Standing tall with his opponent on the floor, it was Foxy. And Luffy laid at his feet bleeding, bruised, and unmoving. Twilight gasped. “Luffy!”

“Look! Captain Foxy is still standing! Straw Hat is down!” announced Itomimizu energetically.

The Foxy pirates cheered out. Everyone had seen what had happen with both groups. While Twilight and Trixie had their magic duel, Foxy was using his tricks to get the advantage over Luffy. Using disguises to trick him then trap him into a special room with a huge mirror where Foxy attacked him with a punching machine. Luffy put up a good fight, but Foxy’s Slow-Slow Beam had allowed him to hit Luffy with a mega-fiery attack. The Straw Hats and their friends were completely stunned. Though, Zoro remained stoic.

“Oh man…” Gilda said being less enthused as her fellow Foxy crewmates.

“No way!” shouted Sanji and Rainbow Dash .

“Oh my.” Rarity said sadly.

“Luffy!” Usopp and Pinkie Pie screamed out.

“No...” Nami said stunned.

“Oh no.” Fluttershy said beginning to cry. “We’re going to lose one of our friends.”

“There, there…” Applejack said trying to comfort the emotional Pegasus.

“Fluttershy…” Chopper said trying to be strong though about to cry himself.

“I don’t want to go back to the Foxy pirates!” shouted Spike distressed.

“No, look.” Robin said pointing at Luffy.

Immediately, everyone went quiet. Everyone watched as Luffy weakly stood up all the way until he stood on his hind legs. He raised his front hooves up much like how a human boxer would before fighting. He looked tired, bleeding, and completely determined to win. Everyone was completely surprised.

“Straw Hat Luffy is standing back up! Is he crazy? Or so determined to not lose!” announced Itomimizu surprised.

Foxy, who was bleeding slightly as well, chuckled impressed by his opponent resilience. “You stood back up? Must be something about that afro.”

“I’m coming Luffy!” shouted Twilight as she quickly charged at the kitsune determinedly.

“Oh. So you’ve returned.” Foxy said grinning wily. He then grabbed the sword at the front of his pants and pulled it out, but there was no blade. Instead, it looked like pink light sword blade. He then swiped the sword towards Twilight, specially her legs.

Twilight was suddenly stopped. “Huh?” Twilight said as she looked down at her legs. She then tried to budge, but couldn’t. “I can’t move!”

“Fuehfehfehfeh! I just used my Slow-Slow Beam Sword on you. I have locked your legs with it. You won’t be helping Straw Hat anytime soon!” Foxy stated smartly.

“Hey!” Luffy shouted as he charged at Foxy still upright.

“I didn’t forget you, Straw Hat!” shouted Foxy as he performed the same move on Luffy as he did Twilight. Like Twilight, Luffy’s legs were trapped in a slow-motion bind that made it impossible for him to move. Foxy then charged at Luffy. He then began hitting Luffy rapidly. “Megaton Nine-tailed Rush!”

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight helplessly. She struggled to move, but she still could not move. However, she was eventually able to move, but it surprised her and she fell over.

The same thing happened to Luffy. Though because of Foxy’s furious barrage of punches, Luffy was sent flying into the ship’s mast. However, Luffy stood back up and returned to the same pose from before. The Foxy pirates were shocked and amazed. Foxy was growing tired of the boy’s resilience.

“Slow-Slow Beam!” shouted Foxy as he hit Luffy with another slow beam.

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight. She was about to get up, being free from the Slow-Slow Beam Sword’s effects, but she was immediately kept down by Trixie.

“You’re not going anywhere…” Trixie stated though exhausted.

“Luffy!” shouted Nami from the stands as she and other watched on with horror.

“Twilight!” shouted the Mane Six and Spike.

“Megaton Nine-tailed…” Foxy shouted as he began to rapidly punch.

Twilight watched as Foxy prepared for his next attack. She immediately recognized it from earlier. And with her brother slowed to a crawl, he wouldn’t be able to dodge. While helpless to move herself, she had a thought. Her horn immediately began to glow.

