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My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic - Hotspot the 626th

The World. What a glorious place. Seek friendship, and it'll lie stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your restless spirit. Seize it! Raise your flag and stand tall with your friends!

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(Part 2) The Return of Harmony

Welcome to Ponyville! Chaos Capital of the world! A wonderful place of chaos. Take part in the bunny stampede. Our rabbits stand at over 10 feet tall. Watch the troupe of buffalos dance to techno music in their frilly tutus. Hungry? Thirsty? Just look up! It's raining chocolate milk. If you're a Pegasus pony feel free to fly and eat the cloud, its cotton candy. In a rush? Well, you'll find running in the sky will be a breeze. Whoop! Looks like its nighttime. No, wait. Now it's afternoon again. Tea? Oh look! A flock of pies.

Oh? Hello, Screwball. She's such a sweet thing. Watch out for the floating landscape! It's on loan from the "Avatar 2" set and James Cimarron is billing us by the day. Don't sneeze! You might topple over the buildings. Oh, and don't mind that grey-purple mare with the crown over there. She just isn't in the spirit of things yet.

Discord! Get out of my paragraphs! I'm trying to tell a story here.

[Why should I? Your story is absolutely boring. Where's the chaos? Where's the fun? Where's the deviously handsome star, Discord?]

Still in my paragraph. You're on, man. Or draconequus.

[You're right! We'll discuss your story telling method later. Ciao!]

Not if I have anything to write about it… Hehehehe

Last time one My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic…

"Roger…" Luffy spoke sternly. His hat was shading his eyes, but it was clear that he was taking this situation seriously. He began stepping forward towards the Alicorn king. Luffy stepped up to Roger and then stared him straight in the eyes. He told Roger straight out, "Take me to Canterlot."

"I think I just saw Rainbow Dash flying away from Canterlot." Zoro said in disbelief.

"What?" said the crew surprised.

"Well, it's about time I showed up." Discord stated smiling arrogantly.

…" Celestia spoke addressing the group. "I hate to ask you all to risk your life, but Equestria needs you and your newfound elements. Just know that, you are free to choose what you do."

"Let's fly!" Luffy shouted.

Straw Hat 7

My Little Po-Bzzt!

Straw Hat 7: Discord! I'm howlin' at the moon! And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon!

Mane 6 plus Spike: Discord! Whatever did we do? To make you take our world away~?

All: Discord! Are we your prey alone? Or are we just a stepping stone for taking back the throne?

Discord! We won't take it anymore! So take your tyranny away~!

My Little Draconequus

Chaos is Best

"Now, that's an opening!"


"Hahahahaha! Arrivederci!" *flash/poof*

Sigh. Sorry, folks. I'll fix this.

Bzzt-Luffy: And magic makes it all complete~!

All: You have my little ponies

Twilight: Do you know you're all my very best friends~?

My Little Pony

Nakama is Magic

(Part 2)

The Return of Harmony

The Straw Hats Fight Back!

Back with the story, much of what Discord said was true. Ponyville looked nearly unidentifiable on the surface. Everywhere nothing looked the same. The inhabitants of Ponyville scurried around completely confused by what was going on. Animals acted out uncharacteristically. Pony folk acted out of character. Night and day switched out at random. Inanimate objects acted out freely and chaotically. And amongst all this chaos, a lone and sad unicorn mare walked unconcerned about her surroundings. She seemed affected by some different. She was completely grey, excluding her tiara crown, as well as completely heartbroken. This was only more implied as a cotton cloudy rained chocolate rain milk upon the depressed. Suddenly, in a flash of light, the spirt of chaos Discord appeared next to her laughing.

"Oh, my stomach! Twilight, you've got to see what I just did." Discord shouted excitedly as he pointed at something a few feet away.

A pony, Berry Punch, was getting a whiff of pepper created by Discord. "Achoo!" The pony mare sneezed. Suddenly, the buildings around her fell over like fake backgrounds on a cheap movie set.

"It's priceless." Discord said before laughing hysterically. However, Twilight did not respond. She continued to walk depressed. Discord found this odd for some reason. He spoke, "Come on, Twilight Sparkle. You've got to get into the spirit of things! After all, this is your new home."

Twilight sighed before replying, "Not anymore…"

Discord stopped surprised by Twilight's reply. Immediately, he was overcome with joy. He shouted out for all to here, "Yes!" He then began laughing triumphantly. And in his self-celebration, Discord shouted out, "I win! Chaos forever!"

"Whatever..." Twilight replied apathetically.

"You know, I think after this, I'll got visit your brother again, Twilight!" Discord stated enthusiastically.

As the sun went down and the moon quickly rose up making it night, Twilight stopped in her tracks. She looked back at Discord looking surprised. She asked "What did you say?"

"I saw your brother in Canterlot." Discord stated cheerfully. "He and his little crew got a lift from ol' king Gold. I believe they were coming to help you."

"What!" Twilight said turning around. "You better not have done anything to them!"

"My dear Twilight, how boring do you think I am?" Discord said feeling insulted before flashing out of sight. He then reappeared next to Twilight with his arm around her next. He stated, "I was just so curious to meet him. He's a spunky little rubber pony. He'd make an excellent toy."

Twilight quickly stepped away from Discord. She shouted angrily at him, "You leave Luffy alone!

"And what are you going to do about it?" Discord asked snidely. "Are you going to use your Element on me? Oh my, I'm so frightened. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"I don't need my Element!" Twilight shouted angrily as her horn began glowing with dark aura. "I'll beat you by myself."

Discord laughed again. "That is marvelous!" He shouted completely overjoyed. He then snapped his fingers and a target appeared over his stomach. He then stated, "Again, I'm ready."

Twilight was ready to fire whatever spell she had in her knowledge. One that could cause pain and hurt the intended target. These were very dark thoughts that ran through Twilight's mind. She could hardly believe it herself. As she prepared her spell, she hadn't realized she was crying. It was as if one part of her knew she shouldn't do this, but another part of her really wanted to make Discord pay.

'I couldn't save my friends…' Twilight thought sadly while also angry at herself. 'But I can protect Luffy!'


"Huh?" said Twilight hearing her brother's voice.

"What?" Discord said confused as he began looking around. "They're here already?"


Discord and Twilight looked up. The moon went down and the sun came up making it daytime. In doing so, the light revealed a large object flying towards them. And within the shadow, a familiar figure was hurdling down towards them. It was Luffy, and he had his stretched back ready for attack. As he fell, he then threw his hoof at Discord.

"Pistol!" Luffy shouted.

Discord was completely caught off guard as he felt the impact of a hoof into his face. The draconequus was sent flying back crashing into a hill. Discord stumbled out of his crater looking dizzy. He even had visible dizzy-mites of himself wiggling around his head. Discord then shook his head, sending the mini-Discords falling down, and asked out, "What hit me?"

Luffy then landed in front of Twilight. He stood proudly before her looking more determined than ever. He then shouted loudly, "Don't you dare mess with my sister!"

"Luffy…" Twilight said softly still shedding tears. At this point, her magic return to its color and becoming calmer until it was gone.

"Ah! The captain returns!" Discord said sounding a little annoyed but pleased. He then noticed the ship now landing and how it had wings. He looked utterly pleased as he spoke, "And you got here by flying ship! Oh, chaos is truly wonderful. Don't you agree?"

"I don't care." Luffy stated as he strongly exhaled out his nostrils mad. "You made Twilight cry…"

"What about her-" Discord said before being punched in the face again by Luffy.

"I'm going to kick your ass!" Luffy shouted full of rage.

Discord recovered from the second hit. He rubbed his cheek and then glared at Luffy. He spoke threateningly, "You're asking for it now, pal."

"Luffy." Twilight said surprised.

"Twilight…" Luffy said not looking back. "Head back to the treehouse. We'll handle this."

"'We'?" Twilight questioned.

Suddenly, Twilight saw Zoro step forward pass her. He was using is magic aura to unsheathe all three of his swords. Two of them were kept within his magic aura while the third was placed in his mouth. Sanji walked passed her next looking calm and cool. Chopper was next. First in his Walk Point and then transforming into Heavy Point. He bumped his fists together looking determined to fight. Usopp followed after. He had his slingshot out holding by his magic, yet his body was shaking fearfully. Twilight then looked side to side to see Nami flying by on her right holding a light blue staff Robin came by on her left, but stopped next to her.

"Sensei?" Twilight said surprised.

"Twilight, hurry back home." Robin said smiling. "We'll handle Discord until you return."

"What?" Twilight said confused. "I don't understand."

"Just know that any friendship is worth fighting for." Robin stated knowingly. She then stepped forward to join the crew.

"Hoho!" Discord said smirking as he watched the group approach him. "What makes you ponies so determined to face me, Discord, master of chaos? Haven't had enough chaos?"

"You hurt our friends." Sanji stated as he let his cigarette drop from his moth and then stomped on it out.

"That's enough for us to kick your ass." Zoro stated sadistically.

"Wait!" Twilight shouted towards the group. "Don't do this! He'll…He'll…I don't know, but I know it'll mess with your minds and hate each other! Don't fight him!"

"Twilight!" Luffy said serious. "Go home. We can handle this."


"Go!" Luffy shouted urgently.

Twilight was stunned by her brother's shout. Immediately, she listened to her brother and took off for her home. She wasn't sure why it was so important for her to get home, but if her brother and sensei thought it was important then she would go. She only hoped they would be alright.