Trixie immediately noticed Twilight’s horn glow. “What are you trying to…?”

“…Rush!” Foxy shouted as he attacked Luffy. As he charged forward, he saw Luffy’s body covered in magic, which was not being slowed. Before he could hit his opponent, he was teleported and vanished from his sights. He immediately stopped and began looking around. “Where did Straw Hat go?!”

“Where did you send him, Twilight?” Trixie asked quickly.

Twilight replied with a smirk. Suddenly, there came a scream. Trixie hadn’t realized that Twilight had teleported her brother above Trixie. It took a while for the effects of Foxy’s Slow-Slow Beam to wear off, but as soon as it did Luffy immediately fell. Twilight immediately rolled away just as Luffy landed on Trixie.

“Ouch.” Luffy stated in slight pain.

“There you are!” shouted Foxy as he spotted Luffy. He quickly pointed his glove towards the stallion. “Slow-Slow Beam!”

“Luffy!” shouted Twilight as she rolled back and grabbed Luffy. She then teleported them both out before being hit by the beam.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait…” Trixie stated in slow-motion.

“Damn.” Foxy said as he looked around quickly. “Where did those two go?”

Behind the cabins, Twilight and Luffy appeared. Twilight was relieved that she had made it in time. She quickly looked at Luffy. He was breathing out and in heavily. He was bleeding, bruised, and slightly scorched. She frowned seeing him. “Oh, Luffy…”

“I’m fine, Twilight.” Luffy stated quickly. “I’m not out of this yet.”

“But you’re hurt.” Twilight said worried.

“That doesn’t matter right now…” Luffy said.


“If I can save you, my crew, and our friends...I will fight to the death!” shouted Luffy determinedly.

Twilight was stunned by Luffy’s answer, but she couldn’t help but smile. “That’s so like so you…”


“But if you don’t mind, I won’t be letting another of my brothers to die.” Twilight said with equal determination.

Luffy chuckled and smile happy that his sister had his back. “Thanks.”

Thanks to the Surveillance Larcima, everyone had seen Luffy and Twilight’s sibling bonding and determination. Of course, Foxy and Trixie could not. Everyone else was touched by the moment. The Foxy pirates began cheering out Luffy and Twilight’s names. Though, they were quickly reprimanded by their captain into cheering for him and Trixie again. Twilight’s friends were surprised seeing a side of their friend they had not seen before. The Straw Hats, more or less, understood it well. They had met Luffy’s brother of course, though they were caught by surprise from Twilight’s comment.

“Brothers?” Nami stated confused.

On the other hand, Robin was far less surprised. She remained silent as it was not her place to speak of her captain’s and student’s past.

“So, how do we beat those two?” Twilight asked as she peered around the corner to check on their opponents.

Luffy didn’t say anything. He rested against the wall trying to think of something. As he moved his head, something fell out of his afro. Luffy looked down to see what it was, and was surprised to see it. But this object immediately gave him an idea. He spoke smiling confidently, “We’re gonna win, Twilight.”

“What?” Twilight said as she turned back to Luffy. She then looked at the object that Luffy was looking at.

“I’ve got an idea.” Luffy said still grinning.

“Come out, Straw Hat! You can’t hide forever!” called Foxy out with Trixie by his side. She was no longer under the effects of the Slow-Slow Beam.

Immediately, Luffy and Twilight were teleported right in front of Foxy and Trixie. “Go!” shouted Twilight quickly to Luffy.

“Right!” Luffy shouted as he charged forward. “Gum-Gum…”

“There you are!” Foxy shouted as he too charged forward. He began throwing out punches shouting, “You just don’t know when to quit! Megaton Nine-tailed Rush!”

“…Gatling Gun!” Luffy shouted as he threw a barrage of punches matching Foxy’s own attack. Both pony and kitsune traded blows rapidly with all their might. Fortunately, even weakened, Luffy was still stronger than Foxy.