"I don't know what you're planning…" Discord said as he watched Twilight run off before looking back at his opponents. "And I don't care. Nothing can stop me now. I've already won!"

"O-O-Oh yeah?!" Usopp shouted as be prepared to launch his attack. When he did, he shouted, "Then try this! Special Attack…Egg Star!"

The egg hurdled towards Discord. The draconequus eyed the attack amused and then ate the attack. He stated as he licked his lips before saying, "Hmm, rotten egg. Very delicious."

Usopp shrieked and immediately treated back hiding behind a tree. He then began shouting, "All right! I've weakened him! Give your all!"

"You hardly weakened him." Nami stated in contempt.

"What's next?" Discord said as he tied on a food bib. "I'm starving."

"If you're hungry, then let the chef serve you." Sanji stated angrily. He then charged forward fast. He then kicked off the ground. Using his hind legs, Sanji kicked at Discord's shoulder with one of his legs. He shouted, "Basse Cote!"

"Oof!" Discord shouted in pain.

"Longe!" Sanji made a sweep kick to Discord's lower section from behind sending him flying forward.


"Tendron!" Sanji then hit at Discord's collar. "Flanchet!" Then, he sent a kick into Discord's stomach. "Quasi!" A kick sent from below Discord. He then spun in a hoof stand and struck at Discord's tail at the base. "Queue!"

"Ye-ow!" shouted Discord in severe pain.

"Cuisseau!" Sanji sent another kick at Discord's thigh. He then kicked at Discord's shins shouting, "Jarret!" Sanji then leaped into the air swept his leg landing a powerful and final kick straight into Discord's torso. He shouted, "Veau shot!"

Discord crashed into a building. Instantly, confetti and streamers burst out as a mariachi band played itself out of the building.

"Tch. Stay down." Sanji said coolly as he turned away from where Discord crashed.

"Way to go, Sanji!" Usopp and Chopper cheered.

"Is that it?" Nami asked cautiously.

"No." Zoro said as he still held on to his swords. "It's not over yet."

Suddenly, the building exploded. Discord stood and floated before the group looking amused. He spoke to the ponies, "I always forget how tough ponies are outside of Equestria."

Usopp gasped shouting, "He took all those hits, and he's still standing!"

"You seem quite proud of those legs of yours." Discord said looking at Sanji deviously. He then snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, Sanji hind legs turned purple. Sanji looked back at his legs. "What the hell?" He said surprised. Then, he's legs began moving on their own. Sanji stood up as he legs kicked and danced uncontrollably.

"Sanji!" shouted Nami worried.

Discord laughed out loud rolling around in the air. He shouted, "That's just too priceless."

"Somebody…help!" Sanji shouted.

"We're coming!" Usopp shouted as he rushed up with Chopper to help Sanji.

"Come on, Luffy." Zoro said as he charged forward.

"Right!" Luffy said following after him.

"Wait, Luffy! Zoro!" Nami shouted.

Discord smirked seeing the two fighters charge at him. He smirked speaking, "This will be interesting."

"Dos Fleur…" Robin shouted activating her Hana-Hana powers.

Suddenly, two forelegs sprouted off Discord's next. The draconequus looked to either side confused. He spoke, "Huh? Looks like I'm armed and dangerous. Ha!"

"Slap!" Robin said as she willed her arms to slap the draconequus. Working in tandem, the hooves slapped Discord's face.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Discord shouted as he took each hit.

"Oni…" Zoro said as he crossed two blades in front of himself.

The two dark purple legs disappeared in a puff of petals. Discord, now with swollen cheeks, looked about curious to why the arms were gone. He asked, "What? Finishthed already?"

Zoro dashed pass Discord slicing him with all three blades at once. Discord coughed spitting out green blood. As Zoro finished his attack, he spoke, "Giri!"

"Now! Gum-Gum…" Luffy shouted as he ran towards Discord throwing his punches out wildly. "Gatling!"

Discord was hit by a barrage of punches. Eventually, the punches stopped and he fell to his knees. He growled fiercely as he looked threateningly towards the ponies. He then began chuckling darkly, "Been a while since I've seen my own blood…"

"Get ready." Zoro said keeping his swords up.

"Time for the gloves to come off, kiddies." Discord said viciously as he literally unzipped his skin and stepped out of it like a coat. He looked refresh and renewed. He then looked at the ponies again. He spoke with a smirk as he held up his clenched lion paw, "It's show time." He then opened his paw.

Suddenly, the whole crew was sent flying back by an invisible force. They all landed on the ground hard just outside of Twilight's home. For the most part, they were all fine. Each one stood back up.

"That wasn't fun." Luffy said.

"Dammit!" Sanji shouted as he stood back only for his legs to act out again. "I thought the king said these gems would help!"

"There must be something we are not doing." Robin concluded. As Robin tried to think of something, she heard the door to the library open. She turned around to see Twilight, now looking her full color, full of hope and optimism. Robin spoke, "Twilight?"

"Thank you, sensei." Twilight said happily bowing her head in gratitude. "I know what I need to do now."

"Good." Robin said smiling.

"Please hurry." Usopp said fearful. "I don't know how long we can 'play' with him."

"Oh, we're not done yet." Discord said as partially clenched his lion paw again.

Suddenly, the invisible force came back only this time it was pulling them towards Discord. Everyone besides Twilight yelped in surprise. Nami shouted out to Twilight, "Hurry!"

"Right!" Twilight said determinedly before she took off to do what she needed to do.

"Time for some juggling!" Discord said evilly. As the crew reached him, he crew large and caught them in his paw. He then began tossing them like juggling balls. He was chuckling as he watched his captives fly helplessly through the air into his hands and back.

"Someone make him stop~!" Chopper shouted.

"I'm going to throw up!" Usopp shouted as well.

Discord grinned seeing his opponents helpless. He then split the crew between each hand. Nami took this chance to escape the torturous juggling. Discord didn't seem to mind as he continued on to slam his hands together in attempt to crush his opponents. Thankfully, most of the crew was able to hold back the force. Each of the male crew members pushed off against Discord's hands with all their might. Robin, who was sitting atop of Chopper, was using her Hana-Hana power to also help keep Discord's hands from crushing them.

"We…can't…keep…this up…for long!" Usopp shouted urgently.

"Damn…these…legs!" Sanji growled as his legs continued to act on their own.

"Hey, Discord!" Nami shouted as she flew out of the juggling circle. "Hope you're ready for a storm of mine own."

"What?" Discord said while still trying to crush the crew.

"Because there's a high chance of lightning..." Nami spoke as she separated a part of her Clima-tact. Nami blew through the tub and formed an electrical orb that was sent upward. Nami then continued her sentence smiling, "And lightning will always hit that tallest object in the area."

"What do you mean…?" Discord said as he looked up. To his surprise, there was a large storm cloud over his head. He watched as the yellow orb went into the storm cloud electrifying it. The cloud thundered for a moment before sending a lightning bolt straight at Discord. He was instantly electrocuted and dropped the crew.

"Yeah! Way to go, Nami!" Luffy shouted cheerfully.

"Wonderful attack, Nami my sweet~!" Sanji shouted adoringly.

"Guys!" Usopp shouted as he looked down. "We're falling!"

"I got ya!" Merry shouted as she swooped in and caught the non-flying ponies.

Discord continued to be electrocuted. He grew smaller and smaller until he was his regular size before the lightning finally stopped. Discord was completely charred, but still very much alive. He shook the ash off his body and looked up at the flying ship. He was peeved as he spoke, "Nice ship! Hate for it to fall out of the sky-"

"Special Attack, Gunpowder Star!" Usopp shouted as he fired his shot. His aim was good as it hit Discord right in his smug face.

"Ye-ow!" Discord shouted in pain. He couldn't see what he was doing so he snapped his fingers in a random direction hoping to hit them. In the sky, a regular ship appeared and fell down crashing into an open field.

"Hurry!" Luffy shouted to the Merry. "Land so we can fight!"

"Right!" Merry said as she flew close to the ground.

The crew jumped off the ship and charged at Discord. However, Chopper was not with them. The little reindeer stood on the Merry as she flew up. As she reached a good height, Chopper jumped off the boat falling towards Discord. In his mouth, Chopper crunched down on a yellow ball. He said, "Let's rumble!"

As Discord got his eyes cleaned. He glared at the charging ponies. He growled before shouting, "I'm getting tired of this! It's no fun at all!"

"Arm Point!" Chopper shouted as switched from Heavy to Arm Point. He brought his hooves together wrist to wrist. The then struck Discord's head. Chopper then shouted, "Cloven Cross!"

Suddenly, Discord exploded with stuffing going everywhere. This shocked the crew. Sanji shouted as he danced around, "What? Where did he go?"

"Over here." Everyone looked over to see Discord on the side chilling back in a lounge chair. He then stood up, allowing the chair to start floating up, and walked over to the crew. He said, "Now! Who wants to die first?"

"Crap!" Usopp shouted frightened.

"How about a different approach…" Discord said with an evil smile. He then extended his eagle talon and flicked his finger beckoning. Luffy was suddenly pulled forward towards Discord. Once close enough, Discord brought Luffy up to his eye level. Discord began to hypnotize Luffy saying, "Come on, Luffy. Why do you care about this kingdom? You just want to save your sister, right? I don't mind if you take her far away from here."

"Don't listen to him, Luffy!" Nami shouted.

"So, how about this. You take Twilight with you and we'll never have to see each other again. A win-win situation."