Trixie gasped. “How can he have so much strength left?!”

“Because he’s a fighter.” Twilight stated as she stood next to her rival. “And though he sometimes doesn’t show it, he’s a real genius when it counts.”

“What are you blathering about?” asked Trixie shrewdly confused.

“Slow-Slow Beam!”

Both unicorns looked back at the two fighters as Foxy shouted out his all too familiar attack. However, something was different. Foxy had his glove pointed at Luffy, the Slow-Slow Beam light was hitting Foxy. The beam continued backwards towards the two unicorns. Twilight quickly teleported out of the way. Trixie was shocked, but could do nothing as she two was hit by the Slow-Slow Beam. Team Foxy was now completely moving in slow motion. This surprised everyone in the crowd.

“Hooooooooooooow diiiiiiiiiiiiiid yoooooooou dooooooo thaaaaaaaat?” asked Trixie super slowly.

Twilight soon reappeared before Trixie, and with rope. As Twilight used her magic to tie the rope around Trixie, she explained what had happened. “Luffy had a piece of a mirror stuck in his afro, and he told me that it could reflect Foxy’s beams. He kept it hidden in his glove and waited right for the moment Foxy would use his power.”

“Whaaaaaaaat arrrrrre yoooou…”

“Just repaying you for earlier.” Twilight stated smartly. She then turned around and tied off the rope onto Foxy’s leg. Once done, she shouted out to Luffy. “You’re turn, Luffy!”

“Right!” Luffy replied back as he began spin one of his front legs up in the air like a flail. Then then shouted, “Gum-Gum!”

“Waaaaaaaaait…” Foxy shouted slowly.

“Flail!” Luffy then swung his gloved hoof right into Foxy’s face.

Foxy barely reacted due to the effects of the Slow-Slow Beam. Luffy left his opponent and proceeded to walk onto the Foxy figurehead. Twilight proceeded to sit down breathing out a sigh in exhaustion. The crowd was completely captivated wondering what would happen. Slowly, Foxy began contorting to the force of Luffy’s attack.

“Wait. What just happened?” Gilda asked confused.

“Eight more seconds.” Zoro stated calmly.

“What?” asked Gilda confused.

“Seven…” Sanji said counting.

“What are you guys doing?” asked Applejack also confused.

Robin chuckled before continuing the countdown. “Six…”

“Ooh! I get it!” shouted Pinkie Pie excitedly. She then jumped up and turned to the crowd. “Eveyone! Count with me! Five!”

“Four!” shouted Usopp, Chopper, and Spike as they got up and began cheering.

“Huh? Okay!” said one of the Foxy pirates. Then, they all began counting as well. “Three!”

“Two!” shouted everyone together. “One! Zero!”

The effects of the Slow-Slow Beam immediately became undone. Foxy was suddenly sent flying into the sky unconscious. Along with him came Trixie, who was also free from the Slow-Slow Beam’s effects. Trixie screamed as she went flying off with Foxy off the ship. They soon landed outside the circle in the ocean. The whole crowd cheered out.

As the Foxy pirates cheered, many of them soon came to a quick realization. “Wait! That’s our team flying!”

“YEAH!” Luffy shouted out throwing his legs up in victory.

“We did it…” Twilight said tiredly though also smiling proudly.

“All right!” shouted Rainbow Dash as she shot up into the air cheering. Below her, most of the Straw Hats were cheering along with the rest of the Mane Six and Spike.

“We won!” shouted Usopp overjoyed.

“Foxy and Trixie were sent flying out of the ring! Straw Hat Luffy and Twilight Sparkle win the third round tag-team match! This Davy Back Fight is over! The winner is the Straw Hat pirates” announced Itomimizu excitedly.

“Hey! Someone needs to save the Boss and Trixie!” shouted Gilda to her crew. All the Foxy Pirates suddenly moved upon realizing Gilda’s words. This caused them all to gather to the edge of the stands and subsequently breaking it.