"I… I…" Luffy said as his eyes matched Discord's hypnotic stare. He was completely helpless to refute Discord's agreement or even listen to Nami.

"Of course…" Discord said. "You'd have to leave your crew here so I may properly punish them."

"What?!" shouted Usopp gasping with the rest of the crew.

"Leave…crew?" Luffy repeated confused.

"Yep!" Discord said eagerly.

"No!" Luffy shouted despite being still under Discord's hypnosis. At this point, his gem began glowing.

"What?!" Discord said surprised.

"I won't ever abandoned my crew !" Luffy spoke determinedly. His eyes soon snapped out of trance, and his gem glowed even brighter.

"What is going on?" Discord asked as he was blinded by the gem's light. "What's with the light?"

"And I won't abandoned Twilight either! So, take your chaos stuff and shove it up your ass!" Luffy shouted as he was enveloped in light.

"Ah!" Discord screamed out and backed away from the brightness and pain.

Luffy landed on the ground unharmed. He grinned proudly as he stood before Discord.

In seeing her captain, Robin understood what the gems could do. She spoke up, "So, that's what we need to do."

"Robin?" Zoro asked.

Robin did not respond to the swordspony. She instead stepped forward towards Discord and Luffy. She soon joined next to Luffy and spoke towards Discord, "Discord, you have blinded the truth for your chaos to take control…"

"What?" Discord said indignantly.

Robin's gem began to glow. Robin saw this and smiled as she continued to speak, "And that is unacceptable." Her gem then glowed bright and began shining on Discord.

"Oh, come on!" Discord shouted seeing the new light. He immediately tried to conjure up something, but nothing happened. He snapped his fingers repeatedly trying to make something happen. He spoke confused, "That's odd."

"It appears that our gems can neutralize your power." Robin said cunningly.

"Whoa! Really?" Luffy said just realizing this feature.

"But only in the light." Discord stated knowingly as he jumped out of the light beams. He then slammed his lion paw into the ground. Immediately, two earth fists burst out from the ground hitting both Luffy and Robin.

"Luffy!" shouted Zoro.

"Robin!" shouted Sanji and forced his legs to move towards Robin. Thankfully, it worked.

Both stallions ran up to catch the falling ponies. Zoro caught Luffy and Sanji caught Robin bridle style. Sanji immediately asked, "Are you okay, my dear."

"Yes, thank you." Robin said as she slipped out of Sanji's arms.

"What happened?" Nami asked as she and other joined next to them.

"Our gems…" Robin stated towards the two stallion and the crew. "The elements of Harmony work because Twilight and her friends represent them. We must represent our gems as well for them to work."

"Do you think so?" Zoro asked.

"Most definitely." Robin replied.

"But what's stopping him from just leaving like before?" Usopp asked worriedly.

"There's seven of us." Luffy stated with a grin.

"He's right!" Nami said inspirationally. "Surround him and he can't escape."

"W-W-What?!" Usopp shouted frightened.

"Come on!" Zoro shouted as he magically pulled the cowardly sniper into battle.

"I got the sky." Nami stated as she flew up.

While many of the crew ran, Sanji was still unable to move his legs to his own will. However, after hearing what Robin had said, a thought occurred. He spoke, "If these gems can stop his magic…" Sanji then closed his eyes as he concentrated on his aspect, respect. His gem began to glow and engulf him in light. His purple legs returned to being navy blue. Sanji smirked saying, "About time." He then took off to join the group.

"What's this?" Discord said as he watched the ponies circle around him. "Another plan doomed to fail."

"Gum-Gum…" Luffy shouted as he charged forward. He threw both his hooves back before sending straight forward. Luffy continued to shout, "Bazooka!"

"Whoops!" Discord said as his body curved around the strike. "You missed."

"Tiger…"Zoro brought his two swords up and magically held them behind his third sword in his mouth. He then charged at the draconequus' front and attempted to slash at him. He shouted, "Trap!"

"Not this kitty." Discord said he allowed Zoro to phase through his body.

Sanji charged at Discord and flipped into the air. He then shot out a kick towards the draconequus aimed at his head. He shouted, "Mouton shot!"

"Oh, look. Your legs are working." Discord said amusedly. Discord's head popped off his body allowing the stallion to continue flying forward.

Chopper roared as he charged with his fist raised up. He shouted, "Heavy Gong!"

"Watch your step." Discord said as he stepped aside and tripped the humanized reindeer. He chuckled amused as he looked around. He spoke, "Your attacks are so sloppy. Like you're not even trying."

"Because we're not!" Nami shouted from above him smiling cunningly. "We just had to surround you."


"We're going to stop you!" Luffy shouted with a grin as his gem glowed. It then shot forth a light at Discord.

"Ah!" Discord shouted in annoyance. He quickly stepped out of the light. He immediately shouted, "Ha!"