Luckily, the Straw Hats and the rest of the Mane Six and Spike made it off safely.

Immediately, Luffy fell onto his back exhausted. Luffy was immediately brought to Chopper to be treated for his wounds. His and Twilight’s gear was removed. While Twilight had a few injuries herself, she insisted on being treated after Luffy. In just a short time, Luffy soon recovered and hearing that he won he grinned in victory. Like him, all his friends were overjoyed, and Twilight was relieved. Nami then gave back Luffy’s hat just as Foxy, having been eventually rescued, and his cohorts (Hamburg, Porche, Gilda, and Trixie) walked up to the group.

“Hey! Straw Hat!” shouted bandaged Foxy walking towards the group. He approached Luffy looking slight peeved. He spoke, “Because you and your partner. I’ve lost my perfect record…” But to everyone’s surprise, Foxy started grinning and held out his paw to shake. “But good fight, brother.”

Everyone was surprised by the sudden comradery that Foxy gave to Luffy. The stallion sat up looking rather curious at Foxy, but indulged the kitsune. Luffy stuck out his hoof to shake. Immediately, Foxy grabbed Luffy’s leg with both paws. He then proceeded to flip Luffy over his back. “Ha! You fool! Here it comes! My last-resort shoulder throw!” Foxy shouted. However, he had forgotten that Luffy was made of rubber. Luffy’s leg simply stretched making Foxy smash his head into the ground.

“Boss!” shouted some of the Foxy pirates worried.

“Idiot.” Zoro stated harshly.

Foxy quickly recovered, though with a large goose-egg bump on his forehead. “Alright! You know the rules! Hurry up and pick!”He shouted out stubbornly.

“What a silly fox.” Pinkie Pie said before giggling.

“So, Luffy, who will you be picking from Foxy’s crew?” asked Rarity curiously. “I understand that we, being guests and all, don’t have much input, but I can’t see any one of them being too exceptional.”

“Twilight.” Luffy said as he looked to his sister. “Do you want me to…?”

“No. I think she’s fine where she is.” Twilight said as she looked at Trixie smiling.

“What are you two talking about?” asked Nami confused.

“I thought that maybe Trixie wasn’t happy being a pirate, but it seems I was wrong.” Twilight stated happily.

“Oh…” Nami said surprised.

“In that case.” Luffy stated as he looked towards the anxious Foxy pirates waiting for Luffy’s choice. The stallion then pointed right up to the Foxy pirates' flag. “I choose your flag.”

“What!?” shouted the entire Foxy crew.

“That’s absurd!” shouted Foxy shocked. “You demand our pride without a second thought?!”

“What? You can keep the sail. You can’t sail without it, right?” stated Luffy being considerate.

“But, we have our symbol on it.” Trixie stated.

“I’ll just erase it. Then I’ll give you a new one. That way you will be able to sail.”

“Wow. That’s cool of you.” Gilda said surprised.

Foxy was nearly in tears. To think an enemy would be so nice to their opponents. He was touched. “Straw Hat… You are…”

Unfortunately, none of these pirates had ever seen Luffy’s drawing skill. Luffy soon replaced the flag with one of his own design. It was very sloppily down, though a clear image could be seen. It kind of looked like a panther. Luffy was rather impressed by his work, but the same could not be said for entire Foxy crew.

“…Terrible.” Every Foxy pirate said as their pride fell. All of them even fell to their knees and hooves/paws.

“They look so grateful.” Luffy said completely misreading the atmosphere of the Foxy pirates.

“NO, WE’RE NOT!” shouted the Foxy pirates frustrated.

Rarity looked aghast at the sail. "Twilight, dear. Remind me to never ask your brother for design tips.”

Twilight chuckled. “I guess I should’ve warned them.”

“Twilight Sparkle!” Twilight turned as she heard her name called out. She watched as Trixie walked by her. “Don’t think that just because you won means your better than Trixie. Trixie won’t hold back next time we fight.”

“I look forward to it.” Twilight replied smiling.