"You have no honor…" Zoro spoke thus activating his gem. The gem then also shot forth shining on Discord.

"Again?!" Discord shouted frustrated as he jumped in the air and tried to float.

"You try to steal our friends' happiness!" Nami shouted as her gem glowed and shot down its light.

Discord shouted as he fell back to the ground. He landed on his hands and knees. He looked up stunned. He asked, "What in Equestria?"

"B-B-B-But there will be always someone to stop you. N-N-No matter how frightening you are." Usopp said nervously and shaking. But he stood up courageously. And as such, his gem glowed and shined forth as well.

"What are these gems you have?!" Discord shouted confused.

"You have no respect for others…" Sanji spoke igniting his gem and shining his light.

"No regard for the life around you…" Chopper shouted in Walk Point as his gem shined on Discord.

"You skew the truth to advance your own goal…" Robin said sternly letting her gem shine on Discord.

Discord soon found himself weakening. He looked around to see every member of the Straw Hats shined their gem on him. For the first time in his eternal life, he was completely stumped by what was occurring. All his power rendered useless by gems that weren't even the elements of Harmony. It made him boiling mad. He shouted out, "What are those gems?!"

"These are the gems that represent the freedom which everyone is entitled to." Robin stated towards the weakened draconequus. "And like harmony, they will not be controlled by you."

"Not controlled by me?" Discord said in disdain. "Have you forgotten I've already won against those goody-goody harmony bearers. There elements are useless!"

"No…" Luffy said grinning proudly. "You just made them stronger friends."


Everyone looked over to the side. Standing on a hill not too far, Twilight stood proudly with all her friends. Having reminded them of their friendship, all the Mane 6 was now back to their normal selves. Each one wore their respective element.

"Twilight!" Luffy said cheering.

"About time." Zoro said grinning.

"Whoa!" shouted Rainbow Dash amazed. "Those guys are actually holding off Discord!"

"Simply amazing." Rarity stated astounded.

"So cool!" Pinkie Pie shouted amazed.

"Yay." Fluttershy softly shouted

"Come on, girls." Applejack said determinedly. "Enough gawking. We gotta help them."

"She's right." Twilight stated. "It's time to put an end to you, Discord!"

"And what are you going to do, little 'frenemies'." Discord mocked cockily as he stood back up.

"I'll tell you what we've learned Discord." Twilight shouted as she stepped forward followed by her friends stepping forward. "We've learned that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."

Luffy grinned and chuckled.

"Ugh, gag." Discord stated with disgust. "Just make it quick. I don't have long before my counterattack begins, and I rather not be crushed."

"What are you…?" Nami said before she looked up in the sky. She screamed out as she saw a literal mountain come hurdling towards them.

All the crew looked up and gasped at the sight. Usopp immediately shouted to the Mane Six, "Hurry up, girls!"

"All right, ladies, let's show him what friendship can do!" Twilight shouted determinedly.

"Wait-Wait-Wait!" Pinkie Pie shouted stopping the group for just a second. She quickly shot over and grabbed a low-hanging pink cloud and drank the chocolate milk rain.

"Pinkie!" shouted nearly everyone at Pinkie. Luffy didn't as he was more jealous that she took the time to get a taste. When she was finished, looking satisfy, she rejoined her friends.

With the Mane Six together, there gems began to activate. As they glowed, they began resonating with each other. They then began to pulsate. The shape of the gems then shot forward at Discord.

Discord ducked as one of the shapes shot pass him. He asked out confused, "What's this?" He then watched as the Mane Six's glow became stronger and the beams more solid. He then watched as the element's magic lifted the mares' up powering up. Instantly, Discord knew his doom was coming. He shouted, "I won't be imprisoned again!" Discord then began spewing fire.

The crew stepped back as to avoid the flames. The stumbled back, but they would not falter to help their friends. The light from their gems ceased but their magic was not done. Much like how the Harmony gems, the gems shot forth their magic shapes. Each shape attached itself to Discord and restrained him. The arms, the legs, the neck, the midsection, and the tail.

"No." Discord said in despair. He then watched as the elements of Harmony finally shot worth a magical, rainbow blast towards him. The blast hit him and resonated with the power of the Straw Hats' gems. Discord shouted in terror, "NO!"

And in a flash, Discord was encased in stone stuck in his last position; stretched and spread out due to the restraints. There was also another added feature. On each of Discord's body sections was metal cuff-like objects that had prints of the Straw Hats' gems. And with Discord's magic sealed, the elements of Harmony were able to use their magic to fix all the chaos across Equestria. Especially the mountain that almost fell on Ponyville. The Discord statue then fell to the ground, unmoving and forever a statue. And as everything changed back, so did the Going Merry; however, thanks to the power of both sets of gems the ship was carried off back to the lake safely. Everything was not back to normal.

"Finally…" Luffy breathed out relieved before falling back tired. "It's over."