“Hey! Gilda!” shouted Rainbow Dash as she flew over to the griffon.

“What is it, Rainbow Dash?” Gilda replied gruffly.

“Next time, tell your boss to not mess with our race. I want to see if you’ve gotten any better since last time.” Rainbow Dash said smirking competitively.

Gilda was surprised, but grinned in acceptance. “We’ll see. We Foxy pirates always play by the rules, after all.”

“Yeah, right.” Rainbow Dash said knowing better but relishing the potential rematch.

Soon, everything that had been set up by the Foxy pirates was torn down. The Foxy pirates then gathered back into the Sexy Foxy. The ‘claws’ of the ship were quickly retracted back to the ship freeing the Going Merry. As the Foxy pirates sailed away, Foxy stilled had one last thing to state to the Straw Hats.

“Hey! Straw Hat! I’ll get you for this!”

“He just doesn’t give up, does he?” commented Applejack in disbelief.

“Probably not.” Zoro stated.

“Let’s just forget about them.” Nami said tiredly. “Those guys were nuts.”

“You’re telling me.” Spike said agreeing with Nami.

“I think they were kinda nice.” Fluttershy stated smiling optimistically. “After all, they did provide a lot of entertainment and food for us. They really made this fun.”

“Honestly, as far as pirates goes, they may have been the nicest. In their own way.” Sanji stated coolly.

“Still can’t believe Gilda was with them.” Rainbow Dash said flying above the group.

“Yeah! But she seems a lot different now. Like a good different.” Pinkie Pie stated optimistically.

“She definitely seemed nicer.” Fluttershy said smiling.

“Trixie seemed just as changed too.” Rarity stated mildly surprised. “Slightly, at least.”

Twilight chuckled. “It must be something about the pirate life.”

“You guys wanna join the crew now.” Luffy said with an optimistic grin.

“Luffy…” Twilight said warningly.

“Hey! We should go visit Tonjit and Sherry. We should make sure they’re okay.” Luffy said quickly before taking off. He definitely did not want to receive a scolding from Twilight.

Nami giggled. “I should ask you for lessons, Twi. Maybe he’ll actually start listening to common sense.”

Everyone joined Luffy as they went to Tonjit and Sherry’s tent. Both old ponies had returned home sometime before the first round having had enough excitement. They were both pleased to see that their friends had won the Davy Back Fight. Nami offered to give the two couple a ride, but the trip would be hazardous to navigate. Neither Tonjit nor Sherry seemed too worried. They were both patient ponies and could wait for the tide to drop. Instead, Tonjit offered the group some snacks as a celebration of their victory. The old stallion rushed inside, but found his door blocked.

A rather tall pony, even more so than usual, stood in Tonjit’s way. Oddly, this tall. Earth pony stallion was sleeping while standing with a sleep mask over his face. He had a tan coat and black, curly mane that grew out as far as his chin. He wore a white, buttoned vest with a dark blue, long-sleeve shirt and yellow tie. The pony felt the old pony bump into him and quickly woke up. Everyone hurried over to Tonji hearing a new voice speak. Immediately upon seeing this pony, Robin gasped out loudly and fell back in fear.

“Robin?!” Luffy said confused, but ready to fight.

“What’s wrong, Robin?!” Twilight asked shocked. “Who is he?”

Robin explained quickly sound very nervous. “That pony is part of the Black Empire’s Navy. He holds one of the highest positions in their ranks: admiral, and only three ponies hold such a title. He is Admiral ‘Aokiji’, the Blue Pheasant.”

“An admiral!” shouted everyone shocked.

The tall pony looked down at the mare in fear. He gave a carefree smile as he stated, “My, you sure have grown into a fine young mare, Nico Robin.”


Author's Note:

Oh shit! Things just got crazy...well, not really. I'm pretty sure any One Piece fan would now what's next. Well soon be entering Water 7 and a whole lot of drama and action. What will the Mane Six and Spike do?

Happy 100th MLP episode everyone! :pinkiehappy:

Until next time!

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