Sometime later, ponies were gathered in Canterlot Castle. All of them waited in the large throne. Before them was Princess Celestia and King Gold Roger with Spike standing to the side. Suddenly, the fanfare was blown playing a familiar tune (for all Star Wars fans) signaling the beginning the ceremony. The doors at the end of the room opened letting in the Mane Six. They walked down the carpet and up the stairs. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy stood on the lowest step while Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack stood on the second highest step. Celestia smiled down upon the ponies brimming with pride. Being playful, Applejack sent the princess a wink. Gold Roger noticed and chuckled finding it amusing. Twilight looked off to the side at Spike, who waved rather bashfully towards Twilight. The mare just smiled finding her number one assistant endearing.

"Beep-bop beep!" Pinkie Pie said acting like a robot.

"What was that all about?" Rarity asked.

"Oh, it was just something that I didn't get to do onscreen." Pinkie Pie stated cheerfully.

"O…kay?" Rainbow Dash said confused.

Princess Celestia finally spoke to all her subjects, "We are gathered here today to once again honor the heroism of these six friends who stood up to the villain Discord and saved Equestria from eternal chaos."

Roger then used his magic and unveiled a stain glass window that had been previously covered. Everyone turned to see what the king unveiled for them. What was revealed was a new glass window of Discord, though now being defeated by the Mane Six. And only them. The crowd immediately cheered and stomp their hooves in honor of the heroes of the day. The new stained glass surprised the Mane Six. Twilight looked back at Celestia wondering what was going on. The princess remained silent though hinting with her hoof that she would explain later.

"Let it be known far and wide…" Roger stated loudly for all to hear. "That Equestria will always protect the harmony and freedom of all living things. Should it ever need to."

The crowd cheered again. The Mane Six looked up at the king wondering what he meant by what he said. Almost like he was making a statement to someone. What none of them realized was that there was someone who came to hear just that. In the back of the crowd stood a very tall, stallion Earth pony probably as tall as the king himself. He had a tan coat and a black, curly, chin-length mane wearing a white, buttoned vest over a dark blue, long-sleeve shirt with a light yellow tie. On his forehead was a sleep mask. He leaned off the wall and took his leave of the crowd. Of course, Roger kept a suspicious eye on the stallion.

The sun was beginning to set as the ceremony finally let out. Outside the castle, the tall pony from before stood away from the exiting crowd at the front gate. He stood underneath a few trees leaning against the wall of Canterlot castle. He seemed to be waiting on someone. Fortunate for him, he wouldn't have to wait long.

Flying in from the sky, King Roger landed in front of the pony. They two stared at each other for just a moment. Then, Roger spoke, "I'm surprised you're here, Aokiji. Did Blackbeard think he could take advantage of all the chaos?"

"No, King Roger, nothing like that." The pony Aokiji stated laidback. "I was out for a stroll when I noticed how funky the sun and moon were being. Thought I check in."

"Everypony could see that." Roger stated suspiciously.

"Alright, alright," Aokiji said calmly. "I actually was just dropping in, but I did get a call from HQ. They wanted me to assess the situation."


"Everything seems normal." Aokiji stated.

"Damn right it is." Roger said proudly. "So go back to Blackbeard and tell him to mind his own damn business."

"The information has already reached him." Aokiji stated as he leaned off the wall and began walking. "He seemed okay with it."

"Oh, trust me. I would love to see Discord mess around in the Black Empire. If only the bastard didn't like messing everything and pony up." Roger said chuckling deviously.

"Nah, you can keep that guy." Aokiji said as he walked pass Roger.

"Hold on." Roger said before Aokiji could leave. The tall pony stopped, but didn't look back. Roger spoke again, "Why else are you here?

Aokiji remained silent for a moment. He then replied, "I had heard some rumors of a certain group of ponies had found their way here. I wanted to see if they were true."

"Was it?" Roger asked cautiously.

Aokiji didn't reply. The pony kept walking until he came to a tree where a bicycle was parked. He got on the bicycle and began peddling away. Roger watched unsurprised as the tall pony disappeared into the city. Once he was gone, Roger began coughing.

"Dammit…" Roger said before coughing again. He then took off flying. As he rose in the air, he continued to cough. He mumbled, "Better get to…Crocus." The male Alicorn's horn began glowing before encasing Roger in a magic sphere. The sphere and Roger then flashed away teleporting somewhere else.

It was now late into the evening at Canterlot. In the dining hall, the Mane Six and the Straw Hats were sharing a rowdy and loud dinner with Princess Celestia. Of course, Luffy's manners were abysmal and he stole food across the table. This surprised many of the Mane Six besides Twilight and Spike. Luffy's manners seemed to be infectious as Pinkie Pie started doing the same out of fun. Rainbow Dash began doing the same though out of frustration. Usopp and Chopper did their chopstick dance with Spike entertaining everyone. Somehow, they even got Fluttershy to join in, though she did so bashfully. That including the Royal Guards and Shining Armor, who was also there. Though stoic most of the time, even the Royal Guards couldn't help but laugh along with everyone. Needless to say, it was the most energetic dinner the dining hall has ever had.

All the while, Twilight spoke with Princess Celestia. She wanted to know about what happened earlier at the ceremony.

"I will not lie to you, Twilight Sparkle." Celestia said before taking a sip of her tea brought up to her by her magic. "I honestly wanted to introduce the new elements, but Luffy was adamant about not being recognize as a hero."

"What! Why?" Twilight asked confused.

"I believe his words were 'I'm a pirate and pirates aren't heroes'." Celestia said amusedly.

"That's pretty sound logic." Twilight said proudly before taking a sip of her tea. It only took her a few moments of drinking before the information sunk in. She immediately spat out the tea in shock. She then looked down the table seething mad at Luffy. Upon seeing him, she quickly addressed the princess politely and calmly. "Excuse me, Princess." Twilight said before immediately teleporting away.

Celestia didn't seem to mind much. She simply continued to enjoy her tea. Though, she had a very nostalgic expression across her face.

Twilight soon reappeared next to Luffy. She glared at the stallion before shouting out, "Luffy!"

The rubber pony stopped his eating-stealing spree when he heard his name. He looked next to him to see his sister. Unfortunately, he didn't notice she was angry. So he replied cheerfully, "Hey, Twilight! What are you doing here?"

"You're a pirate?!" Twilight shouted before pouncing on top of him. The two blood siblings then got into a small wrestling match with Twilight berating the stallion about being reckless with his actions.

"She just now found out?" Zoro said surprised.

"What? You're all pirates?" Applejack said stunned.

"My apologies if we didn't state that earlier." Sanji said politely.

"Well, if you are pirates. You are certainly a far better cut than what is stereotypical of pirates." Rarity stated smiling graciously.

Sanji immediately swooned over Rarity. He shouted, "Thank you, Rarity-swan~! You are so beautiful when you're open-minded."

"I really am, aren't I?" Rarity said gushing over Sanji's words.

Applejack rolled her eyes at Rarity's vanity. She then joined in watching Twilight and Luffy wrestle out their problems. Everyone laughed watching the two fight and argue including Princess Celestia. The only one not laughing was Shining Armor.

In fact, the stallion looked very concerned. Shining Armor approached the princess speaking quietly, "Your highness…"

"Yes, Captain Shining Armor."

"While I am grateful towards Luffy and his crew for helping Twilight and her friends…" Shining Armor stated slightly hesitant. "Is it wise to host pirates?"

"Let me answer your question with another question." Princess Celestia said calmly. "Do you know what a 'privateer' is?"

Shining blinked surprised. He quickly understood what the term meant. "Seriously?" Shining Armor said astonished.

"It's a practice my uncle has been using for…off the record business."

"Does Luffy know that?" Robin asked having been sitting next to the princess. She was quite curious knowing that she and her crew were actually privateers.

"It's all the same to him." Celestia said amused.

"Should we tell Twilight?" Shining Armor asked looking back to see his little sister pinning Luffy down. "She might just kill him."

Celestia chuckled as well seeing how lively her student was being. Her horn began glowing. She picked up a small spoon and began tapping her cup. "Everyone." Celestia called out to her guests gaining their attention. "I would like to give a toast." She then used her magic to raise her glass.

All around the table the ponies raised their glasses. Twilight let go of Luffy to take part in the toast. But not before telling the stallion threateningly, "We're not done yet, Mister."

Luffy grumbled slightly bruised and mad. Nevertheless, he got up and raised a cup.

Celestia then announced, "I would like to thank you all for bravely fighting back against Discord. You all faced hardships and challenges, but by sticking together you've proven that friendship really is magic. Thank you, bearers of the elements of Harmony…"

"Woo-hoo!" shouted the Mane Six and Spike.

"And to you as well, bearers of the elements of Freedom." Celestia said to Luffy and his crew.

"Bearers?" Zoro said surprised.

"Of the elements of Freedom." Nami said equally surprised.

"It's an interesting name." Robin commented amused.

"Yes. My uncle came up with the name. I think it suits your group well." Celestia said as she stood up. She spoke as she walked around the table, "Each of you represent your element in a way that is inspiring to say the least. And while you may consider yourself pirates, you are technically privateers of Equestria through Luffy. And as such, you will always find a friend here."

"Thanks, Tia!" Luffy shouted out cheerfully as he raised his mug of cider. He then shouted, "Kanpai!"

"Kanpai!" shouted the rest of his crew.

The Mane Six and Spike also joined in. They too cheered, "Kanpai!"


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